God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 354

Chapter 354 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South] Chapter 354: Grinding!

Yue Zhong heard their decision and directly agreed,

As long as these soldiers could serve as military instructors for one month, then they could train some new recruits for Yue Zhong. As long as they underwent a period of tempering and actual battle, those new recruits would possess better fighting strength. Real combat was the best method of training troops; only under the influence of real combat and the training provided in such a situation could such soldiers truly become elites.

Upon hearing Shen Jianguang’s proposal, the other soldiers of the frontier army also agreed to it. After all, the outside world was currently extremely dangerous; even if Yue Zhong magnanimously let them go, without weapons, it would be very difficult for them to survive outside of this small town in the wilderness.

After incorporating these new troops, Yue Zhong then distributed all the different firearms seized from Chen Liang’s subordinates to his new soldiers. Yue Zhong alone could wipe out one company of soldiers, so even if Shen Jianguang and the others revolted, he would still be able to suppress them.

Only after they had picked up the Type 81 Rifles and the ammunition did Shen Jianguang and the other 19 soldiers feel a little more secure in their hearts.
“Take me to Chen Liang’s place!” Yue Zhong summoned Xue Gang and directly ordered.

Xue Gang saw how Yue Zhong had successfully attacked the prison that had over 20 soldiers guarding it so easily, and he felt even more reverence and respect in his heart,
“Yes! Sir!!”

After exiting the prison, Yue Zhong looked left and right, only to his surprise, he didn’t see any reinforcements. It must be known that he and his team had just made quite the disturbance inside the prison, with sounds of gunfire resounding all over the place. If this had happened in the territory of some other power, police sirens would’ve long erupted and the army would’ve driven over!

Zheng Minghe and Wu Yin took the lead, rushing in the direction of the most luxurious villa compound under Xue Gang’s guidance. Chen Liang and his confidants resided precisely in that villa compound, living their lavish lives of debauchery in a drunken stupor.

The villa compound was surrounded by a 3m tall perimeter wall, which had high voltage electricity surging through the surface. Inside the wall, there stood four towering machine gun turrets, each of them defended by two soldiers.

At the entrance to the villa, there were another 8 soldiers standing guard.
Inside the villa itself, squadrons of soldiers were constantly patrolling the place one after another, making the security seem extremely tight. The defense inside this villa were even more rigid than that of the entire combined Long Teng Town.

Zheng Minghe glanced at the villa from afar, his eyebrows furrowing as he said,
“It seems that this place won’t be so easy to attack!”

Xue Gang heard this and directly said,
“Sir, you needn’t worry! They seem to be guarding the place tightly, but in reality, each and every one of them can’t fight!! As long as you get rid of a few of them, then they will directly fall apart!!”


Zheng Minghe heard Xue Gang’s words and his heart stirred. He directly took out an AK and released a torrent of frenzied machine gunfire towards the entrance of the villa.
The sudden arrival of a metal storm of bullets instantly enveloped the soldiers patrolling at the entrance. In that dense rain of bullets, four of the eight soldiers protecting the entrance instantly collapsed onto the ground.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!!” The remaining four soldiers instantly turned incomparably frenetic. As they shouted loudly, they crazily ran inside the villa.
The soldiers stationed around the villa’s four machine gun turrets similarly fell into a panic. They directly pulled the triggers, spraying out a myriad of flames into all directions, firing randomly everywhere.

Their shooting had no accuracy whatsoever and they hit absolutely nothing but thin air, wasting a huge amount of bullets in vain.
Yue Zhong’s gaze flashed as he took out a Type 03 Rifle and fired two shots in succession at one of the machine gun turrets. The two soldiers stationed there immediately had their heads blown off.

After those two soldiers had been finished off, the other machine gun turrets promptly stopped firing. The 6 remaining machine-gunners all lay down on the ground, not daring to emerge in the slightest.

Wu Yin raked the villa entrance with gunfire using his Type 05 Light Machine Gun, wounding or killing the soldiers one after another.

The soldiers inside the villa compound all hid behind cover, not daring to show their heads in the slightest. They would only fire randomly at Yue Zhong’s direction from time to time, not even daring to emerge.

“Defeat them!!” Yue Zhong ordered White Bones, who was standing beside him.

Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s order, a fierce radiance flashed past White Bones’ eyes. It directly rushed over to the villa entrance without bothering to dodge any of the enemy’s bullets. A huge number of the bullets hit White Bones’ body before they all ricocheted off. No matter how both sides saw it, a hint of fear flashed past everyone’s eyes.

Xue Gang’s expression paled and he thought to himself,
“How terrifying! To think that there’s actually someone who’s impervious to gunfire. With this sort of existence, just how many people would be able to block his assault!”

Shen Jianguang’s expression also changed,
“Sure enough, these people are Enhancers with tyrannical strength. No wonder they dare to challenge Chen Liang with such few numbers. It’s just still unknown whether their emergence will be good or bad to the people of Long Teng Town!”

Braving the dense rain of bullets, White Bones soon rushed up to the villa entrance. Four bone blades flew out backwards from its hands, and four human heads all flew into the air at once, with fresh blood splattering everywhere.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”


Upon seeing this frightening scene, the soldiers inside the villa instantly lost all their fighting spirit. One by one, they either threw down their firearms and fled further inside the villa, or knelt down on the ground crying out loudly for mercy. They had no more determination to fight whatsoever.
White Bones didn’t pay attention to the soldiers begging for mercy on the floor. Rather, it continued to crazily charge forward, constantly beheading the soldiers who were still resisting.

