God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 336

Chapter 336 – Killing The Prisoners!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Not long after, the entire defence of the vehicle fleet crumbled.

Yue Zhong had ambushed over 200 people, and the death count was also about 200. In rewards he gained a battalion’s worth of equipment, although there wasn’t a single heavy weapon. This battle had cost the lives of 2 soldiers from Yue Zhong’s side, 8 injured people, and 3 dead Mutant Leopard Cats. There was simply no comparison between the losses of both sides.

“These should have been new recruits!” Yue Zhong walked among the dead bodies littered around the area as he thought quietly to himself.

If they were an elite team, even when facing that ambush, they would have reacted properly at the first moment, and would not collapse just like that.

“Boss Yue! The captives have already let up!” Zheng Minghe brought some captives to Yue Zhong in excitement. It was the first time he had been part of such a clean operation, where they successfully wiped out an entire battalion and suffered minimal losses. This led Zheng Minghe to be filled with respect and admiration towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at one of the captives and asked: “Who are you people?”

The captive returned Yue Zhong’s gaze and revealed his identity honestly: “We are soldiers from Li Guangyi’s Vietnam Revival Army. This was the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Regiment, 1st Division. This time, our mission was to escort 600 Chinese to Wuyan Hong to exchange for some firepower.”

“Using humans to exchange for firepower!” Yue Zhong frowned, as he continued asking: “What is the relationship between you guys and Wuyan Hong?”

The captive replied: “We had a few clashes with Wuyan Hong in the past. There were victories and losses from both sides. Recently, we haven’t engaged in war. It seemed like the upper brass were passing judgement on some things. As for the details about that, I’m not entirely sure.”

The captive was speaking entirely in Vietnamese, and Ming Jiajia who was standing beside Yue Zhong translated everything for him.

Yue Zhong continued grilling the captive with many questions. This led to him obtaining precious information about the Vietnam Revival Army. Li Guangyi used to be a commanding officer within the Vietnam Army, after the apocalypse, he had brought men to absorb a few battalions, as they continued to clear out the surrounding towns, saving the inhabitants, and establishing the Vietnam Revival Army.

Under the constant expansion, Li Guangyi’s Vietnam Revival Army grew to an astounding power of over 40,000 survivors and 14 battalions of about 4,500 soldiers. However, as rationing was still an issue, and training was inadequate, this 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Regiment, 1st Division happened to be a newly established unit, and without the proper training or sufficient experience, they had been taken down easily by Yue Zhong. If it were the elite troops of Li Guangyi, the outcome of the battle would definitely be different. Li Guangyi had absorbed a number of strong soldiers, and obtained numerous weapons, and wasn’t a simple force that could be defeated by this random bunch of soldiers that Yue Zhong had just recently subdued.

Yue Zhong walked towards the huge transportation truck, only to discover that within those vehicles, there were many Chinese packed together like pigs and dogs, their clothes in tatters, their bodies giving off foul smells, and their eyes were filled with fear. There were even many women who had obviously been raped and mistreated, their bodies covered with light yellow spots.

“Seems like this Li Guangyi is not a decent character as well!!” Yue Zhong’s killing intent surged for an instant, before he continued on. He had seen enough of the cruelty of the post-apocalyptic world, and he knew that no matter how he pitied his fellow Chinese, it wouldn’t do any good. He might as well kill more of those Vietnamese who took pleasure in torturing. *1

Yue Zhong came to the second truck, and saw that 30 extremely beautiful women were brought out from within, and the soldiers he had recently subdued has thrown their weapons down and were tearing at the women’s clothes. The women were crying out shrilly in fright as they struggled powerlessly.

After a victory, it was time to mess with the women. This had always been the way of the Freemasons, and Peng Lingbo had made use of this method to win over subordinates. This had led many of the deplorable men to be loyal to him. Truthfully, even before the apocalypse, there were countless cases of people engaging in plundering and rape during times of war. It was hard to maintain a sense of decency then, not to mention the current times.

Ming Jiajia looked at the women struggling on the floor, and she frowned, as she hid behind Yue Zhong. She had come across such scenes countless times, but it was still hard for her to stomach. Even though she was young, she was still female after all. These kinds of situation made her feel disgusted, but she was powerless to stop it.

Yue Zhong furrowed his brows as he eyed those degenerates who had lost all sense of their morality as he coldly shouted: “Apprehend these beasts!”

The soldiers who were spectating silently uncomfortably stepped out at least and made a grab for those soldiers.

“Fuck!! Get the hell off me! Once your father I am done, you’ll get your turn!!” When one of the soldiers was pried away, he started to curse out loud, but then he saw the cold glare of Yue Zhong standing a distance away, and his complexion instantly turned pale, as he stammered: “Boss…Yue….!!”

“Everyone fall in!” Yue Zhong’s own expression was steely as he commanded.

Under Yue Zhong’s command, all the 100-over soldiers immediately got in their positions, and they knew what it was about, as they stood silently and looked at Yue Zhong, awaiting his decision on their punishment.

Yue Zhong looked at those soldiers and said coldly: “These beasts tried to rape women on the battlefield, they’re no longer my men. I’ll announce now, these men will be executed on the spot!”

