God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 351

Chapter 351 – Long Teng Town

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong remained silent for a long time before saying in a low voice, “Since it’s like this, then never mind! Wang Hualiang, take us to Dong Ping Village.”

Currently, the top priority was to find a place to rest for this exhausted army of survivors that had continuously marched for two days.

Wang Hualiang carefully reminded him, “Sir!! There are a lot of zombies in Dong Ping Village, as well as many evolved zombies as well.”

Yue Zhong replied lightly, “You don’t need to worry about this. We’ll deal with it!”

Wang Hualiang glanced at Yue Zhong’s subordinates, who were all holding AKs, and he didn’t say anything else. He led Yue Zhong’s army in the direction of the village.

“This is Dong Ping Village right here!!” Wang Hualiang pointed to a small village in the distance as he spoke to Yue Zhong.

“Jiajia! You and Wu Yin go deal with the zombies in the village!” Yue Zhong glanced at the village and ordered the two behind him – Wu Yin and Ming Jiajia, who was pushing his wheelchair.

“Yes! Master!” Ming Jiajia obediently complied. Her small hand extended and a streak of light flickered past. Two Shadow Wolves soon appeared before her and they rushed towards the village.

After summoning the two Shadow Wolves, Ming Jiajia stood obediently behind Yue Zhong, with both her hands clutching onto his wheelchair. These two days, the little Ming Jiajia had been responsible for pushing Yue Zhong’s wheelchair.

On the other side, Wu Yin held a Dark Magic Blade and took the lead to rush towards the village like a thunderbolt.

Yue Zhong saw that Wu Yin had already made a move. He immediately told Ming Jiajia, “Let’s go!”

Standing at the side, Wang Hualiang’s expression suddenly turned very shocked as he said,
“Sir!! There are over 300 zombies in there, are you really just going to send that one guy in?”

“Don’t worry!! Let’s go!” Yue Zhong did not explain further, and just ordered mildly.

Ming Jiajia pushed Yue Zhong’s wheelchair as they made for the village.

The huge vehicle fleet also continued its advance towards the village.

Wang Hualiang and his group helplessly followed.

The moment they entered the village, Wang Hualiang and the rest discovered that there were countless zombie corpses that were either beheaded or had their throats ripped out by some beast.

The soldiers under Yue Zhong then gathered all the dead bodies together, as they set fire to the pile of corpses, burning them to ashes. If they allowed the dead bodies to remain in the village, even if there was no infection, it was definitely still a health hazard.

“Is this the strength of this fleet? Too fearsome!! They’re really strong!” Wang Hualiang looked at the pile of corpses and his heart trembled. Just by sending one person, Yue Zhong had totally brought the village under his control, it was the first time that Wang Hualiang had seen such strong people.

Zheng Minghe looked at the bodies strewn all over town, his eyes flashed with a complicated gaze. His heart was full of regret as he thought to himself: “Evolver!! This is the power of an Evolver! It really is too amazing!! Damn it! If only I hadn’t hesitated that day, I would have become an Evolver as well!!”

When Wu Yin evolved, he became an Agility-based Evolver. After evolution, he even gained comprehension into the Level 3 Skill [Agility Solidification]. After he became an Evolver, he also gained a Dark Magic Blade, and once he donned on some common System equipment, it became easy for him to slaughter normal Mutant Beasts and zombies.

In just a short span of 2 days, Wu Yin had already reached Level 17 from killing a huge number of Mutant Beasts and zombies. His combat skills were growing exponentially under the constant fights. Zheng Minghe knew that while he could still contend with Wu Yin now, the moment he became a Level 30 fighter, it wouldn’t be the same anymore.

Furthermore, Yue Zhong was obviously more biased towards Wu Yin, Ming Jiajia and Wei Ningguo. The equipment he obtained from killing the Wolf Fang Battalion and troops under Li Guangyi were all passed to the 3 of them to be used. This added to their already growing power, while Zheng Minghe was still using the equipment from when he was still under the Freemasons.

Zheng Minghe knew clearly why there was such a difference in treatment. At that time when Yi Shuixiong had revolted, he had hesitated. It was because of this, that led to the loss of Yue Zhong’s trust, and hence he didn’t get to become an Evolver. At the same time, he lost out in terms of resources.

Now Wu Yin, Ming Jiajia and Wei Ningguo held 200 people’s worth of equipments in their hands, and yet Zheng Minghe had 20 subordinates, but they each only had a single clip of ammunition.

When Yue Zhong entered the village, he quickly assigned some of the people to comb the entire place for usable resources. Then the goal was to gather them into the transport trucks, ready to be moved on a whim.

Soon after, a fragrant aroma wafted forth from the middle of the village. Other than the Scum Battalion and Woman Scum Battalion, the rest of the survivors, be it Chinese or otherwise, all got to enjoy the tasty Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile meat. With that delicacy, their vitality and energy got replenished.

