God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 337

Chapter 337 – Pearl Fruit

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

After hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Wei Ningguo lowered his head in silence for a while, before nodding slightly. With over 500 Chinese survivors who supported him, Yue Zhong’s position was consolidated further. Although in the long run, killing the captives was not auspicious, in order to win the hearts of the Chinese survivors, killing those Vietnamese that were worse than beasts was the best method.

With the identification of the Chinese survivors, over a 100 captives were pulled out and immediately executed by beheading. The remaining Vietnamese captives were all frightened, their eyes filled with fear, afraid that they will be the next to be targeted.

Not all the Vietnamese were monsters though, those who did not commit any offence were directly sent to the Scum Battalion as cannon fodder.

After settling the issue of the Vietnamese captives, Yue Zhong then came to the last vehicle with a huge container.

Ming Jiajia followed silently behind Yue Zhong. She was extremely pleased with Yue Zhong’s decision on handling those Vietnamese captives. During the post-apocalypse, the Chinese led wretched lives, in this huge country of Vietnam, any Vietnamese would take the chance to humiliate or even kill a Chinese. Killing them back gave Ming Jiajia a sort of outlet to vent her hatred, after all, she was Chinese as well.

Seeing that Yue Zhong had walked over, 2 soldiers who were standing by opened up the container. They discovered that there was a small tree contained within, with numerous green leaves, its height about 1m, and there were 8 small pearl-like fruits that were snow-white in colour growing on that tree.

“What is this?” Yue Zhong pulled over a captive platoon commander Mu Peixiang and asked.

Mu Peixiang happened to be the highest commanding officer within the captives.

Mu Pei Xiang swiftly replied: “Sir! We aren’t too sure on the background of this thing as well. This is something that the commander of the Cheetah Battalion discovered in a small town. When he found it, there were 16 Mutant Fierce-teeth Apes around. To kill those apes, we lost a number of comrades as well.”

Yue Zhong did not reply and just looked at the strange tree, as he waved his hands and dismissed Mu Pei Xiang.

Yue Zhong reached out to pluck a fruit from the tree, as he took in a whiff of its scent, and could detect a strange sort of fragrance from the tree.

Yue Zhong held the pearl-like fruit and hesitated, he was 80% confident that it was definitely something good. However, he wasn’t too sure about its effects. If it caused a person to faint, he would definitely be ripped apart by those soldiers he had just subjugated.

Ming Jiajia was extremely astute, and could discern Yue Zhong’s dilemma, as she came towards Yue Zhong with a smile on her face and her huge round eyes as she said: “Master, are you afraid that the fruit has poison? Why don’t you let me try it for you?”

Yue Zhong looked at Ming Jiajia and said in a heavy voice: “Jiajia! I’m 80% sure that this fruit is something good, and won’t be harmful. However, since it’s not a certainty, are you sure you would like to try it?”

Ming Jiajia had a resolute look as she said: “Let me!”

Ming Jiajia could tell that this fruit was something precious as well. Furthermore, she wanted to take the chance, if the pearl-like fruit could allow her to become strong, then she would have gained a huge benefit. In this post-apocalyptic world, the chances to become someone strong were little. Even if it could not endow her with power, she would still gain Yue Zhong’s trust. The only risk was that she might be poisoned to death.

Yue Zhong looked at Ming Jiajia and her determined expression and threw the pearl-like fruit to her: “Okay! Take it!”

When Ming Jiajia received it, she did not even take a moment of hesitation, and directly swallowed the fruit into her stomach.

When the fruit entered Ming Jiajia’s stomach, it turned into a cool stream of energy that flowed within her body, as it nourished her limbs and nerves.

The cool energy rotated within her body for a few rounds, before solidifying. Ming Jiajia’s face then took a greenish hue, as she opened her mouth slightly and spat out a mouthful of baleful air. Her frail little body shivered non-stop, like a helpless bird, as she looked at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong immediately grabbed her into his embrace, and found that the little loli was as cold as a block of ice.

Yue Zhong observed the trembling Ming Jiajia and came to a conclusion: “The side-effects of this fruit are still unknown! But it definitely has some benefit in terms of enhancement!”

Yue Zhong chose not to take the fruit himself, instead he got his men to seal the container after seeing Ming Jiajia’s plight.

Right at this time, Wei Ningguo came up to Yue Zhong and asked respectfully: “Boss Yue! Are we still attacking Nandu Town?”

Nandu Town was Yue Zhong’s intended target this time. There was a platoon of Wuyan Hong’s forces guarding the town, and within the town, there were about 1,300 survivors, of which, 200 Chinese were being treated as slaves.

