God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 338

Chapter 338 – Slaughter!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

However, Yue Zhong had already prepared himself mentally from the very start. A single platoon of elite soldiers was not going to be a problem for him at all.

Yue Zhong pulled out a Type 2 Mutant Black-scaled Boar hide from his ring, and donned it, before swiftly making his way towards the small town.

“Snipers!” Yue Zhong had just moved when he felt 7 or 8 lines of sight locking onto him, however, this snipers could not possibly aim properly from such a distance, especially when Yue Zhong was employing his high-speed movement.

If one wanted to get a hit on an Enhancer as fast as Yue Zhong was, it was only possible if it was a sniper with the Level 3 [Sniper Specialization], otherwise it would be extremely hard for any other normal snipers to try and even catch him.

Yue Zhong got within 200m of the town in just a matter of a few breaths, and the various fortifications and defences started spewing out bullets fiercely. There were multiple flashes from the different guns and a dense rain of metal came pouring towards Yue Zhong.

Facing such a fearsome hail of bullets, unless it was a Type 2 Mutant Beast, it was basically impossible for any other Mutant Beast to be able to withstand it. If Yue Zhong had commanded the little brothers of Lightning to launch an assault on the town, just facing this rain of bullets would stop them in their tracks.

In that dense barrage of bullets, Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps], as he constantly flashed about, not staying in a single location for more than a second.

The area within 200m of the town had been cleared of everything, there was not a single scrap of cover available. If Yue Zhong wanted to push forward on his charge, he could only do so under the blanket of bullets.

In that town, there was no shortage of the bullets from the 12.7mm heavy machine guns. Even if the bullets could not damage Yue Zhong’s defences, the force of the impact would still cause him some injuries. After all, his body’s resilience was still not as tough as a Type 2 Mutant Beast yet.

As Yue Zhong was running, his eyes were constantly darting about, taking in every single detail about the town, and the locations of all the fortifications and defences. He pointed to a part of the town, and 10 balls of Devil Flame the size of his fingers appeared, and shot towards 10 of the defence points.

On impact, the 10 locations combusted and were caught in flames, with 30 of the elite soldiers under Wuyan Hong instantly burnt to death. The fearsome Devil Flame also caused the weapons to catch fire, before exploding and adding further to the blazing flames within the defences. In just a single moment, the platoon of elite soldiers were all incinerated by one move from Yue Zhong, although it had caused him 20 points in Spirit as well.

This kind of result was only possible by having the [Devil Flame] Skill enhanced thrice, as well as having all 6 attributes exceeding that of a standard person. Only someone like Yue Zhong could pull it off.

As someone who was also an Enhancer with [Flame Manipulation], Wei Ningguo would at most be able to conjure 8 spheres of flame, but to cause such destruction, he would need to expend over 40 points of Spirit, which would most likely drain him after a single attack.

When those 10 defensive positions were destroyed, 80% of the firepower of the town had been neutralized.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a glint, as he retrieved the .05 submachine gun from his back and charged towards the town.

When the 10 defensive locations were decimated, the 8 snipers hiding within the town did not stop firing at Yue Zhong. However, while those snipers were considered experts in their own right, trying to snipe Yue Zhong who had exponentially faster speed than a normal human was just impossible. Their bullets could only land on his shadows, not even ruffling his clothes.

The remaining troops saw Yue Zhong charging forth all by himself, and they quickly retreated towards the 2nd line of defence in an orderly fashion.

A few mortar personnel started firing rounds at Yue Zhong’s direction, causing myriad explosions all around him.

Yue Zhong reacted by conjuring even more Devil Flame spheres all around him. As he created them they flew to the different defensive locations and exploded, causing numerous Vietnamese soldiers to be incinerated.

Pretty soon, there were various fire traps burning all around the town, and the elite soldiers of the platoon under Wuyan Hong were burnt to death by Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame, turning into ash.

When the commander of the elite troops Li Xiaoli saw Yue Zhong making his way around town killing the various soldiers, his eyes showed a hint of shock: “Too scary!! This damned fellow is too frightening!! He must be an Evolver that is similar to the Emperor. He’s not someone who we can handle!”

A staff officer came up to Li Xiaoli and asked: “Commander! What do we do now? We have already lost half of our brothers to that guy!”

Li Xiaoli’s eyes flashed coldly as he gave the order: “Evacuate! Transmit my order! Everyone is to evacuate from the town! Let all the survivors escape from here now!”

Li Xiaoli also gave an extremely cruel order before the staff officer left: “Before we leave, kill all the Chinese!”

