God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 345

Chapter 345 – Using Enemy Monsters To Slay Them!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

2 of the Enhancers retreated to a small room, only to face one of the Hunters that smashed through the window. It leapt to the wall, defying all sense of physics, and began climbing around the room.

Out of the 2 Enhancers, one was a Level 34 Strength-based Enhancer, the other a Level 32 Agility-based Enhancer. The Agility-based Enhancer looked at the Type 2 Hunter with shock as he hastily pulled out a gun and fired rapidly at it.

Agility-based Enhancers tend to prefer to use submachine guns, handguns and blades to attack. With their superior speed and reaction, they could exhibit the prowess of such weapons to the fullest.

However, this Agility-based Enhancer discovered that even when pushing himself to the limits, he could not catch up with the speed of the Type 2 Hunter. Countless bullets hit only the shadows of the Type 2 Hunter, none of them found their target.

In the midst of its constant jumping about, the Type 2 Hunter shot out its tongue, penetrating the head of the Agility-based Enhancer and pulling his body away! It then landed, and appeared behind the Strength-based Enhancer, before slashing viciously at his back.

The Enhancer was knocked down as he roared in pain. Pouncing and piercing through the Mutant Beast hide that the Enhancer was wearing, the Type 2 Hunter quickly dug out his heart. The Enhancers were no more.

The Type 2 Hunter gobbled up the heart of the Strength-based Enhancer in a single mouthful, and leapt out of the room, following its instincts to go hunt down another Enhancer.

3 Type 2 Hunters, with over a hundred S2s were currently encircling the elite troop of Li Guangyi, as the experts fell one by one.


Following the sound of that gunshot, Lei Kewang received a bullet in his right leg, and even though he had such a thick armor protecting him, he was still affected by the intense impact.

Lei Kewang rolled once on the ground, before standing up swiftly.

However, the moment he stood up, a huge axe came swinging down towards him, breaking the sound barrier.

Lei Kewang’s face turned pale, as he raised both his hands, and shards of metal came flying from his back, and formed a barrier in front of him.

When that huge axe landed on his shield, it caused a huge booming sound, and the shield was also hacked apart. After the shield was split in two, the might of the bone axe had been expended, and could not drive itself further towards Lei Kewang.

Lei Kewang raised his eyes only to discover White Bones staring at him with its White Bone Axe.

Lei Kewang had just seen White Bones, before 2 extremely sharp bone spikes sprouted out from its chest, and pierced him squarely on the chest, causing 2 huge 1cm deep indents, and sending him flying. If it wasn’t for the protection of that flying metal armor, he would have been killed right then.

Lei Kewang swiftly stood up, only to hear a ‘peng’ sound, as a sniper bullet hit him right on the head, causing him to fly back again for another 3, 4 metres, as he crashed to the ground.

White Bones shot forwards like an arrow, its huge axe swinging viciously down on Lei Kewang. Those bone spikes from its body could not deal any life-threatening blows to Lei Kewang, and hence it could only rely on its huge axe.

Lei Kewang looked at White Bones charging towards him, and forcefully repressed the shockwaves caused from the previous blow to his head, as he raised his hands towards White Bones, and a few metal shards shot towards White Bones like rain.

Those metal shards could easily shred a person into pieces, and as they landed on White Bones, they caused bits and pieces of bone to be chipped away.

However, under the onslaught of those metal shards, White Bones did find it somewhat hard to advance. Lei Kewang seized his chance to jump to his feet, and dodged behind some nearby cover. Although Yue Zhong’s sniping could not kill Lei Kewang, it was enough to wear away at his Spirit and Stamina. To Lei Kewang, Yue Zhong was also a huge threat.

White Bones blocked the assault of those metal shards, before quickly pouncing towards the place where Lei Kewang went for cover.

Lei Kewang’s eyes turned frosty as he waved his hands, and the 8 metal shards once again shot towards White Bones.

White Bones saw the high-speed rotation of those metal shards, and it waved its huge axe down, causing 2 of the shards to be flicked away. At the same time, 6 bone spikes shot out from its body at the remaining 6 metal shards, also knocking them away.

When the 8 metal shards were sent flying, they rotated one round in mid-air, before shooting towards White Bones again under the control of Lei Kewang.

Atop the huge tree, Yue Zhong was still aiming at Lei Kewang’s position with his Bartlett Sniper, not moving even a single inch. He, together with White Bones, had locked down Lei Kewang and prevented him from stepping out to save his other comrades. As long as they could block him from saving the others, the Type 2 Hunters and S2s would be able to deal with the team of experts.

At this time, various positions were beginning to fall, and Lei Kewang’s position would soon be surrounded by countless zombies, which would cause him to expend more energy, after which, it would be easier for Yue Zhong to deal with him.

