God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 335

Chapter 335 – Warning the Troops!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong eyed them coldly and said in an icy tone: “If any of you dares to betray me, and become an enemy? I will chop your heads off, and turn your family into slaves, and give them to my subordinates to serve their every need. They will lead lowly and shameful days for the rest of their pitiful lives. For those who give their all to my cause, you will gain huge benefits and glory. You can choose to follow me and fight, or become my enemy, the choice is entirely up to you.”

Yue Zhong then waved his hands and called out deeply: “Now, here are some weapons to bolster your strength! Take it!”

Soldiers that Yue Zhong borrowed from the Chinese Association started handing out guns from crates on the podium to the ex-Freemasons members.

“So many guns!!”

When the inhabitants of the town saw the number of guns, their eyes widened in shock. The Freemasons had a dozen AKs at most, while they relied heavily on handguns. Now Yue Zhong suddenly pulled out over a hundred 100 AKs to be distributed, this led many to be filled with disbelief. Before any other stronger faction arrived to topple Yue Zhong, they now had no choice but to comply.

Those soldiers who had just recently came under Yue Zhong’s control started to feel their hearts surge with pride and joy, their happiness being worn on their faces. In this post-apocalyptic world, only the strong could lead good lives, with a single AK, these soldiers could each become a fearsome existence to normal survivors.

Seeing that the weapons were distributed, Yue Zhong called out loudly: “Now, let us go hunt our first prey. Come with me!! Let’s go annihilate Wuyan Hong’s troops, and take back everything from them. As long as we eradicate Wuyan Hong, food, women, riches, status, they will all be yours!”

Zheng Minghe replied in a loud voice: “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill them all!! Take everything from them!!”

Zheng Minghe had always wanted to kill Wuyan Hong, Yue Zhong’s intentions struck a chord with his heart. At this time, as long Yue Zhong could take Wuyan Hong out, he was willing to give his all to Yue Zhong. *1

“Kill! Kill!! Kill!! Kill them all!!” The soldiers all called out in response, clearly riled up by that powerful speech, as their chants got louder, and with that rising morale, their inner fighting instincts were released. They released angry howls as though they were wolves.

“Move out!” Yue Zhong commanded coldly.

This entire troop that had just been subdued by Yue Zhong was motivated and led to advance towards their enemies in such a short time.

As for the defence of the town, Yue Zhong left it to Hu Yan, Zhang Shuwen and Zheng Qiang, the 3 elders of the Chinese Association as well as the hundred soldiers he borrowed.

So Wenyan had lent those soldiers to Yue Zhong with conditions, if there were deaths, within an acceptable range of 10 people, Yue Zhong did not need to be responsible. Beyond that, for every soldier that died, Yue Zhong would be required to fill the ranks with 2 Chinese. Hence Yue Zhong had only intended for them to guard the town, and maintain security and order.

Zheng Minghe was an Agility-based Enhancer, and used to be a recon soldier. Therefore, he brought a few other passionate soldiers along with him to scout the road ahead, providing intelligence.

Those soldiers had wives and children back at the village, and Yue Zhong wasn’t worried that they would escape. In fact, Yue Zhong had chosen those Vietnamese soldiers as they also had families, and if they dared revolt, Yue Zhong would not be merciful.

Zheng Minghe was currently manoeuvring within the forest, his body covered entirely in a weird Mutant tree sap, giving him an extremely foul stench, however it helped ward off ants. The other 4 soldiers did the same, otherwise the venomous bugs in the forest could easily take their lives.

“That’s..!!” As they were scouting, Zheng Minghe heard the sudden roar of a vehicle engine, his brows furrowed, and swiftly brought his men as they made their way towards the direction of the noise.

Zheng Minghe quickly climbed atop a small hill, and looked towards a highway below, only to discover a huge fleet of vehicles currently making for the distance.

The huge vehicle fleet was made out of various transportation trucks, and from the top of the hill, Zheng Minghe could discern that the trucks were filled to the brim with haggard survivors.

Those huge transportation trucks were flanked by a battalion’s worth of fully equipped soldiers and they were marching anxiously.

In this post-apocalyptic world, most vehicle fleets required the protection of soldiers, otherwise the Mutant Beasts of the forest would be attracted by the sounds of the vehicles, and attack them.

“What a huge catch!! Too bad it’s abit too big, and too thorny. I wonder how Yue Zhong would deal with this!” Zheng Minghe looked at the fleet below, as a glint appeared in his eyes, and he brought out the walkie-talkie and reported what he had seen to Yue Zhong.

“It’s a battalion without heavy weapons!! It really is a huge catch!! Let us kill them all!!” Yue Zhong heard the intel report from Zheng Minghe, and his eyes flashed with a resolute gaze.