Yue Zhong had decided to ambush Li Guangyi’s forces from the Vietnam Revival Army on the spur of the moment. He gained a number of captives and Chinese survivors as a stroke of luck.

“Of course!” Yue Zhong activated his [Summon Skeleton] skill, and White Bones stepped out of thin air.

Yue Zhong pointed to White Bones and said: “Wei Ningguo! This is my trusted aide White Bones! He represents my will. You must follow his orders.”

“Yes!” Wei Ningguo felt shock and amazement as he replied. It was the first time he actually saw a lifeform appearing out of thin air.

Yue Zhong eyes Wei Ningguo and said in a low voice: “Wei Ningguo, bring them back to base. If anyone makes any funny moves, you can tell White Bones, and it will help you take care of the situation.”

“Yes Sir!” Wei Ningguo felt a chill. He knew this was a test, and the hidden meaning behind it. If he himself were to try anything funny, this White Bones would execute him at the first moment it could.

Yue Zhong had just gained control over this troops for too short a time, and had used extreme force to subdue them. He had not won their loyalty yet, and if he wasn’t there, there was a possibility of a revolt.

However, with the existence of White Bones, which was impervious to bullets and knives, and even the heavy firepower of a 12.7mm machine gun, suppressing this mob would not be hard. Yue Zhong would then be rest assured to lead his men to launch an assault on Nandu Town.

Under the command of Wei Ningguo, half of the troops stayed behind, and were responsible for protecting and escorting the survivors, Vietnam captives and the equipment they obtained as they made their way back to the town of the Freemasons.

The other half would follow Yue Zhong’s lead to advance towards Nandu Town.

Nandu Town was a small territory on the borderline of the areas under Wuyan Hong and Li Guangyi’s control. There was a small elite platoon of soldiers currently stationed there. At the same time, there were various fortifications being carried out. Different attacking points were densely placed, and without ample firepower, it was very hard to attack this town.

“What a tough defence!!” Yue Zhong brought men to Nandu Town, as he looked at the seemingly impregnable defence, with reinforcements present to support one another, as he furrowed his brows.

Facing that defence, Lightning would only be sending its brothers to death by charging blindly. The Mutant Leopard Cats were truly fearsome, but against a turtle-like defence, with experts who were not exactly weak, if the Mutant Beasts were to forcefully try and attack, they would only lose out in the end.

Zheng Minghe observed Nandu Town from afar, before walking to Yue Zhong’s side, quipping unhappily: “Boss Yue!! Why don’t we fall back for now! This Nandu Town seems too tough to handle. Even if the brothers charge down, we would not be able to achieve anything.

Zheng Minghe was extremely eager to attack Wuyan Hong’s troops, but he was also extremely clear that with just their strength, it would be hard to do anything significant. The terrifying Mutant Leopard Cats that had exhibited their prowess in the wild would not be of much help either against this town.

“It’s just a single platoon! It’s okay, within my capabilities.” Yue Zhong had calculated silently, before making a decision: “Wait here! I’ll go take care of that platoon!!”

Zheng Minghe had a look of shock as he exclaimed: “Boss Yue!! That is a platoon! And they’re part of Wuyan Hong’s elites, not some random riffraff. They’re all within some protective buildings, and not so easy to deal with. Do think this through carefully!!”

Those troops of Wuyan Hong’s were actual elites who had experienced and survived countless battles, amongst them, there were many veterans and some actual military personnel from before the apocalypse. Their combat prowess was not like the troops of Li Guangyi that Yue Zhong had ambushed earlier. With the combination of elite troops and proper fortifications, even if there were 3 of the battalions that Yue Zhong had taken down, it would not be enough to cause any problems for the town.

Zheng Minghe was pretty strong himself, but he had to admit that he would be easily killed if he were to saunter into the town by himself.

Zheng Minghe had decided to rely on Yue Zhong after witnessing his methods and strength. He did not wish for him to die here.

“Don’t worry! You guys just wait here for the order to take care of the town!” Yue Zhong laughed, before pulling out his Bartlett sniper rifle, and aimed at a patrolling soldier from such a large distance, and pulled the trigger.

With a bang, the patrolling soldier’s head was blasted apart.

“Enemy attack!!”

“Sniper!! There’s a sniper!!”


Following the angry shouts, the platoon of elite soldiers quickly ran for cover within the fortifications, and did not allow for a second target for Yue Zhong.

“Great response! No wonder they’re an elite platoon!” Yue Zhong eyed the swift and smooth motions of the soldiers and couldn’t help but frown.

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