After clashing for awhile, Lei Kewang bellowed out with a mixture of Vietnamese, English and Chinese with some anxiety: “Friend from afar!! I am Lei Kewang, do you know what you’re doing? Inside Gaoping City, there are 400,000 lives. Your actions are going to endanger the lives of those 400,000 people!! If you still have some humanity in you, let me leave!!”

Li Guangyi wasn’t any good man as well. Although he did not engage in open slaughter of the Chinese like Wuyan Hong, those Chinese and foreigners under him did not lead a better life. He had caused the deaths of various families, and naturally had plenty of enemies. As he did not know which race this enemy of Li Guangyi was from, he could only use all 3 languages to shout.

Yue Zhong’s tone became icy as he yelled: “400,000 people? Aren’t they all beasts? Lei Kewang, your lot has already thrown in with Wuyan Hong right? Then to me, your 400,000 lives are worth that of animals! Just go and die!”

Wuyan Hong was simply too strong. If he gained these 400,000 survivors from Li Guangyi, he would expand even faster. If there was a chance, Yue Zhong would definitely not allow this to happen. As long as it was to spoil Wuyan Hong’s plans, even if he had to send 400,000 people to their deaths, he would not hesitate to do so. Hard times required harder choices, but if he wanted to go home, there were things he had to do.

Lei Kewang heard the words and his heart fell. He knew that things were not looking good. Wuyan Hong had caused so many Chinese to die, his enemies were literally everywhere. Wanting to convince an enemy full of vengeance to give some leeway, was not going to be easy.

Lei Kewang fell silent for a moment, before he used a righteous tone to converse in Chinese: “Friend!! Your grudge with Wuyan Hong, that’s between the both of you. You can’t send 400,000 lives into the hands of the zombies just because of some hatred right?! That’s 400,000 people!! They’re not pigs or dogs, but like you and me, they’re human beings. For this small grudge, you want to send 400,000 people to their deaths, don’t tell me you don’t have a single shred of conscience or humanity?”

Lei Kewang wanted to use the righteousness and conscience to sway Yue Zhong, and get him to change his mind. Under these circumstances, it was likely that the 400,000 people would fall to the zombie horde soon.

Yue Zhong responded coldly: “Conscience and humanity! You bastards dare to speak of this? How did you fuckers treat the Chinese, you guys know it. So, you can go and die!”

Yue Zhong was resolute enough to not let such words easily sway his decision.

Lei Kewang immediately fell silent again, it was true, they had treated the Chinese like pigs and dogs. He himself wasn’t a decent person, in his own house, he had 3 Chinese beauties serving him. He only hoped that Yue Zhong was a good man, and would choose to respond enmity with mercy.

Seeing that his righteous words had no effect on Yue Zhong, he changed the direction of his appeal: “Friend! Amongst the 400,000 survivors, there are about 2,400 Chinese. They are your fellow countrymen after all. The moment the city is breached, they will face certain death too! Are you heartless enough to watch your countrymen die at the hands of the zombies?!”

Yue Zhong contemplated a while before replying calmly: “Then too bad for them! Can’t blame others for their shitty luck!”

Yue Zhong was not a god! *1
He had no way ensuring that the zombies could wipe the entire Gaoping City and still be able to save his fellow countrymen.

“You god-damned crazy lunatic!!” Lei Kewang cursed out loud, at the same time he saw the 3 Type 2 Hunters leaping out from rooms, covered in blood.

Seeing this, Lei Kewang felt like his heart was stabbed by a knife. He had brought almost ⅔ of the experts under Li Guangyi to deal with this. As of now, other than him, the rest of the experts had been killed by those Type 2 Hunters and S2s. Their operation was a huge failure.

Lei Kewang sighed deeply, and leapt out from behind his cover, as he ran into the distance.

The speed of Lei Kewang was pretty fast as well, such that 2 shots from Yue Zhong did not manage to hit him. The distance between them was truly too far.

However, out of all the experts that came out to the forefront, ⅔ have been killed and the remaining experts could only make use of the fortifications and covers to hold their position and defend.

Under the intense assault by the 3 Type 2 Hunters, the rest of the defences were soon wasted. With the ceasefire, the zombies started to push in, and enveloped the forces of Li Guangyi.

With that fearsome coordinated zombie charge, the newer recruits of Li Guangyi’s troops collapsed, as they threw their weapons away and ran for their lives towards the other directions.

One by one, the various battalions collapsed and broke away from their positions, as they ran towards the west side of Gaoping City. If there were still experts remaining, with the protection of the defences and fortifications, they could still maintain a defensive stance. However, now that that experts have been eradicated, they had no more confidence or will to fight on, after all they were new recruits, and their training had not even exceeded 3 months, few of them actually had any experience on a true battlefield.

*1 [Ulamog]: Foreshadowing….. I feel like the Author TOTALLY wants to Evolve Yue Zhong into a DemiGod or God. Ugh…. Just… UGH! Could just be me being crazy!

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