God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 359

Chapter 359 – Assault on Jingxi Province

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The departure of Chen Jianguang did not cause any particular waves in Long Teng Town.

Yue Zhong also dispatched those soldiers from the Border Security Forces to become the core group of the 2 battalions, enhancing the combat ability of both battalions.

After reorganizing these, Yue Zhong then arranged for Wei Ningguo and Wu Yin to lead the 2 battalions separately and bash the zombies gathered around the vicinity of Jingxi Province.

Ming Jiajia, Zheng Minghe and a few other Enhancers also joined in the operations, putting in effort to wipe out the zombies in the nearby villages, and rescuing any survivors that were hiding within. They even managed to obtain a huge amount of resources and gathered them in Long Teng Town.

At the same time, Yue Zhong commanded Lightning and its little brothers to clean up the other villages that were not under the jurisdiction of the 2 battalions. The scattered zombies posed little threat to Yue Zhong, but if they were to gather into a horde, it would become a problem.

Yue Zhong himself was sitting within Long Teng Town and maintaining order and security within the newly established Police Force. With his presence, even an entire company of proper troops would find it tough to attack Long Teng Town.

The 2 battalions initially set out to attack in turns, as they swapped each other during their assaults on the neighbouring towns. After a few days, and the increase in experience, they split up, and changed to the tactic of using companies to take turns attacking. The effectiveness and speed at which they were clearing the towns hence sped up.

In the process of cleansing the towns of zombies, there were countless Tang Replica Swords dropping from the zombies. Adding on to the initial amount of 20 Tang Replica Swords from Long Teng Town, it allowed for a small group of Enhancers to be trained up, and they were even expanding.

Under that kind of intense battle training, the scums within the Scum Battalion were whittled away, some dying from their injuries. Even the elite soldiers from the 2 battalions suffered some losses during the cleansing, with a death count of 17 soldiers.

However, in that 20 days of constant recovering of towns, Yue Zhong had rescued a total of 90 or more survivors, which bolstered his strength, and the total number of people under him grew to a staggering 5,000-plus figure.

“Leader! That is Jingxi Province!!” Inside a jeep, Zhang Zhi pointed at the province at a distance to Yue Zhong.

Around the jeep, there were soldiers all around, dressed in blue military uniforms and carrying guns on their backs. After 20 days of constant fighting, they were starting to be transformed by the battles and were showing fierce auras and the bearings of an elite troop.

After the 20 days of forging his troops, he then gathered them all, and decided to conduct an all-out assault on Jingxi Province. Within it, there were huge amounts of rations, resources, and firearms. After obtaining this Province, they could gain another stronghold and obtain some precious resources.

“The day has turned cold!!” Yue Zhong eyed Jingxi Province, as he reached his hand out of the window, and could feel the air turning cold.

Zhang Zhi sighed as well: “Yea! Seems like this year’s winter is about to arrive early, and the temperature seems to be lower.”

Having stood guard at the border for over 3 years, Zhang Zhi was clear that the winter was indeed coming early, and the coldness seemed to be harsher. In the previous years, the temperature was still about 20°C around this period, but this year, it had already dropped to 13, 14°C.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with trepidation, there were countless Mutant Beasts and zombies in this new world, and if this winter was to become colder, alot of survivors would definitely suffer. Other than that, the harsh cold might bring about other unforeseen changes. To Yue Zhong, it was still unclear if it was a blessing or curse.

Yue Zhong’s eyes then turned resolute, as he abandoned all random thoughts, and stared fixedly at Jingxi Province: “Fuck it! I can only take one step at a time! I must definitely conquer this Jingxi Province!”

Yue Zhong had immediately set up camp and ordered fortifications to be carried out the moment they reached near Jingxi Province. Earlier, he had sent Wu Yin out to conduct reconnaissance, and discovered that there should be a Z-Type within the province. The fact that there were almost a few tens of thousands of zombies within it points to that conclusion.

“Let’s move! Follow me!” Yue Zhong called out to a platoon of soldiers behind him decked in Type 2 Mutant Crocodile hide and wielding Tang Replica Swords.

“Yes! Leader!!” The platoon saw Yue Zhong leading them personally on the frontlines and their hearts were filled with confidence and passion, as they replied loudly.

Yue Zhong brought Ming Jiajia with him as well as the platoon as they made their way towards Jingxi Province.

The moment they entered, White Bones charged forwards, and swung its axe towards the zombies near the entrance, cutting them down like a tornado.

Ming Jiajia had summoned out 5 Shadow Wolves, and they weaved in and out amongst the zombies, killing the zombies with a single bite to the neck. Ming Jiajia had also experienced constant battling this past 20 days, and had grown to reach Level 20, her [Summon Shadow Wolves] ability had also been enhanced twice. The wolves were now more ferocious, and the number she could keep summoned at once had increased.

