God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 326

Chapter 326 – Evolver!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“This is what it’s like to be an Evolver!! I’ve become an Evolver?!” After one whole day, Gan Tao had regained consciousness, and the moment he awoke, he could feel the earth-shattering change that had happened to his body. He had directly become an Agility-based Evolver from a normal human in just one day, and at the same time, he gained comprehension in a Level 3 Agility skill: [Enhance Agility].

Under the various enhancements of agility, Gan Tao already had a 30 point bonus to his base Agility attribute, even though he was only at Level 1 Enhancement, it could be seen how huge the change was.

“Captain!! You’re awake!!”

“Captain, how are you? Boss Yue said you would become an Evolver. How is it, did you become one?”


Right now, in the room, it was filled with Gan Tao’s subordinates and a few other Chinese survivors. They all knew that Gan Tao could possibly become an Evolver under Yue Zhong’s help, and would gain a fearsome strength, therefore they had come to observe.

Gan Tao replied excitedly: “That’s right!! I’ve become an Evolver!!”

During the post-apocalypse, Enhancers and Evolvers all possessed miraculous abilities. Their strength that surpassed normal humans was not a secret, and everyone wished to become a powerful Enhancer or Evolver.

Amongst them, the natural talent and enhancements of an Evolver far surpassed that of an Enhancer. Upon hearing that Gan Tao had become an Evolver, many present were envious and jealous.

One of the soldiers called Xu Liangchen said: “Captain! Let’s have a spar!!”

Xu Liangchen was one of the best grapplers in their defence force. In the past, Gan Tao could not overcome Xu Liangchen at all. Gan Tao’s expression was full of eagerness and excitement as he replied: “Sure!!”

Under the encirclement of the audience, they quickly came to the open grounds. Many of the soldiers were attracted to this spar between Gan Tao and Xu Liangchen, and had gathered over.

“Here I come!!!” After the 2 of them had gotten in position, Xu Liangchen let out a grunt, and charged towards Gan Tao like a ferocious tiger.

“So slow!” Gan Tao looked at Xu Liangchen and a thought appeared in his mind, as he slightly manoeuvred his body and kicked out at the opponents calf. The attack caused Xu Liangchen to fall to the ground. He then casually applied his weight on Xu Liangchen’s back, and locked his right shoulder. As long as he applied a little pressure, he could easily dislocate his right shoulder.

Gan Tao’s actions were extremely swift, and surpassed what Xu Liangchen could follow. He had no way to react, and was easily overcome by Gan Tao. If it was in the battlefield, Xu Liangchen would have been killed just like that.

“So strong!!”

“This is an Evolver’s strength? It’s too powerful!!”


When the surrounding soldiers saw Gan Tao subduing Xu Liangchen with ease, their hearts were filled with excitement, adrenaline and a little envy. Since Yue Zhong possessed the means to change someone into an Evolver, they were filled with excitement and hope that they themselves could become an Evolver as well.

“Gan Tao! Boss Yue’s looking for you!!” Right at this time, the audience parted, as a soldier came running up to Gan Tao. Gan Tao forcefully kept his excitement in check as he left with the soldier.

Soon after, other than Gan Tao, Pan Jinyong and 25 other warriors who had recovered their strength quickly left Nabu Town with Yue Zhong. Led by the locals Fan Tongxuan, Wuyan Tong and 6 other Vietnamese warriors, they entered the Forest of Death.

In Nabu Town, those old soldiers were currently training up the 300 soldiers that Yue Zhong had gathered. Without strict military training and battle, the new soldiers would not amount to anything.

The rest of the Vietnamese survivors were organized by Chen Yao, and assigned to work on the hide of the Mutant Forest Venomous Snakes. After becoming workers, these Vietnamese survivors were allowed to eat their fill, and the decent treatment made them feel slightly more satisfied as they did their job diligently.

As Wuyan Hong did not have much rations, adding to the fact that most grain seeds were mutated, and the rest could not develop. Under those circumstances, the large majority of the Vietnamese survivors could only rely on gruel to survive. If they wanted to eat their fill, they had to rely on themselves.

After entering the Forest of Death, they soon encountered a rustling within the tall grasses, as a few Mutant Jungle Lizards jumped out and charged at Yue Zhong’s group.

The number wasn’t considered high, there were only 7 of them, but every single one of them was vicious, and their speed quite fast.

“Gan Tao! Pan Jinyong! Take care of them!” Yue Zhong looked at those 7 Mutant Jungle Lizards, and gave a command to Gan Tao and Pan Jinyong.

By this time, Gan Tao was decked out in a God and Devil System protective covering that Yue Zhong had retrieved from the corpse of Da Yang. With these clothes his speed reached 40 points, becoming faster than the average human by 3-4 times. He held the Black Tooth blade that Yue Zhong lent him, as he shot forward like an arrow, and swung the blade down on the body of one of the Mutant Jungle Lizards.

