God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 322

Chapter 322 – Suspicion!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

“Who’re you?” Right as Pan Jinyong brought Yue Zhong before the town government building, 4 women wielding guns blocked their way and barked out coldly.

Pang Jinyong stepped forward to declare: “This is Boss Yue, he’s the man who saved us last night!! He’s Miss Chen Yao’s boyfriend!”

These female survivors had been saved by Chen Yao personally and did not see Yue Zhong.

“Many thanks Boss Yue, for saving us!!” The 4 gun-wielding women looked at Yue Zhong, tears of gratitude welling up in their eyes, as they all got down on the floor and expressed their thanks with a huge bow. If Yue Zhong had not taken action, they would have been tormented to death without a shred of dignity.

Yue Zhong sighed lightly: “Get up! It’s what I should do.” The women stood up only then. Yue Zhong allowed Pan Jinyong to lead him into the building.

Out of the 4 women, 2 were assigned to follow Yue Zhong, just in case he turned out to be a fraud, and had bad intentions towards Chen Yao.

“Yue Zhong you’re back!” In that office, Chen Yao was currently assigning responsibilities and duties to some female survivors, the moment she saw Yue Zhong, she squealed out in delight.

Chen Yao had been under stress having to get things in order. In this town, the number of Vietnamese numbered above 2,600. The total non-Vietnamese were about 400. Most of these 400 had also been tortured and tormented, their bodies and health having suffered, and required time to recuperate. If the 2,000+ Vietnamese decided to revolt, wanting to put down the rebellion with only the 400 weak non-Vietnamese would be difficult. Other than that, Chen Yao had to be constantly worried about the potential threat of Wuyan Hong’s troops. In the forests, the Mutant Beasts could attack at any time. The distribution of the food amongst the survivors. All were matters weighing on her mind.

Being the temporary leader, Chen Yao discovered that she had to consider so many issues within a short space of time. She finally understood the difficulties of Yue Zhong who had to shoulder so many things all along.

Seeing Chen Yao’s pleased expression, the women in the room all took a deep look at Yue Zhong, committing the features of this man who saved them into their memory, before exiting the room tactfully.

Yue Zhong lightly smiled and walked to the sofa beside Chen Yao and sat while praising her: “Chen Yao! Good job! Seems like the entire town is under your control.”

Not anybody could just make use of a small force to subdue an entire town. Chen Yao had managed to do so without a big fuss, it showed how capable she was.

Chen Yao looked to Yue Zhong and smiled sweetly, as she sat beside him, and narrated how she went about doing things.

After Yue Zhong left, Chen Yao had swiftly allocated all those survivors who could move and fight to control the important channels within the town.

At the same time, after rounding the women who were treated like playthings by the Vietnamese soldiers, she distributed weapons to them. Although they were deemed as playthings by the enemy, they could at the very least eat decently, and while their bodies were weak, they had enough strength for combat.

With the 200+ female survivors wielding weapons and patrolling in town, the Vietnamese survivors were kept in check. Chen Yao had also imposed martial law, executing anyone who walked on the street, and all the Vietnamese survivors were forced to remain within their own homes, preventing them from engaging in any events.

After employing various measures, Chen Yao could then considered herself to have fully tightened the control over this small town. This was after all Northern Vietnam, where the Sino-Vietnam War had only occurred 30 years prior. Even still, many of the people here were still filled with hatred against the Chinese. In this area, being Chinese, the moment Chen Yao slipped up, she would face the wrath of these Vietnamese.

At the time when Vietnam had fought against France and America in the Vietnam War, China had tightened their belts and sent war aid of over 20 billion yuan worth of supplies, volunteers who had helped in combat, and improved the relationships between the officers and fighters. It was all forgotten.

Of course, the Southern part of Vietnam which was not as affected by the war had different sentiments. The Vietnamese there were still on fairly friendly terms with the Chinese.

After a day’s rest, those who consumed the Type 2 Meat had started to recover a huge part of their health, and could engage in low-intensity combat should the need arise. Of course, based on their current constitution, it was too much to hope for them to fight out a prolonged battle.

Chen Yao’s beautiful eyes flashed with anxiety, as she stared fixedly at Yue Zhong: “What do we do now, Yue Zhong?”

The situation did not bode well for them. Not only were they in unfamiliar territory, they were in the Northern Vietnam area, where people viewed the Chinese with enmity. This made it particularly difficult for them to rally troops that they could trust. On top of that, many of the survivors would not be able to accept Yue Zhong’s leadership as he was Chinese. Last but not.least, their current position was too close to Wuyan Hong’s Tooth County. The distance apart was not even 60km, as long as the opponent sent 3 battalions, they could easily wipe out Yue Zhong’s group.

