God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 349

Chapter 349- Quelling The Insurgency

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong did not so much as look at Yi Shuixiong, instead he sternly questioned Zheng Minghe in any icy tone whom he was staring at all this while: “Zheng Minghe! Are you planning to betray me?”

“No!!” Zheng Minghe was frightened by Yue Zhong’s demeanor and couldn’t help but blurt out. However, as he said that, he retreated two steps, and his face was conflicted, it was obvious that he had not sorted out his thinking yet.

Although he had retreated, he did not raise his hands against Yi Shuixiong, it could be seen that he was still struggling to decide which side of the fence he should be on. If Yue Zhong was healthy, he would naturally not falter. However, to everyone present, Yue Zhong was a cripple now, and at his weakest, if Zheng Minghe were to say he did not feel swayed, it would be a lie.

If he could take over Yue Zhong’s establishment, then Zheng Minghe would have the equipment of 3 battalions, over a thousand people and plenty of logistics. It was a huge difference from his position when he was in the Freemasons.

When that single sentence from Yue Zhong had caused Zheng Minghe to quail, his gaze then fell to Zhou Dali and threatened him menacingly: “Zhou Dali! I recall that you have a 13-year-old son and an extremely pretty wife. You must consider this carefully! If you were to fail! I would throw your son into the horde, and your wife would be cast with several men. You can be made a cuckold a thousand times over! Your entire Zhou family will cease to exist!!”

Zhou Dali’s expression promptly soured, as his body trembled uncontrollably, his heart full of torment. His son and wife were his bottom line. He had sacrificed god knows how much just to protect both of them. He had almost been swallowed up by the darkness of his heart a few times, but because of his wife and son, he found the strength to carry on and live. They were his strength, and his weakness as well.

Yi Shuixiong hurriedly tried to placate him: “Dali, there’s no need to fear him. If the 4 of us join hands, he’s almost crippled already, what can he do to us? If he had the ability, based on his character, he would have killed us all.”

Hearing Yi Shuixiong’s consolation, Zhou Dali’s face turned slightly better, but he pondered a while before saying: “I’m not concerning myself with the matters here. I just want my wife and son to be safe.”

After which, Zhou Dali brought his 7 soldiers and threw their weapons down, as they stood at a distance, obviously not taking any side.

Yue Zhong then turned to look at Ning Changshui.

Ning Changshui did not even wait for Yue Zhong to speak, and immediately opened his mouth in a self-righteous manner: “Yue Zhong, you’re overbearing and vicious. You kill without discrimination, and even kill captives. You killed our leader of the Freemasons…..”

“Your bullshit annoys me!! Die!” Yue Zhong’s gaze turned icy, and without waiting for Ning Changshui to finish talking, he pulled out his Stinger and fired a shot at his brain.

Peng! The gun shot resounded out and Ning Changshui’s brain was immediately blasted apart, as red and white matter splattered onto the ground.

After killing Ning Changshui with one shot, he immediately activated his [Art of Fear] on Yi Shuixiong, and a horrifying Spirit attack engulfed his mind, bringing all sorts of cruel and tormenting hallucinations with it, causing his face to contort with fear and his body trembled. Yue Zhong grabbed onto his body in that instant, and swiftly fired another shot at his head.

With a peng, Yi Shuixiong’s brains were also blasted apart, red and white matter dyeing the ground as well.

Yue Zhong then swiftly waved his hands and switched out his Stinger for a .05 submachine gun, firing it at those whom he had just called his subordinates a while ago. With his accurate and swift firing, before those ex-Freemasons even got the time to react, many of them had been shot dead.

Yue Zhong sprayed at those Freemasons, while casting a glance at Zheng Minghe and called out: “Zheng Minghe! Act now and kill the traitors! Otherwise, it will be you and your subordinates’ heads to roll! All your family members will be cast into the Scum Battalion to be fed to the zombies!”

Zheng Minghe’s face promptly turned to one of fear, and finally made the difficult decision, as he gritted his teeth and ordered: “Everyone listen up, kill the traitors!”

Under Zheng Minghe’s commands, the tens of soldiers swiftly took up their arms and started firing wildly at the remaining Freemasons.

With the joint attack of Yue Zhong and Zheng Minghe’s troops, the subordinates of Ning Changshui and Yi Shuixiong were all turned into sieves from the hail of bullets.

2 soldiers from Yue Zhong’s side also suffered some superficial injuries from the stray bullets.

After decimating the troops under Ning Changshui and Yi Shuixiong, Yue Zhong stared coldly at Zhou Dali.

Zhou Dali instantly felt his body turn clammy, he never would have expected that Yue Zhong was still able to take down and suppress the rebellion even after losing limb. Every single traitor had been killed. As for those who were still alive, the soldiers under Yue Zhong stepped forward and chopped their heads off without any hesitation.

At this time, Lightning brought a hundred or so of its little brothers as they slowly walked out from the forest, coldly staring at everyone.

