God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 339

Chapter 339 – Eradicating Li Xiaoli’s Troops!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong suppressed the fury he had, and fired a signal into the skies.

“Boss Yue has released the signal! Follow me!!” Zheng Minghe saw the signal in the skies, and quickly led the 50 or so men towards the direction of the town

Yue Zhong could easily handle a small company of elite soldiers, but to gain control over a thousand people of a town, it was too difficult to do by himself. Protecting the Chinese that he had just saved would be hard to do alone, therefore Yue Zhong needed the help and assistance from Zheng Minghe and the rest.

Yue Zhong looked at the 200+ Chinese captives and said: “I’m Yue Zhong!! I’m Chinese and I’ve come to save you! From today onwards, you’re my people. I will do my best to protect you guys. As for Wuyan Hong that bastard, I will not let him go.”

When those Chinese captives heard Yue Zhong’s words, they started bawling with emotions, many even started kneeling and kowtowing to him. If Yue Zhong had been just a little bit later, they would have been executed mercilessly. As of this moment, almost everyone was filled with gratitude and reverence for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong waved his Black-Tooth Blade and cut open the bindings on the Chinese captives, and in turn, those freed went to help the rest undo their bindings as well.

Yue Zhong looked at those Chinese survivors and said in a low voice: “Those who still have energy, take up a gun and join me in my fight. Right now, only you can help protect yourself.”

Amongst those survivors, 20ish men quickly stepped right up, and they went to pick up the equipment from the 12 Vietnamese soldiers, before standing quietly and awaited Yue Zhong’s orders.

These Chinese survivors had already witnessed Yue Zhong’s tyrannical strength, and coupled with the fact that they did not have a leader amongst themselves, they already started to listen to Yue Zhong’s orders subconsciously.

Yue Zhong looked at the 12 gun-wielding men and asked: “Which of you have handled a gun before?”

One of the men, with a height of 1.6m, sunken eyes, a clean shaven head, and a sturdy look replied in a low voice: “My name’s Li Guangguo! I was a retired soldier from the Chinese Army.”

Yue Zhong took a look at Li Guangguo and acknowledged him: “Good! I shall appoint you to be the temporary commander of these survivors. You will be in charge of gathering all our Chinese comrades. Defend this position, and do not allow those Vietnamese to bully our Chinese comrades further! I will go decimate every single one of those Vietnamese animals! After that I’ll come back and bring you guys out of here.”

Currently, the town was in a huge mess, and there was chaos everywhere, if no one was to stand guard here, those Chinese survivors would be in for further torment. Yue Zhong had to chase down the soldiers of Wuyan Hong’s troops, and had no time to stay here.

Li Guangguo replied in a clear voice: “Yes! Sir!!”

Yue Zhong saw that Li Guangguo had accepted his order, and quickly left the place, giving chase to the remaining soldiers of Wuyan Hong’s troops.

The company of elite soldiers stationed here numbered a total of 150 over soldiers. Yue Zhong had single-handedly killed over 80 of them.

Li Xiaoli was also an officer with plenty of combat experience. The moment he saw that Yue Zhong was running around unhindered, he had called for an immediate evacuation. The remaining elite soldiers had swiftly boarded various APC’s under Li Xiaoli’s commands and started to make a run for the exit of the town.

Yue Zhong had chosen to save the Chinese survivors first, thus expending some precious time and by the time he reached Li Xiaoli’s command centre, he saw numerous APC’s driving off towards the distance.

“Fuck!! I’ll definitely not let you assholes off!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a hint of madness, as he activated his [Shadow Steps] and ran after the APC’s.

After activating his [Shadow Steps], Yue Zhong’s speed would reach a level of nearly 140 points and him running at full speed allowed him to reach the fleeing APC’s in a short span of time.

With Yue Zhong giving it his all, the distance between the 2 parties was gradually lessening. With such an absurd point total for his speed stat, Yue Zhong could be considered almost superhuman in the pre-apocalyptic world. Of course, maintaining this speed that was like a sports car would expend Stamina, and Yue Zhong could not maintain it for beyond an hour.

“Is that even human? How can he use his own legs to match a vehicle!!” Li Xiaoli saw Yue Zhong chasing from behind in the rearview mirror, and his eyes flashed with shock. It was the first time he saw an Enhancer actually giving chase to a car! It was even to the point where the car was losing out in speed!

Running at his maximum speed, Yue Zhong quickly reached the back of one of the APC’s. He pointed to one of them, and a Devil Flame flew forth, combusting on one of the APC’s. On impact it instantaneously consumed that APC, causing it to explode into a huge ball of fire. The 15 soldiers inside were incinerated within the first seconds.

After taking care of one APC, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed icily, as he continued to activate his [Devil Flame], pointing to the front. Another fireball was conjured and caused another APC to be swallowed in flames, exploding in a ball of fire.

Around the APCs, there were 5 other gunner cars, and the 5 cars were currently firing wildly at Yue Zhong.

