God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 330

Chapter 330 – The Chinese Association

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Tiger Chu lifted his head and looked at Yue Zhong, as he nodded and said: “I also approve of Yue Zhong to be a vice-president!”

When the president and even the vice-presidents have agreed for Yue Zhong to be a vice-president, the elders could only shut up and look at Yue Zhong with envy.

“I’m sorry! I don’t wish to join the Chinese Association. Let’s just remain as allies!” Right at this moment, Yue Zhong smiled and declined.

If Yue Zhong was to join the Chinese Association, then the 3 battalions of equipment would be handed over to the Chinese Association without any conditions. Furthermore, he did not have enough prestige within the Chinese Association, and no subordinates. If he wanted to gain some actual power and authority, it would be an uphill task.

If Yue Zhong wanted to control the Chinese Association, he needed to ensure that he first captured the hearts of Shu Wenyan, Tiger Chu, and Wang Xingchun. To him, this was too troublesome. He would rather remain an ally, that way his position was more carefree, and he could do as he pleased.

Zheng Qiang had a look of shock, as he spoke hastily: “Yue Zhong, aren’t you going to consider? It is the position of vice-president after all!!”

Zheng Qiang and Yue Zhong’s relationship wasn’t too bad, and he wished for Yue Zhong to join the Chinese Association very much. With his strength, joining the Chinese Association would help to bring up the strength of the Chinese Association.

In this parts of Vietnam, the Chinese Association was considered the biggest faction of Chinese.
By joining them, there was a stronger chance of resistance against Wuyan Hong.

Shu Wenyan’s sharp eyebrows raised, as he spoke directly: “Yue Zhong, do you have any burden? We are after all good brothers here! As long as you join us, I believe we will be able to get along well.”

Yue Zhong shook his head and insisted: “I’m sorry. I’m really not interested in joining. Let’s just discuss on the issue with the equipment. I’m willing to sell 3 platoons’ worth of equipment. President Shu, what will you guys be willing to offer for it?”

Shu Wenyan broke out into a warm grin and said: “Yue Zhong, just call me Wenyan. You’re someone worth befriending, even if you don’t want to join us, you’re still a good friend of ours! We will never forget the kindness that you’ve shown by saving our lives today.”

Shu Wenyan’s words made Yue Zhong extremely comfortable, and instantly caused the friendship to be closer. He could naturally be such an outstanding leader not just because of his strength but also with his eloquence.

Shu Wenyan thought for a while, before lifting his head and asked Yue Zhong softly: “Our Chinese Association does in fact need the batch of equipment, dare I ask your conditions to sell those items to us?”

“First, I would like the intel that the Chinese Association has. Including those of Wuyan Hong and the other Chinese factions, their leaders as well as locations.”

“Second, I would need to borrow 100 soldiers for a battle, I will require them for a month. Zheng Qiang is extremely familiar with the areas around here, I hope to borrow him for a month as well.

“Third, prepare 200 tonnes of rations for me to use anytime.”

“Fourth, allow my subordinates to borrow the territory of the Chinese Association to rest.”

Shu Wenyan thought for a while, before he nodded and agreed: “Fine! I’ll promise you”

The full battalion’s worth of equipment was too important to the Chinese Association compared to a single platoon, that was why Shu Wenyan agreed to the terms.

Yue Zhong grinned at Shu Wenyan: “Much thanks President Shu!!”

Shu Wenyan wore an amiable smile as he replied: “It isn’t safe here anymore! Let’s move! After a night’s rest, I’ll hand those soldiers over to you.”


Yue Zhong wasn’t worried that Shu Wenyan was going to go back on his word, after all Shu Wenyan possessed more power than Yue Zhong now, if he really wanted to swallow the equipment, Yue Zhong wouldn’t have a choice. However, if things really got to that state, Yue Zhong wouldn’t mind giving them something harsh to remember.

Shu Wenyan then started introducing the rest of the upper brass of the Chinese Association: “Yue Zhong! Let me introduce this bunch of good brothers. This is vice-president Wang Xingchun brother Wang and this is vice-president Tiger Chu, brother Chu…..”

The Chinese Association had a strong sense of brotherhood and valued loyalty. The top brass was made up of a president, 2 vice-presidents and 14 elders. They made up the majority of the authority, and were the top figures amongst the Chinese Association. Under the elders, the rest were members, and they formed the rest of the Chinese Association.

Amongst the 14 elders, there were 2 female elders, 12 male elders. Of the 2 female elders, 1 was called Zhang Yu, her looks ordinary, with some 6 or 7 knife scars, her eyes radiating a ruthless gleam. The other was Shu Tianya, with a full head of thick black hair, her features defined and her demeanor uncommon. She was strikingly beautiful and had a good figure. This beauty was also precisely Shu Wenyan’s sister.

