God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 328

Chapter 328 – Genuine Ability!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps], his body flashing out of sight. As he dodged the freshly incoming bullets, he zigzagged, evading the numerous Earth Spikes on the ground. Expertly multitasking, the blade in his hand danced simultaneously, and slashed at the oncoming Ranger arrow.


The destruction of the arrow caused a tremendous repulsive force to explode outwards, sending him 6 – 7 metres back from the point of impact. Thankfully at the same time, the huge bone arrow was also destroyed by him.

Since Yue Zhong was in the air when the flame spear had flown out in attack, it hit him just as he landed. The blazing spear keenly pierced Yue Zhong in the upper right part of his abdomen, before combusting, and engulfing Yue Zhong entirely in flames.

This explodable flame spear was the true killing move of this small Wolf Fang Battalion team. No one could withstand the flames that could burn everything.

“Is he dead?” The foremost Agility-based Enhancer threw his spent gun away, as he took out a dagger, looking at Yue Zhong consumed by flames and his heart relaxed a little.

The rest of the team also relaxed. Regardless of the expert, facing this team of 9 who worked extremely well together, they had that confidence that the enemy would fall.

With a peng, the front most Agility-based Enhancer had his brains shot out, as his headless corpse fell back onto the ground.

All their eyes turned to the ball of flame, only to see that within the flames, there was an even more fearsome red-hot fire consuming the flames conjured by that Enhancer.

The Enhancer with the [Fire Manipulation] ability saw his own fire being consumed, his eyes filled with shock: “How is that possible? My fire was actually consumed by him. Is he also a [Fire Manipulation] expert?”

Yue Zhong’s body was wrapped entirely in a thin sheet of the fearsome Devil Flame! He walked forward, his gaze cold, looking akin to the Devil himself.

He pointed towards the Enhancer with the [Forest Ranger Transformation] skill and the other Enhancer with the [Earth Manipulation] skill. 2 Devil Flame spears shot out explosively, penetrating their heads in an instant. After the impact, the combustion of the flames enveloped their brains and turned them into ash.

Seeing that Yue Zhong had killed 3 of their elites within a matter of seconds, the remaining 5 Wolf Fang Battalion warriors felt a shudder in their hearts, as their fear of Yue Zhong mounted.

The 2m-tall man, who was the leader, shouted out crazily: “Kill him!! If we don’t, we’ll die!!”

Before he even finished speaking, Lightning pounced noiselessly, landing on his back and bit off his head in one mouthful! The huge man fell lifelessly to the floor, his headless corpse leaking a fresh, brilliantly crimson puddle from the ragged stump.

When their leader died, the remaining 4 members all lost their will to fight, and they started escaping towards the other directions. As for the important commanders they were supposed to protect, they were left behind.

Yue Zhong looked at the Enhancer with the [Flame Manipulation] skill, as he raised his Stinger and aimed coldly at him.

“Don’t kill me!! I surrender!! I surrender!!” The Enhancer felt his heart turn cold, as he immediately knelt on the floor and pleaded profusely.

Yue Zhong shot 2 of the escaping Wolf Fang Battalion members, before coldly gazing at the Enhancer with the [Flame Manipulation] skill: “Can you speak Chinese? If not you can go and die!”

Although Yue Zhong did not understand Vietnamese, the physical act of kneeling and raising hands was universal for surrender. That was why he spared the Enhancer at first.

Wei Ningguo kneeled and spoke out in haste: “Yes!! Yes!! I can speak in Chinese!! My name is Wei Ningguo!! I am of Chinese-Vietnamese blood, ¾ Chinese infact. Please don’t kill me!!”

Wei Ningguo was truly a mixed blood of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. Prior to the apocalypse, he was a small time businessman working on the borders of China and Vietnam. He was extremely glib and well-versed with going with the flow in life. When he had to work for Wuyan Hong, he was a simple Vietnamese, now facing Yue Zhong, he was suddenly a mixed-blood with ¾ Chinese ancestry.

“Follow me!!” Yue Zhong gazed at him coldly, before taking out a .05 submachine gun, and charged towards the direction of the Vietnamese commanders.

Thoughts raced in Wei Ningguo’s mind, as he looked towards the corpse of the leader who had been beheaded by Lightning in one bite, and his heart trembled, before throwing out all the useless thoughts, and he followed Yue Zhong closely.

The commanders were mostly normal people, with a few being low-level Enhancers. Their escaping speed could not possibly match against Yue Zhong’s pursuit, and soon Yue Zhong caught up with them.

Yue Zhong did not waste time talking with the commanders, and directly used his .05 machine gun and sprayed wildly, killing them all as they fell into pools of their own blood.

Wei Ningguo saw how Yue Zhong killed those 20 commanders without batting an eyelid, and his heart turned cold.

After killing those 20 commanders, within the entire camp, there were only the Mutant Leopard Cats which were devouring the spoils of war.

