God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 312

Chapter 312 – Ambush!

[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong eyed Fan Tongxuan, then gave him the canned meat.

Fan Tongxuan received the canned meat, and in front of the jealous gazes of the rest, he put it away carefully. This half-eaten canned meat was enough to last a whole day.

After keeping the canned meat, he saw Yue Zhong staring at him fixedly, and his heart went cold, before he started telling Yue Zhong all he knew: “Lord, it’s like this….”

As Yue Zhong listened to Fan Tongxuan, his eyebrows started to knit. It seemed that the road ahead was not going to be optimistic.

Nabu Town was part of Lang Son City, and was considered as part of the northern Vietnam’s sphere of influence. The difference with the southern Vietnam was that, many of the Vietnamese here view China with hostility. After the Sino-Vietnamese War over 30 years ago, these parts of Vietnam hated the Chinese.

After the apocalypse set in, a genius by the name of Wuyan Hong rose up in these parts, and he managed to subdue the Vietnam Army by his own and formed a huge power of over 30,000 people as the main governing faction, possessing a mighty force with firepower.

Vietnam had many forests, and there were Mutant Beasts everywhere. Wuyan Hong had tried to recapture Lang Song City countless times but failed due to the Mutant Beasts and zombies. He had then readjusted his strategy, and went towards China’s borders, attacking Friendship Town and obtaining countless firepower, instantly boosting his strength.

He was not only a genius of Vietnam, he was also thoroughly vicious and intensely patriotic. The Chinese people that he caught would be treated worse than pigs and dogs because of old country grudges. As long as he discovered the existence of a chinese person, he would capture the person, either killing him or making him into a slave.

If Yue Zhong wanted to cross Friendship Town to get into China’s place, he would have to pass by Wuyan Hong’s borders.

Fan Tongxuan had known so much, because Ruan Minghou and Ruan Chunhua were survivors that had escaped from Wuyan Hong’s stronghold. They had escaped because Ruan Minghou had offended one of the small powers within Wuyan Hong’s stronghold, and he was afraid that he would not live to see another day, therefore they ran.

“This is going to be tricky!” Yue Zhong frowned, to cross a territory where all the regular people had hostility towards the Chinese, it was not an easy task by any stretch of the word.

Fan Tongxuan was observing Yue Zhong as he was pondering, and could not help but blurt out: “Lord, why don’t you stay? As long as you stay, we’re willing to follow you!!”

Yue Zhong heard Ruan Chunhua’s translation and was taken aback: “I’m Chinese!”

Fan Tongxuan maintained his serious expression as he said: “I know! But as long as you can lead us to live better, even if you’re Satan, we’re willing.”

Fan Tongxuan could tell that Yue Zhong wasn’t some maniac who killed without reason, therefore he entertained the idea of following Yue Zhong. Many ordinary folks just wanted to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, whoever became their leader was of no concern, as long as they could give them a better life.

Yue Zhong shook his head and rejected: “No way! I’m heading back to China, I can’t stay here long!”

Yue Zhong’s establishments and friends were all in China, not Vietnam. Even if he put in the effort to set something up here, it would be to someone else’s benefit, not his.

After hearing Yue Zhong decline, Fan Tongxuan was extremely dejected. With such a character as a leader, their group of survivors would definitely be able to live better. He could also relinquish the heavy responsibilities as a leader.

In this world, to be a morally upright leader with a conscience was incredibly tough. Finding enough food for the survivors was a problem in itself.

“This is for your information!!” Yue Zhong took out 10 assorted cans of meat, 3 bottles of milk, and a bag of rice as he gave them to Fan Tongxuan.

Fan Tongxuan looked at the pile of food and was shocked. You could even say he was elated! With this amount of food, as long as they ate sparingly, they wouldn’t have to worry about food for another half a month.

Fan Tongxuan then pointed to Ruan Chunhua and Aina, asking Yue Zhong: “Lord, would you like to have some fun? They can do anything, would you like them to give you a good time? Just for a bag of salt, they can accompany you for three days.”

Both Ruan Chunhua and Aina walked to Yue Zhong’s front, Ruan Chunhua even hugged her ample chest tightly, her arms beneath her breasts, to give a clearer view of her voluptuous figure. She gave Yue Zhong a coy wink and proceeded to translate Fan Tongxuan’s words. They weren’t exactly unfamiliar with providing sexual services, and in this post-apocalyptic world, they had done it plenty of times. Furthermore, Yue Zhong wasn’t like those normal handsome men, but he wasn’t ugly either, and he was definitely stronger than most Vietnamese men.

Hearing Ruan Chunhua’s translation, Chen Yao immediately scowled and spoke loudly: “No way!!”

All of their gazes landed on Chen Yao, and she flushed in embarrassment, before gritting her teeth and loudly proclaiming: “Yue Zhong is my boyfriend!”



