God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 348

Chapter 348 – Slaughtering The Type 2 Mutant Crocodile!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Facing the torrential assault of the water, Yue Zhong ended up in a stomach that was filled with dissolving slime. Each time the foul-smelling ooze dripped onto his bone carapace, it would release a Tssssssss’ sound, melting at and corroding his bone armor.

At the same time when Yue Zhong just entered the stomach, 3 zombies that had been bitten in two were swallowed into the stomach as well. The moment those 3 corpses landed in the stomach, they were almost instantaneously corroded into a pile of flesh and blood.

“5 minutes, I can at most hold on for 5 minutes, before being dissolved. 3 minutes and the lack of oxygen will kill me!” Yue Zhong was currently encased by his [Bone Encompassing Armor], with not a single gap. It was pitch black everywhere, and the strong sense of danger was rampant all around him, yet he could still assess the situation calmly and think of a way to escape.

With a thought, he activated his [Devil Flame], and a few fireballs were conjured out of thin air, surrounding himself. The moment the Devil Flame came in contact with the stomach wall, it caused the acid to start burning, evaporating into clouds of gas.

Yue Zhong raised his right hand and shot a bone spear into one side, before retracting and bringing himself towards it.

He then expended almost all his Spirit, to channel it into the [Devil Flame] skill, as the fireball in his hands rapidly condensed into a 2m long Devil Flame Spear. He then used all his strength to pierce it into the stomach wall, bellowing in rage: “Break!!!!”

Under the condensing of the Devil Flame Spear with almost all his energy, the moment the stomach wall was penetrated, the flesh started to burn and was almost incinerated into nothing. It caused a huge hole to appear in the wall of the stomach, at the same time, piercing through that incredibly tough scales that could withstand even the impact of a rocket launcher.

The moment the hole was created, huge amounts of blood started flowing from the wound, and the Giant Crocodile started to squirm and twist in agony.

Inside the stomach of the Giant Crocodile, there were countless huge rocks as well, and as the Mutant Beast thrashed about, the rocks in its stomach were churning about within as well, smashing and crashing around violently.*1 Those rocks smashed into Yue Zhong, and the impact caused him to shudder, spitting out a fresh mouthful of blood.

Yue Zhong forcefully endured the pains all over his body, as he stretched his hand towards the hole he made in the stomach, and a bone spear shot out piercing into the ground outside. He caused the bone spear to retract, pulling himself out of the Giant Crocodile’s body.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 51, you have gained 2 points of enhancement to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 52, you have gained 2 points of enhancement to be allocated!” Within Yue Zhong’s mind, the sweet notification sound resounded. He quickly allocated them all into Agility.

“Have I killed it?” When Yue Zhong escaped out from the Giant Crocodile’s body, with a thought, he quickly released the Bone Armor from his face, revealing his handsome features, as he rapidly took in large breaths of the fresh air, as his gaze landed on the corpse of the Giant Crocodile.

[Dedition: I’m not 100% sure but wasn’t he called average looking in one of the beginning chapters?]

By this time, the huge area of water around the Giant Crocodile had been dispersed, and its body flopped to the side, revealing the hole in its head that Yue Zhong had accidentally caused when he used the Devil Flame Spear to incinerate what he pierced. It was this fortunate blow that killed the Giant Crocodile.

Right beside the carcass of the Giant Crocodile, there were 2 skills books, a green treasure box and 200 Survivor Coins.

“Level 3 Skill: Water Flow Manipulation. An active skill, requires 5 Spirit and 5 Stamina to activate. Maintaining the skill requires 2 Spirit, 1 Stamina every 10 seconds.”

“Level 4 Skill: Type 2 Water Flow Manipulation. Advancement of Water Flow Manipulation. Requires skill to be enhanced thrice, and 2 free skill points to learn this ability.”

Opening the green chest Yue Zhong found: “Level 4 Treasure: Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade! Sharp beyond measure, possesses ability to cut through all metal. If user has Strength of above 100 points, one swing could render any weapon of Level 3 and below broken.”

Yue Zhong kept the 2 skill books, before he observed the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in his hands carefully. The blade was double-edged and 1m long, the handle of about 30cm. The back of the blade was extremely straight, lined with serrated teeth. It was shor than the Dark Tooth Blade by quite a bit, but it was alot more suitable for close combat with its length. At the same time, the dual serrated teeth could be used to deal with tough armored creatures.

After doing all these, the sharp pains from his left leg finally registered, as he took a close look at it, realising that almost everything below the knee was gone. The bones could be seen and fresh blood was constantly flowing. The fact that he could still stand was due to the Bone Armor that White Bones had intuitively transformed into acting as support for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at his leg again, as his heart dropped: “The entire leg is broken! This wound would require at least 2 to 3 days to recover fully.”

