God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 332

Chapter 332 – Ready For War!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

The arena was simply too small. Exchanging moves in such a location was extremely advantageous for close combat specialists. As for those summoners, magic and abilities-based Enhancers, they would be at a disadvantage.

An Enhancer with the [Sniper Specialization] would be able to take down a close combat specialist from a distance of 2km, however in this arena, it would take only a second for the reverse to happen.

Shu Wenyan and Wang Xingchun acknowledged Yue Zhong’s abilities, but they didn’t think that Yue Zhong would stand a chance against Hu Yan.

Shu Wenyan then asked Tiger Chu: “Tiger, what do you think?”

Tiger Chu was also after all one of the mainstays of the Chinese Association, and he had the experience and eyesight to discern potential.

Tiger Chu thought for awhile, and a strange gleam appeared in his eyes as he said: “I feel that Yue Zhong would most likely win.”

Shu Wenyan frowned slightly, and kept his thoughts to himself.

Around the arena, people had gathered and everyone’s eyes were on them.

“Watch out Yue Zhong!” Hu Yan roared out, as a strange glint appeared in his eyes, and he started executing a strange set of footwork towards Yue Zhong. Originally, Hu Yan possessed an impressive speed of 70 points but through his footwork, he suddenly appeared right in front of Yue Zhong like a lightning bolt out of a blue sky, as his hands reached viciously towards Yue Zhong’s arms.

Hu Yan’s speed was swift and decisive, to the point of abnormal. The moment one was caught by him, he could dislocate the joints of the person just by exerting extra strength. Even the president Shu Wenyan had to admit defeat when facing this move.

Just as Hu Yan appeared in front of Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and he activated the [Art of Fear] skill, and an intense Spirit attack assaulted Hu Yan.

At that instant, Hu Yan felt himself entering hell, as countless heat waves rose from the ground and his body was splattered by boiling oil, causing his skin to suffer numerous burns.

“This is an illusion!!!” Hu Yan was also a warrior with a stout heart and countless experience and he maintained his calm during his pain. He bit down on his tongue, and with the help of the pain, he managed to extract himself from the illusion.

“You’ve lost!” Hu Yan had just opened his eyes, and heard Yue Zhong’s cold voice, whose hands were placed on his neck. As long as Yue Zhong decided to squeeze, Hu Yan would find his windpipe choked.

“I admit defeat!!” Hu Yan had a look of disbelief as he said. If it were a life-and-death battle, he would have been killed on the spot. Although he loved to battle, he wasn’t a hot-head who didn’t know when to retreat. If he insisted on continuing, things would just get ugly.

All the experts present saw Hu Yan pouncing towards Yue Zhong, and just as he had almost grabbed his hands, he suddenly stopped moving, and his throat was easily grabbed by Yue Zhong!

With Hu Yan’s skills, it should have been easy for him to dodge Yue Zhong’s move, and still engage in a counter-attack, but no one expected for him to stand there without resisting, causing everyone to be shocked.

“What power!!”

“Truly fearsome!! Who knows how many other trump cards he’s hiding!!”


When all the experts of Chinese Association saw that Hu Yan was so readily subdued by Yue Zhong, their hearts were all filled with shock. Hu Yan’s close quarter combat skills were renowned amongst them, having been enhanced thrice. Now that he actually lost to Yue Zhong, their fear and admiration for Yue Zhong’s strength grew.

It appeared Yue Zhong could command Mutant Beasts AND his own fighting capabilities were terrifying as well. He was simply an untoppable existence.

Shu Wenyan took a long look at Yue Zhong and his eyes contracted as his expression was one of regret. If this expert could be used by him, the Chinese Association would grow 3 times in power.

Hu Yan called out with a little dejection: “I’m willing to admit my loss! From now, Zhang Shuwen and I will listen to your commands for a month.”

“Good!” Yue Zhong nodded lightly, in this month, he will have 4 Enhancers (including Pan Jingyong and Wei Ningguo) above level 30 as well as a 100 warriors of the Chinese Association. It was a decent-sized power, and with it, Yue Zhong could utilize them to cause problems for Wuyan Hong.

After an entire month, Gan Tao should have trained up a batch of soldiers after gruelling combat against the zombies. By then, Yue Zhong wouldn’t be fighting a battle against Wuyan Hong alone anymore.

After defeating Hu Yan, Yue Zhong brought the little kid and Wei Ningguo back to where they were staying.

In this forest, even though Yue Zhong was a distinguished guest of the Chinese Association, he could only bring them into a hole that was made in the mountain.

