God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 327

Chapter 327 – Making Necessary Arrangements!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong conducted a series of arrangements after that. He deployed Gan Tao and Pan Jinyong to lead small teams of non-Vietnamese soldiers to sweep towards the direction of Guangxi, clearing the zombies that they came across. On one hand, they were to search for survivors and resources, on the other hand, they could train to become strong.

Currently, this small team under Yue Zhong could handle their own against any one battalion of Wuyan Hong’s. Although they wouldn’t be defeated, the gap between the prowess of the two sides was still large. Yue Zhong had to make use of killing zombies to strengthen this team, only through constant battle, would the team grow to become indispensable and independent.

What Yue Zhong lacked most was time. The immense pressure made it hard for him to focus on establishing his roots and training the troops properly. After all, this was Vietnam, he had little to lose here, and had not much capital. If he wasn’t careful, he could be easily annihilated by Wuyan Hong.

Under the combined efforts of the Vietnamese survivors, pieces of protective covering made from the hides of the Mutant Forest Venomous Snakes were produced, and worn by the soldiers. The aesthetics was not much, but to these soldiers, these hide coverings were essential to their survival, and no one gave a hoot about the look of the hides.

When the protective hides finished production, Chen Yao gathered the Vietnamese survivors and assigned work for defences and constructions to be carried out. Under the supervision of the soldiers, outposts and secret places of firepower started to take form.

Yue Zhong wasn’t too sure himself if these constructions were going to be handy, but what else could they do to keep from letting the Vietnamese survivors idle around and give birth to dangerous thoughts? He chose to play it safe, to prevent any chaos from happening. Therefore, he chose to make use of them to construct defences.

After he passed on some crucial objectives of development for Chen Yao to handle, Yue Zhong made White Bones stay on to protect Chen Yao, while he left towards Tooth County on his own. He had to create some hindrance to Wuyan Hong’s plans.

“The inspection is pretty strict, seems like it’s going to be hard to sneak in!!” Yue Zhong quickly came to a hilltop near Tooth County as he observed the ongoings of the town, his brows furrowing.

Currently, at the entrance of Tooth County, there were 16 soldiers stationed. They were checking every person and vehicle that was entering the town. Near the county itself, there were a few ponds, forests, marshes and areas where wild vegetables grew abundantly. As well, worms and aquatic life thrived there. As long as one wasn’t afraid of being eaten by a Mutant Beast, it was possible to obtain huge amounts of food in those places.

However, there were many smart people around. Some Enhancers who could directly make use of their strength would organize a party of normal survivors to go pick the wild vegetables and fish, while they were in charge of facing any arriving Mutant Beasts. This was how countless hunting groups were formed.

Just as Yue Zhong was pondering on how to enter Tooth County, he noticed a fleet of armored vehicles exiting from Tooth County, moving towards the direction of the main road into the distance.

“There’s some activity!” Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened, as he leapt onto Lightning’s back, pointing to the fleet of vehicles and spoke lightly: “Follow them!”

Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, Lightning swiftly made its way towards the forest, with Yue Zhong on its back. They were closely followed by a pack of over 100 Mutant Leopard Cat underlings.

The large fleet soon came to a camp.

In front of the camp, there was a small town, and at the moment, there were gunshots ringing from within the town. At the same time, there were various artillery pointed towards the small town, raining terror on the buildings, causing them to be blasted.

The entire town was engulfed in dancing flames, yet the residents of the town did not seem to be giving up, instead, they were retaliating with even more ferocity. The gunfire only ceased temporarily when the artillery was raining their rounds, the moment the artillery stopped, the gunfire resumed.

The battle within the town was obviously brutal, and the battalion that had just arrived as reinforcements were quickly caught up in the fight. The countless soldiers made their way towards the town in a disorganized fashion.

“Good chance! Do it! Lightning, go kill those artillery soldiers!” Yue Zhong saw the battalion of soldiers being deployed to enter the fray, and he quickly gave an order to lightning, before taking up his .05 submachine gun and charged towards the battalion of soldiers.

Lightning let out a low growl, and shot towards the artillery squad like a bolt from the heavens.

These artillery soldiers were the most wretched, because of them, the other party had to struggle very hard. Without the support of the artillery, then the Vietnamese soldiers in the town would have to pay a price 10 times their current losses to achieve the current state of battle.

Lightning’s speed was way above Yue Zhong even after he had activated his [Shadow Steps], to the point of unbelievable. The 500m distance was near instantly covered by its movements in a matter of 2-3 seconds.


Before the artillery squad even had the chance to react, Lightning had already leapt into their midst and lashed out every which way, knocking soldiers to the ground and biting the ones with now exposed throats.