With his leg broken, Yue Zhong would have to spend the next few days in a vehicle. It would be his most vulnerable time, and in this post-apocalyptic world, if he wasn’t careful, he could be easily killed.

A flash of light, the Bone Armor was deactivated and White Bones appeared from an orb of light. Its entire body was covered in scars. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it had always been absorbing the bones of other Mutant Beasts, it could not have withstand the blow from the Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile.

White Bones immediately rushed over to the carcass of the Giant Crocodile, and burrowed into its body, grabbing a bone and made use of its ability to absorb the essence, replenishing what it had lost and expended.

Yue Zhong stuck the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade into the ground, using it as a crutch, as he observed the surroundings.

The Type 2 Giant Crocodile’s [Water Flow Manipulation] ability had a wide area of effect, and many people and vehicles had been enclosed within the watery cage earlier. The moment it died, those people gathered again and made their way towards Yue Zhong.

When those people saw the dead Giant Crocodile that was killed by Yue Zhong, their eyes were filled with shock. However, when they caught sight of Yue Zhong’s broken leg, and was supporting himself with the scary looking blade, many of them had a strange gleam in their eyes.

Wei Ningguo rushed over and saw Yue Zhong with a leg missing, and his face changed. In this post-apocalyptic world, only a strong leader could suppress the majority and make them listen. With a broken leg, Yue Zhong was as good as a cripple, and his battle prowess would diminish. It was hard for people to accept such a leader. After all, this wasn’t Long Hai City, where it was filled with Yue Zhong’s supporters. Many of the survivors here had been forcefully drafted into Yue Zhong’s camp, and their hearts were not set in stone yet. If Yue Zhong was truly crippled, many of them would change their tune.

Ming Jiajia looked at Yue Zhong, and her heart ached, as she swiftly came to Yue Zhong’s side, and supported his left arm.

Zheng Minghe was looking at Yue Zhong’s leg, and his eyes were filled with a complicated expression. If Yue Zhong was healthy and well, he was willing to follow such a strong leader to fight Wuyan Hong. However, since he had lost a leg, it made him feel conflicted.

Yi Shuixiong looked at the broken leg, his eyes brightened with joy, as he looked towards the river, and noticed that the ice bridge had already been destroyed. There was only the cable pontoon left, and the people on the other side would not be able to make it across in a short time.

Yi Shuixiong suddenly stepped forward and said: “Yue Zhong! You have lost a leg! I think that you’re not suitable to be our leader anymore. Please hand over all your weapons, we can give you rations for 3 days, and let you leave alone!!”

Wei Ningguo’s face turned pale, as he called out enragedly: “Yi Shuixiong!! What’s the meaning of this? Our leader can only be Boss Yue! Are you trying to rebel?”

Wei Ningguo had betrayed Wuyan Hong and had been heavily relied on by Yue Zhong. He was considered Yue Zhong’s number 2. He was extremely happy with his position, and was confident in Yue Zhong who had brought them consecutive victories.

Yi Shuixiong laughed coldly, pointing at Yue Zhong and said: “What rebel? Your words are too horrid! We were all Freemasons, it was this Yue Zhong who killed our leader, and forced us to listen to him. Now he’s a cripple, how can he still lead us?”

He then continued with a passionate look in his eyes: “Dali, Changsui! We can get Vice-leader Zheng to be our leader!! As long as the 4 of us work together, we can definitely bring them down!”

Under the instigation of Yi Shuixiong, members of the Freemasons started to gather with Yi Shuixiong, Zhou Dali, Ning Changshui and Zheng Minghe.

As a majority of the survivors had crossed over, of the about 60 people left, 40 were from the Freemasons. The remaining 20 people were the Chinese survivors that Yue Zhong had saved.

Those 20 who had been saved by Yue Zhong stood by his side, raising their guns against Yi Shuixiong and glared at them.

Shu Tianya brought her aides as they retreated from the standoff. She had just expended a huge part of her energy and stamina earlier, and wasn’t in the best condition to fight. Furthermore, her relationship with Yue Zhong was not so close that she had to fight for him.

Yi Shuixiong looked at the 40 some soldiers with him, as he laughed coldly at Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, do you see this? This is the difference in our strength! You still have time to surrender, as long as you surrender, I can let you walk away with your life!”


No one knows that Yue Zhong is undying. Poor bastards.

*1 Ulamog: cool fact: aside from a fairly potent stomach acid, crocodiles generally swallow medium to moderately large stones from river beds and banks because the roller coaster like and sidewinder motions they make when swimming cause the stones to bounce and crush their food. Croc’s swallow their food whole so digestion is harder.
These stones are smoothed over time and are called Gastroliths’

Neat huh?

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