God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 325

Chapter 325 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South] Chapter 325: Gratitude!

“He will run a fever for a day! After that, he will possess a new power. During this period, you must take good care of him!” Yue Zhong just spoke this sentence, before beckoning to Pan Jinyong.

Yue Zhong directly gave the Level 3 Skill [Forest Ranger Transformation] to him and said: “I’m handing you this skill book! Make good use of it to kill the enemies.”

Pan Jinyong received the skill book, and replied excitedly: “Many thanks Boss Yue!! I will definitely kill the enemies! I won’t let you down!”

Level 3 skill books were extremely rare, and if Pan Jinyong could utilize this skill book properly, he could become a strong Enhancer.

Yue Zhong was currently in a foreign land, and the number of people he could make use of was really too small. Hence, he could only give away a precious Snake Birth Fruit as well as a Level 3 skill book to these soldiers whom he had yet to know well enough. At the very least, they could start to form the basis of his establishment here, and increasing his might here was also a good thing.

Yue Zhong patted Pan Jinyong’s shoulders, before taking huge strides with White Bones to the entrance of Nabu Town.

At this time, at the entrance of Nabu Town, Lightning had gathered with 100 of its companions.

As a Type 2, Lightning possessed the ability to lead the other members of the same species. These Mutant Leopard Cats were its subordinates.

Greenie and Turtle both have the same type of ability. Only Greenie was a lone warrior and did not like to gather with other of its kind, hence it was hard for to randomly summon a few fellows. As for Turtle, while there were no low level similar members of its species, it could subdue the other Type 2 Mutant types, and control their underlings through them.

Yue Zhong patted Lightning, and pointed to the small town: “We’ll have to trouble you Lightning, rid the town of all the zombies!”

Lightning nuzzled Yue Zhong for a moment, before letting out a low growl to the group of Leopard Cats.

With Lightning’s command, the 100 Mutant Leopard Cats shot towards the town like arrows. As they ran, they could be seen pouncing on any zombie they came across.

These Mutant Leopard Cats were the result of a lifeform that adapted to the onset of the Apocalypse virus. Therefore, the infection from the zombies was unable to hurt these Mutant Leopard Cats. It was also the strongest advantage they had against the zombies. Many Mutant Beasts preyed on the zombies, as long as there wasn’t a Z-Type controlling an entire horde, the normal zombies could only become the food for Mutant Beasts.

When the Mutant Leopard Cats charged into the town, they embarked on a slaughter. If it was in the past, after eating enough zombies, they would leave the town. However this time, under their boss Lightning’s orders, these Mutant Leopard Cats slashed about without stopping, decapitating countless zombies.

Lightning also charged into the town, casually slaughtering any zombies it came across. Be it an L2, or S2, there were no zombies that could escape from its claws. In just an entire morning, the 2,000 or more zombies in Nabu Town had been totally wiped out by Lightning and its little brothers.

Yue Zhong saw Lightning elegantly walking out of Nabu Town,and gave the order to the survivors: “Enter the town! Under Chen Yao’s organization, the 1,000+ survivors trickled slowly into the town.

Fan Tongxuan strolled about in Nabu Town, along the way, he saw the countless corpses of the zombies, and he felt his heart shook: “What a terrifying man! The zombies were just cleared so easily by him, he truly is amazing!”

Wuyan Tong had followed along the side of the soldiers and felt immense shock when he saw the situation of the town. At that time, when he was told to wait outside the small town, he did not escape. On one hand, as a traitor, he would not be let off by the cruel Wuyan Hong, and if he escaped to the forest, based on his abilities, he would most likely die. In fact, he harbored some hope with Yue Zhong.

What he didn’t expect was that not only did Yue Zhong single-handedly take down the entire vanguard town, he even brought over a thousand survivors out with him to enter Nabu Town, and even then he still ended up annihilating the zombie horde within Nabu Town with ease. He made the decision to follow Yue Zhong.

After entering Nabu Town, the corpses of the zombies were gathered and burnt.

The different storehouses within the town were opened and obtained when Chen Yao assigned some duties to different people.

The Vietnamese survivors were all given a bowl of thick gruel, before being herded into different bungalows and kept under watch.These Vietnamese survivors were not a dependable existence, as they could revolt at any time.

After settling the accommodation of the Vietnamese survivors, the soldiers comprising of the Chinese, Blacks and Caucasians finally got a chance to rest.

When the soldiers got into their assigned rooms, they laid on the bed and fell into deep sleep straight away like pigs. They were still weak, had undergone a rough night of operations, and almost could not handle it anymore. If an expert was to sneak into the camp now, just one person was enough to assassinate these soldiers in their sleep.

