God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 343

Chapter 343 – Risky Infiltration!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Shu Wenyan frowned, pondering silently before replying: “Yue Zhong, your suggestion is too risky. I would like to consider it a few days before giving you a firm answer.”

Yue Zhong laughed indifferently: “A few days? Sure! Once you’re done thinking you can let me know. But I’ll be leaving tomorrow! You best be giving me an answer tonight.”

Yue Zhong didn’t like dragging things on, since he had already made a decision on doing something, he wanted to do it well, the moment he left the Chinese Association’s meeting location, he had already ordered for his men to prepare to evacuate and attack towards the North.

As for the different people in the Chinese Association, Yue Zhong knew that it was hard to convince them without enough evidence. After all, this operation to attack Gaoping City was indeed a risky one, it could be said that it was a gamble. If he won this gamble, then he could escape from this quicksand that was Vietnam, and gain access to the other side, which was home. If he lost the bet, then those survivors that were following him would die.

The moment Yue Zhong left, Wang Xingchun directly asked Shu Wenyan: “Wenyan, seems like he had already made up his mind to attack Gaoping City!! What do we do? Are we going to risk it together with him?”

Shu Wenyan contemplated a while before replying: “Let’s wait and see!”

The Chinese Association was not willing to bear such a huge risk on a gamble, after all, it was a lot safer here.

Evening, Yue Zhong had just finished his dinner, and was taking a stroll in the nearby woods with Ming Jiajia.

“Come out!” Yue Zhong suddenly looked to a dark corner within the forest and called out.

“How did you do that? That’s twice you’ve discovered me!!” Zheng Qiang was slightly annoyed as he walked out of that dark spot, walking towards Yue Zhong as he asked curiously.

Yue Zhong chuckled and changed the topic: “How is it? The Chinese Association ought to have come to a decision yea? Is it to fight, or to stay?”

Zheng Qiang stared at Yue Zhong a while, before replying in a solemn tone: “Yue Zhong, you’re really unsure if there is a zombie horde at Gaoping City right now?”

Yue Zhong looked calmly at Zheng Qiang and replied: “I’m not a god, how can I confirm what the situation is like over there right now. I’ve only come to a conclusion based on the available information.”

Zheng Qiang had an earnest look as he tried to appeal to Yue Zhong: “Let’s go scout the place out now? You have the Type 2 Mutant Beast as a mount, we can check the situation out in just a single night.”

Yue Zhong thought for a while, before rejecting it: “No way!! I need to conserve enough Stamina and Spirit to deal with the fight tomorrow.”

Zheng Qiang’s suggestion was pretty decent, but he neglected one point, which was Yue Zhong did not trust the Chinese Association.

If Yue Zhong left to conduct reconnaissance, it was likely that the Chinese Association will swallow his subordinates. If he came back, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. He couldn’t possibly kill the members of the Chinese Association. These days, Yue Zhong did not step too far away from his people, because of his concerns.

Zheng Qiang was a little disappointed, but he continued trying to plead with Yue Zhong: “Then Yue Zhong, shall we wait till we confirm the intelligence, before taking action? As long as we can confirm the authenticity of the situation, we’ll set out together, and our forces will be stronger together.”

Yue Zhong shook his head and extended his olive branch: “Speed is vital!! Who knows what might happen after today. I need to grab hold of this chance, otherwise, we’ll definitely be wiped out if we stay here. Zheng Qiang why don’t you come with me?”

Zheng Qiang rejected him straightaway: “No! I can’t do that. The president has treated me well! I can’t abandon him at this time!”

“I’ll follow you!!” Right at this time, the beautiful Shu Tianya stepped out.

Yue Zhong looked towards Shu Tianya with a questioning gaze. Based on his abilities, Shu Tianya had actually gotten so close before being discovered by him, she was obviously not simple.

In this post-apocalypse, women had a disadvantage at survival. However, those who possessed authority and power, not one was a simple character. Shu Tianya had risen to an elder position, this was entirely due to her own strengths.

Shu Tianya smiled coyly at Yue Zhong: “Why? Am I not welcomed?”

Yue Zhong looked at that absolute beauty and replied with his own smile: “How is that possible! Tianya, you’re really coming with me? Have you obtained your brother’s approval?”

Shu Tianya replied in a bright voice: “He is he! I am my own person! The things i decide, why should I seek his approval. What you said earlier today, I do see your point and agree with it. Since it’s going to be like this, why not try giving it a shot. When should we wait till? The enemy is stronger than me, only by a miracle can we break out of this.”

Shu Tianya was a woman with strong views, and did not just agree with everything her brother said. During the establishment of the Chinese Association, Shu Tianya had helped laid quite the foundation.

Yue Zhong laughed and said: “Great!! Then let’s work hand-in-hand to slaughter our way out!”

Other than Shu Tianya, the Chinese Association had no one else willing to take the risk with Yue Zhong.