Yue Zhong replied in a heavy voice: “Quickly organize everyone, we’re retreating towards Lang Son City!”

They could only take it step by step from here, after all, the direction to Lang Son was fraught with forests that were filled with ferocious Mutant Beasts, as well as various towns overrun by zombies. The remainder were all within Wuyan Hong’s control.

If Yue Zhong were to try challenge Wuyan Hong’s troops based on his current force, it was basically seeking death.

Chen Yao frowned and said: “Yue ZHong, there are over 2,000 Vietnamese here. If we just retreat like that to Lang Son, won’t there be a problem? The Mutant Beasts will be attracted to them on the way.”

The migration of 2,000+ people, would definitely be a source of attraction for the Mutant Beasts with acute sense of smell. At that time, when Yue Zhong had arranged for the hundred thousand survivors of SY County to move to Ning County, they could only follow the highway, as before the apocalypse, there weren’t any huge wild beasts in those areas. This way, there wouldn’t be any large Mutant Beasts there after the apocalypse. At the same time, they had the protection of the army, and even then, during the migration, there were still cases of waves of Mutant Beasts launching assaults on the migrating group.

Vietnam had so many forests, and the number of Mutant Beasts were shockingly high, if this group of 2,000 people were to migrate, the attacks of the Mutant Beasts were bound to happen.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange gaze, as he said without batting an eyelid: “No cause for concern! Let’s proceed!”

Chen Yao frowned, as she looked at Yue Zhong. In her mind, she knew him to be someone who did care for innocent survivors. However, she was intelligent enough to understand what Yue Zhong did not say. It was hard to tell if those Vietnamese survivors were friends or enemies, and may possibly be the ones to stab a knife in their back. Under those circumstances, even if they all died, Yue Zhong would not possibly be heartbroken. Yue Zhong would definitely not leave 2,000 survivors to Wuyan Hong, because they would become his workers and soldiers.

Chen Yao thought of those Chinese women who were treated like dogs by the Vietnamese, and she gritted her teeth: “Then I’ll go and organize the moving now!”

Right then, a scary explosion resounded from outside. At the same time, there were angry shouts, and gunfire broke out. “Quick follow me!!” Yue Zhong’s face changed, and he swiftly rushed out the door.

Chen Yao also followed tightly behind Yue Zhong and ran out from the building.

When Yue Zhong and Chen Yao had just exited the building, a few rockets landed on it, and following the terrifying explosion, the entire building was blasted apart.

Chen Yao turned her head to look at the wreckage, her face pale. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong, she might have perished within that rubble.

Yue Zhong lifted his head, only to see 2 assault helicopters in the air. The 2 assault helicopters were firing wildly, displaying their position as the tyrant of the skies, causing a huge number of buildings to be destroyed, burying the survivors within as well.

With the different types of inflammatory bullets that was fired, the entire town was soon engulfed in a sea of fire. A large number of Vietnamese survivors came running out of their houses, wailing loudly before being shredded by the hail of gunfire.

Those soldiers under Yue Zhong were firing their guns continuously. There were some who even tried to fire a rocket at the assault helicopters.

It was just that the assault helicopters weren’t staying stationary, or waiting for the rockets to hit them. Other than those with special abilities or Evolvers like Yue Zhong, or Agility-focused Enhancers, normal people would find it hard to shoot down those assault helicopters with the rocket launchers. As for the normal bullets, they just deflected off the thick armor of the assault helicopters.

The 2 assault helicopters only had to spray their line of fire towards those soldiers firing at them, and would be able to annihilate Yue Zhong’s troops entirely.

The 2 helicopters remained hovering in the air, exuding the aura of death and fear of an oppressive tyrant, as they looked and aimed at Yue Zhong’s troops.

“Damn it!!” Yue Zhong eyed the 2 assault helicopters and his eyes flashed with coldness, as he activated his Devil Flame. The Devil Flame appeared in his hands and was condensed into a Devil Flame Spear.

With all his strength, he threw the Devil Flame Spear under the guidance of his Spirit to penetrate one of the assault helicopters.

The Devil Flame instantly combusted! The terrifying flame roared within the body of the assault helicopter, causing it to burst into flames, turning it into a huge fireball, as it descended rapidly to the ground and crashed.

The other assault helicopter saw that its companion had fallen, and it swiftly rose up, flying towards higher ground. As long as they flew to the clouds, Yue Zhong would not be able to handle them without any flying machines or modern weaponry.

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