Yue Zhong brought Wei Ningguo as they walked around the command centre, only to discover a small walkie-talkie crackling with an urgent voice.

Yue Zhong looked at the walkie-talkie and asked Wei Ningguo: “What are they saying?”

Wei Ningguo carefully reported: “Sir, they are from the 7th Battalion. They are currently asking if there’re any problems with headquarters.”

Yue Zhong coldly ordered: “Very good!! Tell them now. There are 3 battalions with unknown equipment currently attacking headquarters, let them all retreat and protect the command centre. Otherwise, their retreat will be cut off by these unknown forces!!”

Wei Ningguo’s heart trembled, without any hesitation, he replied: “Yes!”

After which, Wei Ningguo quickly proceeded to use Vietnamese and spoke frenzily into the walkie-talkie, ordering for the retreat of the 7th Battalion, which was currently attacking the small town.

The 7th Battalion had heard the sounds of gunfire and explosions from the command centre, now hearing Wei Ningguo’s explanation and order, they had no more doubts. They quickly pulled back from the small town, and retreated in a frenzy towards the camp, in order to protect their way back.

In this small town, Wuyan Hong had deployed a total of 3 battalions of power. The 7th Battalion was the aid sent as reinforcements, the moment they pulled back, the other 2 battalions were thrown into chaos, as they panicked and demanded the reason for withdrawal.

When they heard that their retreat might possibly be cut off, the remaining troops of the 2 battalions immediately abandoned their positions and started withdrawing. Enemy troops cutting off possible retreats was a nightmare for strategies, the moment they could not retreat, then the 3 unknown battalions could easily wipe out everyone here.

The 3 battalions that Wuyan Hong had deployed were the 7th Battalion, 9th Battalion and 5th Battalion. The 9th Battalion had the most number of new recruits. This time, the attack on the town was for the 5th Battalion to guide the 9th Battalion, raising their combat prowess.

This sudden retreat caused a multitude of problems. As the 9th battalion soldiers had only received training for a short while, fighting a winning battle was not a problem, but a sudden withdrawal was almost like a collapse of fighting will. A large number of them threw away their equipment and started making a run for the exit of the town.

When the Vietnamese soldiers were trying their best to escape, the leader in the small town saw his chance, and immediately organized 2 platoons of elite soldiers to start their counter attack on the Vietnamese soldiers.

As the main fighting force, the 5th Battalion was starting to become exhausted, and when they faced the rash actions of the 9th Battalion, they themselves could not tolerate it and started to run themselves. In the end, their retreat was chaotic and lacked all sense of order, as a number of soldiers were killed in their attempt to escape.

The remaining soldiers of the 7th Battalion, 9th battalion and 5th Battalion abandoned the armored vehicles and ran out of the small town.

Just as they had made their way out, Yue Zhong had already summoned White Bones from far away, as he himself activated [Shadow Steps], and brought Lightning and a 100+ Mutant Leopard Cats charging towards the 7th Battalion.

When Yue Zhong charged into the midst of the 7th Battalion with his hands wielding his .05 machine gun, he activated his [Art of Fear], casting it in a wide radius while firing wildly, and the huge Spirit attack blanketed the entire area without restraint.

If it was within an area of proper construction, the 3 battalions could easily defend against the attacks of over 100 Mutant Leopard Cats, but as they were currently in the midst of escaping, and were suddenly assaulted by these ferocious Mutant Beasts as well as Yue Zhong, they were soon overcome. Many of them suffered heavy injuries, and the entire 7th Battalion was turned into a blubbering mess, with their body count mounting. The remaining 9th and 5th Battalion also escaped in various directions.

The Mutant Leopard Cats possessed insane speed, and the retreat of the soldiers could not hope to compare with them, as every second there were soldiers with their throats ripped out by the Mutant Beasts.

Lightning exhibited even more of its unworldly speed, continuously flashing about, and soldiers would find their comrades being beheaded by a slash, after a mere 10 seconds, 15 soldiers had already lost their lives. Lightning’s slaughter of the soldiers was at a terrifying speed compared to Yue Zhong.

The moment the soldiers of the 7th Battalion collapsed, their remaining soldiers were slaughtered by the Mutant Beasts. After an intense battle of not even 2 hours, the 3 battalions were wiped out entirely by the one hundred+ Mutant Leopard Cats. A few fortunate survivors escaped to the forests, surviving the attacks of the Mutant Leopard Cats.

Wei Ningguo had been following by Yue Zhong’s side, and upon witnessing the utter annihilation of the 900-strong army at the hands of these 100 something Mutant Leopard Cats, he was filled with a renewed fear of Yue Zhong: “What is this man!! Too scary!! How can he command such terrifying Mutant Beasts?”


*1 – In my mind, the comedic scene of the person suddenly speaking in Russian would have been funny. It was something that Yue Zhong would have understood, but yea.

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