God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 321

Chapter 321 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South] Chapter 321: Seeking Instructions!

The soldier that was in charge of reporting the intel was trembling and broke out in cold sweat as he faced the pressure emitted from Wu Dahui’s body, and he panted as he continued to speak “Yes!! That person also wanted to pass a message saying that we have to take out 300 tonnes of rations to exchange for Li Bingyan.”

Wu Dahui’s face turned steely, as he grabbed the soldier tightly and asked: “Who was this “guy” who killed Da Yang and the rest?”

Da Yang was after all one of the top ten experts amongst this group of experts in the Wolf Fang Battalion. This small team had every single type of utility available! These included close combat, ranged combat, pursuit, and summons. Even powerful Evolvers had died at their hands! Yet somehow this elite team was actually wiped out by this single person called Yue Zhong, and Wu Dahui could not believe it.

The soldier immediately replied: “The person who killed them all was a Chinese man! His name is Yue Zhong!”

Wu Dahui’s gaze turned cold, as he emitted out a killing intent: “Yue Zhong!!!

Go back and tell them! I will take out 300 tonnes of food to exchange for Li Bingyan. Tell Yue Zhong, if he dares to hurt even a single hair on her, I will not let him go!” “Yes!” The soldier affirmed and quickly dismissed himself.

A tanned dwarf with a height not even 1.4m stepped out. With a frown, as asked Wu Dahui: “Dahui!! Are you really gonna exchange 300 tonnes of rations for Li Bingyan?”

This dwarf was called Li Yuanda, and he was an Agility-based Evolver. He was also the vice-commander of the Wolf Fang Battalion, as his combat prowess was second only to Wu Dahui. With his fearsome technique and speed, he had once single-handedly wiped out an entire line of soldiers who were fully equipped.

Amongst the Wolf Fang Battalion, his views were treated with respect as well, and his teamwork and cooperation with Wu Dahui was extremely tight.

Wu Dahui’s face broke into a cold grin: “Of course not!! I want to use the 300 tonnes of rations as bait, and thoroughly mess with that Chinese pig Yue Zhong! I will turn his bones into dust!!”

As they say, the same type of men flock around a leader of their own hearts. Wuyan Hong’s racism against China and her people was extremely apparently, and he exclusively viewed the Chinese as slaves. Wu Dahui and the rest of his subordinates were likewise, and didn’t view the Chinese as people but rather something closer to a sub-human. It was almost like the Germany of World War II.

Hearing Wu Dahui’s words, Li Yuanda did not speak up anymore. He just wanted to kill people, as long as Wu Dahui did not go against his few principles, he would not interfere with Wu Dahui’s actions. It was because of this, these 2 had such a great working relationship, and did not have any conflict because of power.

Not long after, huge trucks drove out of Tooth County, and they were packed filled with rations as they drove towards the mountain top that Yue Zhong had designated. 300 tonnes of food was after all not a small sum, and the fleet of trucks had to travel slowly for a few hours before arriving at the summit.

Wu Dahui deployed troops to block off the mountain top, and swiftly arranged for the warriors of the Wolf Fang Battalion to get in position at different key points on the mountain. At the same time, there were 2 assault helicopters hiding within the forest, preparing to take off at any moment and commence an assault on Yue Zhong.

Wu Dahui did not dare underestimate this Yue Zhong that could decimate his elite team, and though this type of strong character could not possibly take on Wuyan Hong’s army, when it came to guerilla warfare, it could cause problems for the Great Vietnam Empire.

The Wolf Fang Battalion had killed a number of experts who had gone against Wuyan Hong, but these experts had given them a fair bit of trouble, over a hundred soldiers had died at the hands of these experts. These opposing experts had also caused quite the delay for some of his troops.

As time passed, the important Yue Zhong still had not appeared.
“Damn that Yue Zhong! What the fuck does he want?” After 3 hours, Wu Dahui was starting to feel impatient, his brows furrowing and he cursed out loud.

“Commander!!” Right at this time, a soldier ran forward from a small road, as he reported: “Yue Zhong had sent someone over! He said since we have set up traps and ambushes, we don’t have sincerity. He wants us to move everything to Bamboo Peak now.”

Wu Dahui’s expression was steely, as the fear towards Yue Zhong increased by another fold. “Was it seen through by him? He sure is cunning!!”

Another soldier asked: “Commander! What now?”

Wu Dahui pondered a while, this small hiccup was also within his calculations, and he gave an order: “Let’s go along with his wishes for now. Bring everything to Bamboo Peak. This time, none of you follow!”

“Yes!” The soldier replied with respect.

“As long as you’re still greedy for this 300 tonnes of food of mine! You will not be able to escape from my clutches!” Wu Dahui thought fiercely in his heart. Out of these 300 tonnes of rations, mostly were real rations, but there were 30 boxes which hid the experts of the Wolf Fang Battalion.

As long as Yue Zhong sent someone to retrieve the 300 tonnes of rations, the experts in the boxes could then slaughter their way out, and with the support of the 2 assault helicopters, they would be enough to take down even an entire battalion of untrained soldiers.