The platoon was split into 4-man teams, covering one another, as they waved their Tang Replica Swords to and fro, slaughtering the zombies.

Yue Zhong held his 2m-long Dark Tooth Blade and casually swung his weapon in a sweeping arc, instantly slicing through a few S2s, L2s and several unlucky normal zombies along with them.

The zombies within the province town suddenly faced such an intense assault, and soon, more than a few hundred of the zombies had been wiped out, leaving behind only a few hundred Survivor Coins and 3 white treasure boxes.

Yue Zhong opened up the 3 boxes, and gained only an ordinary Tang Replica Sword.

When those hundreds of zombies were slaughtered, it alarmed the Z-Type hiding within the other zombies. Under its frantic control, the tens of thousands of zombies lumbering around started to gather, as they made their way towards Yue Zhong’s troops like waters of a flood.

Yue Zhong led the platoon of soldiers to slaughter the zombies coming from all sides continuously, any zombies that neared him would immediately be sliced in two. Countless zombies were sliced apart. He was like a huge boulder that fell into the midst of the flow of zombies, easily breaking them apart.

The moment the zombies gathered, the soldiers with the Type 2 Mutant Crocodile hide started to feel increasingly tired, and they gathered near Yue Zhong, defending his sides, leaving him to deal with enemies from the front.

More zombies were starting to launch their attacks, but the moment they came within distance of Yue Zhong’s reach, they would be sliced apart, as their bones and meat fell onto the floor randomly, like splattered tofu.

The number of zombies was simply too much, and regardless of how fearsome Yue Zhong’s combat ability was, under the pressure of the zombies, they had to retreat. If he forcefully remained where he was, they might be buried under the constant surge of zombies.

With Yue Zhong covering them, the platoon of soldiers also retreated. It was here that the results of their constant training and battle experience showed their worth. If it were normal soldiers, facing the impending assault from the zombies, they might have lost their morale and collapsed, but for this group, they stuck close to Yue Zhong, and exhibited an united and strong front.

Yue Zhong’s retreat wasn’t too slow, and the slow zombies basically could not catch up. However, all of a sudden, the horde split apart, and a few green shadows charged out from within, launching an assault on the small team.

These green shadows were S2s, and in a few moments, over 200 S2s charged out from within the horde as they lunged towards Yue Zhong.

“Follow closely! Swap to your guns!” Yue Zhong eyed the S2s and issued an order.

The force of 200 S2s was no joke. The strongest Enhancer within the platoon now was only a Level 13, facing these S2s bordering on Level 30, they would only be defeated.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s orders, the 30 Enhancers took out their AKs, and started firing wildly at the incoming S2s.

White Bones shot out 5 bone blades as it twirled around, slicing off the heads of 5 S2s easily. Yue Zhong pulled out a .03 rifle, and as he retreated, he fired the gun rapidly. His mental acuity, vision, reasoning and reflexes were all far greater than the majority of normal humans, allowing an uninterrupted stream of headshots.

As Yue Zhong’s gun vibrated nonstop, the S2s would find their heads blasted apart, and their lifeless bodies crumpling to the ground. In just a second or two, he had killed 5 S2s!

The speed of the S2s looked to be like spectres to normal humans, but to Yue Zhong with his own insane Agility, he could grasp their movements easily, and take them down. This was the benefit of having a high Agility, if one’s Agility was lesser than an S2, then it would be almost too hard to track their movements.

“Leader is amazing!!” The platoon watched Yue Zhong take out 5 S2s in a second, and they all sucked in a cold breath, their hearts filled with awe and respect. Their accuracy was low and hit air a few times, so although they did manage to hit a few of the S2s, it wasn’t enough to cause any life-threatening damages.

Ming Jiajia had also controlled her Shadow Wolves to leap out from the shadows and lunge at the S2s, biting off their necks.

After enhancing twice, in addition to Ming Jiajia’s high Spirit, the Shadow Wolves were enough to take on the S2s. However, as the number of S2s was simply too many, after the 5 Shadow Wolves killed 5 S2s, they were immediately broken apart by the surrounding S2s, as they turned into wisps of smoke and disappeared. Ming Jiajia gained 3 levels from killing the 5 S2s.

With an Agility 11 times that of normal humans, Yue Zhong was simply too overbearing, not only were his shots accurate, he could fire 5 shots every second. On the other end, White Bones was tearing its way amongst the zombie horde, its 5 bone blades slashing about violently, chopping up numerous S2s. With the combination of these 2, the 200 S2s were annihilated even before they got close to the troops!

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