The other 12 male elders were Zheng Qiang, Feng Qingtian, Zhang Mu, Hu Yan, Liu Ming, Niu Wei, Zhang Shuwen, Sun Tie, Luo Ming, Luo Tu, Chen San, Liu Niujin.

Every single elder was an Enhancer above level 30. They possessed extraordinary combat abilities, and it was precisely because of them that the Chinese Association could withstand the assault of Wuyan Hong’s forces.

Other than these Enhancers, the normal soldiers of the Chinese Association were mostly new recruits. The training period could not even compare with Wuyan Hong’s training. They had fought bravely because they knew how Wuyan Hong treated the Chinese. They would rather die than end up in the Vietnamese’s hands, and hence had gave it their all when retaliating.

If it was a comparison of fighting force, without the help of these high-level Enhancers, the Chinese Association’s 1,000+ fighting members would not be able to contend against a single battalion of Wuyan Hong.

However, these Enhancers were not invincible existences. Initially, there were 22 elders. The attack this time had caused the deaths of 8 elders. Now there were only 14 elders remaining. Without Yue Zhong’s interference, the remaining 14 elders would not have been able to withstand the onslaught either.

After a round of introductions, the Chinese Association started to evacuate. Survivors carried all sorts of resources and followed vehicles as they went away into the distance.

The Chinese Association had no way of standing up to the entire army of Wuyan Hong, and since their town had been discovered, they could only hastily change locations.

In this post-apocalyptic world, investigations weren’t as easy and convenient, as long as the Chinese Association relocated, they could buy some time to rest and recuperate.

The Chinese Association did not just have this one location as their base. Other than this town, they had 6 or 7 other secret locations. However, this town was the most important location of theirs. This time, Wuyan Hong had really struck at a good time, and almost wiped out the entire top brass of the Chinese Association.

If Wuyan Hong was successful in decimating the upper echelons of the Chinese Association, then the entire Chinese Association would have suffered a great loss, and would not be able to put up any resistance against Wuyan Hong for a long time.

The relocation was done quickly, and not long after, Yue Zhong followed the group to a forest, within a secluded hillside, there were a few holes dug up, that was covered entirely by grass. Normal people would be unable to discover this place.

It was so secretive that even if Wuyan Hong had plenty of local Vietnamese, they would be unable to find it. However, it wasn’t all that convenient living here, the biggest danger they faced were Mutant Beasts, and in this forest, if there were too many people gathered together, attracting the attention of huge Mutant Beasts was a disaster. Other than those that travel in packs or groups, there were a few monstrous lonesome Mutant Beasts that posed even more danger to these survivors.

The survivors started moving into the various holes and furnishing their new homes. Losing the town, they could only stay here for a long period of time, and await the next chance.

Yue Zhong walked quietly amongst them, behind him was Wei Ningguo who followed obediently.

After witnessing Yue Zhong’s methods, Wei Ningguo had killed all thoughts of betraying him, his own hands stained with the blood of Wuyan Hong’s soldiers. Even if he went back, he would only face death.

When it came to meal time, within the forest, the survivors all grabbed their bowls and drank some gruel with wild vegetables.

In this post-apocalyptic world, any faction faced the same issue: rations. Unless they had opened the national strategic grain reserve near Nanjing, which would provide a temporary reprieve from the problem. Both the experts of the Chinese Association and Wuyan Hong forces had fought hard, killed many zombies and Mutant Beasts, yet their total reserves were not more than 2,000 tonnes. They could only eat sparingly, with the warriors enjoying a full meal, and the normal survivors eating half that amount.

However, these survivors were contented with that. Under Shu Wenyan’s leadership, the people had their basic needs met, if they were to fall under Wuyan Hong’s hands, then the males would definitely be tortured and tormented as slaves till death, while the women would be treated like playthings, after being raped and tormented, they would be turned to meat and eaten.

When Yue Zhong and Wei Ningguo walked by, those survivors would look at them with a face of envy and respect, not because Yue Zhong was the one who saved them – no one knew who it was other than the top brass. Instead, it was that both Yue Zhong and Wei Ningguo were carrying AKs on their back, loaded with bullets.

In this post-apocalyptic world, it was many survivors’ dream to become a soldier. However, not everyone got to be one.

A short figure looked at Yue Zhong and Wei Ningguo, as she crept behind stealthily, and nimbly stretched out her right hand, towards Yue Zhong’s pocket.*1 *2

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