God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 313

Chapter 313 – The Army of the Great Empire of Vietnam!

[Book 3: The South]

The moment the door opened, Ruan Chunhua rushed in with an anxious look as she quickly called out: “Lord Yue Zhong!! There are men rushing up below! They are the vanguard team of the Vietnam Army! They’re here to capture you!! Hurry and run!!”

Yue Zhong looked behind Ruan Chunhua as he spoke mildly: “Nah, it’s too late, they’re here!”

Ruan Chunhua turned around, and her expression turned to fright as she saw Wu Tongwen leading the 8 soldiers from the vanguard team. Wu Tongwen had the cold look of a hunting viper as he stared at Yue Zhong and Chen Yao.

The moment the leader of the vanguard saw Chen Yao, his eyes gleamed with an undisguised perverted glint, as he licked his lips and laughed coldly. “What a pretty Chinese girl! I want to train her to become my bitch!! Hahaha!!”

The other soldiers also had looks of desire on their face as they called out: “Captain!! Before you train her to be a subservient bitch, let us have fun with her as well!!

“Yeah Captain!! Let us all have our turn!!”

“Captain!! Let us play with her too!!”


The 7 other soldiers had started hooting and calling out. They had never come across a beauty such as Chen Yao before. Chen Yao looked at the 8 men with their undisguised lust as she frowned and asked Ruan Chunhua: “What are they talking about?”

Ruan Chunhua had hidden behind Yue Zhong, as she translated the words of the vanguard team fearfully. Hearing it, Chen Yao’s expression turned pale, and her eyes flashed with fury.

Wu Tongwen pointed to Ruan Chunhua and he asked the leader: “Sir!! Can I keep her?”

The leader replied lazily: “Sure I can let you play with her a few times. However, unless you can obtain some merit, you shouldn’t even think about owning her!”

“Thank you…..” Wu Tongwen bowed and thanked the officer for his graciousness, but as he straightened up, a gunshot rang out and his brains were drilled through and through. The bullet blasted out the wall and away as white bone flecks and red meaty brain-flesh splattered against the wall. His lifeless corpse slowly collapsed to the floor with a look of surprise forever frozen on its face

Before the rest even reacted, Yue Zhong was holding the Stinger pistol. He coldly ordered White Bones: “Other than the leader, kill the rest!”

White Bones charged into the midst of the 8 warriors, and it raised its hands as 5 incredibly sharp spikes shot out. Each spike was expertly aimed and pierced the heads of 5 of the men. The spikes hit so hard that they ended up splitting their skulls clean open, and made their brains see through!
Yue Zhong lifted his .03 rifle, firing 2 shots with his enhanced accuracy, and the bullets landed on the heads of the remaining 2, causing their Cranial sections to explode violently.

In just an instant, 7 people had died under Yue Zhong’s hands, even before the officer managed to react! He was still trying to pull out the gun at his waist to counter attack.

It was just that the moment he moved, Yue Zhong had activated his [Art of Fear] skill, using a thick fearsome Spirit Wave to assault the mind of the officer, causing him to faint.

“Incredible!! He’s too amazing!!” Ruan Chunhua watched Yue Zhong and White Bones slaughter the vanguard team with ease. They even ended up knocking a person out without even touching him, and she was so excited that her entire body felt a thrill, and she even got a little wet! This man in front of her was without a doubt an extremely strong Enhancer, and she was terribly pleased to have made the right bet with him.

Ruan Chunhua was an intelligent woman. Since she and her brother were at odds with the Vietnam Army, if they were brought back, they would definitely not recieve a good ending. Therefore she chose to rely on this man who had managed to kill a horde of zombies without batting an eyelid. After once again looking at the corpses on the floor, she knew she had won her bet.

“Tie him up!” Yue Zhong glanced at Ruan Chunhua, and threw a large coil of rope from his bag to her.

“Yes Lord!!” Ruan Chunhua replied with extreme reverence. She was now filled with admiration and idolization for Yue Zhong. His show of strength was worthy of her utmost devotion now.

Ruan Chunhua quickly tied up the officer tightly.

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong left White Bones to protect Ruan Chunhua, while he swiftly made his way downstairs with Chen Yao.

At the moment, there was no one standing guard below. All the Vietnamese soldiers were on top of the local women, each one thrusting away profusely. The earlier gunshots above gave them the impression that the Chinese intruder must have been dealt with. They had enquired carefully, and confirmed that there was only a Chinese man up there. After all, they had 8 members who went up, and no one thought that it would be possible for a single Chinese Male to take down 8 fully armed men. *2

Yue Zhong immediately shuttled into the midst of the connected bodies, his hand was firmly grasping his Dark Magic Blade as it flashed about. The heaving and grunting instantly grew quieter as several of the Vietnamese soldiers were decapitated.Their bodies collapsed and their necks sprayed fresh, hot blood onto the shocked women below them.