Those soldiers sitting within the APCs were not willing to die just like that either, hence they took up their weapons and fired constantly.

Blanketed by the countless golden bullets, Yue Zhong had to constantly dodge and evade them and his speed was slowed accordingly. However, he did not stop casting his [Devil Flame]. As he conjured balls of Devil Flame, they constantly flew towards the APC’s, exploding upon impact and causing the soldiers within to be blasted into pieces.

“Damn it!! My orders!! Gunner cars to cover the rest! APCs stop!! All the soldiers to run towards the direction of the forest and split up!!!” Li Xiaoli saw that his subordinates were being swallowed by the Devil Flame and turned to ashes, and he yelled with grief. He had not hesitated to order the ruthless slaughter of a few hundred Chinese, but seeing his own brothers being hunted by Yue Zhong caused his heart to bleed.

Those 5 gunner cars knew their fate and still carried out Li Xiaoli’s commands and blocked Yue Zhong from the APCs.

Yue Zhong’s [Devil Flame] fireballs that were cast landed on the gunner cars, causing them to all explode into pieces and burnt the crew directly into ashes.

The remaining 2 APCs had stopped, and the remaining 30 something soldiers had made use of the time Yue Zhong spent to destroy the gunner cars to split up and run towards the forest.

Li Xiaoli had seen through Yue Zhong’s weakness at a glance, which was that Yue Zhong was only by himself, and facing a retreating troop that split up, he could at most kill 7 to 8 of them. The remaining soldiers would be able to escape safely.

“Hmph! Wanna run?! How can it be so easy!!” Yue Zhong looked at the 30+ Vietnamese soldiers, as he laughed coldly, and emitted a shrill howl.

In just a few moments, numerous Mutant Leopard Cats pounced out from the forest and charged towards the Vietnamese soldiers

Those Vietnamese soldiers were elite soldiers, and if they had the backing of cover and fortified defences, then it would be a piece of cake for them to deal with a hundred Mutant Leopard Cats. However, this was a place with no fortifications and they were simply no match for these Mutant Leopard Cats. They easily pounced over and knocked the soldiers to the ground, before ripping their throats out.

“Beasts!!! Damn beasts!!!! I’ll not let you live!!” Li Xiaoli saw his elite subordinates being pounced on and having their throats ripped out, his eyes turned red. He was after all a Level 20 Enhancer, and he activated his own [High Speed Movement], as he dashed madly towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong did not understand Li Xiaoli’s Vietnamese, and as he looked at him charging towards himself, his brows furrowed, and he lifted his Stinger and pointed it at Li Xiaoli.

With a peng, Li Xiaoli had not even reached Yue Zhong, when his brains were blasted apart.

“Kill them all! Leave not a single one behind!” Yue Zhong’s icy gaze swept across the Vietnamese soldiers, as he commanded Lightning. He had not a shred of goodwill towards these Vietnamese beasts who had slaughtered a huge number of Chinese, and naturally did not want to leave anybody alive.

Upon receiving his order, Lightning, whose innate beast-savagery ran through its blood, felt extremely excited, and immediately led its brothers to slaughter the remaining soldiers, before helping themselves to a feast.

Yue Zhong then collected all the equipment that was left behind into one of the APCs, leaving the ground full of dead bodies, and drove the APC back to town.

By this time, the entire town was engulfed in chaos, under Li Xiaoli’s orders previously, there were many Vietnamese mobs, and Vietnamese survivors who just wanted to escape from the town.

When Yue Zhong led Zheng Minghe and Li Guangguo to subdue the town and cleanse it of all the troublemakers, ensuring that everything had quietened down, there were only 200-plus Chinese survivors and 600-plus Vietnamese survivors.

When the situation had been contained, Yue Zhong then brought them to leave the town, before he did, he even released a fire in the town, causing it to be burnt down cleanly, leaving nothing behind.

The most luxurious villa in Tooth County had been converted to the main living quarters of the Great Empire of Vietnam, and all the commands were given out from here.

Within the villa, in a meeting hall, there was a man of about 27 years old, his body burly, his features defined, and had a head of long hair that reached his shoulders. He had a fierce expression on his face as he was looking at another middle-aged man kneeling in front of him as he asked: “What!! 3 battalions were destroyed by the Chinese Association? How is that possible? How can they have that kind of power? Is this for real, Song Weiyun?”

Song Weiyun’s back broke out in cold sweat, and he dared not reply slowly: “It’s true! My liege, from the reports of those soldiers who made it back alive, they were ambushed by an Enhancer that could command a large group of Mutant Beasts. He even had a Type 2 Mutant Beast with him.”

The young man with a fierce aura between his brows was precisely the leader of the Great Empire of Vietnam, Wuyan Hong. He had just returned from hunting Mutant Beasts in the forest and had received news of the demise of 3 of his battalions, causing him to be enraged.

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