Ruan Chunhua looked at Chen Yao and smiled: “Miss Chen Yao! We don’t mind, we can even join you with him. We promise to make you feel good.”

To Ruan Chunhua, exotic things like an orgy wasn’t exactly something new or anything.

Chen Yao grabbed onto Yue Zhong’s arms and pleaded win him, he cheeks red with embarrassment: “Yue Zhong!! Reject them quickly! As long as you reject them, I’ll give you a kiss!”

Chen Yao’s pleading look was extremely cute and Yue Zhong was charmed, as he took out a bag of salt and threw it to Fan Tongxuan and said: “Alright, this is for you! As for them, it’s fine. My girlfriend doesn’t like it.”

Fan Tongxuan accepted the bag of salt, and did not press Yue Zhong further, instead, he spoke attentively: “Lord Yue Zhong, since it’s so late, would you like to rest here for the night?”

Yue Zhong and Chen Yao had arrived at this town late in the evening yesterday. Chen Yao had rested an entire day, and it was almost nightfall already.

Yue Zhong thought for awhile and accepted the invitation.

With nothing out of the ordinary, Yue Zhong and Chen Yao were arranged to stay in a room together. Of course they were given the master bedroom and inside the room there was a huge fluffy bed. Chen Yao looked at the bed and couldn’t help but pout: “Only one bed?”

“Why don’t you sleep on the floor then, I’ll sleep on the bed!” Yue Zhong chuckled, as he took off his coat, revealing the body armor made of the Type 2 Mutant Black Scaled Boar’s hide, and immediately sat on the bed. Being in such foreign places, Yue Zhong was always on the alert, and would not easily take off his protection.

Chen Yao then crawled onto the bed, as she rested her cheeks on her hands, and she let out an incredibly attractive smile: “You’re so ungentlemanly! You want to let a beauty like me sleep on the floor? No way, why don’t you sleep on the floor! Let me help you set the blanket down there.”

Yue Zhong immediately closed his eyes and laid on the bed: “I’m going to sleep!”

Chen Yao came over to lightly nudge Yue Zhong, seeing there was no effect, and smiled : “Rogue!”

After which, she laid quietly by Yue Zhong’s side, and looked at his face. Only 2 to 3 hours had passed since she awoke from her Evolution coma, and she was not in the least bit tired. However, as night had fallen, there was nothing to do, she could only look at him.

Soon after, sound of moaning came from the rooms below, sounding in Chen Yao’s ears, causing her to flush red, as she laid on the bed tossing and turning, not able to sleep.

Wu Tongwen was hugging a long spear as he sat at the garden of the bungalow, keeping watch silently.

There were no zombies in the vicinity, but they had to be on guard for any Mutant Beasts. If there was no sentry, even a Mutant Cat could cause the survivors to perish at its hands.

Peng! Peng!

Following some gunshot sounds, the lock on the gate was shot. With a bang, the gate was kicked wide open.

A few militants came rushing in, carrying guns.

“Who are you guys?” Wu Tongwen saw these armed men with ferocious expressions and he turned pale, his hands trembling as he was holding the spear, not daring to move. If he was not careful, he might just be executed on the spot.

The leader of this squad shouted at Wu Tongwen: “We are the vanguard team of the Great Empire of Vietnam! Go bring out your food and women.”

Wu Tongwen eyes lit up as he replied excitedly: “Sir!!! I want to report!! There are 2 Chinese people who have run here, one man, one woman. The woman is extremely pretty!!”

The officer’s eyes brightened up as well and said: “Pretty Chinese woman!?! Hurry bring us to her. We will go and capture her!!”

“Yes!!” Wu Tongwen replied zealously, and led the few vanguard members of the Great Empire of Vietnam into the bungalow.

The entire bungalow was soon filled with the astonished cries and moans of women.

These vanguard members weren’t decent men, the moment they rushed into the bungalow, it was to start raping the Vietnamese women. This was the power and authority they exploited and enjoyed by being vanguard members.

The leader brought 7 soldiers and followed Wu Tongwen towards the room where Yue Zhong and Chen Yao were sleeping in.

The moment things started happening within the bungalow, Yue Zhong had already opened his eyes wide with wariness. He heard the noises and he immediately picked up his .03 rifle and Dark Magic Blade beside him.

The Black Tooth Blade was over 2m-long, and not suitable for combat within this cramped room. Therefore, he had prepared a Dark Magic Blade to keep by his side just in case.

At this time, there was an urgent knocking on the door. At the same time, Ruan Chunhua’s anxious voice sounded out: “Lord Yue Zhong!! Lord Yue Zhong, hurry open the door!! It’s me Ruan Chunhua!!”

Yue Zhong gave a command to White Bones who was standing at a corner like a gruesome decoration and said: “Open it!”

White Bones went to open the door.

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