God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 320

Chapter 320 – Unexpected

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

White Bones immediately shot out his 2 Bone Blades and slashed towards Li Bingyan. Li Bingyan again displayed her flexibility as she twisted at an incredible angle, dodging the slash of those 2 Bone Blades.

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, as he activated his [Art of Fear], and a huge terrifying Spirit attack weighed down on Li Bingyan.

As long as it wasn’t an Spirit-based Evolved or transformed Enhancer, or Summoner-focused Enhancer, the [Art of Fear] ability could totally decimate any Enhancer without a high enough Spirit stat due to Yue Zhong’s own Spirit stat.

In that instant, Li Bingyan was enveloped by just such a terrifying Spirit attack, as all sorts of torture images and scenarios played out in her head, attempting to drive her insane.

Li Bingyan was considered a strong person with incredible willpower, and she had plenty of equipment that boosted her Spirit attribute. Considering this, she was not like a normal person without any defence against the [Art of Fear] ability. She bit down harshly on her own lips, splitting them and spilling blood, making use of her own pain to regain her senses.

Right when she woke up from the fearsome illusion, Yue Zhong had already activated his [Bone Encompassing Armor] and stepped in front of her, sending his right fist covered with bone studs, explosively towards her abdomen.

By this time, Li Bingyan had no way of dodging that blow, as her abdomen was bent slightly in by about 5cm.

Yue Zhong’s right fist had landed harshly on Li Bingyan’s abdomen, and his 60+ points of strength exploded without mercy.

Li Bingyan immediately flew backwards spraying blood from her mouth, knocked into a tree with a huge impact, and slumped to the ground powerlessly.

If it was a contest of close quarters combat, Yue Zhong could not hope to defeat Li Bingyan. However, to the Yue Zhong who was infinitely closer to Level 50 and had all sorts of abilities and ultimate moves? He completely dominated Li Bingyan, not giving her a chance to even respond.

Yue Zhong glared coldly at Li Bingyan, pointed at her, and 2 Bone Spears shot out from his finger, penetrating her shoulders and completely shattering her rotator cuffs in her arms!

“Ah!!!! My arms! My arms!!” Li Bingyan let out an anguished shriek, as her arms flopped by her side, her lithe and sexy body squirming and struggling, as tears rolled down from her eyes.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Bingyan struggling in pain, as he pointed and shot a bone spear near her throat. As long as he swung, he could instantly slash the throat of this beauty from the Wolf Fang Battalion: “Stand! From now on, you’re my captive! Of course, if you wish to die, I don’t mind sending you on your way!”

Li Bingyan gritted her teeth, as she stared at Yue Zhong with intense hatred, before she slowly stood up. She did not want to die, even if she was humiliated in his hands, as long as there was a chance, she could get a chance for revenge. Amongst the Vietnamese, there were many who understood Chinese as well, and Li Bingyan was one of them.

Yue Zhong did not look at Li Bingyan for a moment longer, instead he casted his gaze towards a patch of forest still untouched by the blazing flames, and his eyes were full of caution as he said: “Friend! Have you seen enough? If you’re still not going to come out, I’m going to treat you as an enemy! My treatment of my enemies included the usage of guns and heavy firepower to wipe them out!” “Free if charge of course.”
Yue Zhong grinned.

There was a bit of rustling of the tree branches, as a 1.7m-tall man decked in a camouflaged uniform appeared. He was clean-shaven, with a bright clear gaze, aged about 27-28. He stepped out revealing a smile as his hands held the head of a Vietnamese soldier.

“Friend! Don’t be nervous! I’m not Vietnamese, in fact, I’m Chinese. We share the same enemy, who knows, we might even become good friends! This guy here is called Chang Xin, he possessed the [Pursuit] ability, and a number of our brothers have died because of this beast’s ability. This time, it was thanks to you attracting the attention of the rest, that’s how I managed to kill him.”

This Zheng Qiang was the Enhancer that had attracted the swarm of Mutant Forest Lizards to the Tooth County, as he smiled at Yue Zhong, he threw the head of Chang Xin that was mangled and smeared with blood to the ground for inspection. Chang Xin’s own combat ability wasn’t high, his main ability [God’s Eye], was an ability extremely hard to deal with. Based on this, he was even more troublesome than Da Yang.

Zheng Qiang flashed a laughing smile at Yue Zhong, while his bright gaze travelled to Yue Zhong’s [Bone Encompassing Armor]. On inspection of the armor, his own muscles tensed up, immersing himself in the optimal condition to fight or flee should the need arise. “I’m Zheng Qiang! I’m from the Chinese Association! This brother must be Chinese as well! How should I address you?”

Yue Zhong eyed Zheng Qiang, asking without batting an eyelid: “How do you know if I’m Chinese? Amongst the Vietnamese, there are many who understand Chinese.”

Zheng Qiang replied mildly: “Wuyan Hong is pretty caring of his fellow Vietnamese. Most of the Vietnamese experts around these parts have joined him. Those who possess the ability to kill his Wolf Fang warriors can only be us Chinese that he refers to as pigs and dogs.”