The Vietnamese soldiers abided by Wu Dahui’s orders and moved the 300 tonnes of rations to Bamboo Peak, wasting another few hours in the process.

“Commander!! Yue Zhong wants us to send the rations to the Lizard Forest.” After the entourage had arrived at Bamboo Peak and waited for an hour, a soldier came running to Wu Dahui and reported.

“Fucking Yue Zhong!! You dare to mess around with me!! Once I catch you, I’ll make you die a slow and horrible death!!!” Wu Dahui’s face was twitching with anger, and he lashed out on a huge tree. With a ‘hong’, his punch caused the tree to be split apart. He now knew Yue Zhong had no intentions of dealing with him in the first place, otherwise he wouldn’t play him around like this.

Wu Dahui gritted his teeth with his ashen expression and said: “Let’s go back!”

Under Wu Dahui’s command, the warriors of the Wolf Fang Battalion and the rest of the Vietnamese soldiers went back amidst their exhaustion.

At this time, Yue Zhong had actually brought Li Bingyan along with him as they went towards the direction of the small town that was the living quarters of the vanguard team. He had already accomplished his objective of observing the situation in Tooth County for a day, and he had to return back to organize a retreat and leave the town.

Yue Zhong could only cause a little disturbance for the troops of Wuyan Hong, as he was not able to face the entire army.

As long the Wolf Fang Battalion set out against Yue Zhong, they could easily wipe out Yue Zhong’s current troops.

Li Bingyan stared at Yue Zhong heatedly and said: “You’re untrustworthy! Didn’t you promise that as long as there was 300 tonnes of rations, you would let me go? Didn’t our men bring the 300 tonnes of food for you? Why didn’t you deal with them and then let me go?”

Yue Zhong had not gone to the designated exchange points, and this had infuriated Li Bingyan. She was clear, that the moment Yue Zhong stepped into the exchange location, it would only be death for him. She had held on to that hope, but her hopes were dashed because of Yue Zhong’s actions.

Yue Zhong eyed the angry Li Bingyan and coldly retorted: “Shut up! It’s your Wolf Fang Battalion that cannot be trusted, they actually set up an ambush, and hence caused the deal to fall through. Don’t blame it on me.”

From their ready agreement, Yue Zhong knew there wasn’t a chance for the negotiations to go through. 300 tonnes, it wasn’t a small sum after all. Furthermore, if their positions were swapped, if Yue Zhong were in Wu Dahui’s shoes, he would also think of ways to get rid of that greedy bandit.

Li Bingyan stared at Yue Zhong with hate, before lowering her head, with a humble expression, her heart was however, filled with thoughts of killing Yue Zhong countless times.

After Yue Zhong brought Li Bingyan into the town, he saw the Chinese, Caucasians and African survivors all had recovered a little of their health, as their hands held weapons, patrolling the town, instilling fear in the Vietnamese survivors.

Throughout the streets, there was not a soul in sight, instead, there were some sandbags, barbed wires and a few soldiers.

Seeing Yue Zhong walking over, those gun-wielding soldiers all saluted Yue Zhong, as their eyes filled with reverence and gratitude. This man in front of them had actually saved them from their captivity and given them food, health, and their dignity. His actions allowed them to live once more as humans, and not like pigs or dogs. This caused them to be deeply thankful to Yue Zhong.

One of the Chinese soldiers with a huge burn scar mark on his face that gave him a ferocious appearance, came up and saluted Yue Zhong with idolization and gratitude in his eyes. He spoke, saying: “Boss Yue!! Miss Chen Xue is over there, please come with me!”

Those 200+ non-Vietnamese had led lives that were worse than pigs and dogs, and every one of them carried scars to show for it, not many were unblemished.

“What’s your name?” Yue Zhong walked along with the soldier as he asked.

“I’m Pan Jinyong!” The soldier swiftly replied.

Yue Zhong lightly smiled: “Are you willing to be my personal guard?”

Pan Jinyong’s expression would become even more ferocious at the mention of the Vietnamese, and he spoke with killing intent: “Of course I’m willing!! But Boss Yue! I want to be on the frontlines to kill those Vietnamese dogs even more!!”

Those bullshit professors who talked about ‘retribution when the time comes’ and ‘revenge would not solve anything’ were simply talking. They did not suffer any form of harm, and could naturally engage in debate and theoretical talks. If their daughters or wives had been raped or hurt, if they could still maintain their calm and forgive the perpetrators, then that would be more convincing. *1

Yue Zhong had rescued these 200 people from the clutches of the Vietnamese, and it was normal for them to be filled with hatred for the Vietnamese. They could not wait to kill those who had caused them such suffering.

Hearing Pan Jinyong’s words, Li Bingyan frowned, she was after all Vietnamese, and hearing everyone scolding the Vietnamese as dogs, she was naturally unhappy.

Yue Zhong patted Pan Jinyong’s shoulders, and didn’t force it: “Then fine!! Focus on recovering first! In the future, kill more enemies!”


*1: I do believe the author must have felt strongly about some distinguished professors. >.<

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