God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 357

Chapter 357 – Type 3 Mutant Beast Hide

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

“You have gained an enhancement of +8 in Vitality!” When the hot energy flow within Yue Zhong’s body dispersed, the notification resounded in Yue Zhong’s mind.

“Only +8 Vitality? The Type 2 Mutant Beast blood essence is truly losing its effectiveness for me!” Yue Zhong thought silently when he heard it.

The Type 2 Mutant Giant Crocodile was obviously stronger than many other Type 2 Mutant Beasts, however, its blood essence had only allowed Yue Zhong to gain 8 points in Vitality. It was clear that the constant dosage of blood essences was losing its effectiveness for Yue Zhong, and if he continued at his current rate of consumption, it was most likely that it would have no effect soon.

“Are you alright Yue Zhong?” Shu Tianya came to his side quickly, her face full of concern.

“Of course I’m fine! Thanks for helping out this time!” Yue Zhong smiled slightly, and offered his thanks. Shu Tianya had helped to distract Chen Liang a number of times, and without her, it might have been much more difficult for Yue Zhong to kill Chen Liang.

Shu Tianya responded with a coy smile: “Since you want to thank me, why not offer something more practical!”

“Here, for you!!” Yue Zhong threw a Level 3 Treasure Fireball Ring to her. He had killed countless Enhancers, and had looted plenty of System equipment, in fact, of this particular ring, he had 3 of them.

These rings could be found by killing low-level bosses at the initial stages of the apocalypse, however, up till now, unless one managed to kill a Type 2 Mutant Beast or some fearsome high level zombies, it was rare for it to drop. Even when using the System equipment to kill over 10,000 zombies, it was difficult to guarantee the drop of such a loot.

“Many thanks!” Shu Tianya received the ring and immediately wore it, whilst admiring it.

The Level 3 Fireball Ring allowed the user to gain 6 points in Spirit, and even came with a Fireball skill. In some situations, even a small fireball might make the difference between victory and defeat. To Shu Tianya, this was extremely suited to her tastes.

Yue Zhong continued: “On top of this, I’m giving you 20 AKs, 2,000 bullets and 20 tonnes of rations!”

When she heard it, Shu Tianya immediately broke into a resplendent smile, her heart full of excitement and joy as she thanked Yue Zhong: “Thank you!!”

Firearms, ammunition and rations were the most valuable resources of this post-apocalyptic world. Since Shu Tianya wanted to establish a faction of her own, she required such resources. When she heard Yue Zhong’s promise, she was extremely gratified and felt excited about her future.

“Jiajia! Come over here! This is for you!” Yue Zhong bade Ming Jiajia to come over and handed a set of System equipment to her.

A Level 2 Defence Vest, Strength Gloves, Fireball Ring, Ice Ring, Strength Ring, Green Agility Boots and a Strength Belt. Yue Zhong handed these 7 items over to the little loli. In this operation to kill Chen Liang, Ming Jiajia had contributed as well, although the Shadow Wolf did not manage to kill him, it injured him greatly, which allowed Yue Zhong to finish him off.

Shu Tianya saw the amount of equipment that Yue Zhong gave Ming Jiajia and her eyes went wide: “Good stuff! How come you didn’t give them to me?”

Those 7 items were not ordinary, and when equipped, they could turn even a normal person into a fearsome combatant. If an Enhancer with enough power were to equip them, they could increase their battle prowess beyond those of similar levels as well.

Ming Jiajia equipped everything, and could distinctly feel her body enhanced, as she smiled brightly at Yue Zhong: “Thank you Master!!” Yue Zhong ruffled Ming Jiajia’s hair and walked towards the distance.

When Chen Liang was killed, there was no one else in the town that could possibly stand up to Yue Zhong, and accordingly, the remaining soldiers surrendered without much resistance. Yue Zhong thus easily subjugated the town.

“Leader!! Come take a look!! We discovered something good!!” Wu Yin came to Yue Zhong and spoke with excitement.

Yue Zhong saw how excited Wu Yin was, and quickly followed him to a huge warehouse.

Wu Yin had gotten some men to open up the warehouse, to reveal the contents within.

Yue Zhong peered into it, only to discover neat piles of black snakeskin hide. In fact, the snakeskin almost filled up the entire warehouse.

“Leader, look!!” Wu Yin excitedly pulled out a piece of the hide and after setting it up, used a heavy machine gun to fire at it.

That heavy machine gun that could pummel holes into an armored vehicle, could not do a single thing to that black snake skin hide, the bullets only ricocheting off, not leaving even a scratch.

Wu Yin continued with fervor: “This is definitely a Type 2 Mutant Beast’s hide!!”

