God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 347

Chapter 347 – Spoiler- Title at Bottom

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“Job well done!! Wei Ningguo!!” Yue Zhong looked at the remaining 100+ survivors waiting to cross the river, and his heart relaxed, as he praised Wei Ningguo.

Wei Ningguo turned red as he replied honestly: “Boss Yue! It wasn’t my idea, it was Miss Ming Jiajia’s. Zheng Minghe had constructed the pontoon.”

Although Wei Ningguo was a coward, he was extremely honest. He did not take undue glory for himself.

Yue Zhong looked at Ming Jiajia with surprise, and approved silently in his heart.

Ming Jiajia spoke up a little dejectedly: “Master! The people are sent across. What about the vehicles? Jiajia’s useless! I can’t think of a method to bring the vehicles across!”

Those vehicles weighed over a few tonnes each, and the simple and crude pontoons could not possibly support the weight of those vehicles.

Yue Zhong replied confidently: “Relax! I naturally have a plan!”

Ming Jiajia looked at him half-believingly, as she stood quietly by his side, not saying anything else.

At this time, Shu Tianya came under the protection of 2 of her female soldiers, bringing with her a slightly scented breath of air.

Shu Tianya laughed brightly as she said: “Yue Zhong, are you racking your brains over the issue of getting the vehicles across? Shall I lend you a hand?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with curiosity as he said: “Oh! What idea might you have?”

Shu Tianya reached out with her right hand, and there was a flash of icy light, before a piece of ice accumulated in her hands. She smiled at Yue Zhong, not saying a word.

“So you possess the [Ice Manipulation] Ability! Not bad, this skill definitely can get the vehicles across. I shall bother you then!” Yue Zhong looked at the ice within Shu Tianya’s hands, and understood immediately the cause of her confidence.

As long as the river surface could be frozen over, then the dozens of vehicles can get across without hassle. After all, it was in the midst of autumn now, and the temperature wasn’t high, with the Level 3 [Ice Manipulation] Ability, Shu Tianya could freeze a small part of the river with no issues whatsoever.

Shu Tianya chucked lightly: “Yue Zhong, I can definitely help you! However, in return, you must give me 20 AKs, 2,000 bullets, 20 tonnes of food. Although I’m travelling with you, I’m not your subordinate, and not your vassal. We are just allies. If I help you, surely I can seek some form of compensation right?”

Shu Tianya was astute in her foresight, and could see that the Chinese Association was in dire straits. She had no way of convincing the rest of them to join Yue Zhong, and hence had only brought her trusted aides along. However, she would definitely not bow to Yue Zhong, and she wanted to carve a position for herself in this new world order through her own strength. In order to do that, she needed the necessary firepower and rations.

Yue Zhong grinned: “No problem!”


Shu Tianya was relieved that Yue Zhong was that easy going, and gave him a bright smile as well, before she walked over to the riverbank, and pointed to the water as she activated her skill.

Following the expenditure of her Spirit that flowed out like water, the surface of the water started to freeze, and the ice cap grew and extended towards the opposite bank. It managed to touch the bank before it began to solidify further, creating a path atop the water.

“Quickly get your vehicles to move!! I can only maintain this for half an hour!!” Once the icy path was formed, Shu Tianya called out loudly as her entire body was drenched in perspiration. Forming this icy path had expended a large amount of her Spirit and Stamina, it was the first time that she actually froze a river. She could feel that while her [Ice Manipulation] ability had been raised to the 3rd level, freezing part of a river was still exhausting.

Yue Zhong immediately ordered: “Set out!”

The vehicle fleet immediately followed the icy path as they drove towards the other bank.

Seeing the vehicles crossing one by one, Yue Zhong suddenly felt a huge sense of crisis, and he immediately shouted out: “Those vehicles numbered from 33 onwards, immediately turn back! Vehicle 32, continue forward, get to the other side as soon as you can!!”

Hearing that, the vehicles all went into action, as the huge transport truck charged towards the other bank, whereas the other turn back and swiftly retreated.

Right when both trucks had just left the icy path, the river suddenly burst in a huge wave, as a gigantic beast charged into the icy path viciously, breaking it into pieces.

When the bridge was smashed into smithereens, Shu Tianya who was maintaining the skill could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, as she fell to the floor. Her face was pale and she obviously lost some of her energy.

To those Enhancers who have to cast and maintain their skills, the moment the ability was broken, the caster would definitely suffer the backlash.

