God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 360

Chapter 360 – Conquering Jingxi Province

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

After taking care of the 200 some S2s, Yue Zhong and White Bones led the platoon back to the campsite without any troubles, and in all they had suffered virtually no losses.

“Three cheers for the Leader! Long live leader!!”

“Long live leader!! Long live leader!!”

When Yue Zhong led his men back to the site, joyful cheers and celebrations resounded as the morale of the soldiers reached an all time high. Their leader was fearless, and this naturally gave rise to a sense of strength.

When the soldiers reached the camp, they immediately handed their Tang Replica Swords over to another platoon full of soldiers donning the Type 3 Snake Skin, and changed their rifles. As Enhancers, Yue Zhong had stressed the importance of training both close-quarter combat as well as ranged tactics, and while their firearm control could not compare to Yue Zhong who had been forged through countless battles, their own abilities were rising rapidly.

Seeing the slowly nearing horde, all the soldiers felt their blood stir, none of them feeling a tinge of fear. The display by Yue Zhong had thoroughly filled these soldiers with a sense of battle lust.

When Yue Zhong reached the campsite, he took up a .03 rifle and started to fire at the lumbering zombies. Each time he rapidly moved his hands, 5 shots would be fired, and 5 zombies would be pierced through their heads, slumping to the ground. Not a single shot was wasted.

On the other side, Wu Yin eyed Yue Zhong and followed suit, taking up a .03 rifle and aimed at 3 zombies before firing at each. After 3 gunshots rang out, only 1 had its head blasted by the shot, while the other 2 suffered hits to their bodies, and even fell to the ground, they did not die.

“Truly difficult! As expected, only Leader can carry it out!” After this, Wu Yin discovered that executing 5 headshots consecutively in 3 seconds was tougher than he imagined. His heart was filled with respect for Yue Zhong. Even though he had evolved into an Agility-based Evolver, he still felt the immeasurable gap between him and Yue Zhong.

Within the campsite, gunshots started to resound, and the gunmen of the troops were engaging the zombies. Although Yue Zhong had obtained 3 battalions worth of firepower, the amount of ammunition they had to spare was still tight. Hence, in every battle, he would try to get his troops to engage in close-quarter combat as much as possible. On one hand, it could help enhance their strength, on the other, it helped save bullets.

Under that relentless assault, numerous zombies were taken out, and the ground was soon littered with corpses. However, Yue Zhong and the sharpshooters could do nothing to impede the advance of the horde, they could only slow down the movement of the zombies.

The moment the horde moved, they would become an unstoppable force of death. This was their scariest point. Regardless of any injuries, they would not be afraid or daunted, and in this aspect, they were undoubtedly better than humans.

With the onslaught of the huge horde, the soldiers started to feel nervous. Although they had killed a large number of them, facing this sea of never-ending zombies, they would still feel anxious and fearful. However, Yue Zhong was still at the forefront, fighting off the zombies like an undefeatable wargod, resolutely hunting the zombies. Seeing that, the troops felt their morale bolstered once again.

As Yue Zhong stood there by himself, he was like an immovable mountain while firing at the zombies non-stop. Every shot fired would find its mark in a zombie’s head. Every second, there would be a zombie slumping to the ground, before being ground to paste by the relentless zombies behind. Such a strong person quickly attracted the attention of the Z-Type behind.

The horde of zombies suddenly made a movement, as they split apart, and from afar, there were 30 H1s that could be seen.

A huge sense of crisis welled up in Yue Zhong’s heart, as the 30 H1s had the means to threaten him. His eyes flashed coldly, and raised his hands at the H1s, before a huge tornado of Devil Flame erupted, and was sent howling towards the zombie horde, blowing towards the group of H1s.

Under that fiery tornado, all the H1s and ordinary zombies were sucked into it and incinerated almost instantly.

In that one move, Yue Zhong had annihilated 200-over zombies, leaving only a charred black trail of destruction. That single move was incredibly powerful, but had expended 50 points of his Spirit and 10 points of Stamina. Based on his constitution, he could at most cast it another 3 times.



When those soldiers saw Yue Zhong wiping out almost 300 zombies in one move, they were incredibly excited, and shouted in delight and their morale reached a peak. With such a strong person as their leader, they were confident in dealing with any enemy.

