God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 315

Chapter 315 – Sneaking Into Town

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

“I’m sorry!!” Chen Yao quickly apologized to Yue Zhong in a small voice. She did not manage to kill off the 6 of them in one fell swoop, and it almost cost them the entire operation. A sneak raid and a frontal assault were two entirely different battles. Yue Zhong could wipe the entire battalion out in a sneak attack, but in a frontal assault, they could only quickly leave the place.

Yue Zhong smiled and consoled her: “No need to apologize! You already performed well! When you killed those soldiers in the watchtower, you had already completed your objective!”

Chen Yao was still inexperienced in battle, doing this much was considered pretty decent. Yue Zhong had already made plenty of preparations, getting White Bones to clean up what she might miss. As for himself, he was saving his strength to deal with any serious situation that might crop up.

“Let’s go!!” Yue Zhong swiftly rushed into the entrance of the town.

The defence of the town was tight on the outside, but slack inside, the moment Yue Zhong entered the town, he, Chen Yao and White Bones quickly followed the small path leading towards the centre of the town.

Wutan Tong had already given the details about the layout and manpower distribution to Yue Zhong beforehand, as well as a crude map. Yue Zhong simply followed the map and arrived at one of the camps pretty quickly.

Only, he discovered that within the camp, the lights were all lit, and there were sounds of men shouting in delight while women were crying and moaning filled the skies.

Yue Zhong looked out from the corner of a small alley, and saw that there was a wide open space, and there were many women sprawled on the ground like dogs, as a bunch of Vietnamese soldiers were surrounding the campfire and hooting in excitement and delight, raping the women in all sorts of ways and manner.

There was a Vietnamese who was riding on top of a woman, using his shoes to whip the lady, causing her to crawl forward and crying out desperately: “Don’t hit me!! Please stop hitting me!”

Yue Zhong’s vision was exceptionally accurate, and he could see that the woman was riddled with scars throughout her body, at the same time, her lower body was bleeding for some reason.

The surrounding Vietnamese soldiers looked on and laughed loudly, finding it funny. After losing all sense of moral values and discipline, these Vietnamese soldiers became like beasts. Just like the Indonesians during the 98 Riot, where countless frenzied Indonesians went on a rampage.

Chen Yao saw the scene, and her heart was filled with fury, and she gritted her teeth. She almost rushed out to slaughter those Vietnamese soldiers and instead spat out a word with intense disgust: “Beasts!!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes were filled with an consuming anger as well, because he could hear the words of the woman who was being tortured by the Vietnamese soldier, and she was speaking in Chinese! These beasts were actually raping his fellow countrymen!

Yue Zhong breathed in deeply before grabbing Chen Yao’s hands: “These beasts will be punished by me personally later! Let’s bear with this for now! Heed my command!”

Chen Yao nodded while still gritting her teeth. She was an intelligent girl, and knew that with just the two of them, they’re not a match for these Vietnamese soldiers, therefore they had to tolerate it.

Right at this moment, the woman who was treated like a sex horse suddenly shuddered, and she fell to the ground. Her weak body had obviously given way due to the torture and could not bear the load anymore.

The soldier who was mounted atop her also fell to the ground, leading the other soldiers to roar with laughter at his misfortune.

The Vietnamese soldier was enraged, as he immediately pulled out a handgun and opened fire at the unfortunate woman.

With a ‘bang’, the Chinese lady was executed at point blank range after such torture, simply because he was laughed at. As she died, her lifeless body slumped to the floor.

Seeing such a merciless scene, Chen Yao’s pale face started to flush red with fury, as she grabbed Yue Zhong’s hands tightly, her entire body trembling with rage. Even though she had seen so much darkness and cruelty, she still could not get used to it. Yue Zhong pulled Chen Yao’s hands as they swiftly left, making their way towards the dormitories.

Soon, Yue Zhong, Chen Yao and White Bones came to a room where there were Vietnamese soldiers sleeping. Yue Zhong activated the Devil Flame with his right hand, causing the door knob to melt.

He quietly pushed the door open, before swiftly and expertly waving his Dark Magic Blade, decapitating the soldiers who were laying down slumbering.

It was already late in the night, and other than those engaging in their rave at the open area, the rest of the soldiers were already sleeping or resting.

Without a sound, 320 soldiers were beheaded by Yue Zhong and White Bones in a matter of minutes, turning into a dormitory of headless corpses.

