God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 329

Chapter 329 – Eliminate the Remaining Troops!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong led the group of Mutant Leopard Cats and engaged in a thorough slaughter of the 3 battalions, before he met with a representative from the town.

The middle-aged man walked out from the town, and eyed the more than 100 Mutant Leopard Cats behind Yue Zhong. His tone was extremely respectful as he said: “How do you do sir! I am Zhang Weiyang! Thank you for lending a hand! May I ask how should I address you?”

“Vietnamese?” Hearing Zhang Weiyang’s Vietnamese, Yue Zhong frowned, and his face turned cold. His felt a little disappointed as well. In this region, the Vietnamese didn’t look at the Chinese kindly just like their were similar Chinese provinces. Lastly, these Vietnamese that he saved might not be anybody good as well. He felt a little upset, and was starting to consider if he should kill all the survivors within the town cleanly to prevent a pointless hate war in advance.

In these antagonistic parts, it was hard to convince the Vietnamese to accept Yue Zhong as a leader. He didn’t dare to trust them too much as well. Since this was the case, he would consider killing them, rather than allowing them to be absorbed as part of Wuyan Hong’s forces. After all, with every increase in strength of Wuyan Hong, it would spell additional trouble for Yue Zhong.

Zhang Weiyang heard Yue Zhong’s Chinese and immediately replied in fluent Chinese: “No!! No!! We’re Chinese!! We’re from the Chinese Association!!”

Yue Zhong then relaxed before replying: “I’m Yue Zhong! Is Zheng Qiang present? If he is, let him speak to me!”

“Yes!! Yes!! He’s here!! I’ll bring him here now!” Zhang Weiyang then heaved a sigh of relief, as long as there was someone familiar to handle things, it would become easier. He was after all an astute person, and he could detect the rising killing intent from Yue Zhong when he had spoke in Vietnamese.

Zheng Qiang walked out of the town quickly soon after, his entire body covered in ash, his eyes bloodshot, and his expression one of exhaustion. The moment he saw Yue Zhong, he became excited: “Yue Zhong!! It really is you!! Much thanks for your help!! If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid the Chinese Association would have been wiped out this time!”

Zheng Qiang then caught sight of the 100 something Mutant Leopard Cats and Lightning behind Yue Zhong. His eyes flashed with passion: “Are you controlling these Mutant Beasts? Holy shit, you’re amazing! How did you do it? Can you teach me?”

In this part of Vietnam, there were forests, swamps, marshes, and the number of Mutant Beasts running around rampant was truly terrifying. If one could learn how to tame and control Mutant Beasts, although it would be hard to claim to that they could subdue the world, one could still have some capital and trump cards.

Yue Zhong chuckled, before gesturing to Lightning.

Lightning let out a snarl, before it quickly disappeared into the forest. Its little brothers also followed suit.

“That I can’t do!” Yue Zhong directly rejected, and as he looked at the equipment left behind by the 3 Vietnamese battalions, said to Zheng Qiang: “These equipment are mine!! Can you get someone to collect them for me? Wei Ningguo, stay here and look after this!”

Wei Ningguo replied with utmost reverence: “Yes Sir!!”

Zheng Qiang blinked as his gaze turned different before speaking softly: “Yue Zhong!! This isn’t too good right? We had fought quite hard within the town, and a number of our brothers have died. This equipment, we do deserve to share some don’t you think? What’s more, what are you going to do with all this equipment on your own? You can’t take them away anyway!”

There were after all armaments and more left behind by 3 entire battalions! There were even a few heavy artillery. These equipment and weapons were enough to make anybody’s eyes go red in these post-apocalyptic times. Yue Zhong just opened his mouth to lay claim on these items, and it didn’t sit too well with Zheng Qiang.

Yue Zhong’s expression immediately frosted over and his tone became overbearingly cold: “Zheng Qiang! Your words are wrong! If it wasn’t for my efforts to save you guys, your Chinese Association may only have had a few experts left this time. In fact, you might not even be alive to try and negotiate with me. Don’t tell me that the price for saving all your lives is worth less than these 3 battalions’ worth of equipment?”

If he had saved a white wolf, Yue Zhong wouldn’t mind using his own knife to kill it if it had no conscience. These 3 battalions’ worth of equipment could not be given away freely. With this equipment, as long as Yue Zhong found enough survivors, he could start equipping them to enlist into his force. Without equipment, even if he did find people, he could only treat them as cannon fodder.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s stern lecture, Zheng Qiang’s face turned ugly, he was not someone who forgot the gratitude of being saved. However, the importance of the equipment was too huge, if the Chinese Association could get their hands on these equipments, it would greatly bolster their fighting strength.

In the end, he managed to suppress his greed as he replied in a heavy voice: “Yue Zhong, the Chinese Association people are not ungrateful. This equipment belongs to you, I will get someone to help you gather them!!”

