God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 318

Chapter 318 – Fighting for ones Life!

[Book 3: The South]

Just as Yue Zhong caught sight of the Wolf Fang Battalion, he suddenly felt an intense danger, as he immediately dodged to the side, and out of their sights.

Peng! Peng!

Following the sounds of 6 gunshots, 6 bullets landed on Yue Zhong’s original position. These were bullets fired by the snipers of the Wolf Fang Battalion hidden away from plain sight. If he had reacted just a little slower, he would have likely been shot dead.

The commander of the Wolf Fang Battalion, Wu Dahui, looked to his short comrade of not more than 1.5m beside him and asked: “Chang Xin, did you manage to memorize his features? What’s his background?”

Chang Xin possessed an eidetic memory, and he had the active ability [God’s Eyes]. The moment he activated this skill, within his field of vision, he could see up to a distance of 6km, even something as small as a single needle on the ground.

Chang Xin nodded: “I have already memorised his features. However, he’s not any of the Enhancers we have encountered before.”

Wu Dahui ordered 7 of his subordinates: “Da Yang, Chang Xin, Yue Qing, Long Feng, Ma Huijia, Li Bingyan and Wang Man. The 7 of you shall go and get rid of that sniper!”

These 7 soldiers were all Enhancers above level 30, and every one of them had their own killing moves, just by teaming up, they could even easily dispose of a Level 40 Enhancer. Furthermore, Chang Xin had the rare ability [Pursuit], as long as he can remember the features, when he activated the skill, as long as the target was within a range of 5km, he could sense the existence and position of the target.

Chang Xin was in charge of pursuit, while the rest of them can focus on surrounding and killing the target. This method had ensured the deaths of over 13 strong experts who had gone against Wuyan Hong. Amongst these 13 experts, one was even a powerful Evolver that was above level 40.

“Yes!” The 7 of them responded and swiftly left the County towards Yue Zhong’s direction.

When Yue Zhong saw the arrival of the experts of Wolf Fang Battalion, he had immediately retreated, and quickly. He was confident of sniping any single one of the experts, but the moment he was surrounded, facing a frontal assault was something he had no confidence of winning.

Chang Xin’s right eye flashed with a strange glow, as he looked to the distance and laughed coldly: “What an irritating bug, to run so fast!!”

One of the warriors, Da Yang, who was 1.73m tall and carrying a blade scar on his face, looked at the beautiful Li Bingyan beside him as he was running. She was decked in protective wear, and while her figure was petite, she had a curvy figure, voluptuous chest and sexy bottom, a healthy skin colour, and her features exquisite. Da Yang swallowed his saliva and laughed: “Bingyan!! After killing that bug, how about you come sleep with me tonight? Recently, I’m sick of playing with those Chinese ladies.”

Da Yang was a Level 39 Enhancer, and was just lacking that little bit of experience to reach Level 40. He was also the strongest within this small group, and hence, he could shamelessly propose such a lewd deal with this beauty that he coveted for a long time.

With such a figure and looks, plus such power that placed her within the ranks of other strong Enhancers of the Wolf Fang Battalion, not to mention the ability to protect herself, she was a rare person indeed.

Li Bingyan shot Da Yang a cold glance and laughed icily: “If you’re not afraid to lose that dirty thing of yours down there, you can come over tonight!”

Hearing Li Bingyan’s words, Da Yang shuddered involuntarily, as he laughed dryly:” Just a joke, a joke!”

Although Li Bingyan was extremely beautiful and had a smoking hot figure, she wasn’t a pushover. Previously, 2 members of the Wolf Fang Battalion had designs on her, one of them had his lower member cut off slowly with a knife the other had his head violently chopped off. After these 2 incidents, ‘Beautiful Viper’ Li Bingyan gained a foothold within the Wolf Fang Battalion.”

Furthermore, the commander Wu Dahui was the childhood friend of Li Bingyan. With his protection, even if Li Bingyan caused some trouble, as long as it didn’t anger Wuyan Hong, she would not be punished.

All of a sudden, Chang Xin stopped, and his eyes flashed brightly as he said: “That damn bug has stopped! Seems like he discovered something! Everyone prepare for battle!!”

Hearing Chang Xin’s words, the 6 other members of the Wolf Fang Battalion grew cautious. They were well-experienced soldiers, and would naturally not underestimate Yue Zhong.

“What annoying fellows!!” Yue Zhong had climbed atop a tree, and kept his sniper rifle, his brows furrowing. Those 7 warriors who had given chase had almost entered his scope of vision when they suddenly hid in a clump of grasses, and continued moving towards him under cover.

Under such circumstances, unless it was Bai He who was a sniper by specialization, it would be difficult to hit any of them. Yue Zhong had trained his sniping skills to be on par with those snipers from before the apocalypse, but he was also powerless to snipe the 7 experts with such circumstances.