The 2nd morning, Yue Zhong led his 1,000-strong force, all having done with their preparations, as they started marching towards the north. Shu Tianya led her own force of 46 female soldiers as they joined Yue Zhong in their northbound march.

Within the forest, there were 6 camouflaged soldiers, their faces smeared with mud, and they donned helmets covered in green as they made their way carefully along the main paths and searched. They were elite soldiers deployed by Wuyan Hong, and they were specifically gathering information on the Chinese Association and Yue Zhong.

These 6 were experienced, and as they searched the forests carefully, they were meticulous to not leave their own traces.

Having searched extensively, they across this huge tree, when suddenly, a hail of bullets were fired downwards, causing 3 of the reconnaissance soldiers to die immediately.

The remaining 3 soldiers immediately dodged towards the side, as they ran for cover and raised their own guns to fire back up the tree.

“It’s no use!!! There’s no point in a useless struggle! Since you’ve been revealed, there’s only one path left for you: death!!”

Zheng Minghe jumped down from the tree, dodging the bullets and swiftly threw a hand grenade towards one of the soldiers.

With a huge explosion, the grenade exploded and blasted the recon soldier into bits and pieces.

The faces of the other 2 soldiers immediately fell, as they started firing like their lives depended on it.

As they were spraying their bullets, a Shadow Wolf suddenly appeared from the shadows, and immediately snapped its jaws around the throat of one of the soldiers, snapping his windpipe.

After killing the soldier in a single bite, the Shadow Wolf did not pause, and instantly pounced on the other soldier, ripping his throat off as well.

The sounds of gunfire immediately died down in the forest.

“What a strong summon!!” After the conclusion of the gunfight, Zheng Minghe walked out from behind a tree, as it looked at the Shadow Wolf with a complicated gleam in his eyes.

The might of this Shadow Wolf was simply terrifying, appearing like a ghost on the battlefield. It had noiselessly killed 2 elite soldiers. Even for someone like Zheng Minghe, to handle those 2 soldiers would have required a bit more time. That Shadow Wolf actually accomplished it in less than a few breaths of time.

Ming Jiajia, decked in a military uniform came stepping out from another part of the woods, as she asked Zheng Minghe: “Is it settled?”

“Yes! Miss Jiajia!” Zheng Minghe looked at Ming Jiajia with a complicated gaze as he replied.

Ming Jiajia’s ability [Summon Shadow Wolf] had a huge potential on the battlefield, Yue Zhong had hence arranged for Ming Jiajia to be part of the recon group led by Zheng Minghe to be trained under him, allowing her to gain some experience and to be more comfortable with her command of the skill.

After dealing with those recon soldiers and a few sentries hidden around the area, Yue Zhong’s group continued on their march towards the North-east direction. The moment Wuyan Hong found out his recon soldiers and sentries were killed, he would react quickly, hence this place was not safe to linger for long.

Yue Zhong and his troops marched on for an entire morning, before they finally heard the sounds of a battle from the north, it was obvious that there was an intense battle going on at the moment.

“Those are the sounds of heavy artillery!! That’s right!! They are definitely fighting the zombie horde!!” Yue Zhong heard the sounds of the heavy artillery, his eyes flashed with excitement, as he summoned Wei Ningguo “Wei Ningguo! I’ll leave things here under your command temporarily. I’ll go in front and scout the situation.”

Only by seeing the situation with his own eyes, Yue Zhong will then have confidence in his next step.

Wei Ningguo replied: “Yes!! Boss Yue!!”

Yue Zhong jumped onto Lightning’s back as they shot forward like a meteor towards the north.

Lightning’s running speed at its maximum was far beyond that of a sports car, and Yue Zhong came to the frontlines in a few breaths.

Only to discover that the zombie horde had surrounded Gaoping City, not leaving even space for water to trickle past, as the densely packed horde of zombies were engaging in a fierce assault on the walls.

The troops of Li Guangyi were currently making use of their covers and fortifications to help defend against the onslaught.

The horde of over 500,000 zombies was pretty fearsome, even with the defences and fortifications, under the constant attacks of the zombie horde, there were a few important bases that were overrun.

“Damn it!! The bridge is jammed!!!!” Yue Zhong rode on Lightning as they circled one time, at the same time killing a few zombies, as they discovered that the bridge towards Gaoping City had been blocked by the zombie horde.

The horde of 500,000 were simply too many, stretching for miles. The commanding Z-Type had also split the horde in 2, one half moving towards the east, the other moving towards the west, as they both launched a 2-prong attack on Gaoping City.

By this time, the zombies and humans were engaged in an intense battle, the numbers of the zombies massive, there were even evolved ones within the mix. The humans had the aid of fortifications and powerful modern weaponry. A large number of the zombies were being picked off under the heavy assault from Li Guangyi’s troops, although they had gained some ground, they didn’t kill that many either.

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