With this powerful Type 2 Mutant Beast hide, Yue Zhong could start the manufacturing of them into protection for an entire army.

“It’s not just this warehouse, look, there’s one here as well!!!” Wu Yin called for some men to open another warehouse.

Within the 2nd warehouse, there were piles of golden yellow scales, that came from some unknown Mutant Beast. The beast must have been massive as well, because the amount of scales also filled up the entire warehouse.

“This is great!!” Yue Zhong looked at the 2 warehouse filled with Mutant Beast hide, his eyes also filled with excitement. If he were to convert the hides as well as the hide from the Type 2 Mutant Crocodile, it was barely enough to equip a battalion of soldiers. A single battalion that was impervious to weapons and bullets was enough to conquer a province easily.

In his excitement, Yue Zhong took a piece of the black snake skin hide, as he tried his Black Tooth Blade on it, intending to test its durability.

With a ‘ding’, the Level 4 treasure Black Tooth Blade did not even manage to leave a mark on the hide.

Yue Zhong’s heart skipped a beat, as his eyes narrowed, and he expended his awesome Strength while he slashed at the hide again. With that kind of strength, Yue Zhong could forcefully slice the scales of a Type 2 Mutant Beast.

The fearsome blade slashed down on the hide, but it only caused another ding to reverb out. The recoil from the hit caused the Black Tooth Blade to shudder uncontrollably, but the hide was not even damaged at all.

“This is the hide of a Type 3 Mutant Beast!!!” Yue Zhong’s face was full of shock, and he felt elated. Such a precious piece of hide, with an astonishing defence, had just fallen into his arms. It would enable him to train up a battalion that would be able to withstand the attacks from 3 or 4 elite battalions.

Yue Zhong pondered a while, before taking out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, and while using the saw-edged side, coupled with his strength,he tried to saw the skin.

Under his maximum effort, he finally managed to split the snake skin. He heaved a sigh of relief, if it hadn’t worked, then even using chainsaws would not be effective.

Yue Zhong waved his right hand, and a ball of Devil Flame appeared, as it tried to burn the skin. Amidst the fiery heat, the skin was still intact and not a trace of damage could be seen.

Yue Zhong sighed, before expending 60 points of Spirit and 20 points of Stamina to condense the Devil Flame into a 2m-long Devil Flame Spear, which could easily pierce the scales of a Type 2 Mutant Beast. He then tried piercing the snake skin ruthlessly. Under that fierce strike, the Devil Flame Spear released an intense force at the tip, trying to burn through the skin. However, regardless of the degree of heat, all it did was cause a small hole in the hide.

Yue Zhong looked at the miniscule hole and was speechless. The Devil Flame Spear was the strongest attack that he could muster in his arsenal, yet it could only burn a small hole in this snake skin. It could be seen that the defence of the Type 3 Mutant Beast was truly, supremely terrifying.

This was the hide of a dead Type 3 Mutant Beast after all! If it was still alive, Yue Zhong would find it next to impossible to even injure it.

“Seems like only when I’ve evolved the Devil Flame into its 2nd stage, then I will be able to cause some actual damage to a Type 3 Mutant Beast. Otherwise, considering my skills now, even breaking their defence is going to be difficult!” Yue Zhong silently assessed in his heart.

As the humans were evolving, the Mutant Beasts and zombies were evolving as well. They were growing even faster than the humans, and this gave Yue Zhong pressure. If the humans didn’t evolve fast enough, they would be wiped away in this new world.

Zheng Minghe was deployed to notify Wei Ningguo who was stationed at Dong Ping Village.
On the 2nd day, Wei Ningguo brought the 1,000 something people and entered Long Teng Town. Since breaking away on his own, this was the first time Yue Zhong had gained a moment of rest.

After subjugating Long Teng Town, Yue Zhong gathered the inhabitants, and assigned them to begin production on the Mutant Beast armor. They first made use of the Type 2 Giant Crocodile hide before the Type 3 ones.

While the Type 3 Mutant Beast hides were indeed tough, the chainsaws could still cut them apart. With their usage, pieces were cut out and sewn together to create some armor.

On the other side, Yue Zhong separated the Chinese survivors from Vietnam and the strong males from Long Teng Town into 2 camps, as he engaged in relentless training with them.

The 2 battalions trained rigorously according to the training regime of the Special Combat Forces. They pushed past their limits everyday, and if it wasn’t for the meat of the Type 2 Beast, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand it.

As for Ming Jiajia, Wu Yin, Wei Ningguo, Zheng Minghe and a few other Enhancers, they were also tasked by Yue Zhong to train with the Special Combat Forces. Although they had decent body constitutions, they had not gone through proper training, and could not exhibit their full potential…

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