Seeing that there was a Type 2 Mutant Beast amongst them, the Vietnamese soldiers promptly fell into chaos, as they struggled to take out their weapons and start firing.

Sadly for them, Lightning’s burst speed was absolutely too terrifying. It spared no effort as its claws swished left and right, easily slashing the throats of the closest soldiers. Many soldiers fell within these first few seconds.

The rest of the Mutant Leopard Cats had also now pounced forward, charging towards the camp in attack! While their speed could not compare with Lightning’s, it was more than enough to spell certain death for the normal soldiers.

Within the camp, other than the commanding officers, there were 2 platoons, a squadron and some soldiers in charge of the back-end support for the Vietnamese army.

When the Vietnamese camp came under attack, the 2 platoons of soldiers swiftly picked up their weapons. They charged into the fray while relying on cover. Every step of the way they were firing at Yue Zhong and the huge group of Mutant Leopard Cats.

Yue Zhong continuously dodged about and attacked as was his wont in battle. Each leap avoided incoming bullets, while he lobbed grenades into the midst of the soldier groups as he passed.

Hong! Hong! *3

The sounds of explosions rang out, as many soldiers were blasted and sent flying. With his countless battles, he had found plenty of use for the hand grenades.

Some of the Mutant Leopard Cats started suffering some wounds amidst the 2 attacking platoons of soldiers, and there were a few casualties already.

Near the command centre, there were 2 12.7mm heavy machine guns, firing rapidly and causing mass destruction. Under the heavy barrage of firepower, 6 Mutant Leopard Cats were quickly shredded, and 3 others suffered broken vertebrae and lost their combat ability.

Just as the 2 heavy machine guns had begun exhibiting their prowess, Yue Zhong appeared from the side! He quickly hoisted a rocket launcher and fired a missile at one of the machine guns.

With a flash, the Vietnamese soldier behind the heavy machine gun was blasted to death.

After destroying the heavy machine gun, Yue Zhong waved his hand, and a grenade flew over towards the other heavy machine gunner. causing him to face a similar fate, dying together with the exploding machine gun.

When the 2 machine guns were destroyed, and the pressure of the 2 heavy machine guns was gone, the Mutant Leopard Cats could once again unleash their fury! They suddenly frenzied and engaged in a mad slaughter amongst the soldiers.

Facing the ferocious attacks of the Mutant Leopard Cats, the Vietnamese soldiers finally lost their morale and started to abandon their posts, as they tried escaping in various directions. They were after all not troops that had gone through many battles, and many of them were still considered normal people. They had only received training for 2 months, and not being able to withstand the attacks of the Mutant Beasts was extremely normal.

Yue Zhong ignored the Mutant Leopard Cats slaughtering the Vietnamese soldiers, his own gaze a chilling cold, as he rushed towards the command centre.

30 Vietnamese soldiers quickly rushed out from the command centre, 9 of them decked in strange attire. They were either wielding longbows, or huge maces, some were even holding large steel shields, their aura very different from the normal soldiers.

The 9 of them were experts from the Wolf Fang Battalion, and were specially in charge of protecting the commanders from being killed in any attempts on their lives.

The moment the 9 experts appeared, Yue Zhong pulled out his strongest weapon, the PF98! Without hesitation he immediately aimed at one of the warriors holding a scepter and fired immediately.

With a flash, the rocket landed and exploded on the warriors from the Wolf Fang Battalion, bursting into raging flames! Before that poor guy even got to do anything, he was killed in one shot by Yue Zhong, the scepter in his hands also dropping to the ground.

“Shit!!!!!” A huge man bellowed out in rage. Towering at 2m, his hands carrying a huge steel shield that likely weighed a ton, he charged at Yue Zhong like a typical Tanker.

4 other Agility-based Enhancers also activated their various abilities while running to the sides. They intended to surround him as they started firing their weapons wildly.

One of the Enhancers activated his [Forest Ranger Transformation], retrieving the long bow on his back, before firing an arrow at Yue Zhong. Even though they weren’t in a forest right now, his power was still terrifying even though it wasn’t at the max potential.

A second Enhancer slapped his hands to the ground, activating his [Earth Manipulation] skill, as sharp spikes exploded out from the ground, aimed at Yue Zhong.

Another Enhancer had huge fireballs conjured in both his hands, as he combined them into one and condensed it into a spear. He threw out with his might, as the spear shot towards Yue Zhong swiftly. *1

Although Yue Zhong had killed one of their comrades, these 8 experts of above Level 30, were absolutely capable of killing a normal Level 50 Enhancer through their teamwork.

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