“Ah!!” One of the women saw the tumbling head, and let out a panicked scream.

That shrill scream alerted the rest of the men who were still engaged in their rape of the other women, their gaze traveling towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong eyed those 6 soldiers and coldly ordered: “Chen Yao! Capture those 6 men alive!”

Yue Zhon’s abilities were focused on offense, hence his strength was extremely oppressive. For him, killing was easier than capturing. Chen Yao’s ability was, on the other hand, infinitely more suited to capture. Receiving his order, Chen Yao activated her [Plant Manipulation] Ability, and the seeds in her hands quickly grew out to become 6 long vines. She sent them snaking towards the 6 Vietnamese soldiers at a near lightning speed, tying them up efficiently.

Yue Zhong continued advancing forward,putting on some speed. He shot through the different groups all about the different stories, decapitating any soldiers he came across. In his wake, fountains of blood appeared as numerous heads fell to the floor, and the crimson rain came down, dyeing the entire place blood red. Yue Zhong was like a god of slaughter as he made his way throughout the bungalow, and pretty soon, the entire vanguard team was wiped out.

The entire bungalow was filled with fresh corpses. It gave people a sense of dread. “So strong! What a fearsome person!! Fortunately I did not offend him!!”

Fan Tongxuan had brought his 6 remaining male survivors over to help. As he saw the headless corpses lying around, and Yue Zhong wielding his Dark Magic Blade while not even looking out of breath, his heart was shaken.

The Great Empire of Vietnam also needed to fill their ranks, so they had only tied up the male survivors, not killed them. Basically, they were bandits who also did not kill indiscriminately. Likewise, even some maniacal Enhancers might not stoop so low as this.

The 6 male survivors had pale faces as well, and as they looked at Yue Zhong, their gazes were filled with newfound respect and awe.

The women who were raped had also recovered by this time. They did not have any dismal or heartbroken expressions though, instead they dragged the corpses outside and started to bury them. It was not that they were kind-hearted. instead, if they did not dispose of these corpses properly, the scent of the blood could very well attract the unwanted attention of Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong sat on a chair, and he looked at the 7 captives, asking coldly: “Who are you guys?” Ruan Chuhuan stood at the side and translated, conveying Yue Zhong’s and the captives’ intentions back and forth.

“Pei!! Fuck your mother! You Chinese dog!!” One of the captives glared at Yue Zhong with a searing gaze. Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with iciness, as he gave an order: “What a tough nut! Then, you shall taste the punishment of having a broken back! White Bones, break his waist!”

White Bones immediately swung its axe, and chopped the captive in two at the waist.


The captive immediately screamed out loud in soul wrenching anguish, as his innards and blood all splattered out. He didn’t die at first, instead he continued to struggle in agonizing pain, holding in his intestines, until he died miserably in front of everyone present.

Chopping a person in two was definitely one of the most cruel forms of punishment in human society, and could allow the person receiving the punishment to feel the maximum amount of pain. Seeing the agonized expression on their comrade as he died, the rest of the captives had a look of fear in their eyes. The rest of the inhabitants and Fan Tongxuan also looked at Yue Zhong with fear. In their eyes, Yue Zhong had suddenly transformed from that amiable strong Enhancer to a ruthless killing demon.

Yue Zhong eyed the rest of the trembling soldiers, and he immediately pointed to the one who was shaking the most and spoke: “Who are you guys? You! Speak!” The moment the soldier saw Yue Zhong pointing at him, his face turned ashen and he quickly blurted out: “I’ll speak! I’ll speak!!”
Right beside that softie, another Vietnamese soldier immediately reprimanded him fiercely: “Wutan Tong! You traitor!! You traitor!!”

Yue Zhong waved his hands, White Bones immediately shot out a bone blade, and chopped the soldier who had verbally lashed out. The attack split his head in half and spilled its contents on the floor with a *PLOP*! Seeing this terrifying scene, the weakling male broke down completely as he cried: “Lord!! Don’t kill me!! I’ll speak!! I’ll tell you everything!!”

Following this, Wutan Tong told Yue Zhong all he knew.This vanguard team was one of the small teams deployed by the Vietnam Army towards Lang Son City to find survivors, at the same time, they were to gather intel.

When Wuyan Hong had attacked Friendship Town, he had captured many Chinese survivors along the way. He was a racist through and through, and kept them all as his personal slaves. At the same time, he was starting to lack manpower for his army, the government, as well as factories. Thus, he had sent out teams towards Lang Son City to gather survivors, and attract Vietnamese into his stronghold.

From Wutan Tong, Yue Zhong gained important information about Wuyan Hong’s troops.

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