God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 334

Chapter 334 – Countdown!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]


Zheng Minghe quickly made up his mind: “I surrender!! I’m willing to eradicate Wuyan Hong alongside you!”

Zheng Minghe had a bone-deep hatred for the Great Empire of Vietnam. Every single member of his family had been tormented and tortured by them. He had joined the Freemasons only because he couldn’t join the Chinese Association due to his obsession with revenge. Now under Yue Zhong’s ultimatum, he chose to surrender, purely to help take Wuyan Hong down.

Yue Zhong looked at Zheng Minghe surrendering, and he turned his head to glance at the other 4 elders. “What about the 4 of you?”

At this time, the various soldiers of the Freemasons had gathered, and charged towards the meeting hall. Zhang Shuwen pulled out his handgun and fired a few shots at the oncoming Freemason members. He was after all experienced with guns, every single shot of his found its mark, and suppressed them. This kept the soldiers from wantonly charging in.

“Order them to surrender!” Yue Zhong pointed his Stinger at one of the elders and coldly commanded.

That elder stubbornly retorted: “Yue Zhong! I’m advising YOU to surrender! We have over a 100 good brothers here, none of them will yield to you!! You only have 5 men here, even if you kill us, the rest will not bow to you! In the end, both sides will suffer losses.”

“What a valiant hero! Just die!” Yue Zhong coldly pulled the trigger.

With a peng! The elder’s brains joined the final collage of Peng Lingbo and Chen Libang. *1

The Stinger was exceptionally powerful, and its power output could contend with the ZPT90s, the moment it hit the head, the head would explode like a watermelon.

Yue Zhong then aimed at another elder and coldly continued: “The 100 men of the Freemasons are nothing to me. Just yesterday, I wiped out 2 battalions of Wuyan Hong, totalling over 800 soldiers. Killing another 100 today would just be a side dish. Even if you are Chinese, as long as you’re my enemy, I will not be merciful. Will you surrender or not?”

Hearing his words, the eyes of the Chinese Association members widened in shock. They could not believe that Yue Zhong had single-handedly destroyed 2 battalions under Wuyan Hong.

Hu Yan spoke deeply: “It’s true!! Yue Zhong has the ability to command Mutant Beasts. You guys had best surrender!”

Hu Yan did not think that Yue Zhong would be so ruthless, just killing when he thought of it, and actually eliminating the leader of the Freemasons. He even wanted to forcefully conquer the entire Freemasons. However, since the arrow had left its bow, he had to follow Yue Zhong’s cue. Otherwise, if the rest of the Freemasons really fought, they would definitely face some loss.

The elder had a look of shock as he exclaimed: “I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!!”

The moment that elder gave in, Yue Zhong pointed the Stinger at another elder.

With the threat of death looming over their heads, the remaining elders all gave in with much difficulty, although it was only on the surface. They would revolt the second an opportunity surfaced.

Yue Zhong, however, did not seem to care as he told Zheng Minghe and the elders: “Tell them to stand down!”

Zheng Minghe immediately went to the exit of the hall and shouted loudly: “It’s me *2 Zheng Minghe, stop immediately!! I’m ordering you guys to stop your attack!”

“That’s the vice-leader!!”


Hearing Zheng Minghe’s command, the soldiers outside were at a loss on what to do. The gunshots stopped.

The head of the security Cai Hengbo had a grim look as he held his gun and hollered towards the hall: “So what if you’re the vice-leader? We are all men of the leader, we only listen to his command!! Those inside listen up. Let the leader come out, otherwise, we’ll kill every single one of you!!”

Yue Zhong stepped out of the meeting hall, and pointing the Stinger at Cai Hengbo’s head, immediately fired and expertly displayed Cai Hengbo’s thought organ on the nearby wall. He then coldly spoke to the rest: “Your leader has died at my hands! The vice-leader and all the elders have already surrendered. The whole lot of you better surrender, I can still let you live. If you want to continue and resist, I’ll give you death! Your wives and kids will be treated as slaves, belonging to only the victors. Surrender or death, you choose!”

“Kill him!! He’s alone!!! Everyone kill him, and seek revenge for our leader!!!” One of the loyal supporters of Peng Lingbo shouted out in agitation.

The soldiers of the Freemasons hesitated, some started to fire at Yue Zhong. There were also some who held back, and hid, as they watched the show.Countless bullets were flying towards Yue Zhong.

He frowned, as his body flashed away from his position, and he let out a single furious howl towards the sky.

At a nearby forest, Lightning hear Yue Zhong’s call, and replied with a howl of its own, as it led more than one hundred Type 2 Mutant Leopard Cats towards the territory of the Freemasons.

The speed of the Mutant Leopard Cats was extremely fast, and pretty soon, they surrounded the village, as Lightning entered the village on its own and shot towards the current gathering spot like an arrow.

“Mutant Beast!! Attack! Attack!!”


When the warriors of the Freemasons saw Lightning, their expressions all turned to one of horror as they shouted amongst themselves. The majority of the guns changed their aim towards it.

