God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 344

Chapter 344 – Hunting the New Type 2 Hunters!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“No! If this goes on, even if we take an entire day, we cant’ pass!!” Yue Zhong eyed the battle in the distance as he frowned. The zombie horde had been blocked by the fortifications and defences placed by the humans, and in that narrow area, the horde could not press forward with its huge size.

Based on the current situation, it seemed the battle will at least go on for days.

“What’s that?”

Just as Yue Zhong was in deep thought, amongst the zombie horde, 6 2m-tall shadows suddenly appeared as they leapt forward. Their bodies were covered with a weird mucus and had long tails. Their 4 limbs moved on the ground, with sharp claws extending from the ends. They shot forward like spectres, dodging the hail of bullets, as they came quickly in front of the fortress, and opened their huge mouths to spit out enormous green globs of saliva into the fortress.

Immediately, an agonized scream came resounding from within the fortress, as the heavy machine gun and its user that had killed over a hundred zombies was liquefied by the green spit.

“Level 50 Strange Beast: Type 2 Hunters. Possessing super speed, and the ability to spit corrosive saliva.” Yue Zhong had just cast a glance at the 6 weird beasts, before the notification resounded in his head.

Those 6 Type 2 Hunters had a speed just slightly lower than Lightning, the moment they went all out, their speed was way above Yue Zhong’s. These 6 strange beasts weaved in and out constantly on the battlefield towards the various defence points, and spat out their terrifying corrosive spit, destroying the defences.

When the 6 beasts joined in the battle, there was a huge shift in the tide of the fight. As those defences were destroyed one after another, the horde swarmed in to attack those locations, overrunning those strategic points.

Yue Zhong looked at the horde as he whipped out his walkie-talkie, as he commanded Wei Ningguo: “Wei Ningguo! Think of a way to cross the nearest river. Do not get closer to Gaoping City anymore!”

The fighting capabilities of this 500,000-strong horde had exceeded Yue Zhong’s expectations, obviously while humans were evolving, the zombies were evolving as well. The zombies could easily cause the small entourage that Yue Zhong brought to be decimated within seconds. Yue Zhong had not choice but to get his men to get across through other means.

“Yes! Boss Yue!!” Wei Ningguo started for the direction of the river after he received the order.

Amongst Yue Zhong’s troops, there were Chinese survivors from Gaoping as well, and they were familiar with the surrounding territory.

Just as the 6 Type 2 Hunters were running around rampant on the battlefield, all of a sudden, one of the hunters was stopped in place, as a rocket landed on its body, exploding out, blasting that Hunter into pieces.

“They’ve finally made their move!” Yue Zhong’s gaze retracted, as he looked towards the distance, and noticed a few strong Enhancers appearing at the forefront of the battle. Li Guangyi had finally snapped, and sent out his experts to hunt and kill those Type 2 Hunters.

If they allowed the 6 Hunters to do as they like, Gaoping City would likely fall within a day.

Yue Zhong observed the surroundings before he leapt down from Lightning’s back and climbed up an overly large tree. Settling in, he pulled out his Bartlett Sniper and used it to scope the distance.

From the scope, Yue Zhong could clearly see about 15 Enhancers currently engaged in a fierce battle with the remaining 5 Type 2 Hunters.

Flames, ice spears, ground spikes, all sorts of enhanced abilities were being casted, as they were directed at the Type 2 Hunters.

Under those explosive attacks, the 5 Type 2 Hunters were reduced by 1 more. However, near those Hunters, there were over a hundred S2s. After 2 of the Type 2 Hunters had been killed, the S2s started charging towards those 15 Enhancers as well.

As they were caught off guard and 2 of their comrades were killed, the remaining 4 Type 2 Hunters started to give off an intense killing aura. One of them leapt forth in a frenzy, appearing behind one of the Enhancers, as it shot out its tongue, and pierced through the head of the Enhancer, pinning him to the ground, dead.

Another of the Hunter jumped on top of a wall, and ran with all its speed, suddenly appearing in front of a summoning Enhancer, as it spat out its corrosive spit to envelope the Enhancer, causing the Enhancer to be melted into a pile of bones.

The 4 Type 2 Hunters had instantly retaliated and killed a few of the experts under Li Guangyi, however, the forces of Li Guangyi still remained steadfast.

