God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 340

Chapter 340 – Wuyan Hong’s Fury!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

3 battalions consisted of almost 1,500 soldiers. At the same time, amongst those 3 battalions, there were the 5th and 7th Battalions which possessed decent fighting strength. They were soldiers that Wuyan Hong had painstakingly trained up amongst the 14 battalions under his command. Since these 3 battalions were decimated, it was like Wuyan Hong had received a deep knife wound, of course it infuriated him.

Wuyan Hong frowned and stared at Song Weiyun and asked in a low voice: “Type 2 Mutant Beast? What kind of person can control a Type 2 Mutant Beast?”

Wuyan Hong frequently honed himself within the forests, and naturally knew of the ferocity of the Type 2 Mutant Beasts. It was the first time that he heard of an Enhancer who could control a Type 2 Mutant Beast.

“We do not know the name of that Enhancer who could control the Type 2 Mutant Beast. However, we have his photograph here.” Song Weiyun quickly pulled out a photograph where Yue Zhong’s appearance was distinctly captured.

After all, the soldiers of the 5th Battalion were still elites, even when they had collapsed and retreated, there were some who managed to take pictures of Yue Zhong.

“It’s him!!” The Wolf Fang Battalion’s commander Wu Dahui saw the photos of Yue Zhong and he couldn’t help but exclaim while his expression turned ugly. He hated this person to the core, after he had wiped out his elite troops and was currently holding Li Bingyan captive. Now that he saw Yue Zhong’s photo, he lost his sense of self subconsciously.

Wuyan Hong’s gaze retracted, and turned to Wu Dahui: “Dahui, you know this guy?”

The Wolf Fang Battalion was one of the sharpest weapons of Wuyan Hong. Wu Dahui was also a well-liked general of Wuyan Hong. Since the elite battalion had gained a lot of merit for the Great Empire of Vietnam, Wuyan Hong valued Wu Dahui’s opinions greatly.

Wu Dahui gritted his teeth and spat out in a steely tone: “Liege! This is the Chinese expert that assaulted Tooth County previously. The team led by Dayang had perished at his hands.”

Although the Wolf Fang Battalion was termed as a battalion of elites, the actual number of experts inside did not exceed a 100 people, and for 10 experts to have died at the hands of Yue Zhong, it was considered a huge blow to the Wolf Fang Battalion.

Wuyan Hong frowned, before asking: “Do you guys know his background?”

Although Wuyan Hong was a ruthless and merciless killer, he wasn’t an idiot. He wanted to find out about Yue Zhong thoroughly, before deciding on the next course of action.

The various officials all stared at each other, their faces grim, and not a single word was spoken. Yue Zhong had been transported by the Nether Beast only recently, no one had even heard of him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had committed such huge acts one after another successively, no one would know about him. Furthermore, collecting intelligence in this post-apocalyptic era was not like in the past, and it took much longer to gather enough information to make a detailed judgement about a person.

Wuyan Hong looked at his officials keeping silent, and he couldn’t suppress his anger anymore, as he lashed out: “Rice buckets!! A bunch of useless rice buckets!!*1This Chinese dog has killed so many of our brothers. So many days have passed, yet you useless pricks have not been able to get a hold of any information on him!!! Not even his name!!! I’ve really kept you guys around me for nothing!!!”

The Great Empire Of Vietnam was coined by Wuyan Hong himself, and he took pride in it as his very own nation. Prior to the apocalypse, he was only a ordinary Vietnamese citizen, albeit with extremist and racist views. He did not possess any etiquette or charm. The moment this self-appointed emperor got angry, the words that came out of his mouth were definitely curses.

After screaming and lashing out at his officials, Wuyan Hong’s anger was finally abated. He calmed down and eyed his intelligence officer coldly, commanding: “An Nishun!! How are you doing your job? I’m giving you a week, I don’t care how, you better get me information on this Chinese dog, is that clear?”

An Nishun cried out miserably inwardly, this mysterious person had just suddenly appeared, and started wreaking havoc, it was going to be extremely tough to get information on him. This was after all the post-apocalyptic world, where people were scarce, and information sharing was poor, to get to the bottom of a person’s background, it was going to take more than 10 times the effort. However, seeing Wuyan Hong’s gaze of fury, he could only harden his skin and reply to the affirmative. “Yes! My liege!!”

As someone cruel and harsh, those who dared retort or talk back to Wuyan Hong would almost certainly be reduced to a pile of bones. An Nishun naturally feared death, and he could only agree to embark upon this monumental task.

Only then did Wuyan Hong nod his head in satisfaction, as he though to himself that once he gotten information on this Chinese man, he would be able to let him have a taste of his prowess.

“Liege!! Liege!! Emergency intel!!” Right at this time, a communications officer knocked on the door of the meeting hall with urgency as he called out.

“Come in!!” Wuyan Hong frowned, as a bad feeling arose in his heart.

The communications officer walked into the meeting hall and reported loudly: “Liege! Nandu Town had been attacked by the Chinese Association. Li Xiaoli’s troops have been totally annihilated. Every single one of the 156 soldiers have been wiped out!”

