God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 317

Chapter 317 – Moving Forward

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong and White Bones came back to Chen Yao with their bodies covered in blood, as Yue Zhong spoke sternly: “Chen Yao! I’m handing this town to you! I’ll give you one day, I need you to completely control this town in one day. Make sure that all the Chinese regain their vitality, can you do this?”

The current 200 prisoners that were mostly made up of Chinese were extremely weak, even after wolfing down the Type 2 Meat, they still required a day’s rest to recover. Without a whole day’s rest, they would not be able to embark on any journey, in fact they might just perish along the way.

Chen Yao’s eyes flashed as she spoke resolutely: “No problem! Yue Zhong, set your mind at ease! I will take care of this town properly!”

After going through such tempering, Chen Yao was starting to grow quickly. She was already intelligent in the first place, and had the talents and ability. However, she had always been focused on chasing after being more glorious than Ji Qingwu. During the post-apocalypse, her combat ability had been subpar, and she was even overshadowed by Ji Qingwu. Now that she was forced by circumstances, her latent ability had showed itself.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong and asked: “Where are you going?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly as he replied: “I’m going to go carve a new hole in that Vietnamese beast Wuyan Hong, and attract their attention, buying some time for the people here to recover.”

Time! What Yue Zhong and the rest needed now was time! Without enough time to rest, those prisoners in the warehouse would be unable to recover their fighting strength, and just based on Yue Zhong and Chen Yao, they would be unable to taken on Wuyan Hong’s army. Yue Zhong had to buy some time and obtain even more strength.

Yue Zhong looked to his left and right, and ensured that there was nobody, before he lowered his head to Chen Yao’s ear and whispered: “I will leave White Bones to protect you. If things get to a non-salvageable state, abandon everyone, and leave by yourself.”

Yue Zhong was after all not a saint, he had his own motives as well. Those 200 survivors that he rescued could not be compared to Chen Yao. If he had to make the decision to sacrifice, he would not hesitate to exchange the lives of those 200 survivors for Chen Yao.

“En! I know! But, Yue Zhong, you should take White Bones with you! You alone having to deal with Wuyan Hong and the rest of those animals will definitely be tiring.” Chen Yao’s hearts filled with sweetness when she heard Yue Zhong’s words, and she replied in a soft voice.

“Don’t you worry about me, you just have to control this town!” Yue Zhong smiled, and he hopped on a motorbike and made for the closest town that Wuyan Hong also controlled, Chengya County.

The Chengya County was the main base of Wuyan Hong, housing 50,000 survivors and 12 battalions. Also, the special Wolf Fang battalion consisting entirely of Enhancers can be found there.

The Wolf Fang Battalion was like Yue Zhong’s own Special Combat Forces, they all possessed special abilities, each of them having undergone countless battles. They possessed shocking combat prowess, and Yue Zhong did not dare say that he could take on any single one of them easily.

“This is gonna be tricky! Should I just charge in?” Yue Zhong laid prone atop a small mountain, as he looked at the county in the distance, his brows furrowing.

It was now dawn, and the entrance of the county had signs of people travelling in and out, hence it wasn’t the best time to launch a sneak attack. Without the cover of the night, Yue Zhong would find it hard to launch an attack and wipe out a battalion.

Also, the county had some defensive walls that was constructed, as long as the people in the city closed the city gates, anyone who charged in would find themselves trapped. Regardless of how strong the expert maybe, being surrounded by the soldiers would only spell death.

Right at this time, a short man came running towards the city gates with an inhumane speed.

Chasing behind that man closely was an alarming number of Mutant Forest Lizards.

“Level 21 Mutant Beast: Mutant Forest Lizard. They possess a tough hide and quick speed, at the same time, their bite contains bacteria, if one gets bitten, there’s a high chance of dying due to falling ill.”

Seeing the huge group of Mutant Forest Lizards coming towards them, the Vietnamese were all frightened, as they couldn’t help but curse and tried to escape back towards the city.

Although the city walls could not defend against an assault from modern weaponry, it was extremely effective against Mutant Beasts and zombies. Therefore most major powers would construct such defences that were abandoned with the passing of centuries. They all built walls on the outskirts of their cities.

One Vietnamese soldier came to the top of the city gates, and he used his gun to fire at the man who had attracted the horde of Mutant Forest Lizards over here, intending to kill him and hopefully stop the Lizards charge.

However, the man in question was extremely nimble, dodging the bullets fired at him easily, causing most of the bullets to miss by huge margins.

