God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 342

Chapter 342 – The Only Chance!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Ming Jiajia lifted her head to see Yue Zhong sitting beside her, and her heart leapt with joy, before she closed her eyes to sense the changes in her body. She then quickly said: “Master! The 6 attributes are now like this, Strength 12, Agility 11, Spirit 43, Stamina 10, Endurance 10, Vitality 11. I’ve become a Spirit-based Evolver, and have learnt the Level 3 Skill [ Summon Shadow Wolf] and the Level 3 passive Skill [Affinity].”

After becoming an Evolver, every part of the body’s constitution would gain enhancements. Even if it’s a child, after turning into an Evolver, her current constitution would be better than other normal people. It was the case for Yao yao then, and is the same case for Ming Jiajia now, they both possess bodies stronger than even an adult.

When Yue Zhong heard that Ming Jiajia had obtained 2 skills, his eyes shined with delight, obviously Ming Jiajia was a genius who possessed some potential as well, that was how she managed to comprehend 2 skills at once.

Yue Zhong had used the Snake Birth Fruit juice to help others to evolve, but those Evolvers had only gained a skill upon Evolution, unlike Ming Jiajia who gained 2.

Yue Zhong’s eyes retracted and he said: “Oh!! Let’s summon out your beast to have a look!”

“Yes!” Ming Jiajia replied docilely, before waving her little hands, and activated her [Summon Shadow Wolf]. A demon wolf appeared noiselessly out of thin air, its fur entirely black as night, as it stared at Yue Zhong silently while it stood beside Ming Jiajia, giving off an impression that it would snap anytime.

Yue Zhong looked at the Shadow Wolf and asked Ming Jiajia: “What are its abilities?”

“While walking in the shadows, it’s hard for people to detect it, it also has the [Pursuit] ability.” Ming Jiajia thought for awhile, before waving her hand at the Shadow Wolf.

The Shadow Wolf and Ming Jiajia were connected through thought, and it walked to the shadows at a corner. The moment it came into contact with the shadow, its body seemed to twist and meld into the shadow on the wall.

Yue Zhong had kept his eyes focused on the Shadow Wolf, and even though he thought he was mentally prepared, he still could not see the Shadow Wolf. His heart went cold, and his gaze focused once again on the shadow, barely making out the existence of the wolf. As long as his attention was shifted away just slightly, he would not be able to see it anymore.

Yue Zhong asked Ming Jiajia: “How many of them can you summon?”

If this type of Shadow Wolf could be summoned in numbers, then in the dark of the night, they would be a fearsome force. It could stay hidden noiseless within the shadows, and could easily rip out the throats of normal people.

Ming Jiajia thought for a while before replying: “This Shadow Wolf requires 10 Spirit points per summon, maintaining it requires 2 Spirit points every 10 minutes. Therefore, my maximum capacity is 3 Shadow Wolves with a time limit of 10 minutes.”

Yue Zhong continued asking: “Then what about the [Affinity] ability?”

The [Affinity] ability had never been dropped even after Yue Zhong had killed so many Mutant Beasts, it was definitely somewhat special.

Ming Jiajia furrowed her brows slightly: “This skill doesn’t have much use, it only increases the goodwill that Mutant Beasts will have for me.”

Yue Zhong continued asking: “Can it be used to tame Mutant Beasts?”

If it could be used to tame Mutant Beasts, then it was an useful skill. Otherwise, it was just of a small help.

Ming Jiajia observed her skill carefully, before replying: “Nope! It can only increase the affection levels, so Mutant Beasts would not attack me. However, the skill is useless against the more aggressive types and those that do not possess some intelligence.”

Yue Zhong thought for a while, then said: “Alright! Time for breakfast!”

“Yes! Master!” Ming Jiajia replied obediently, before picking up the food beside her and starting to munch on it.

Chen Yao, Ming Jiajia and Gan Tao: as of now Yue Zhong had 3 Evolvers with him, but none of them were going to be of help against Wuyan Hong. As for the rest, Yue Zhong could turn them into Evolvers, but their loyalty was questionable.

“Boss Yue!” Zheng Minghe walked into the room and looked strangely at Yue Zhong who was sitting beside Ming Jiajia, as he saluted respectfully.

Yue Zhong nodded lightly and asked Zheng Minghe: “The thing I asked you to check, how is it?”

Zheng Minghe reported: “The surrounding areas have all been locked down by Wuyan Hong. Furthermore, I’ve received news from the Chinese Association that the nearby Chinese factions have been facing extermination by Wuyan Hong. Many Vietnamese survivors have joined Wuyan Hong’s side as well.

Wuyan Hong had suffered a huge loss, with Yue Zhong having decimated 4 of his battalions. However, with just an order, he could totally wipe out a huge number of Chinese factions, while absorbing the Vietnamese survivors himself. He was recovering his power and extending his reach. After all, they were in Vietnam, and as a Vietnamese, he had the influence.