When the gargantuan beast in the water had destroyed the icy bridge, countless water beams were shot towards the skies, as a huge grey colour head emerged from the water, covered entirely in thick scales. An enormous crocodile emerged from the waters, as it emitted a terrifying pressure on everything around it. Its eyes had a ferocious glint, as it caught sight of Shu Tianya by the bank, and swam speedily towards her like a huge tank.

“Level 68 Mutant Beast: Type 2 Giant Crocodile. In the waters, it is definitely the tyrant. Its huge steel-like teeth could even crush any armored vehicles into pieces.”

Shu Tianya looked at the Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile swimming towards her and her eyes flashed with a hint of despair. Its speed in the waters was simply too fast, and it could be in front of her in the next second. Based on her speed, she was definitely unable to evade it. She was after all not an Agility-based Enhancer.

Just as Shu Tianya was about to be swallowed whole by the Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile, a rocket was aimed and detonated on its head! The result was a huge explosion, and a n even bigger cloud of steam enveloped the head of the crocodile.

Shu Tianya turned around to look, only to discover Yue Zhong wielding a rocket launcher aiming at the Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile.

“Quickly escape!! It hasn’t died yet!!” Yue Zhong eyed Shu Tianya and shouted at her. After firing that fearsome rocket, the sense of crisis still had not abated yet.

Shu Tianya obeyed and without any delay, she quickly climbed up and escaped towards another side. She knew that Yue Zhong had enraged the Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile, and running to his direction would spell certain death for her.

The smoke of the explosion had not cleared yet, but the Giant Crocodile was already charging out from the smokescreen, its eyes filled with killing intent. It currently had a fist-sized wound on its head, bleeding profusely. That was the damage done by that single rocket launched by Yue Zhong earlier.

Yue Zhong had just used a rocket launcher that was manufactured in Vietnam, and its power was not comparable to the PF98 that Yue Zhong usually used, however the little damage caused to the Giant Crocodile was shocking to Yue Zhong.

He quickly swapped out another rocket and aimed once more at the Giant Crocodile, before firing.

The Giant Crocodile also activated its own innate ability in the water, as a huge water arrow was slapped out and shot towards Yue Zhong.

With a bright flash, the rocket launcher detonated when it met the huge water arrow, causing a huge splash of water in all directions, yet it could not do anything to the Giant Crocodile within the waters.

With that huge wall of water, the remaining 20 trucks were all entrapped within the walls of the water flow. Under the innate control ability of the Giant Crocodile, the wall of water reached a width of more than 10m, separating Yue Zhong with the trucks from the rest of the troops.

The Giant Crocodile made use of its advantage in water to pounce towards Yue Zhong. If it was on the shore, its speed would not be able to match Yue Zhong and would most likely be eating Yue Zhong’s dust. However, in the water, Yue Zhong could not even match a tenth of its speed, even when comparing before the apocalypse set in, a human would never be able to match a crocodile in the water.

Yue Zhong faced the terrifying Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile, as his eyes flashed, and he activated his [Bone Encompassing Armor], and White Bones turned into an orb of light as it transformed.

Just as Yue Zhong finished casting the ability, the attack from the Giant Crocodile came, and opened its huge mouth, as it exploded up out of the water and bit towards Yue Zhong quickly.

When the Giant Crocodile bit down, its speed was at its maximum, and even Lightning which was almost peerless in Agility could not dodge such a bite, not to mention Yue Zhong in the water.

Yue Zhong raised his right hand, as he shot out a bone spike into the ground, before sending himself into the mouth of the Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile.

When the jaws of the Giant Crocodile snapped shut, most of Yue Zhong’s body was within the mouth already. However, his left leg was instantly dismembered by those sharp teeth of the Giant Crocodile, and not even the Type 2 Mutant Black-Scaled Boar hide could withstand that impact.

Yue Zhong felt the intense pain shooting up from his left leg the moment it got bitten, and it caused him to shudder in pain.

The Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile then retracted its tongue, before sucking in a huge breath of air, intending to use suction to draw Yue Zhong towards its stomach.

At this critical juncture, Yue Zhong kept his cool while tolerating the pain, and with a thought, his shoulders shot out 2 incredibly sharp bone spikes that embedded themselves within the soft flesh of the Giant Crocodile, preventing himself from going further into the Mutant Beast.

The Giant Crocodile felt its throat being lodged, and it opened its jaws again, taking in a huge breath. A gigantic spray of water came rushing in and smashed onto Yue Zhong, causing the bone spears to snap, before washing him down into the noxious stomach….

Chapter 347: Assault of the Type 2 Mutant Crocodile!

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