God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 355

Chapter 355 – Battling Chen Liang!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“What’s that?” Yue Zhong looked at the green bell on Chen Liang’s head, and his eyes shined, it definitely was some kind of treasure.

“You dare to attack me!!! I will destroy you!!!” Chen Liang’s features contorted, as he bellowed with rage and bravado, while his heart secretly palpitated with fear. If it wasn’t for that Level 5 Treasure Bronze Spiritual Bell, he would have his head blasted beyond recognition.

“Go die!!” Chen Liang’s expression was steely as he stepped forward, and threw an explosive punch towards White Bones.

White Bones seemed to have been assaulted with a huge weight, as it was sent flying back a few metres. That bone carapace that could withstand even the impact of a 12.7mm heavy machine gun was currently full of scars.

Shen Jianguang, Wu Yin and Zheng Minghe used their guns to fire wildly at Chen Liang, and the dense hail of bullets seemed to envelope him. However, those bullets were immediately stopped in mid-air! When the Bronze Spiritual Bell shot out a green beam to protect Chen Liang, it caused the bullets to fall to the ground, leaving Chen Liang unscathed.

“It’s useless!! Hey you bunch of bastards!! Watch while, I, your father kills all of you!!” Chen Liang laughed grimly, and like a devil, he shot towards Yue Zhong and the rest.

“His attack has a limited range!” Yue Zhong looked at Chen Liang charging over as he quietly assessed.

“Retreat!” Yue Zhong barked out, as he waved his hands, and a PF98 appeared in them. He quickly took aim at Chen Liang and fired off a rocket.

With a flash, the anti-tank rocket exploded towards Chen Liang.

“Rocket!! Damn bastard!” Chen Liang looked at the rocket in Yue Zhong’s hands and his eyes narrowed. He kicked off with both his legs, as his entire body rolled towards a small ditch.

The rocket brushed past Chen Liang’s body, and exploded when it came into contact with a wall of a villa, blasting a huge hole in it.

“While the defence of that green bell is extraordinary, it seems that it cannot withstand the impact of a rocket!” Yue Zhong watched Chen Liang dodging his attack, and quickly came to a conclusion about the treasure.

“Fuck! Die bitch!!” With the shattering of glass, Chen Liang appeared from another room by jumping through the window. His eyes flashed with a furious killing intent as he threw out an explosive punch.

Yue Zhong was currently about 40m away from Chen Liang, yet the latter had actually thrown out a punch in mid-air!?! This punch was seemingly harmless; however, Yue Zhong did not dare be careless and raised his hands in front to defend.

At the next instant, a torrential energy wave came crashing heavily onto Yue Zhong’s shoulders, bypassing the Type 2 Mutant Ferocious Pig’s hide he was wearing. It caused him to fly back a few metres and his shoulder blades almost shattered.

“What a terrifying strength! This fellow!” Yue Zhong leapt to his feet, his gaze filled with shock.

Although Chen Liang did not know how to manage a town, and the people working for him were just a mob, he did indeed possess power. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s own resilience, that earlier blow might have shattered his bones. Even with his Endurance, he still felt his shoulders go numb from the pain.

“Die!!” Chen Liang’s eyes turned cold, as he laughed out icily. He pushed off with his feet, and he suddenly shot towards Yue Zhong as though he had grown wings and because of the leap, he was moving at a speed 20 times faster than a normal person.

Right at this moment, White Bones flashed forward, and it blocked Chen Liang’s charge, waving its huge axe towards him in a vicious manner. Regardless of the defence mechanism, maintaining it would require the expenditure of energy, and if there was a limit to its capabilities, as long as the force exceeded it, it could destroy the defence.

Chen Liang smiled coldly and in an instant, his fist came to a halt before bombarding towards White Bones, “Trash! You have such puny power, yet you still want to block this daddy’s path! Let I, your father, blast your head apart!”

White Bones, who was standing a dozen meters away from Chen Liang, twisted its body slightly. The very next moment, its shoulder blades shattered and it flew backwards a dozen meters, before crashing into a villa and disappearing inside.

During that instant when Chen Liang had stopped his assault on White Bones, Shen Jianguang and the other soldiers all used their rifles to fire at Chen Liang in a frenzy.

Countless bullets hit the green halos covering his body before they all immediately ricocheted off.

“Trash! Go die!”

Chen Liang saw that they were firing at him and his figure flashed as he rushed towards one of the soldiers. In just a few breaths, he was already within forty meters of that soldier, and he sent out a punch into the void.

In an instant, the soldier’s head was directly split open and exploded by that terrifying, tremendous force.

Upon seeing this horrifying scene, each and every person’s expression changed greatly, and their figures instantly retreated.

At this moment, Chen Liang seemed like an unrivalled demon. Not only was he invulnerable to their gunfire, but at the same time, he possessed incomparably terrifying killing methods. Although Zheng Minghe and the others had the advantage in numbers, very few of them possessed the means of injuring Chen Liang.

“Go die! Go die! Those who betray me should all go die!! I am an unrivalled existence!! Hahaha!! Haha!!”

Chen Liang let out an insane laugh as he repeatedly waved his fist.