The fleet was currently making its way towards Yue Zhong and his troops. Yue Zhong quickly got his men to choose a small hill to hide.

The vehicle fleet continued unaware as it made its way into Yue Zhong’s trap.

“Attack!!!” Yue Zhong immediately pulled out a heavy machine gun and rained bullets on the vehicle fleet. As the bullets penetrated the surrounding soldiers, piercing holes in their bodies and causing their innards to fall out.

Wei Ningguo, Yi Shuixiong, Zhou Dali and Ning Changshui brought their own men as they got on the ground and fired their own guns at the soldiers.

In just a manner of seconds, 30 men from the battalion had been killed.

“Ambush!! Ambush!!!” The commander of the battalion shouted out in fright and horror. He never imagined that they would fall into a trap here.

However, the battalion of soldiers protecting the fleet were not elite soldiers, and they were just a bunch of untrained soldiers who had not undergone training. The moment they were ambushed, their formation collapsed. Many of them threw down their weapons, while some heeded the commands of their leader. After using the vehicles as cover, they started counter-attacking.

Yue Zhong saw that half the battalion had lost their composure and their will to fight. He felt excited, and immediately let out a howl to the skies.

Lightning, who was waiting nearby with a bunch of its brothers replied with its own howl, and led them towards the battalion, their speed sending them past the defences of the soldiers in a matter of seconds.

The 100-over Mutant Leopard Cats were truly fearless under the leadership of Lightning, as they continuously knocked the soldiers onto the ground, and ripped their throats out.

“Damn beasts!!!” There were 3 Enhancers above level 30 within the battalion, and they were there specifically to deal with Mutant Beast. Upon seeing those Mutant Leopard Cats, they charged out.

Amongst the 3 Level-30 Enhancers, 1 was a Strength-based Enhancer. He wielded a huge shield in one hand, and a huge hammer in the other. Both added up to reach 700 jin, and that huge hammer could easily flatten a small jeep. The massive shield could even withstand the firepower from heavy weapons, just that it wasn’t something that normal people could casually carry.

Another was an Agility-based Enhancer, who was wielding a pale blue dagger, his figure dodging through the crowd.

The last one was an Enhancer with the [Ice Manipulation] ability, and he pointed to one Mutant Leopard Cat, as 8 ice shards were conjured out of thin air, piercing into the body of the Mutant Leopard Cat, before suddenly exploding, causing the blood of the Mutant Leopard Cat to freeze instantly, as it fell to the ground dead.

Lightning had already noticed the presence of these 3 Enhancers at the first moment, it leapt into the air before suddenly appearing in front of the Agility-based Enhancer, and swiped its claws out. In that instant, Lightning had caused his body to be snapped in two.

After taking out the Agility-based Enhancer, it immediately made its way towards the Strength-based Enhancer while evading countless bullets.

The shield-wielding Enhancer caught a glimpse of Lightning and his face fell: “Type 2 Mutant Leopard Cat!! Damn it!! Why would there be a Type 2 Mutant Beast here!!”

His eyes glossed over as Lightning disappeared from his sights, and in the next instant, an extremely sharp claw had slashed from behind him, causing his head to be lopped off easily.

The [Ice Manipulation] Enhancer looked at Lightning with shock and dread, as he immediately turned to flee towards a jeep. It was definitely impossible for him to deal with a Type 2 Mutant Beast on his own, and retreating was the only way to ensure his survival.

Peng! A gunshot rang out, and a new hole was made in the head of that remaining Enhancer, as he crumpled to the floor as a lifeless corpse.

Yue Zhong eyed the corpse of the [Ice Manipulation] Enhancer, as he put down the Bartlett Sniper, switched to his heavy machine gun and continued firing wildly at the soldiers.

“Surrender and you’ll be spared!! Throw down your weapons!! Surrender and you’ll be spared!!” Zheng Minghe shouted loudly.

“Surrender and you’ll be spared!! Throw down your weapons!! Surrender and you’ll be spared!!”

The entire clearing was filled with triumphant shouts, this type of jeering to force the enemy to succumb was extremely gratifying. Each time there was such a call, it was the end of a battle.

Under the joint attacks of the Mutant Beasts and humans, the battalion which had lost all sense of order could not regroup. Many threw down their weapons, hugging their heads, as they trembled and looked at the Mutant Beasts.

There were some who tried to flee towards the forest, but, their basic human speed could not match against the Mutant Leopard Cats, and they were easily knocked to the ground before having their throats ripped out.


*1 – I don’t think Yue Zhong swings that way bro. Actual translation is: willing to become his loyal follower for life hahahahaha. But since he has a harem, why not? *grin*

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