Under such dire circumstances, Li Xiaoli could not even ensure the total evacuation of the Vietnamese survivors, not to mention the Chinese who were like pigs and dogs to him. Every Chinese survivor had been subjected to torment and torture under Wuyan Hong’s camps, the moment they were given a chance, they would become enemies dead set on seeking revenge. Li Xiaoli was a cruel man, and he would naturally not allow such a plight to cause problems in the future.

The staff officer trembled, and hesitated a while before asking: “What about the Chinese women, do we kill them all as well?”

In the small town, there were a number of Chinese beauties who were just sent here. The staff officer could not bear to kill those women when they haven’t got the chance to play with them.

Li Xiaoli stared at the staff officer coldly and barked: “Kill them all!”

“Yes! Sir!!” The staff officer could detect the unhappiness from Li Xiaoli, and he quickly replied, before dismissing himself swiftly.

The staff officer quickly came to the holding cell of the Chinese survivors, and conveyed Li Xiaoli’s orders to the Vietnamese soldiers standing guard outside the jail.

The door of the jail cell was then opened up, and from within, numerous Chinese survivors walked out, their clothes in tatters, their faces devoid of expression or colour, and their bodies emitting a foul smell. These Chinese captives were all used as slaves to construct fortifications and defences by the troops of Wuyan Hong, and they ate only the worst available food. There was no freedom, and they could only move around like zombies.

“Quick!!! Chinese dogs!! Get the hell out here!! Faster!!” A Vietnamese soldier knocked the head of one of the Chinese captives viciously, causing his head to bleed and blood to drip on the floor.

“Damn it!! Useless shit! Go and die!!” The Vietnamese soldier cursed out, before aiming his gun and firing at the Chinese captive.

With a peng, the Chinese captive had a new hole in his head, as he slumped to the floor lifelessly.

When the rest of the captives witnessed this, their eyes flashed with fear, but they did not dare make any moves. Those who had dared retaliate had been killed long ago.

The various Chinese survivors were quickly ushered to a huge clearing, in which there were 3 heavy machine guns mounted, and 12 Vietnamese soldiers decked in military uniform were standing there.

When the Chinese were herded into their positions, the platoon commander in charge of the execution barked out: “Open fire!!”

In an instant, the 3 heavy machine guns spat out a line of fire, as a dense rain of bullets tore through the Chinese survivors, causing them to be turned into sieves, fresh blood dying the ground.

“Don’t kill me!! I don’t want to die!!”

“I’m begging you, please don’t kill me!!”


When the rest of the Chinese on the other side witnessed this, their eyes filled with fear, and many started to beg pitifully.

“What the fuck are you being noisy for, Chinese dogs! Shut up!” The miserable pleading of the Chinese infuriated the Vietnamese, and their eyes turned grim, before pulling out their handguns and fired at some of the Chinese.

Under the various gunshots ringing out, those Chinese captives who were wailing were immediately executed!

Seeing this cruel and harsh scene, all the Chinese captives knew that it was futile and desolation could be seen in their eyes. Some of them were brought to the clearing amidst their silent sobs, awaiting the next wave of execution.

“These damned Chinese dogs! They should all be slaughtered!!” The Vietnamese cursed out loud, and was about to bark out his order.

“You fucking Vietnamese beasts should be the ones to die!” Following Yue Zhong’s chilly voice that affected one to the bones, the Stinger was placed at the temple of the platoon commander.

With a peng, the head of the platoon commander who had been giving orders to execute the Chinese exploded, blood and brain matter splattering on the ground together.

“Kill him!!”

“Kill that devil!!”


When the Vietnamese soldiers saw Yue Zhong, they broke out in commotion and started to fire at him almost simultaneously.

“All of you can go die! Beasts!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he activated his [Devil Flame], and 11 flames landed on the 11 other Vietnamese soldiers, causing them to combust instantaneously.


“It hurts!!!!”

“Save me!!!!”

The crackle of burning fat and the sizzle of flesh was drowned out, as the Vietnamese soldiers started wailing in agony. Being swallowed by the flames, yet not dying instantly, they struggled for a few moments in excruciating pain before they were finally burned to death.

Burning slowly to death was one of the most cruel ways of punishment, and Yue Zhong had gained a substantial amount of control over his Devil Flame. Now he could control the power output! He could cause it to kill immediately, or to cause them to suffer in pain.

“Bunch of beasts!! Wuyan Hong you fucking beast!! Everyone under him are just like him! He doesn’t deserve to live!!” After killing those soldiers, Yue Zhong took in the surrounding, and his fury and killing intent billowed as he saw the numerous bodies of the Chinese that were just executed.

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