Although they could not get the equipment, if they could receive the support of Yue Zhong who could control Mutant Beasts, it wasn’t too bad of a deal to the Chinese Association.

Yue Zhong then revealed a smile: “Good! You’re a friend worth having! I won’t let you guys get the short end of the stick though. I can give you guys a platoon’s worth of equipment. Out of the artillery platforms, I can gift you 2 of them, with 20 shells. If you guys can offer me reasonable prices, I don’t mind selling more to you guys, but the maximum is a battalion’s worth!”

Zheng Qiang’s eyes lit up in excitement: “Like this?! Thanks!! Yue Zhong, really, thank you so much! Come with me and have a sit in the town! Our president and the committee would like to meet you.”

The Chinese Association was really lacking in weapons and equipment. Many of the warriors were still using primitive weapons like knives, watermelon knives, butcher knives, long spears, etc. If it wasn’t for the fact that they lacked weapons, they wouldn’t have been forced to a corner by Wuyan Hong’s forces, almost to the point of collapse. The single platoon worth of equipment was really precious to them.

Yue Zhong smiled and said: “I too, would like to meet the heroes of the Chinese Association!”

A few Chinese survivors walked out from the town, and they started to gather the equipment of the Vietnamese soldiers, before packing them together under orders.

Wei Ningguo became Yue Zhong’s representative to oversee these Chinese survivors.

In that small town, within an office, a middle-aged man with a refined temperament, his looks imposing and dashing, bowed towards Yue Zhong, and he spoke with sincerity: “How do you do! Yue Zhong, I am Shu Wenyan, the president of the Chinese Association! I’ll take it upon my humble self to thank you on behalf of the 1,300 Chinese people within our Association.

Thank you for lending us a hand in our dire times of need! If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid every single one of our Chinese people here would end up under the whip of Wuyan Hong, that beast!”

The Chinese Association had no shortage of experts, there were even 2 Evolvers amongst them, but they lacked heavy weaponry. They had limited ammunition as well, and many soldiers could only rely on handguns or melee weapons to fend off the enemy attacks. This caused them to suffer greatly.

When the 3 battalions of soldiers under Wuyan Hong had pressed in, although the Chinese Association managed to kill a large number of their enemies, they themselves were facing a mounting number of casualties. If Yue Zhong had not provided aid at that time, the Chinese Association would have likely fallen. Even though they had 2 Evolvers above Level 40, it wouldn’t change a thing.

If Yue Zhong had not enlisted the help of Lightning and its little brothers, it wouldn’t have been so easy to decimate 3 entire battalions.

Yue Zhong looked at Shu Wenyan and smiled: “No problem!! If we Chinese want to live on here, we need to stay united. It was something I should have done anyway!”

The fact that Shu Wenyan could pull together a small faction like this in Vietnam, it could be seen that he was capable as well. Regardless of his motive, at least he had ensured the dignity and lives of 1,300-over people. With regards to him, Yue Zhong had a favourable impression.

Shu Wenyan looked at Yue Zhong, before his eyes flashed and he laid out an attractive proposal: “Yue Zhong, are you willing to join our Chinese Association? As long as you join, I’m willing to let you be the vice-president!”

“President!! No!! How can we let him be the vice-president?!”

“No way!! President! That’s too important a position! Let him be an elder!!”


With a single sentence from Shu Wenyan, the entire office went into an uproar, and resisted loudly. The Chinese Association only had 2 vice-presidents, both of them having contributed a lot to the cause, and their strength earning them respect. At the same time, the vice-president possess quite the amount of authority, even elders would have to obey. It could be said that their position was under one, but above many. Seeing that this position was to be given to someone they barely knew, it was unacceptable to them.

“Quiet!” Shu Wenyan frowned as he called out in a deep voice, he truly had the prestige, with just a single word, all the upper echelons quietened down, although dissatisfaction could still be seen in their eyes.

Shu Wenyan looked to the 2 vice-presidents beside him: “Xingchun, Tiger, what are your thoughts?”

The Chinese Association had a president and 2 vice-presidents. The president was Shu Wenyan and the 2 vice-presidents Wang Xingchun and Tiger Chu! Amongst them, Shu Wenyan and Wang Xingchun were Evolvers, and possess great might. Tiger Chu was also an Evolver of above Level 40, with countless battles and experience under his belt. He had helped the Chinese Association on many occasions, thus earning merit and rising through the ranks. Shu Wenyan could not ignore their views and just offer the position to Yue Zhong straight away.

Wang Xingchun was a skinny, tanned-looking middle-aged man, his appearance a little wretched. He pondered a while, before softly speaking: “I’m for Yue Zhong becoming a vice-president!!”

Shu Wenyan’s gaze then turned to Tiger Chu, a stout and muscular man, with a face full of scars.

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