“Fighting them in this jungle is really disadvantageous for me!” Yue ZHong swiftly made a judgement, as he observed his left and right, before rushing towards a highway in the distance.

These Vietnamese experts were after all locals, and had fought against countless Mutant Beasts and zombies within the forest, if Yue Zhong wanted to fight against them on their familiar turf, it was a stupid move.

Chang Xin asked Da Yang: “That bug started moving towards the highway. Seems like he’s not very confident of fighting in the forest! Da Yang? Shall we exterminate him before he leaves the forest?”

“Of course!! Let me personally go shoot down that inferior piece of shit!” Da Yang laughed coldly, before he activated his [Forest Ranger Transformation].

With a flash of green light, Da Yang’s body started sprouting a layer of green leaves, covering his entire body, leaving only 2 eye slits and his nostrils that were not covered. At the same time, there were strange runes that looked to be a bow and arrow made out of green leaves etched on his body.

The layer of green leaves covering Da Yang continuously twisted and changed, morphing Da Yang into something that looked like part of the forest. At a distance of more than 10m, if one did not look carefully, it was almost impossible to discern his existence.

After transforming into a Forest Ranger, not only could it boost the physical prowess of the user, it just so happened that the covering of leaves could distort the light, making it difficult for others to detect and pinpoint the position of the Forest Ranger.

Other than Da Yang, Yue Qing, Long Feng and Ma Huijia, the remaining members had all transformed into Forest Rangers as well, their backs carrying huge bows, as they started moving swiftly towards Yue Zhong.


After transforming into Forest Rangers, Da Yang and the rest became experts at archery, and the power from their archery became even more threatening than their firearms. Therefore, they had chosen to swap out their cold weapons for sturdy bow and arrows.

Li Bingyan wielded 2 black revolvers in her hands, as she moved towards Yue Zhong with her icy gaze.

Wang Man was a Summoner, and he activated his [Summon Wolves] ability, constantly conjuring wolves that chased after Yue Zhong.

The [Summon Wolves] ability was a Level 2 skill, but it was incredibly useful. Summoning one wolf only required 2 points of Spirit, and maintaining the wolf for 30 minutes expended another 1 point of Spirit. As long as the Spirit was not exhausted, one could summon indefinitely.

Wang Man had high Spirit values, and in one breath, he summoned 25 wolves, which charged towards Yue Zhong from different directions.

These wolves could not only drain Yue Zhong’s energy through chasing, they could also detect his position, assisting the team in locating him. It was truly troublesome.

Yue Zhong was running straight for the highway, when suddenly, a huge sense of crisis arose in his heart, and he immediately stopped, before exploding out with extreme speed, throwing himself towards a tree.

3 extremely sharp arrows that were made of Mutant Beast bones instantly arrived at Yue Zhong’s earlier position, both hit at a step forward as well and a step backwards.

If Yue Zhong had reacted just slightly slower, or moved backwards more or run forwards, he would have been pierced by any one of those arrows.

“His reaction is truly fast! However, it’s too late!” Da Yang saw that Yue Zhong had indeed made for the huge tree just as he expected. He laughed coldly, and released his arrow. The Mutant Beast bone bow was stretched to its max, and a white bone arrow blasted out like a shooting star, piercing through the huge tree that Yue Zhong was hiding behind, aiming to penetrate him.

By the time Yue Zhong felt the danger, it was already too late, as the fearsome bone arrow had lodged itself above his abdomen, sending him flying forwards for a few metres, as he slumped to the ground.

“Done!!” Da Yang’s eyes flashed coldly, as he thought to himself quietly. This arrow was called Sundering Arrow, and was a skill that he created himself as a Forest Ranger. Generally it was reserved as his ultimate killing technique. Just like Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame Sword and Devil Flame Spear, the Sundering Arrow possessed immense power, and could not be used consecutively. However, the moment it was used, it was extremely powerful! Previously, the level 40 Evolver had met his death with this arrow as well. After transforming into a Forest Ranger, only Wuyan Hong and Wu Dahui were Da Yang’s opponents. Facing a simple Enhancer, while he was still cautious, he had subconciously viewed Yue Zhong with contempt.

Da Yang relaxed his guard, while Yue Qing, Long Feng and Ma Huijia did not, as they raised their bows and aimed at Yue Zhong. They wanted to turn his body into a sieve, only then would they relax.

Yue Zhong suddenly opened his eyes wide, as he wielded his .05 submachine gun and fired wildly at the direction of Yue Qing, Long Feng and Ma Huijia’s position.

With the cover of their Forest Ranger Transformation skill, Yue Zhong had difficulty pinpointing their exact location, but his abundant combat experience enabled him to discern their rough position.

*1TN: It’s Morphin Time!

*2 Ulamog: Go go Forest Rangers! Mighty Morphin Forest Rangers!

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