After killing all those Vietnamese soldiers who were sleeping, Yue Zhong ordered White Bones to stay behind to take care of those who would come back later, as he himself brought Chen Yao and left towards the armory.

The firepower of an army was the most important thing during a battle. With ample ammunition, Yue Zhong would be able to deal at least twice the amount of damage and hold out longer on the battlefield. With his Level 6 Treasure [Storage Ring] he could only keep those of use, and it was one of his trump cards.

Yue Zhong and Chen Yao quickly came to the room in front of the armory.

Chen Yao looked at the huge lock on the doors, as she activated her [Plant Manipulation] ability, and the thin vines shot into the lock, shaking it open. Chen Yao’s ability enabled her to be versatile in many different situations, and her ability could be considered extremely useful.

Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame was concentrated on offensive power, and was extremely tyrannical! Likewise, its defensive and other properties were lacking.

Yue Zhong pushed open the door into the armory, and saw the countless rows of guns displayed neatly.

Amongst the weapons in the armory, there were plenty of Chinese AK-47s
which were lethal on the battlefield. These AK-47s were extremely stable, and we’re well-suited for battle in Vietnam which had plenty of loose ground and mud. Other than the famous AK-47s, there were various other Russian and American heavy-duty rifles.

Putting aside these assault rifles, the armory was filled with plenty of sniping rifles and grenade launchers. Amongst them, there were even 3 Barrett Snipers.

Vietnam had been purchasing firearms and ammunition in the recent years. Although their military equipment was still a distance away from other domestic forces, it wasn’t to a point where it’s incomparable.

Yue Zhong went ahead and kept the sniper rifles, the grenade launchers and other heavy firearms, as well as 200 AK-47 rifles into his storage ring, before he looked back at the remainder and hesitated. In the end, he did not activate his Devil Flame to burn everything down.

Yue Zhong and Chen Yao quickly opened another ammunitions store, within it, Yue Zhong did not discover any ammo for the PF98, but he found loads of other types of ammo, including hand grenades, grenades and even some other rockets.

Yue Zhong made full use of his storage ring as he absorbed all that he wanted into the ring, packing it fully.

After he replenished the ammo within his ring, he held his Dark Magic Blade in one hand and an .03 rifle in the other as he and Chen Yao continued advancing in the dark of the night.

With the flash of his blade, 2 sentries standing guard in front of a prison crumpled to the floor noiselessly.

The prison was in fact just a huge warehouse. After Yue Zhong killed the Vietnamese soldiers in front of the warehouse, he hacked the door lock open with just a swing of his Dark Magic Blade, and pushed the door wide open.

The moment the door was opened, a rank smell consisting of human sweat, feces, urine and even blood that would cause anybody to vomit violently wafted out the door.

Yue Zhong looked into the warehouse, only to see that the warehouse actually looked cramp because it was actually filled with over 200 Chinese, Caucasians and africans.

These Chinese, Caucasians and africans were all riddled with scars, their bodies emaciated, and some had even been tortured till there’s hardly any skin left. Their bones could be seen, and their entire bodies had become deformed.

The moment the door was opened, the people inside fell numbly to the floor, some not even getting up. A portion looked at Yue Zhong fearfully, unsure of who was going to be pulled out next, to be tortured till death.

Yue Zhong looked at these 200 survivors who had suffered greatly, as he suppressed the fury billowing within him with difficulty and said: “I am Yue Zhong from China!! Whoever is willing to go kill those Vietnamese beasts come with me!!”

Hearing those words, the Chinese within the warehouse started tearing up, as their eyes flashed with a desire for revenge, and some started to walk out shakily like zombies. Some could not stand, but they used their hands to support themselves as they dragged their bodies towards Yue Zhong.

Even the Africans and Caucasians used all their energy to climb towards Yue Zhong.

Wuyan Hong pursued a policy of extreme nationalism, other than Vietnamese, all other people who were caught were treated like slaves and tortured. All these people had to eat was grub for pigs. They could only drink urine and dirty water. Their eating, drinking and even their business was all done within the confines of this warehouse, adding to the heavy labor, these survivors’ health was on the verge of collapsing.

Because of this, this armory only had 2 soldiers to keep watch. Those 200-over survivors were basically living corpses, and they would not be able to put up a fight against anybody.

“Everybody gets one! No fighting over it!” Yue Zhong looked at those emaciated survivors, as he brought out his huge backpack, taking out cans of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat and distributed them.

If these emaciated survivors didn’t regain their health, then they would just be a burden to Yue Zhong, and would be of no use in the battle to come.

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