By now, after seeing Lightning and the hundred+ Mutant Leopard Cats, no one dared harbor any ill intentions.

Zhou Dali’s heart felt heavy, this time, without any hesitation, he brought his men as they came in front of Yue Zhong and knelt down. They kowtowed while Dali said: “Zhou Dali was blind and ignorant, and didn’t act immediately to put down the rebellion. Regardless of how Leader would like to punish me, I’m willing to bear it. However, my family is innocent, and I plead that on account of my lack of participation in the revolt, Boss Yue would be magnanimous and spare them.”

Yue Zhong gazed at him and said indifferently: “Zhou Dali, you knew Ning Changshui and Yi Shuixiong were revolting yet you did not help to stop it. It is still a considerable offence, and I sentence you to join the Scum Battalion. After killing a 1,000 zombies or a 100 enemies, you’ll be considered to have served your punishment. As for your son and wife, I will pardon them, are you satisfied with this?”

Zhou Dali heaved a sigh of relief, as he kowtowed profusely: “Thank you Leader for your mercy!! Zhou Dali is truly grateful!!”

As long as his own wife and son were fine, he was extremely satisfied. He was after all a Level 36 Agility-based Enhancer, killing a thousand zombies was only a matter of time.

Yue Zhong waved his hand, and threw the Level 4 Black Tooth Blade as well as the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to Wei Ningguo, saying: “Wei Ningguo, bring some men and go cut up that Type 2 Giant Crocodile!”

Only those weapons could possibly butcher the carcass of that Giant Crocodile at a decent speed. Otherwise, if they had the alternative of a chainsaw, they would then be able to breeze through the task as well.

“Yes! Boss Yue!!” Wei Ningguo received the 2 weapons and quickly gathered 2 Strength-based Enhancers as well as a few other helping hands to dismember the Type 2 Giant Crocodile.

The 2 Strength-based Evolvers made use of the weapons to pry open the scales, while the rest of the people worked to slice and cut the meat and packed into the transport trucks.

Yue Zhong had brought along quite a number of transport trucks, a few of them being empty. Under the hardworking labour of those survivors, the transport trucks were slowly filled up with the meat of the Type 2 Giant Crocodile one by one. The hide was also retrieved in its entirety, and packed into one of the truck.

Wei Ningguo then came back to Yue Zhong’s side and report: “Boss Yue, it’s completed. However, Miss Shu Tianya had expended too much of her energy, and is unable to create the ice bridge again. Do we wait till tomorrow to cross?”

Yue Zhong replied in a low voice: “No need! Let’s prepare to cross immediately!”

Every additional minute spent here spelt an additional minute of danger. The moment Wuyan Hong’s forces came chasing, with Yue Zhong’s current condition, it was very likely they would be annihilated entirely.

“Yes!” Wei Ningguo did not ask Yue Zhong how they were going to cross, the moment he received the order, he started to delegate the duties and prepared the rest to cross.

“Form a bridge!!” Yue Zhong saw that Wei Ningguo had left, before he ordered White Bones.

The eyes of White Bones flashed with its demonic fire after receiving the order, and it went to the bank, before reaching out both its hands to the other side, and secured all 4 limbs into the ground.

When it had laid over the river, its body started to change, and numerous bone spikes extended to form a huge Bone net, creating a platform to cross. Although this platform wasn’t as comfortable as the ice bridge that Shu Tianya created, it was enough for those huge transport trucks to cross.

The moment the bone net was formed, the transport trucks drove and crossed the river, Yue Zhong directly hopping into one.

Lightning also brought its little brothers as they followed along.

After they crossed the river, Zheng Minghe acted as the vanguard as he led some of his followers forwards, scouting the road ahead.

Vietnam was filled with forests and hills, if there were no main roads, the transport trucks would find it hard to traverse the terrain.

Wei Ningguo also led the 2 Strength-based Enhancers who wielded the weapons that Yue Zhong passed them to cleave the way through, cutting down any logs, wild grass, trees that blocked the way.

The Black Tooth Blade and the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade were Level 4 treasures, and exhibited their might in the hands of those Strength-based Enhancers. With their constant hacking and slashing, they created a road that those vehicles could drive through.

This forest wasn’t without humans though, and the Mutant Beasts were manageable, after killing about 20 Mutant Monkeys, Yue Zhong’s troops came across a small village after walking for about an hour and passing through the forest.

There were a few dozens zombies within the village, and Ming Jiajia summoned her Shadow Wolf to deal with those zombies, before everyone shuffled in to occupy the village.

By this time, it was close to evening, and the survivors were feeling exhausted. Yue Zhong ordered for the troops to rest, and to start a fire for cooking.

Within that small village, the fire burnt brightly, and meat was cooked. Other than the captives of the Scum Battalion, all the survivors could get to enjoy the Type 2 Giant Crocodile Meat, replenishing their sorely lacking energy.

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