Bone blades and bone spears constantly flickered about, bringing forth huge patches of fresh blood. Those amongst Chen Liang’s confidants who still attempted to resist were all easily beheaded by White Bones, or impaled to death.

Yue Zhong brought his party along as he followed behind White Bones, continuously subduing the terrified mobs of soldiers.
“That son of a bitch actually dares to misbehave here! Does he not want his life anymore?” Accompanied by a furious shout, a sinister-looking brute walked out from a villa and coldly looked down at the current situation outside. He was 1.8m tall and had a shaven head, with a huge Wolf Fang Club in his hands.

With a ‘bang’, the club-wielding brute instantly had his head blown apart, and his body fell backwards.

The smoke being emitted from the Stinger in Yue Zhong’s hands still hadn’t completely dissipated as he glanced at the brute and said coldly,

“You spout too much nonsense! Fool!”

Standing beside Yue Zhong, Xue Gang looked at the brute who had his head blown off, and his heart felt slightly complicated.

That brute was one of Chen Liang’s Four Great Vajrapanis- Strength King Ma Xiong. Ma Xiong possessed a body full of monstrous energy: just one strike of his club could smash an L2 zombie’s head into pieces. At the same time, he wore Mutant Beast Armor with astonishing defense capabilities on his body. Back when Chen Liang had first seized Long Teng Town, Ma Xiong had killed many other experts, yet today he had actually been finished off by Yue Zhong in one shot; he didn’t even have time to announce his name. From this, it could be seen just how terrifying Yue Zhong’s power was.

As soon as Ma Xiong had been killed, White Bones directly rushed into the villa in which he had resided. Very quickly, tragic death cries could be heard from within the villa: evidently, White Bones was currently slaughtering those soldiers who posed no threat to it whatsoever.

Not long after, White Bones, who was covered in blood, immediately walked out of the villa and continued to act as the vanguard, rushing further inside the villa compound.
Under White Bones’ devilish assault, the soldiers who had no hearts to fight all fell apart and surrendered. In fact, the entire way, all Yue Zhong and his party had to do was gather captives. They simply didn’t encounter any sort of resistance at all. Those who did resist where insta-killed by White Bones in one strike anyway!

Yue Zhong and his team launched attacks the entire way with irresistible force. Once they had reached the center of the villa compound, however, the situation suddenly changed. One after another, rattan vines began to suddenly rise up from the ground, trying to engulf White Bones.

Nevertheless, White Bones was still a powerhouse who had experienced countless battles. Two bone blades erupted from both of its legs and easily chopped those two rattan vines in half.
Just when the two rattan vines had been severed, four more of them burst out from where White Bones had landed. With great precision, they shot towards all four of White Bones’ limbs.

As soon as White Bones was caught by those rattan vines, it would have no way of moving at all. It would then only serve as the best target for the other strong enemies.

Those four rattan vines were insanely fast and unpredictable. It would be very difficult to dodge them even for Yue Zhong, who possessed the consummate speed of more than 10 people! White Bones only had speed five times that of a normal person, and so it simply couldn’t avoid the assaulting vines. It was instantly entangled by the fearful rattan vines.

White Bones’ eyes flashed with a demonic spiritual fire, and the bones that had been bound by the rattan vines turned into incomparably sharp bone blades in an instant. Its figure flashed and it rushed forward, directly chopping all the rattan vines in half.

Once White Bones had struggled free from the rattan vines, it extended its right hand and pointed to a room in the distance. A sharp bone spear flew out from its finger and instantly pierced through the head of the man inside the room, nailing him to the wall like a freshly framed picture!

That man was precisely one of Chen Liang’s subordinates, the Azure King Xu Jin of the Four Great Vajrapanis. Now that Xu JIn was dead, all of the rattan vines disappeared without a trace, leaving nothing but several large holes behind, which showed that something had emerged from the ground just now.

Zheng Minghe watched White Bones kill Xu Jin with ease and his heart was full of astonishment,
“How powerful!! This White Bones is truly too tyrannical! To actually be able to easily behead someone as strong as this. No wonder he can represent Commander Yue Zhong’s entire army! If there were no heavy weapons, perhaps even an entire battalion wouldn’t be able to stop him!!”

Just at this moment, a short, ordinary-looking young man in his twenties walked out from one of the nearby villas. He had dyed yellow hair, ear piercings and was dressed like a gangster. With a hazy expression, he said coldly,

“Who is it?! Who dares to come to my place and murder people?! Fuck, do you not want to live anymore!?!”

Xue Gang looked at Chen Liang, who was dressed like a gangster, and he couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cold air. He retreated a few steps and said,

“Chen Liang!! This demon has finally emerged!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Chen Liang and directly used the Stinger to fire a shot at his head.
With a ‘bang’, the Stinger bullet almost instantly appeared between Chen Liang’s eyebrows.

Just as Chen Liang was about to have his head blown off by Yue Zhong, threads of green light began to rush out from the pit of his stomach. A small green bell flew out and landed onto his head, emitting many halos of green light that formed a protective layer around his body! The Stinger bullet bombarded the green halos, yet immediately bounced off….*1

Battery Power! ~Ulamog, the enLIGHTened

*1 Ulamog: Lesser Nirvana Golden Face! Erm… Body…. Lesser Lecher Green body? I associate green with entropy….. I got nothin. XD Hope it doesn’t fall off. His face that is…

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