Yue Zhong then asked: “Can the Chinese Association get messages to the rest of the Chinese factions?”

Zheng Minghe had a grim look as he shook his head: “Not possible! Those that the Chinese Association can reach have already been swept by Wuyan Hong. Those who have not been wiped out have all hidden within the forest, and communications with them have been lost.”

“Seems like we’re all alone?” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, his heart felt like it was pressed down by a huge stone, as he softly spoke out.

In this area, there was only the Chinese Association and Yue Zhong’s establishment that were still struggling in the forest. If things continued on like this, it would only be a matter of time before Wuyan Hong’s troops discover them. Once they were discovered, they would be awaiting the full scale assault from his troops. Although the survivors under Yue Zhong all possessed high morale, their training was not sufficient to prepare them to withstand the attack from Wuyan Hong.

Trying to expand one’s own power in a foreign land was simply too hard. Especially since they were at the northern areas where the Vietnamese still disliked the Chinese, if it were the south, Yue Zhong’s expansion would have gone smoother.

Yue Zhong finally asked: “What about other intelligence?”

Zheng Minghe hesitated a while before saying: “I caught someone, from his mouth, I’ve obtained information that Li Guangyi had already allied with Wuyan Hong, and had agreed to be under him. Also, I’m unsure when it happened, but Li Guangyi had borrowed 2 battalions of soldiers from Wuyan Hong.”

“Something must have happened!! This is also our chance!! Maybe our only chance!!” Yue Zhong frowned, as his mind started racing.

“But what kind of event? Li Guangyi’s also someone with 10 battalions! How could he lower his head to borrow from Wuyan Hong? Oh right! A zombie horde! There must be some movement from the zombies around Gaoping City. Otherwise Li Guangyi wouldn’t be that nervous!!” Yue Zhong analyzed the situation and thought through the possible scenarios faced by Li Guangyi, before coming to this conclusion on the most fearsome enemy.

The zombies are the enemies of all humankind. Gaoping City itself had over 500,000 zombies near it. With only 10 battalions of 4,000 over soldiers, and the majority being new soldiers, coupled with the fact that there was still friction between the soldiers of the battalions, wanting to deal with a horde of 500,000 zombies would be a problem. In terms of power, Li Guangyi’s troops could never compare to Wuyan Hong’s troops, therefore that was the only plausible reason for Li Guangyi to submit to Wuyan Hong.

After thinking through all this, Yue Zhong immediately stood up and made for the Chinese Association’s direction.

Shu Wenyan heard Yue Zhong’s suggestions, and his eyes flashed with shock, and his brows furrowed: “What?! Yue Zhong, you want us to go with you and launch an attack on the north! Do you know what you’re saying?! The north is Li Guangyi’s territory. Right now, Wuyan Hong’s forces are out there everywhere searching for our tracks. The moment Li Guangyi send some troops to block us, Wuyan Hong can cut us off from behind, and the end result is unimaginable.”

Liu Niujin could not resist and exclaim: “Yue Zhong! Are you crazy? It’s not that you’re not unclear of our strength. Everyone of us added together would still not be enough to deal with Li Guangyi. As long as he deploys a few battalions, it would be enough to block us.”

Everyone’s gazes landed on Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong said in a deep voice: “I’ve not gone crazy! This is our only chance!! Li Guangyi had borrowed 2 battalions from Wuyan Hong, and I reckon that it’s to deal with the zombie horde in Gaoping City. Under such circumstances, he most likely has no time to deal with us. As long as we can eradicate the forces sent by Wuyan Hong, we can break out of this encirclement and make for Guangxi from Gaoping City!”

Wang Xingchun frowned and looked at Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, you said it yourself. Li Guangyi had borrowed the troops on speculation that it was to deal with the zombie horde. What if it’s not, and instead, it’s in preparation to deal with us?”

Hu Yan stared at Yue Zhong: “If that’s the case, I’m afraid our entire Association will perish! All 2,000-plus of us will become corpses!”

Yue Zhong looked at Shu Wenyan and replied mildly: “I know that! However, staying here is not an option! Just a bit more time spent here, Wuyan Hong’s forces will come by sooner or later. By that time, unless we hide further in the forest where the Type 2’s and Type 3’s are, or we’ll have to clash with him.

Based on our current power right now, we definitely would perish under either option. Going towards Gaoping City and launching an attack is our only way out now. My decision is set, regardless of what you guys say, I’ll be attacking after a day. Wenyan, what are your plans?”

Fighting towards Gaoping City was definitely risky, Yue Zhong knew that with the slightest error, this establishment of Chinese would definitely die. However, it was the only chance they could afford to do something, otherwise, there would be no other chance for survival in the future.

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