Yue Zhong immediately switched to his .03 rifle after using that move, and returned to picking off the ordinary zombies through headshots. If it wasn’t for the fact he needed to deal with the 30 H1s urgently, he wouldn’t have used such a taxing move. The stronger the move, the higher the expenditure, and with his stats, using a gun to kill 200 zombies would at most expend 10 Spirit and 5 Stamina points. If he slowed down his rate of shooting, he would kill even more zombies over a longer period of time, and expended less energy.

The 300 that were exterminated were just part of a drizzle of the downpour that was the horde. The backup pretty soon filled in the ranks, and once again, resumed their advance towards Yue Zhong.

This was the strong point of the horde, and regardless of the strength of any individual Enhancer, as long as they were alone, facing a horde would mean certain death. It was only a matter of time.

“Open fire!” Yue Zhong looked at the nearing horde, and ordered loudly.

In that instant, the sharpshooters at the frontline of defence immediately started firing wildly at the incoming zombies.

Under that hail of golden rain, a large number of zombies were instantly felled, like the wheat crops when farmed with a sickle.

However, as those zombies felled, there would be many who crawled up again. The fortunate thing was that the rain of bullets was powerful enough to stop them for awhile, and the huge horde could not proceed for that instant as though they were stuck in a lock.

“Disperse!!” After firing in a frenzy for a minute, Yue Zhong issued the next command. The ammunition he had left was not enough, and could not support the battle.

Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s order, the soldiers started to climb up from their defence line, and retreated as they carried their ammunition.

Yue Zhong had ordered the construction of 5 defence lines, losing one wasn’t anything much.

Losing the suppression of the bullets, countless zombies started to crawl up, as their rotting and stinking bodies reached for Yue Zhong.

“Charge!!” Yue Zhong ordered the platoon of soldiers wielding Tang Replica Swords, as he led the assault on the zombie horde.

While the zombies could still get up after that hail of metal, their formation was scattered, and clearly they were at their weakest.


The platoon of soldiers howled out in fury, and followed Yue Zhong closely as they slaughtered their way out, slicing numerous zombies all around them. Those zombies that had barely gotten up could not resist the relentless assaults from these soldiers, and were mostly chopped in two.

Yue Zhong led the platoon of soldiers and killed over 600 zombies, before gathering again and preparing to retreat towards the back.

The horde continued to surge towards Yue Zhong.

In that intense and gruelling battle, Yue Zhong had abandoned 3 defence posts, and the zombies that had died under him and his troops have exceeded 6,000, but the horde still had over 24,000 zombies, looking as tightly-packed as ever.

After they retreated to the 5th defence post, Wei Ningguo came to Yue Zhong’s side and handed him a remote control: “Leader, it’s done.”

Yue Zhong received it and immediately pressed it.



In an instant, the surrounding areas of the 4 defence posts exploded out in a deafening roar, and ignited the fuel and combustible items laid around. They were instantly enveloped in a fiery blaze.

In that huge firestorm, a large part of the horde was instantly incinerated.

The horde also seemed to have some strange movement, as the zombies started to move towards the 2nd defence post.

The zombies at the 2nd defence post seemed to be making their way out of the fiery trap! Alas, they were surrounded by fire everywhere, regardless of which direction they tried to escape to, they would be swallowed by the flames.

The pungent smell from the burning wafted in all directions.

After burning for a while, the large horde suddenly collapsed, and the evolved types escaped in all directions. The rest of the ordinary zombies just stood blankly within the sea of fire, being burnt. These normal zombies would not have any reaction to being burned alive, as opposed to the evolved types with increased intelligence, and they naturally would not stay inside.

“The Z-Type inside is finally dead!!” Yue Zhong looked towards the sea of fire at a distance, and heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as the Z-Type was killed, then there would be nothing to fear about the tens of thousands of zombies. Yue Zhong could simply burn them all in one move.

The evolved types could not break through the fiery traps regardless of their struggle, and in the end they were all burnt as well. Even the L2s that could withstand bullets were turned into ash, before they could escape out of the fire, their brains had been fried.

The huge sea of flames burned for half a day before finally dying out. Throughout the 4 defence posts, there were many burnt corpses, stretching for miles.

“Enter the town!” Yue Zhong looked at Jingxi Province and commanded.

“Enter the town!!” Zhang Zhi called out excitedly. He had not expected that the province that was swarmed with zombies had been taken down so easily, without a single death on their side.



The soldiers who had been through such a long intense battle cheered out loudly, and started marching towards Jingxi Province. They had conquered an entire city! This was extremely exhilarating!

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