God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 314

Chapter 314 – A Sneak Attack

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Wuyan Hong’s Great Empire of Vietnam Army had a total of 14 battalions, numbering 7,000 soldiers. At the same time, the current number of survivors under his banner had reached 50,000, instead of the 30,000 that Fan Tongxuan said.

During the period of Ruan Minghou and Ruan Chunhua’s escape, Wuyan Hong had launched many successful campaigns on various small survivor establishments, absorbing them into his own power, expanding and gaining more manpower.

Other than that, there wasn’t only Wuyan Hong’s power in this region, but many other powerful factions standing toe to toe with each other.

In the direction of Gaoping City, there was a Vietnamese called Lee Guangyi who had raised a Vietnam Revival Army. It was a stronghold with over tens of thousands of survivors as well.

In the direction of Taiyuan City, there was a faction calling themselves the Vietnamese People’s Army.

And in the direction of Mongcai City, there was a faction called the Mongcai Revival Party.

These were all strongholds with over ten thousand survivors within them. Other than these major factions, there were countless other smaller powers as numerous as raindrops scattered throughout Vietnam now, and the power conflict was extremely complicated. It was almost as problematic as China now.

Wuyan Hong knew about the existence of these factions because of radio. However, due to the roads being unsuitable, these powers had refrained from engaging in all-out firefights, choosing instead to focus on swallowing smaller powers, and expanding their own reach.

Amongst them, Gaoping City’s Vietnam Revival Army and Taiyuan City’s Vietnamese People’s Army had expanded till they had come across areas under Wuyan Hong’s control. Both sides have engaged in a few firefights, testing each other’s strength.

After losing resources over such tests, all 3 parties had sent out negotiators and men to engage in a meeting and negotiation, finally coming to an agreement of an alliance.

After all, they were all Vietnamese, and there wasn’t any form of blood debt between any of them. At the moment, they did not fully join each other, due to the differences in strength. As long as their power distribution reached a similar level amongst one another, the group would become a terrifying existence.

As long as these 3 Vietnamese forces worked together, they would become a powerful and tyrannical force in this post-apocalyptic times.

Hearing Wutan Tong’s information, Yue Zhong’s heart fell, as long as those 3 worked together, it was going to bad news.

Especially since amongst the 3 of them, Wuyan Hong was such a racist. If he became the leader of the 3 powers, to the Chinese in this post-apocalyptic times, it was going to be a disaster.

As long as a racist became the leader of a large power, to those who are subjected to his or her views, it would be a nightmare. The events of World War II due to Hitler’s views and actions had proven it to be such a case.

Yue Zhong frowned, as he pondered a while, before he looked at Wutan Tong. He threw a tang blade in front of him, pointing to the captain of the squad, and ordered: “Go chop his head off! As long as you’re my underling, you won’t die! If he doesn’t die, you’ll have to!”

Since Wutan Tong had already given in once, his situation could not be salvaged. He took up the Tang Replica Sword, and his eyes flashed with fierceness, before he screamed angrily and lopped the head of the captain off. He picked up the bloody head and he kneeled in front of Yue Zhong: “Your subordinate is willing to fight for you.”

Yue Zhong nodded his head, as his gaze travelled to Fan Tongxuan: “Fan Tongxuan, if you want to rely on me, kill this man. As long as you kill him, you will receive my protection.”

Fan Tongxuan hesitated a while, as he thought back to Yue Zhong’s ruthless and vicious methods, before he received the Tang Replica Sword from Wutan Tong’s hands. He immediately swung down on another captive, before turning around to proclaim loudly: “Lord Yue Zhong, I’m willing to serve you.”

Yue Zhong saw that Wutan Tong and Fan Tongxuan had both submitted to him, before he faced Chen Yao who was standing beside him, asking: “Chen Yao, I’m going to go and raid Wuyan Hong’s establishment. Are you going to come with me or stay here?” Chen looked at Yue Zhong, her eyes flashing with a resolute glint: “I’m coming with you!”

Yue Zhong pointed to another captive, saying: “If you want to come, kill this man!”

Chen Yao had been under Ji Qingwu’s protection all this while, and had not actually tasted any hardship. While she did kill a number of zombies and Mutant Beasts under Yue Zhong’s guidance, she had not yet killed another person. Without experiencing it first, she would never be able to grow into a proper combatant.

The soldier who was pointed at by Yue Zhong immediately wailed: “No!! Don’t kill me!! Dont’ kill me!! I surrender! I’m willing to surrender!!”

Just now, those captives had seen it plainly for themselves. Whoever was pointed at would soon become a corpse, this led them to be filled with fear.