“I’m called Yue Zhong! Chinese indeed. You want one?” Yue Zhong observed Zheng Qiang carefully, before deactivating his [Bone Encompassing Armor] with a thought, and taking out 2 canned Type 2 meat. He threw one to Zheng Qiang, before opening his own and sittig on a huge stone he tarted wolfing down the meat.

Zheng Qiang observed Yue Zhong a while, before taking a careful look at the can of Type 2 meat. Seeing no holes or seal damage, he chuckled good-naturedly, and also opened it to take a bite.

The moment he savoured that meat, his eyes brightened up, as he praised: “Type 2 Mutant Beast meat! Good stuff!!”

Zheng Qiang wolfed down a few more bites, before directly extending an olive branch to Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, moving solo to take down Wuyan Hong is definitely impossible! Why don’t you join our Chinese Association? Let’s join hands to deal with that monster, how about it?”

Humans who worked alone were always at a disadvantage. Even someone as strong as Yue Zhong, when dealing with the entire Wolf Fang Battalion, he would almost definitely be forced to retreat. He could not fight them head on. If Wuyan Hong deployed his entire army, Yue Zhong could at most cause some harassment, and if he wasn’t careful, he might end up dying.

Yue Zhong did not reply immediately, instead he asked: “Who is in the Chinese Association?”

The Chinese Association wasn’t some secretive group anyway. Zheng Qiang quickly highlighted some of the main information about the association to Yue Zhong.

Wuyan Hong hated the Chinese to the core, as long as he caught any Chinese, they would be used as slaves, undergoing all sorts of torment and torture, often worked till their deaths. Under his tyrannical rule, many Chinese were forced to work until they were helpless, and hence started to rebel. These people created the Chinese Association to go against Wuyan Hong.

Other than the Chinese Association, there were: the Freemasons, Green Triad, Tiger Triad, Leopard Triad, Big Blade Triad, etc; all sorts of Chinese gangs. The biggest one was the Chinese Association.

However, as these individual groups were not that powerful, plus they weren’t as united, they could not possibly match up against Wuyan Hong’s Great Vietnam Empire. They could only continuously carry out harassing activities, though in some of the operations, their own experts had been killed by the members of the Wolf Fang Battalion.

This time, Zheng Qiang had actually witness Yue Zhong killing the entire team by himself, and he had hence proposed that he join.

It must be clear that these 7 members of Da Yang’s team were not easily killed. 3 Evolvers of the Chinese Association had actually been killed by these 7 Enhancers. Yue Zhong could single-handedly deal with them, it could be seen that he was truly fearsome.

Yue Zhong just said a sentence in an indifferent voice: “If I were to join the Chinese Association, can I become the leader?”

Zheng Qiang laughed awkwardly: “No! But Yue Zhong, based on your strength, as long as you obtain enough merit, in 2 years time, becoming the vice-leader is not an issue.”

After all, to them, it wasn’t some period of where strength rules, and the one who could fight the best would become the leader. Even if Yue Zhong was strong, if he joined the Chinese Association, he couldn’t possibly become the leader in one step. *1

Yue Zhong shook his head: “Then forget it! I’m not interested in becoming someone else’s underling. Let’s just form an alliance!”

Zheng Qiang sighed, most Chinese did indeed abide by the saying ‘One would rather be a chicken’s head than a cow’s behind.’ Those gangs like the Freemasons, Green Triad, so on and forth, every one of them had a leader that was an Enhancer above Level 15, and they were not weak in combat. However, they were all unwilling to join the Chinese Association, and had only agreed to an alliance. Furthermore, within those smaller gangs, there would be in-fighting almost everyday, and a grand battle would be staged every few days.

Zheng Qiang stole a glance at the captive Li Bingyan, and a heat could be seen in his eyes as he asked Yue Zhong: “How do you plan on dealing with this Wolf Gang Battalion beauty? Why don’t you give her to the Chinese Association? We can give you 20 AKs and 2,000 bullets.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened, as he looked carefully at Li Bingyan, and started to think.

Li Bingyan saw Yue Zhong’s calculating look and her skin crawled, as she immediately used fluent Chinese to speak to Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong!! Let me go. As long as you’re willing to let me go, I’m willing to give you 50 tonnes of rations, 20 AKs, and 4,000 bullets to exchange for me!!”

Yue Zhong laughed and suggested to Zheng Qiang: “Zheng Qiang, do me a favour. Let your guys go and approach the Wolf Fang Battalion for a trade. Get them to send 300 tonnes of food in exchange for this Beautiful Snake Li Bingyan. As your compensation, you guys get 30 tonnes of rations. How’s that?”

Zheng Qiang thought for a while, and knew that there wouldn’t be any loss for the Chinese Association, therefore he nodded and agreed: “Fine!”

In this post-apocalyptic world, any faction would not turn down food. 30 tonnes was not a small amount after all. Just by putting in a little effor, they could get such a sum? The Chinese Association would definitely not have any issues.

The Wolf Fang Battalion commander Wu Dahui instantly exploded out with anger upon receiving a military report. “What??! Da Yang’s team was annihilated and Bingyan was captured??”


*1: Bullshit!! Yue Zhong was so strong and convinced people to work for him just BECAUSE HE IS THE MC.

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