The leader of this band of experts was called Lei Kewang, an Evolver of Level 42. His entire body was encased in a thick armour of more than 10cm. He moved like a tank as he charged towards those Type 2 Hunters, as he surrounded himself with 8 pieces of sawtooth rotating at high speed, killing any unfortunate S2s that got too close to him.

Another Hunter shot out its tongue to pierce the brains of another Enhancer, and after it retracted its long tongue, it opened up its huge mouth to spit its green corrosive saliva at Lei Kewang.

Lei Kewang’s eyes flashed, as the surrounding metal plates shot towards the green spit.

The moment the green spit landed on those metal plates, they caused some holes to be corroded through, forming a puddle on the ground.

Lei Kewang charged towards the Hunter without any decrease in his momentum, and along the way, the 8 metal plates still surrounded him and rotated extremely fast, mincing the S2s all around him.

When the Type 2 Hunter saw that Lei Kewang was charging towards it, its body flashed, and in one leap, it had jumped to the top of a building, as it quickly ran, before appearing behind Lei Kewang, and it shot its tongue towards him.

The tongue of these Type 2 Hunters could easily pierce a vehicle, but facing Lei Kewang, with such a impregnable defence, it only managed to create a huge dent in his armor.

Lei Kewang was knocked back a few metres after receiving that blow from the Type 2 Hunter, but at the same time, he slashed at the air towards the Type 2 Hunter in a claw-like gesture.

In that instant, steel beams exploded out from the building the Hunter was on, as they pierced into the Type 2 Hunter. The 8 metal shards that were rotating around Lei Kewang shot towards the head of the Hunter, shredding it into minced meat, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Lei Kewang had taken down a Type 2 Hunter all by himself, and the number of remaining Hunters dropped to 3. The pressure on the rest of the experts were lessened considerably.

After Lei Kewang had killed that Type 2 Hunter, he also heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they expended a little more effort, they would be able to bring down the remaining 3 Hunters.

Peng! The gunshot rang out, just as Lei Kewang had relaxed, as one of the Strength-based Enhancers found a new hole in his brain, as he dropped to the ground lifelessly.

“Sniper!! Damn!!” Lei Kewang saw his subordinate’s brains blow apart and could not help but curse out loud.


The gunshot rang out again, this time, an Enhancer with [Plant Manipulation] who was holding his own against 7 S2s died.

After having 2 of their Enhancers sniped, Lei Kewang led his team to quickly search for cover, as they retreated hastily.

The moment the team of experts retreated, they lost their control of the battle, and the attacks of the remaining 3 Hunters became even more ferocious. They charged forward at an insane speed, appearing behind those fleeing Enhancers as they shot out their tongues and pierced the humans brains.

A large number of those Enhancers could not withstand the blows from the Type 2 Hunters, and they were hunted like flies by the joint attacks from the Hunters and S2s.

“Damn it! Everybody, give your all to kill those 3 Type 2 Hunters!!” Lei Kewang had a desperate look as he hollered out madly, before charging towards one of the Type 2 Hunters.

The speed of the Type 2 Hunters were simply too fast, if this team of experts were to retreat, they would immediately be picked off by the Type 2 Hunters.

“Kill them!” A Level 34 Enhancer with the [Air Manipulation] ability shouted out as well. His eyes were both bloodshot, as he slashed towards the empty air, activating his skill and creating multiple pockets of air to restrain one of the Type 2 Hunters. At the start of the battle, it was he who had stopped the movement of the first Hunter, allowing it to be blasted by the rocket.

Peng! Another gunshot rang out, and the poor sod had a new hole in his head, as he slumped to the floor, dead.

When even the Enhancer with [Air Manipulation] was killed, the rest of the Enhancers were forced to hide behind cover, and there, Yue Zhong had no way of dealing with them.

When an Enhancer had just entered a house, all of a sudden, a sharp bone blade had noiselessly cleaved off his head from the back.

“What….?” The last thought flashed by the brain of that Enhancer, as the last sight that met his eyes was the fiery black eyes of White Bones.

Yue Zhong suppress them from far, while White Bones ambushed them in near combat. This was Yue Zhong’s simple choice of tactic. He wanted to make use of the zombie horde to take care of the experts of Li Guangyi. If he allowed those experts to live, then they would likely be the ones to chase after Yue Zhong and his troops. To prevent such an event from happening in the future, Yue Zhong had decided to make use of the zombie horde attacking Li Guangyi, to pick off the enemy experts one by one.

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