Chen Yao’s face went white, as she looked at the captive, and a hint of reluctance showed in her eyes. She hesitated a while, but in the end, she still activated her Plant Manipulation Ability, and the vine shot out to pierce his brain, nailing him to the ground. He was dead.

Chen Yao looked at the miserable plight of the captive, and she immediately felt nauseous, as she turned around to vomit, her face ashen. Although she had seen countless deaths, it was the first time she actually killed someone with her own hands.

The remaining captives were then killed by the other survivors under Fan Tongxuan as a form of guarantee of their subservience.

Yue Zhong brought out the equipments worn by the vanguard team and handed them out to the few survivors: “These are your weapons!”

Even Ruan Chunhua got a handgun and rifle.

Fan Tongxuan and those who got guns were extremely excited, as they played around with the guns in their hands. In this post-apocalyptic world, guns represented power, there were many who dreamt of owning a gun.

As for those who did not get any guns, they looked on enviously at Fan Tongxuan and the rest, their eyes filled with jealousy. Oh how they regretted not killing the captives to prove their worth earlier. After distributing the guns, Yue Zhong brought Wutan Tong, Chen Yao and White Bones as the 4 of them disappeared into the darkness.

Conducting military operations in the dark of the night was one of the most dangerous things one could do. However, to Yue Zhong who possessed the [Night Enhancement] ability, it was the best cover.

Wutan Tong pointed to a small camp that was lit up amidst the huge blanket of darkness and spoke: “That’s the camp of the vanguard teams, there is a battalion currently resting inside! Lord Yue Zhong, are you really going to go? There’s a battalion there you know.”

Yue Zhong looked into the distance and saw the small town and the small group of patrol men currently outside.

Yue Zhong eyed Wutan Tong and said indifferently: “Your task is completed! Wutan Tong, stay here and wait for my victorious return. Of course, you can choose to escape as well, but if you escape, you better not let me see you again, otherwise, it will be your death the moment I catch sight of you.”

As Yue Zhong wanted to launch a sneak attack on Wuyan Hong’s establishment, he naturally would not bring along this unstable factor who had just joined him. If he had to use this person who had just recently betrayed his own force, who’s to say if he would suddenly shout loudly during the ambush? Then that would be even more troublesome.

Wutan Tong’s eyes flashed with understanding, as he lowered his head respectfully: “Yes Lord! I will not run!!”

Although Wutan Tong did not feel that Yue Zhong would be successful, he did not wish to infuriate this exceptionally strong person. After all, his own life was the most important to him.

Yue Zhong observed the small town for awhile, before bringing White Bones and Chen Yao towards it.

This vanguard camp could still be considered to have some tricks up their sleeves. They had 20 hidden sentries around, and their position was quite secretive. Furthermore, it was in the middle of the dark so few Enhancers would be able to detect it.

However, all these were nothing to Yue Zhong who had the [Night Enhancement] ability. He could clearly detect the positions of the hidden sentries, as he went around silently beheading each of them.

After he took care of those sentries, Yue Zhong, Chen Yao and White Bones walked carefully towards the entrance of the town.

At the entrance, there were currently 4 soldiers standing guard there, while 2 others were playing poker.

Atop 2 high watchtowers, there were also Vietnamese soldiers looking around their surroundings in a bored manner. No one thought that they would be attacked, and they were more worried about the fearsome Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong pointed at the soldiers atop the 2 watchtowers. The distance between him and them was about 700m, he could use his Devil Fire to burn them, but it would cause a huge disturbance.

Chen Yao nodded, and activated her [Plant Manipulation] ability, as her vines noiselessly shot towards the entrance using the grass as cover.

The 8 soldiers did not even notice a thing, as the 8 vines had already creeped up near them silently. Chen Yao looked at the 2 soldiers atop the watchtower, and with just a thought, they shot upwards explosively like 2 arrows and pierced the soldier’s heads, causing them to die on the spot.

After assassinating them, Chen Yao shifted her gaze and with another thought, the remaining 6 vines shot towards the 6 soldier’s located on the ground.

Of the 6 vines, 3 immediately penetrated the brains of the soldiers, causing them to die without a sound. The remaining 3 vines did not kill the other 3 as Chen Yao’s control over her ability was not yet polished.

Seeing that the 3 soldiers were about to shout out in their moments of death, 3 sharp bone spears shot out from the grass, causing their heads to be lopped off.



How did Yue Zhong and Wutan Tong converse without Ruan Chunhua?!

-Starting to regret my choice of ‘Lord’ that they use to call Yue Zhong, it feels like they’re gonna confess their sins.

*Yue Zhong recoils in horror.

Dem Harem Points are just too high. (Its over 9000. If your wondering)

-White Bones seems to like to play Duck Hunt. (Shooting from the grass)

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