“This man must be an Agility-based Evolver, and he must have the [Danger Perception] ability!” Yue Zhong eyed the man, and managed to evaluate some information from him, as he immediately pulled out his Barrett Sniper, and fired a shot at the Vietnamese soldier. The enemy of his enemy was an ally, and since the Vietnamese was firing at a human, Yue Zhong felt that he had to save him.

With a ‘peng’, the Vietnamese soldier’s head exploded, as he fell from the city walls.

Seeing their comrade dying from a headshot, the rest of the Vietnamese soldiers started to panic, as they hid behind their walls for cover. Above the wall, there were still a few other soldiers firing non stop at the man.

The man continued to increase his speed, accelerating by another 30 percent, as he dodged the bullets and threw 3 lizard eggs at the city gates, causing them to burst open.

After which, the man swiftly zipped off into a nearby forest, and disappeared without a trace in just a few moments.

When those lizard eggs broke, the huge horde of Mutant Forest Lizards were enraged, as they charged at the city entrance that was filled with many people.

The soldiers above the city walls started focusing their fire on the Mutant Forest Lizards in a frenzy, and a hot leaden hail of bullets rained onto those Mutant Forest Lizards, creating countless bloody wounds.

Unfortunately, since these Mutant Forest Lizards were Level 21, the bullets could not deal much damage to them after penetrating their outer hide. Unless it was a shot to the head, these Mutant Forest Lizards would not die so easily. Instead, they became even more infuriated, and rushed towards the city entrance and started biting the Vietnamese people.

Those Vietnamese survivors who were bitten cried out in agony, as they were chomped on by the Mutant Forest Lizards, and even more lizards leapt and slammed their bodies down on them, pinning the soldier’s to the ground.

The Mutant Forest Lizards were extremely ferocious, after charging into the city entrance, they started embarking on a killing spree within the walls.

Right at this time, the city gates suddenly started to close, sealing off the entire city. Those Mutant Forest Lizards that were halfway through the city gates were immediately vivisected in two.

Above the walls, the soldiers continued to fire rapidly at the remaining Mutant Forest Lizards, hunting them down one by one.

The total number of Mutant Forest Lizards were about a thousand, and under the hail of bullets, they began to be felled one by one. Below, no matter how they charged at the walls, there was no effect. They had to leave helplessly.

When those Mutant Forest Lizards had assaulted the city, Yue Zhong had sniped 3 of the Vietnamese soldiers, causing the soldiers to not dare stick their heads out.

Not even a few moments passed after the deaths of those Mutant Forest Lizards when a dense flock of Mutant Birds the size of wild chickens, all with black feathers flew over. Half the flock flew to the city entrance and started to feast on the corpses of both the Mutant Forest Lizards and humans, and the other half went into the city, and started attacking the inhabitants of the city.

“Level 14 Mutant Beast: Corpse-Eating Sparrow. A mutant beast that chases after the scent of blood and food in flocks.”

Almost immediately, the sounds of concentrated firing resounded out from the city walls, as the anti-air guns started spewing bullet fire, causing a large number of the Corpse-Eating Sparrows to be shot down from the skies.

However, those machine guns could not possible protect the entire city, and within the city, there were many survivors who were speared and pecked on the heads by the Corpse-Eating Sparrows, dying on the spot.

The soldiers who were bending down on top of the walls could not deal with those Corpse-Eating Sparrows, as the moment they stood up, they would be sniped by Yue Zhong.

After sniping another 2 members of the Vietnamese soldiers very casually, he suddenly felt an intense gaze locked on him, looking towards the source of it, he could see a 31-year old male bringing out 50-plus members decked in military garb, every single one of them emitting a fierce aura with killing intent looking at him.

“The Wolf Fang Battalion? They’re indeed experts!!” Yue Zhong only took a look at those 50-over men, and immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, as he could feel the fearsome strength of the group. They were definitely Enhancers who had gone through countless battles, and not a single one of them could be said to be weaker than his own Special Combat Forces.

In these parts of Vietnam, there were forests and swamps everywhere, hiding all sorts of Mutant Beasts. As long as one was willing to forge his subordinates through countless fighting with these Mutant Beasts, a power faction could quickly groom a few high-levelled Enhancers. The only downside to this method was that, the moment one got unlucky, a huge number of elites might perish at the hands of a Type 2.

Wuyan Hong had made use of this method, after paying the price of over 2000 survivors. With this vile method he formed this Wolf Fang Battalion of not more than a hundred people, each one of them above Level 30. Every single Wolf Fang soldier was an expert in the forest, and had killed countless Mutant Beasts, their power shocking to the extreme.

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