“WHAT???” Wuyan Hong’s face instant drained of colour, his right fist smashing fiercely on the table, causing a hole to appear in it.

Li Xiaoli was one of the generals under Wuyan Hong that could fight battles extremely well. The 100+ warriors stationed at Nandu Town were all elite soldiers as well. Just that single company could easily cause his 9th Battalion to be defeated casually, and they had finished their fortifications of Nandu Town, without the assistance of any heavy weapons, even 2 infantry battalions would find it hard to breach the town.

An entire company of elite soldiers was actually decimated by someone, this was threatening to push Wuyan Hong off the edge. He had wanted to use this company as the core for a new battalion to be trained up that dared and could fight.

Wuyan Hong suppressed the fury in his heart with difficulty, as he stared at the communications officer and questioned harshly: “A thorough report!! I want a thorough report!! How did Li Xiaoli and the rest die?!”

Nandu Town was fortified, Li Xiaoli’s company was also full of well-trained soldiers. Wuyan Hong could not wrap his head around how the entire company could be destroyed so easily, not even being able to resist before reinforcements arrived.

“It seems that an expert from the Chinese Association that could manipulate flames appeared. His flames easily killed the entire company of Li Xiaoli.” The communications officer hesitated a while, before giving what he knew: “Based on the reports of the survivors who managed to escape, the expert was called Yue Zhong.”

Wu Dahui was currently frowning as he thought to himself, before suddenly turning to Wuyan Hong and said: “Flame Manipulation? That’s right! Liege, the Chinese expert who killed Dayang and the rest was also an expert who could manipulate flames. It seems that Yue Zhong, must be the person who killed Dayang and had launched an ambush on the 5th, 7th and 9th Battalions!”

Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed with an incredible violent gleam, as he ordered his police chief: “Yue Zhong!! Seems like he has thrown his weight in with the Chinese Association!!! God damn you Chinese Association. I’ll never forgive you bunch of animals!!!! Ma Cunxiang, go catch 200 Chinese dogs to be executed!! Since that Chinese dog Yue Zhong dare to kill our noble soldiers of the Great Empire of Vietnam, I’ll kill his fellow country dogs!!”

Ma Cunxiang’s eyes flashed, as he replied with respect: “Yes! Liege!”

In Tooth County, there were 2,500 Chinese survivors. These Chinese survivors were either from overseas, while some were absorbed by Wuyan Hong after he attacked Friendship Town. In fact, the total number of Chinese that Wuyan Hong had captured once numbered in the 6,000s, but after the different torture and torment, there were only 2,500 left.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he needed the Chinese males as slaves to do the hard labour, and the Chinese females to be treated as playthings, he would have killed them all long ago.

It was precisely because he had killed too many Chinese slaves, that he had to raise the issue of buying some Chinese slaves from Li Guangyi, in exchange for a huge amount of rations, just so he could replenish his ranks of work and sex slaves.

Wuyan Hong’s eyes darted about with a ferocity, as he gritted his teeth and barked: “An Nishun, go and check the current location of the Chinese Association. This time, once I know where they are, I’m gonna make sure they’re wiped out!!”

An Nishun immediately replied respectfully: “Yes! Liege!”

Under Wuyan Hong’s commands, the various reconnaissance and intelligence soldiers set out as they made their way to the different locations of the Chinese Association.

The Wolf Fang Battalion soldiers were also sent out, specially to check the surrounding towns, to search for traces of Yue Zhong and the Chinese Association.

Wuyan Hong also ceased his training in the woods, and instead, he started arranging for the genocide of the Chinese.

Under the pressure and forceful suppression of the Great Empire of Vietnam, the surrounding Chinese factions were smashed. The Chinese survivors were all captured and became Wuyan Hong’s slaves. The difference in power of both sides were too great, up against an absolute power, the Chinese had no way of retaliating.

As for Yue Zhong, who had conquered Nandu Town and exterminated the troops of Li Xiaoli, he brought the spoils of war and survivors out and joined the rest of Wei Ningguo’s troop. After that, they abandoned the small town of the Freemasons, and everyone headed north, entering the forests to join with the Chinese Association.

“You’re awake! How do you feel?” After concussing for 3 days, she finally blinked her eyes open, and immediately saw Yue Zhong beside her.

This lady felt extremely touched, before she closed her eyes and checked her body status, before revealing an excited smile: “Master, my Spirit has risen by 20 points. Now it’s at 26 points!!”

“Good!!” Yue Zhong gazed at Ming Jiajia and smiled gently, before he pondered a while, and took out a bottle filled with Snake Birth Fruit Juice and handed it to Ming Jiajia before saying: “This can let you become an Evolver, if you feel that you can be loyal to me for your entire life, you may drink it. If you feel that you can’t do it, I won’t force you. I can give you your freedom as well. I will put it bluntly first, if you dare to betray me once you gain strength, I will definitely not let you off!”

Ming Jiajia received it as her face showed an expression of resolution, and immediately gulped the contents, before using her sweet voice to say: “Master, rest assured, in this lifetime, Jiajia is yours.”

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