God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 316

Chapter 316 – Survival!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The survivors each took a can of Type 2 Meat, as their grimy hands trembled and greedily stuffed it into their mouths. They were famished, and the only thing on their minds right now was to consume that can of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat.

Upon consuming the meat, the survivors regained a bit of health, and their ashen faces regained some colour.

One tanned-skin, scar-ridden military man with a blind left eye stepped up, his gaze full of vengeance, as he talked in a raspy voice: “I’m Gan Tao, the squad leader of XX Army XX Battalion 3rd Company 4th Platoon! Yue Zhong, as long as you can bring us to kill those Vietnamese beasts, the entire 4th Platoon brothers will give you our lives!! All 12 of us!!”

One by one, a few withered looking men with a burning hatred in their eyes stood up behind Gan Tao, their expectant gazes on Yue Zhong. They had grown desperate and desolate, and Yue Zhong had suddenly appeared in front of them, bringing with him a glimmer of hope. As long as they could kill those Vietnamese soldiers, they were willing to pay any price.

Yue Zhong eyed the 200 survivors, as he frowned and asked: “Amongst you, who can operate a firearm right now and engage in battle?”

Yue Zhong had planned to free the captives, and make use of the firearms and ammunition he took from the armory to arm the captives. It seemed as though right now, even making use of 20 of them was the best case scenario!

The survivors’ eyes were filled with fury and vengeance, as a few of them raised up their bony arms, some even had deformed hands, looking towards Yue Zhong expectantly. These 200 survivors had suffered greatly, and desired battle now, to make those who humiliated and tortured them pay.

Yue Zhong left the warehouse, and came back with 2 huge bags, one of them stuffed with guns, and another with bullets.

“What’s your name” Yue Zhong pointed to a man with 2 deep scars on his face, his figure a little on the skinny side, and asked.

The man with the face of scars, who was Chinese, replied: “I’m called Zhao Qing!!”

Yue Zhong stared at Zhao Qing and replied in a heavy voice:” From now on, you’re the temporary leader of this warehouse, I need you to stand guard here and protect the rest of them, all the way till the battle is over! Any questions? I will leave you with 20 AKs, and 600 bullets.”

Even after consuming the Type 2 Mutant Beast meat, those who were tortured heavily could not possible regain their full vitality and be robust in just a short while.

Yue Zhong looked around and estimated that about 30 of them regained their health to an acceptable level for combat after the nourishment of the Type 2 Meat. Which was to say that, the majority of the prisoners could not stray too far from the warehouse currently, nor were they in a position to fight. If these 200 survivors were to regain their health, they could become loyal subordinates to Yue Zhong, and a trustworthy and usable force.Zhao Qing grinned: “Boss Yue, rest assured, as long as I’m alive, I will not allow those Vietnam dogs to enter this warehouse.”

Yue Zhong nodded slightly, and left 20 AKs and 600 bullets to Zhao Qing, before taking Gan Tao and 25 other survivors who could move and fight as they made their way out.

As they passed the ammo store and armory, Yue Zhong left another 10 of the weaker soldiers to guard these 2 important places.

As long as they can maintain control over these 2 buildings, Yue Zhong could fully equip and arm those 200 survivors, and boost their combat ability.

After finishing these preparations, Yue Zhong brought the remaining 16 warriors towards the open square, and they made their way there carefully.

Currently, at the open square, a group of 100+ Vietnamese soldiers were still engaged in a crazy party, unaware of the danger that was about to befall them.

The cries and moans of the women and the hearty laughter and grunts of the men filled the entire square.

With just a thought, Yue Zhong summoned White Bones from out of nowhere, as he pointed to the Vietnam soldiers and gave the order coldly: “Kill every single man there!”

Receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, White Bones charged forwards like a tornado towards the Vietnamese soldiers.

White Bones had a speed that surpassed that of a normal human being by a few times, so the moment it exerted all its strength, crossing a 100 metres only took a few seconds. Before those Vietnamese soldiers even had the chance to react, White Bones had already raised its right arm and 5 incredibly sharp bone spikes shot out. The expertly aimed spikes pierced through the heads of the intended soldiers like white lightning.

At the same time, Chen Yao had already manipulated her vines to shoot out, wrapping around the necks of 5 Vietnamese soldiers before wrangling them hard, killing those soldiers.

Yue Zhong had taken out his .05 submachine gun and charged towards where the Vietnamese soldiers were heavily concentrated as he used the old “Spray and Pray” method. Under the barrage of the bullets, 10 of them were hit by the bullets, 3 dying instantly, and the other 7 falling to the ground. The remainder were heavily wounded by not yet dead.