With just 3 days of eating this Type 2 Mutant Beast meat, the 1,000 or more survivors regained almost 80% of their health back! Many of the women were beginning to regain luster in their skin, while their sunken faces were starting to fill up. The men felt their energy and vigor returning to them. As for the children who had been malnourished and suffered as result, they were beginning to pack more meat on their bony frames.

Due to the existence of the Type 2 Mutant Beast meat, there were no deaths on this gruelling march for those survivors. If there wasn’t the Type 2 Meat available, with the constitution of the survivors, a number might not have made it with the nonstop marching of 2 days.

“Can we eat as well?” Wang Hualiang looked at the bowl of rice and Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile meat in front of him, and he couldn’t help but gulp his saliva.

Luo Qiang and the other 2 were also staring fixedly at their plates, their stomachs rumbling loudly. If it weren’t for the fear of Yue Zhong and his armed soldiers, they would have gobbled up everything clean. It was hard to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, and the 4 of them had always lived each day as it came, never having eaten their fill in a long while.

Yue Zhong chuckled: “Help yourself! This is thanks for the intel today!”

In the short term, Yue Zhong was not lacking in food. However, in the long run, unless they could raid a national reserve, any faction would still be lacking in food.

Wang Hualiang quickly picked up the plate of rice and meat, as he started to stuff himself; it was a long while since he had eaten rice or meat.

Yue Zong picked up the slices of meat that Ming Jiajia had prepared for him, as he dipped it in coconut milk and ate it leisurely.

After Wang Hualiang and the rest had eaten their fill, they looked at each other and seemed to have come to a decision.

Wang Hualiang summoned his courage as he asked: “Sir, how should we address you?”

Yue Zhong replied: “I’m Yue Zhong!”

Wang Hualiang looked expectantly at Yue Zhong as he continued: “Sir, is it possible for us to join your team?”

It was at least ten times tougher to survive in the wild now compared to times before the apocalypse. The main reason was that there were countless strong Mutant Beasts in the wild, be it in the air, on the land, or even in the waters. There would be signs of them all over. Unless one was a high level Enhancer or Evolver, there would only be certain death if a human was to face any of these Mutant Beasts.

Even Yue Zhong himself could not guarantee that he would be able to survive if he was faced with the assault from a powerful Mutant Beast, much less any other normal person.

And it was because of this, that the 4 of them sought salvation and safety within Yue Zhong’s fleet.

Yue Zhong called Zheng Minghe over: “Sure! However, joining me means that you’ll have to adhere to my rules! Zheng Minghe, explain the rules to them!”

Yue Zhong would not force such stragglers to join his fleet, instead he let them choose. After all, a melon forcefully picked before ripening would not be sweet, this would ensure that the potential of people who harbored ill intents against him would be kept low.

When Zheng Minghe came over, he delved into the rules and regulations almost immediately.

After a short round of discussion, Wang Hualiang and the rest all agreed to join. It was, after all, a place with some form of order.

Yue Zhong then called Luo Qiang over: “Luo Qiang! Do you know the way to Long Teng Town from here?”

Luo Qiang replied: “Leader! I know!”

“Very good! Wei Ningguo! Stand guard here! Wu Yin, Ming Jiajia, Zheng Minghe and Luo Qiang, the 4 of you will follow me to pay a visit to Long Teng Town!” Yue Zhong then threw away the blanket covering his legs, and stood up.

Zheng Minghe saw Yue Zhong standing and almost fell back in shock: “He can stand!! His leg had regenerated!! How is this possible?”

“Master! You can stand!! You’ve recovered! That’s great!” Ming Jiajia saw Yue Zhong standing up, and her face was filled with joy.

“Leader truly possesses otherworldly abilities, you can even regrow a leg that’s been broken! Truly amazing!” Wu Yin’s eyes flashed with admiration and veneration when he saw Yue Zhong stand.

Wei Ningguo had a similar look of joy and reverence: “Too powerful! He truly is Boss Yue!!”

“Yue Zhong, your leg’s fine! Congratulations!!” At this time, Shu Tianya came over, with a hint of soft scent in the air that she brought along. Her eyes flashed with a strange glint, when she saw Yue Zhong stand up, as she quickly laughed and said: “Can I join you on the trip to Long Teng Town?”

“Ok!” Yue Zhong looked at Shu Tianya as he pondered a short while before replying.

Long Teng Town was a small town that belonged to the border between Guangxi and Vietnam. At this moment, atop a hill near to the town, there were 7 people standing quietly, they were precisely Yue Zhong’s team.

“That must be Long Teng Town?” Yue Zhong pulled out a set of military grade binoculars as he looked towards the distance with them.

At the entrance of the town, there were 4 soldiers who stood about idly for half a day, before they put their guns down and began a game of cards.

Near the entrance, there were 4 gun turrets, but within those turrets, there wasn’t a single gunman, this kind of defence was truly shoddy!

Ulamog: I am sad… Our branch clan of the F5 sect is dying…. There is no hope….

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