Facing Chen Liang’s terrifying and bizarre abilities, the soldiers were killed one after another.

Either their head was blasted apart, or a large hole was blown through their heart. Otherwise, they were hit directly in the waist and bombarded in half, and would start emitting painful cries on the ground.

With the protection of the Bronze Spiritual Bell, Chen Liang possessed the potential to single-handedly destroy an entire company of soldiers that did not possess any heavy weapons. This was the reason why he was able to terrorize the entire town even though he possessed zero governing ability.

“Animal!!!” Shen Jianguang saw his comrades dying in front of him, and his eyes turned bloodshot as he wielded his Type 81 rifle as he fired at Chen Liang in a frenzy.

A large number of the bullets landed on the green halo and ricocheted off, serving only to draw his attention away.

Chen Liang turned around and glanced at Shen Jianguang, before smirking coldly, and waved that fist of his that could snatch a person’s life easily. At this moment, he felt a sudden surge of crisis, and he immediately shifted about 5m in mid-air, as a rocket flew past him, and exploded on another villa behind him, blasting a new hole.

“He has the [Danger Perception] ability!! What a troublesome fellow!!” Yue Zhong put down his rocket launcher and eyed Chen Liang at the distance as he pondered.

Chen Liang mocked Yue Zhong with a cold laugh, and he shot towards Yue Zhong like a rocket, even though he hadn’t make any movements, as he said: “It’s useless!! I’m invincible!! Today, all you bastards are going to die at my hands!!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and he activated his [Bone Encompassing Armor] and [Shadow Steps], at that instant, White Bones turned into an orb of light and reappeared on Yue Zhong’s body. Yue Zhong then pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and charged towards Chen Liang.

Both parties approached each other, and within a distance of 40m, Chen Liang laughed coldly again as he sent out a fist: “Trash! Die!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze frosted over, as his body dodged towards the right, and a huge blast of energy brushed past his body, landing on the ground behind and resulted in a huge hole.

While Chen Liang’s attack was extremely brutal, it was crude and simple, and Yue Zhong simply side-stepped with his boosted speed and evaded the blow, before continuing with his own. He quickly arrived in front of Chen Liang.

“Idiot!! Just die!!” Chen Liang looked at Yue Zhong who had charged in front of him, and he barked out a cold laugh, and sent another fist at him.

Yue Zhong had just thought of evading, but he felt a deadly premonition, and instead shot out 2 bone spears from his feet, sending him towards the sky.

Chen Liang’s fist had just exploded out, and did not hit the 2 bone spears, but they shattered, turning into countless bone fragments.

“Air Cannon!! You must be using the [Air Manipulation] ability!” Yue Zhong landed on the ground, and managed to see through Chen Liang’s ability.

Chen Liang responded with a grim smile, and with a thought, he conjured 10 air cannons, sending towards Yue Zhong: “That’s right! Even though you have figured it out, it’s still useless! My ability is an unparalleled existence!!”

The closer the air cannons were to Chen Liang himself, the more threatening they become, he could also feel that Yue Zhong was going to be hard to deal with, that’s why he had purposefully lured Yue Zhong closer.

Chen Liang had, by a stroke of luck, come across and killed 2 Type 3 Mutant Beasts that were engaged in a fight. They had been exhausted and Chen Liang gain the benefits at the end, not only obtaining the Bronze Spiritual Bell, he also managed to raise his [Air Manipulation] ability to the 2nd Level, on top of that, he even reached Level 53. His power was truly considered without peer in the vicinity. It was because of this, that he was full of confidence dealing with Yue Zhong.

The 10 air cannons were truly frightening, and when they exploded on Yue Zhong’s body, his Bone Encompassing Armor was immediately blasted apart. His own body felt like it was hit by countless heavy weights, as the impact knocked and sent tremors within his internal organs, causing him to spit out blood.

Yue Zhong took a deep breath, before he activated his [Art of Fear].

An oppressive spirit attack immediately weighed towards Chen Liang, bringing with it countless horrifying images.

Chen Liang only frowned slightly, with no change to his body. His Spirit was after all close to Yue Zhong’s level, the [Art of Fear] did not work against him.

“Still not dead? Let me send you on your way!!” Chen Liang sneered, before pointing at Yue Zhong, and activated his ability.

Right at this time, a ice spear came flying out of nowhere and exploded viciously on the green halo released by the Green Spiritual Bell, causing the halo to tremble, before becoming dimmer.

Chen Liang immediately shot a look towards the direction, and discovered Shu Tianya whose face was pale.

Chen Liang eyed Shu Tianya and his expression turned to one of viciousness and ferocity: “Fucking bitch!! After your daddy I catch you and fuck you over, I’ll tear your limbs apart! Then I’ll send you to be messed with by the people in town!!”

Hearing such venomous words, Shu Tianya’s face turned white, based on his strength, he truly did possess the ability to carry it out.

“Before then, I’ll incinerate you!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with an icy light, as he created his Devil Flame Sword and swung it down viciously towards Chen Liang in a supremely powerful attack!


“Hey Look! It’s Contra© bullets!!”~ Ulamog, the enlightened

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