Lightning’s speed was incredibly fast, not only did it dodge the bullets with ease, evading the attacks, but with every flash of its speed, a few soldiers would lose their heads.

Lightning had just killed about 4 or 5 soldiers, when the soldiers started losing their morale, and ran for their lives. They were just a bunch of untrained warriors after all, not even comparable to the Chinese Association. They were naturally unable to withstand the might of such a Type 2 Mutant Beast.

In just a short span of a minute, Lightning had charged through the heart of the Freemason’s town, swiping its claws casually and removing a soldier’s head.

“Mutant Beast!!”

“Type 2 Mutant Leopard Cat!!”


Upon seeing Lightning, those warriors firing at Yue Zhong had a change of expression as they changed their targets to Lightning.

The number of Type 2 Mutant Beasts in these parts of Vietnam was not many, the appearance of one usually spelt disaster and rains of blood. The Freemasons could be easily wiped out by a single Type 2 Mutant Beast. To handle a Type 2 Mutant Beast, it would take a powerful faction like Wuyan Hong’s troops with enough firepower to hunt down one, and that was including the potential cost of human lives.

In the rain of bullets, Lightning dodged them all gracefully, its body continuously dancing by, and each time it passed a soldier, the head of the soldier would be swiped off its position between the shoulder blades, no one thus far could withstand its attacks.

“What a fearsome Type 2 Mutant Beast!!” Seeing Lightning engaging in an all-out slaughter amongst the humans, everyone was frightened out of their wits.

Zheng Minghe subconsciously reached for his neck and touched it, his heart filled with terror. Although he was a Level 27 Enhancer himself, facing Lightning, he would die within a second.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender

Some of the soldiers started losing their morale and will to fight, and they started to throw their weapons down as they kneeled and begged miserably.

The Type 2 Mutant Leopard Cat only continued its elegant slaughter of those who chose to fight; the rest who had not joined in the fray earlier and watching on one side were spared. These led the soldiers to understand who was controlling the terrifying Mutant Beast.

After being subdued by Yue Zhong, Lightning also gained some intelligence, and ignored the soldiers who surrendered, instead it continued to kill those who refused to give up. Soon, the entire area was filled with corpses of the soldiers from the Freemasons.

Zheng Minghe and the 3 other elders witnessed this horrifying scene, and did not dare doubt the truth of Yue Zhong’s words.

When the main fighting force collapsed, the rest of the soldiers gave up and threw down their weapons as they surrendered.

At this time, the 100 soldiers Yue Zhong borrowed from the Chinese Association came rolling into the town with their armored vehicles. They went about placing the various survivors under arrest.

Yue Zhong also reorganized the remaining 113 Chinese warriors into 5 platoons, and handed them to be commanded by Zheng Minghe, Wei Ningguo and the 3 elders, Yi Shuixiong, Zhou Dali and Ning Changshui who surrendered.

Hu Yan, Zhang Shuwen and Zheng Qiang were all capable and powerful people, but were upper echelons of the Chinese Association. Yue Zhong naturally could not hand his troops to them.

In each platoon, other than the Chinese, Yue Zhong filled the ranks up with some other Vietnamese survivors.

As for the families of Peng Lingbo, Chen Libang and those who had retaliated, Yue Zhong sent the able-bodied men to the Scum Battalion, while the women were sent to the Women’s Battalion to await future orders.

After settling all of this, Yue Zhong then gathered the inhabitants of this small town. In this village, there were 600 survivors, of which 400 were Vietnamese. Those Vietnamese were looking on at Yue Zhong atop the podium with fear in their eyes.

Wuyan Hong had openly committed genocide of the Chinese, and those Chinese experts were filled with fury. Some did not care about whether it was wrong or right, as long as they saw a Vietnamese, they would slaughter them as well. As a result, both sides had a hatred that ran deep. The 400 Vietnamese survivors were afraid that Yue Zhong would indiscriminately kill them all.

Zheng Minghe, Wei Ningguo, Yi Shuixiong, Zhou Dali, Ning Changshui were looking at Yue Zhong as well. Most of them had strange gazes in their eyes. Other than Wei Ningguo, the rest were soldiers who had just surrendered, and it could be seen that they still did not approve of Yue Zhong from the looks in their eyes. They were only fearful of Yue Zhong’s strength and his command of the Mutant Beasts. The human heart was unfathomable, and those soldiers of the Freemasons were looking at Yue Zhong as well with their thoughts concealed.

“I am Yue Zhong!” Yue Zhong surveyed the crowd before him, before coldly speaking out: “I have eradicated the Freemasons! From today onwards, you’re all my people. Regardless of your Chinese or Vietnamese background, you will all have to listen to me! If you follow me, I will give you food, honour and glorious victory!!”

*1 [Ulamog] Collage: A form of art made by sticking various things, differing in appearance in some way (even sometimes just shades of the same colors) onto a background for display. Now re-picture that segment. Or don’t. xD

*2 [Dedition]: It’s a Me, Mario! =D

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