The sharp 2m-long blade easily dissected the Mutant Jungle Lizard in two, and with that one-hit kill, Gan Tao gained a huge orb of experience, instantly achieving Level 3.

Gan Tao excitedly swung the blade back and turned into a flash as he went for another Mutant Jungle Lizard, reaching Level 7.

On the other side, Pan Jinyong had transformed into a Forest Ranger. His hands wield a Dark Magic Blade as he engaged the Mutant Jungle Lizards in close combat. After transformation, his senses were enhanced and his stats increased, he swiftly took care of the 2 Mutant Jungle Lizards, also becoming Level 7 with only a moments work.

White Bones raised its hands, as 3 bone blades shot out from its arm, tearing into the limbs of the remaining 3 Mutant Jungle Lizards.

With Yue Zhong’s instructions, 3 of the normal soldiers wielding chopping wood knives stepped up and expended some energy to kill the 3 Mutant Jungle Lizards, and also gained some enhancements. However, as it wasn’t by their own singular efforts, the EXP was split and they only managed to gain 1 level each. They could not compare to Gan Tao and Pan Jinyong who had reached Level 7 in one shot.

Yue Zhong led this small platoon of soldiers as they patrolled about the edge of the Forest, hunting down all sorts of Mutant Beasts, pushing them to become stronger and raising their overall strength.

As the Forest of Death had too many huge Mutant Beasts within its depths, Yue Zhong did not dare venture in too far. Every single Type 2 Mutant Beast was a terrifying existence, and if he wasn’t careful, he could cause this small platoon to be wiped out.

Yue Zhong led this team of warriors and fought continuously within the Forest of Death for a grueling 7 days. After 7 days of constant battles, the 31-member team lost 2 of their members. As for the rest, they had risen to above Level 10, and gained some measure of strength.

The ones who experienced the most growth were the Evolver Gan Tao and Pan Jinyong who possessed the [Forest Ranger Transformation] skill. Gan Tao had risen to Level 26, while Pan Jinyong had become a Level 21 Enhancer.

After becoming an Agility-based Evolver, Gan Tao possessed more potential than the rest. Furthermore, with the equipment Yue Zhong prepared for him, slaughtering ordinary Mutant Beasts was easy for him. In addition, Gan Tao was from the military, and had received proper military training, and hence he wasn’t weak in the first place.

That was why he could grow so fast. Evolvers grew faster than ordinary Enhancers amidst battles. After raising this team of experts, Yue Zhong could be considered to have an additional trump card.

A force consisting of 29 warriors of above Level 10 was not to be underestimated. Of course, when compared to Yue Zhong’s own Special Combat Force or Wuyan Hong’s Wolf Fang Battalion, they were still far off.

Amongst the team, those who could contend with the Wolf Fang Battalion would at most be the Agility-based Evolver Gan Tao, the [Forest Ranger Transformation]-possessing Pan Jinyong, and Chen Yao with her [Plant Manipulation].

After 7 days, Yue Zhong led this small team out of the Forest of Death. In order to quickly raise the strength of all of them, they had to venture deeper into the Forest of Death, where the more ferocious beasts reside. In that place, even Yue Zhong had no confidence of protecting everyone. After all, a Type 2 Mutant Beast was no joke, and they didn’t possess enough heavy firepower.

The moment they exited the Forest and reenter Nabu Town, Gan Tao and the rest fell straight asleep when they reached their beds. While the 7 days of intensive training had strengthened them a lot, it was extremely exhausting for both body and mind.

“Was there any activity from Wuyan Hong’s side?” When Yue Zhong went back, the first thing he did was to find Chen Yao to clarify on matters.

Wuyan Hong and his troops were considered Yue Zhong’s primary concern right now, as the power they held was too strong. If they were not careful, Yue Zhong and his team might be wiped out easily.

Chen Yao’s brows lifted slightly, as she swiftly replied: “Wuyan Hong’s troops don’t seem to be making any moves towards us at this moment. The 2 battalions that he had stationed at the vanguard town have already retreated back towards Tooth County.”

Intel was perhaps the most important aspect for any power. When Yue Zhong had left to train the small team, Chen Yao had immediately selected 4 soldiers to survey at the frontlines. That was how she obtained this precious information.

Those soldiers were also fighters, and possessed a little skill, even if they met some low level Mutant Beasts, if they could not defeat them, they could at least escape. Those with a little bit of survival skills would be considered stronger than normal humans. With this in mind, Chen Yao had selected 4 such soldiers to conduct reconnaissance.

Yue Zhong pondered a while, as his brows furrowed: “Wuyan Hong must be up to something big!!”

After destroying an entire battalion, and having stolen a thousand plus people, as well as goods, if Wuyan Hong could even tolerate this, there must be something else that required his attention, that was why he had to recall his troops to protect Tooth County.

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