God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Job Change

Outside the bar, Yue walked along the street, then went into the towering career center building.

“Welcome, I’m the receptionist Xiao Mei! You have reached level 10, and have met the requirement for the first job change. May I ask what kind of job do you want to change to?” Yue had just enter the career center, when a woman who looks very beautiful in professional uniforms walked toward him with a smile and said.

Yue looked at Xiao Mei, and lightly said: “Please give me the list of jobs that I can change to.”

“Okay!” Xiao Mei smiled, pointed in the air, and a white light flashed. Afterwards, a three-dimensional projection appeared in Yue’s eyes.

The job list flashing in that three-dimensional projection made Yue dizzy.

Doctor, soldier, assassin, maintenance worker, blacksmith, lawyer, translator, warrior, mage, warlock, summoner, beast tamer, and hunter. All sorts of jobs in the real world and fantasy world was listed, an all compassing list.

Yue pointed at the doctor job. The three-dimensional projection changed, and an introduction of the doctor profession quickly emerged.

“Doctor Description: Doctor is a job that a team should not lack. Priest can quickly cure a variety of injuries by magic. Doctors use conventional methods of healing, and recovery speed is not as fast as Priests. However, doctors are able to use drugs to treat viral diseases, developed a variety of new drugs, and to achieved the scope of injuries and diseases. After changing the job to doctor, will obtain the skill: Common Medical Skill.”

Yue pointed at the soldier job. The three-dimensional projection changed, and an introduction of the soldier profession quickly emerged.

“Soldier Description: Soldiers are basic combat profession. Close combat is not weak, but they are not good at close combat as warriors. However, they are well-versed in using firearms. After a successful job change, will obtain the skill: General Firearms Control.”

Yue’s eyes lit up. General Firearms Control is very good for him. He did not go through any training, so his marksmanship is extremely poor. With this skill, his strength would greatly improve.

Yue did not rush to change job, and just flipped through the job’s description.

Each job, after a successful job change will get a job skill. Allowing Yue to go from an ordinary person to be a part of that field. Yue skipped all the support jobs, and directly looked at the combat jobs.

Support jobs had many uses, such as maintenance worker can repair cars. Blacksmith job can create enchanted weapons. Doctors can cure the diseases, and develop new drugs. They play a great role on the team, but these job’s skills can not compare to combat job’s skills.

Yue viewed many combat jobs, but felt that they were paled in comparison to the soldier’s skills. Firearms control allowed the Stinger Pistol he has to have greater destructive power. And compared to the magical world of warriors, warlocks, and mages, soldiers profession are better able to survive in this real world.

The mage’s casting speed is too slow. They haven’t even finished casting before getting killed. As for close combat ability, warriors was definitely superior to soldiers. But a rocket launcher would take care of a warrior.

“Well this is!” Yue after scrolling through the second page, saw a job in dark light flashing. He pointed at it, and soon the job appeared from the hidden black light.

“Hidden Job: Dark Knight. A knight that controls the violent darkness power. Once the job change is successful, will obtain the skills: Art of Fear, Night Enhancement.”

Yue had a look at the Dark Knight’s job description, and decisively made a choice: “I choose to change job to Dark Knight.”

It was an extremely important selection for Yue. A black light surrounded his feet from a magical array. He soon disappeared from the place, and the next moment appeared in a temple full of magical atmosphere.

The dark light from the magical array under his feet started to flow up and into his body, condensing into two mysterious runes inside his sea of knowledge.

“Level 2 Skill: Art of Fear. Active skill, activating the skill, will make biological creatures lose 5 points of Spirit and put fear in their heart, shaking their will to fight. People with low Spirit are more susceptible. This skill can be used with a single target within a distance of 200 meters, but within 20 square meters, will affect all targets. Consumed 3 MP each time.”

“Level 2 Skill: Night Enhancement. Passive skills, after learning the skill, user will have night vision, and sees farther than the daytime. At night, your senses will be greatly enhanced, and more sensitive to premonition of danger.”

After the job change is completed, the dark power lingering besides Yue also vanished.

Yue had his head down while thinking about the application of the skills, and then marched toward the center of the temple.

At the center of the temple, was a man wearing a mysterious runes engraved, all black, exotic shiny body armor. The Dark Knight was standing there like a pole. He just stood still, giving off a feeling of suffocating oppression.

Yue walked in front of the Dark Knight standing there and said: “I am new Dark Knight that just went through the job change, Sir, I want to buy the job’s skills.”

The cold Dark Knight looked at Yue and pointed at the air. Another three-dimensional projection appeared and a list of Dark Knight skills appeared before Yue’s eyes.

There were a total of nine skills in the three-dimensional projection. Three level 1 skills, and six level 2 skills.

Yue quietly browsed the nine skills, and thought: “So expensive!”

Level 1 skills each cost $300 Survival Coin, while the level 2 skills each cost $1000 Survival Coins.

Yue browsed the six level 2 skills, his eyes flashed with desire: “Summon Skeleton Beast, Beast Tamer, Shadow Step … …, all of these skills are great!”

Each of the six level 2 skills are extremely rare. Yue could get another ability if he obtain it.

When Yue saw the six level 2 skills, his eyes lit up. He quickly pointed at a skill, and paid $1000 Survival Coins.

The black projected skill turned into a black light and flew into Yue’s sea of knowledge, condensing into a black rune.

“Level 2 skill: Encompassing Body Armor. Able to summon an undying creature body. The undying creature appeared as an armor to protect the castor. Activating the skill cost 10 SP and 10 MP. Duration of 15 minutes.”

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