Hearing his judgement, the soldiers who had lowered their heads awaiting their punishment immediately looked up in agitation and started to protest.

As one of the soldiers struggled, he shouted out loudly: “Boss Yue!! You were the one who said!! As long as we join you and fight!! We would get food! Women! Victory!! This was only one time that I fooled around. Why have you sentenced us to death?!!”
“Yeah!! I can’t accept this!!”


Those soldiers continued to protest violently, they wanted to fight for a chance at survival.

Yue Zhong silenced them with a look: “I gave you strength. Not the right to rape and humiliate your fellow countrymen! If you want women, I will give them to you. If you were normal civilians, I would have just thrown you into the Scum Battalion. However! This is the battlefield! You are all soldiers! Soldiers who forget themselves and throw their weapons down just to enjoy themselves deserve the death penalty!”

Yue Zhng looked at Zheng Minghe, as he coldly ordered: “Commence the execution!”

Zheng Minghe felt a chill in his heart, and knew Yue Zhong was forcing him to decide. If he executed the order, his position would drop amongst the soldiers that used to be part of the Freemasons, after all these were previously Freemasons’ members. However, if he did not execute the order, Yue Zhong would immediately sentence him to death as well.

Zheng Minghe did not hesitate any further, and ordered harshly: “Open fire!!”

Peng! Peng!

Zheng Minghe’s soldiers immediately raised their guns and fired at the soldiers who had humiliated the ladies. Although these soldiers were their comrades in the past, if they didn’t open fire, they would be the ones to face death.

Under the gunfire, those soldiers were shot dead.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across the soldiers and said in a heavy voice: “I hope you’ll understand that their plight will be the consequences for any similar incidents in the future! Women, wealth, and food, I’ll provide them! But you’ll have to abide by my rules and orders! Understood?”

Wei Ningguo was the first to shout out: “Yes Sir!”

“Yes Sir!”

The soldiers all replied with a chill in their heart. They had just been forced into Yue Zhong’s ranks, and they had not yet fully accepted him as a leader. But they were willing to follow this strong person who could lead them to constant victories. As long as he could lead them to win battle after battle, their loyalty and morale will naturally grow. However, the moment he failed, this group would instantly scatter.

Yue Zhong, next coldly ordered: “Take our fellow countrymen, let them pinpoint those amongst the captives who had taken part in slaughter or tormented the Chinese in anyway! Execute those offenders!”

Zheng Minghe’s heart went cold instantly, and his fiery passion arose as he replied in a loud voice: “Yes Sir!!”

“Wait!!” Right at this moment, Wei Ningguo suddenly exclaimed.

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned icy as he looked at Wei Ningguo.

Wei Ningguo’s back broke out in cold sweat, yet he hardened his skin and told Yue Zhong: “Boss Yue, killing the captives won’t be too good!! Furthermore, if this matter is to travel out, there will be lesser people willing to surrender.”

Since time immemorial, there were few powers who executed their captives. It was not because they were kind or merciful, but the moment news were to spread, fewer enemies would be willing to surrender, instead they might fight it out. Wei Ningguo was hoping that Yue Zhong would become an overlord, and continue being a big tree that he could rely on.

Hearing Wei Ningguo’s words, Zheng Minghe also faltered, as he looked to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “Carry on!”

Zheng Minghe nodded, and immediately brought men to lead the survivors out of the vehicles, as they went to identify the culprits.

The Vietnamese captives were not any decent people themselves, as under the identification of the enraged Chinese survivors, various captives were pointed out and pulled from the holding place, and immediately subjected to execution.

“Don’t kill me!! Ah!!”

“I was wrong!! Don’t kill me!! I’ve already surrendered!!!”


Amidst cries and shouts, many of the Chinese survivors saw their tormentors and torturers getting their just desserts, and they could not help but sob in relief. It was truly a venting of their grievances and frustrations.

Many of the Chinese survivors immediately kneeled towards Yue Zhong, as they kowtowed repeatedly. Yue Zhong had slaughtered their hated enemies, and in an instant, won their support and goodwill.

Yue Zhong pointed to those Chinese survivors, and told Wei Ningguo: “See that? After killing the scum, I’ve gained their favour. If I kept them, then those scum might not even be loyal anyway. I’m Chinese after all, and considering the situation, I would still want to seek revenge for my countrymen, regardless of the consequences, otherwise the road in the future would definitely be tougher.”2

*1 [Ulamog]: Removing the root of the weed to prevent further growth before worrying about the holes in the lawn later. Who’s to say if this is right or wrong, but in an apocalyptic world you don’t make decisions lightly I should think.

*2 [Ulamog]: Two ideas being expressed here:

#1 He plans to use a mostly Chinese fighting force in the long run in these lands.

#2 By removing the Chinese rapists, and Vietnamese who were torturers and Racists he #2A:
Chinese rapists deaths: Establishes firm authority, decisiveness in decision making and a very clear gain and loss system, Yue Zhong Giveth, and Yue Zhong Taketh away.

And Part #2B: Racist Vietnamese prisioners death

Which it would. Ever seen someone who really hates one particular race? They cant be reasoned with, their reasoning for hatred is usually flimsy and its a thoughtless, irrational rage/hate that manifests itself simply from being in the same vicinity. :/

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