Gan Tao and his other mates ignored the weaknesses of their bodies as they fired continuously, shooting at the Vietnamese soldiers.

Those Vietnamese soldiers were sitting around the campfire, and as they were illuminated brightly, they became easy targets, being shot at by Gan Tao and the rest.

When they were suddenly ambushed by Yue Zhong and the rest, a large number of them perished in the first wave of lead. Somehow the rest reacted quickly, as they hollered and ran about,looking for cover.

Some of the Vietnamese soldiers immediately grabbed up their guns, and shot towards the darkness, providing some suppressing fire against Yue Zhong’s group.

Other than that, more soldiers were starting to take up arms, as they started to attack the lone axe-wielding White Bones who had charged into their midst.

A large number of the bullets bounced off when they hit White Bones’ body. It was like a killing machine, one hand wielding its axe, the other shooting out Bone Spears everywhich direction. Its mighty axe swings beheaded soldiers left, right, and centre each one spraying fresh blood into the air and puddling on the floor. No one could defend against it, and accordingly, no one could even impede its movements.

Seeing that their bullets were ineffective and their friends dying miserably, the remaining soldiers lost their morale and they started to escape in various directions.White Bones shot forward, killing those who wanted to try and escape. Every second, there was a soldier that was felled by White Bone’s axe.

Gan Tao brought his men to give chase, but he had just stood up before he felt dizzy and fell to the ground again. The Type 2 Meat had helped him regain some energy, but it could not support his continuous battle.

“You guys stay here. I’ll go take care of them! Chen Yao, go gather the women and equipment.” Yue Zhong eyed Gan Tao and the rest as he left his customary few words before making his way out.

Those women who were tortured miserably could still get their share of food, hence they weren’t as emaciated as Gan Tao and the rest of the male survivors whose bodies were almost completely broken. After handing them some rations, they would regain some form of fighting ability.

And while Gan Tao and the soldiers had no energy to give chase, they could still operate their firearms, therefore Yue Zhong was not worried about their safety.

Chen Yao quickly went to the open square and gathered the women to safety after Yue Zhong left.

In the square, there were over 80 women, everyone of them had extremely dirty bodies and a nasty body odor. When Chen Yao had approached them and said that they were being rescued, every single one of them started crying tears of relief. They had been tortured and raped until they were devoid of all dignity, and had suffered greatly, now they were finally free from the nightmare.

“What a pity!! There’s not enough manpower, some were actually allowed to escape!” Yue Zhong shot the last one, anescaping Vietnamese soldier who was within his sights, as he frowned.

With just Yue Zhong and White Bones, they had killed over 20 soldiers who had escaped, but there were some who had long escaped into the darkness, hiding in goodness knows what places.

By this time, the entire town had awoken due to the sounds of gunfire. It turns out, there were actually 2,000-Vietnamese survivors, and they started engaging in riots, murder, rape and robbery. Regardless of the country, the events that occur due to chaos would always be the same.

Yue Zhong instantly executed a dozen of those troublemakers as he shouted: “Get lost back into your own house, there is a curfew now! Whoever is seen outside their houses will be shot dead!!”

Yue Zhong was speaking in chinese and most of the Vietnamese did not understand. However, as he walked towards them he was constantly executing those Vietnamese who were causing trouble. Seeing this, they understood his meaning, and many of them hurried back into their own homes, while looking at the killing demon that was Yue Zhong as they trembled in fear.

Yue Zhong and White bones went around executing the remaining Vietnamese soldiers and any other troublemakers for the next 3 hours like some kind of Apocalyptic Grim Reapers, and after the deaths of nearly 200 other people, did the chaos in the town mellow and peace settled in again.

“Pity!! I still don’t have enough manpower!! If only I had more men, controlling this town would be a piece of cake!” Yue Zhong casually whipped his gun backwards over his shoulder and shot a rioter in the head, as he thought to himself while full of regret. *1

By this time, the town had fallen back into its normal routine as though nothing had happened. However, Yue Zhong was very clear, if he didn’t do anything, this town would be snatched back by Wuyan Hong again. He had successfully eradicated an entire battalion of Wuyan Hong’s, but to deal with his total troop size of over 14 battalions, he alone was not enough.

*1 [Ulamog] arrrrgh! This is like puuuure spy style badass stunt mode here! *whip gun on to shoulder holding the handle pointing to the sky, barrel pointing backwards… and peng! Right between the eyes. Without even looking, AND im planning the dinner menu also at the same time kind of style of badass.

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