Yue Zhong had faced battle after battle as well, and was feeling exhausted. After ordering White Bones to guard the door, he laid on the bed and fell into deep slumber. He was after all not like the strange creatures from the God and Devil System, even though he possessed power now, he was still a mortal. After countless intense battles, he would feel tired all the same.

On the other side, Wuyan Hong’s response had been pretty quick as well. On the morning of the 2nd day, he had deployed 2 battalions of soldiers from Tooth County to set off for the vanguard camp.

Wuyan Hong had long since gotten information on Yue Zhong’s sneak attack on the vanguard team from those Vietnamese soldiers who ran. They were extremely clear that 2 battalions led by 20 members of the Wolf Fang Battalion would be more than enough to decimate Yue Zhong’s force.


Following a huge explosion, the 2 battalions that were marching lost 2 of their men, while another 3 sustained heavy injuries.

“There are landmines!! Everyone be careful!!”

After that shout, all the soldiers became cautious, and they stopped moving. Wuyan Hong had only set up this Army of the Great Empire of Vietnam recently, and amongst them, while there were actual Vietnamese soldiers, the majority of them were normal survivors who joined in. They did not have much experience dealing with other humans, especially the unforeseeable threats such as landmines.

The 3 soldiers that were blasted with heavy injuries moaned out in agony, severely undermining the morale of the troops. In this post-apocalyptic world, it wasn’t just China that lacked medical resources. Even Vietnam had its struggles as well. These casualties would only be put out of their misery, as Wuyan Hong would not waste precious rations to take care of those soldiers that had become handicapped.

“Engineers!! Go scout for the mines!! Engineers go scout for the mines!!” A Vietnamese commander ordered out loudly with a steely expression.

A staff officer replied meekly: “Commander!! We don’t have the necessary expertise and equipment!”

In fact, there were some experienced engineers and proper equipment within the Army of the Great Empire of Vietnam. However, they were all old soldiers, and were part of Wuyan Hong’s personal battalion. The rest of the battalions lacked the necessary expertise, furthermore, their aim was to battle against the Mutant Beasts of the forests and zombies in towns, not facing against other humans with modern warfare.

Furthermore, in their own homeground, they didn’t expect that there would be landmines at all. This was a point that they neglected.

“Damn it!! What do we do now?” The commander’s expression turned ugly as he lashed out. He had thought that this operation to attack Yue Zhong’s forces was going to be an easy one, and they could casually quell any resistance from them. After all, when Yue Zhong had fought his way in the vanguard town, there was no one here to protect it. Never did he imagine that they would be stopped by a single landmine.

The staff officer hesitated, as the safest method they could muster was to turn back and deploy some landmine engineers, as they help to clear the landmines, before the entire troop can proceed carefully. However, he was not sure if the suggestion would be acceptable to the commander who seemed ready to explode himself.

Another staff officer frowned and quipped in: “Why don’t we find some wild beasts to open the way for us?”

Making use of animals to set off landmines was also a common tactic. On top of that, there were other demolition methods, profession landmine-resistant vehicles, and engineers who could clear them.

The commander cursed out loud: “Fuck! Under these kind of conditions, where’re you going to find beasts?”

Using animals to clear the landmines was in fact a good idea, it was just that it was a post-apocalyptic time now. Wild beasts such as cows and horses were hard to find, even if they were found, they were rare and precious sources of meat, they could not be squandered on such a mission just to clear the way.

As each staff officer chipped in with their ideas, the commander turned them all down.

In the end, the 2 battalion commanders discussed, and decided to send someone back to request aid, asking for a team of engineers to come help clear the mines.

When the team of engineers came, they immediately began demining the place. What made the commander’s blood boil was that, Yue Zhong did not actually plant many land mines in a cluster, but at the same time, he had placed countless other booby traps, which severely impeded the advance of the troops.

By the time the 2 battalions arrived at the small town, night had fallen.

In the town, there were countless buildings and corpses that were blasted by rockets, before Yue Zhong left, he had even set the entire town ablaze, turning it into a ghost town. This made the 2 battalion commanders extremely furious.

As they did not know which direction Yue Zhong had led his people to, the 2 battalions could only spend the night within the town.

With the previous encounters serving as a lesson, the soldiers of the 2 battalions did not dare slack off in their duties, even at night, there were patrols to prevent the possibility of Yue Zhong launching a night raid.

As he had escaped in time, Yue Zhong could have been considered to buy precious time for his troops, and avoided being annihilated by the Army of the Great Empire of Vietnam.

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