There was a stone bed and some simple essential life tools within the cave. On the stone bed, there was a layer of straw, to act as a mattress. It was considered an extremely decent treatment as compared to the rest. The other normal survivors could only curl up in a patch of grass, not many could get to use a stone bed.

The moment they left the town and went into the forest, there would be many inconveniences. Of course, the forest was a lot safer as compared to the town now, and if there were any more conditions, then the survivors would rather go back to the town and sleep.

“Go take a bath first, clean yourself up before seeing me again!” Yue Zhong frowned as he looked at the little beggar-like child.

“Yes!! Yes sir!!” The child looked at Yue Zhong a little timidly, before going over to where a few buckets of water was prepared for bathing purposes and started to wash herself.

Yue Zhong then stared at Wei Ningguo and asked directly: “Wei Ningguo. Tell me all you know about Wuyan Hong and his troops.”

Wei Ningguo replied respectfully: “Yes sir! I will tell you everything I know.”

Wei Ningguo was after all an elite of the Wolf Fang Battalion, and knew much more than most common people. Yue Zhong also had Li Bingyan back at the base with him, just that he didn’t know if he could trust her intelligence. As for the things that Wutan Tong knew, it could not compare to someone who was in the know like Wei Ningguo.

“Sir! I’m done!!” Right as Wei Ningguo was explaining about the the situation vividly, a bright sound came from the side.

Yue Zhong turned around, only to see a small petite little girl, with a lush head of hair, exquisite features, and slightly yellow skin standing in front of him.

Yue Zhong was a little taken aback, as he asked: “What’s your name? And how old are you?”

Yue Zhong never imagined that this little dirty thief with such guts to steal from him was actually just a cute little girl.

“I’m called Ming Jiajia! I am 12 this year, after December, I’ll be 13. My parents are Chinese. I know how to speak Vietnamese, and I know how to read as well. I can wash clothes, cook, and help to massage. From today, I’m your slave. I will listen to you well. Whatever you require of me, I’ll do to the best of my abilities.” Ming Jiajia spoke out docilely, as she presented her worth.

In this post-apocalypse world, those with no value would be eliminated quickly. Ming Jiajia was clear on the rules of the current world now. Even if it was under the leadership of Shu Wenyan, the harsh realities of the world still existed. Only when a new prim and proper order was established, and new systems and laws were in place, could the law of the jungle be replaced.

Yue Zhong hesitated, before asking warmly: “Ming Jiajia! I will rescind your status as a slave, and allow you to go back. How about that?”

Ming Jiajia was just a little girl with no combat power. She could not be put to use, and without a stable place, bringing her along would create problems. Yue Zhong had taken her in because he did not want to kill her for no reason.

Yue Zhong was after all molded into a decisive and ruthless leader. He was not someone who spared his enemies, regardless of who they were. Yet he was not an animal that killed without reason, and he could not bear to allow a young life to be wiped away in front of his eyes.

Ming Jiajia immediately quivered and kneeled in front of Yue Zhong, her eyes filled with tears as she begged: “Sir!! What did Jiajia do wrong? Please don’t chase Jiajia away!! If Jiajia leaves master, Jiajia will die! Please, please master, keep Jiajia!! Jiajia will give her all to serve you!!”

Yue Zhong had just given her cake and milk, and she did not want to leave such a generous master. Almost anyone would fight over just a piece of cake within the Chinese Association,*1 to the point where there were people being beaten to death before.

Yue Zhong looked at the pitiful Ming Jiajia and his gaze softened: “Alright alright, from now on, you’re my maid and secretary. Come over here!”

“Thank you master!!” Ming Jiajia sobbed as she thanked him, before jumping onto the stone bed and started massaging his legs.

Wei Ningguo looked at Yue Zhong and Ming Jiajia as he respectfully dismissed himself: “Sir!! I’ll take my leave!”

In this post-apocalyptic times, where order had collapsed, there were many types of people present. Wei Ningguo did not want to intrude on Yue Zhong’s matters and intentions.

Yue Zhong was speechless when he saw what Wei Ningguo thought of him. He wasn’t at liberty to explain himself as well, and he just waved his hands to dismiss him.

The Freemasons, were very different from the Freemasons in history. This was just one of the small Chinese factions within Vietnam, and the current leader was called Peng Lingbo, and he was an expert at Level 25. He controlled a small village between Lang Son City and Gaoping City, and had over a hundred Chinese survivors dependent on him, with 300 other Vietnamese survivors. He alone ruled, and enjoyed his current lifestyle.

*1 Ulamog: Yes indeedy, I too would kill someone for a Twinkie and milk during the apocalypse, to say nothing of Woody Harrelson and HIS shotgun…

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