God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 361

Chapter 361 – 12 Tanks!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The moment the troops entered the city, they began to search for survivors, and meticulously combed and cleared the remaining zombies within the city. While the majority of the zombies might have been summoned away from the city by the Z-Type earlier, there could be some who were stuck within the confines of their homes, unable to leave even if they wanted to. These were the targets of the soldiers.

Yue Zhong walked within the province city in huge strides, with White Bones and Ming Jiajia following him. He was the strongest person within the troops, and was equivalent to an entire company of elite soldiers, hence he didn’t need any protection.

Unless there were a few experts from the Wolf Fang Battalion, or some people from the Jingxi Province city that might be lying in ambush, killing Yue Zhong was going to be extremely tough in any sense of the idea. He was not some Enhancer that had just recently gotten strength after all, he had already grown to be a terrifying existence.

Zhang Zhi came running to Yue Zhong’s side in excitement and spoke out: “Leader!! I’ve remembered something, there’s an army camp here in the city, and there was a border regiment stationed here!!”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he also grew excited: “What!! Border regiment? That’s great!!”

Yue Zhong had expended a few tonnes of fuel in this battle, as well as ammunition and firearms. If he could obtain the equipment and resources of this border regiment, then he would replenish his stock and further increase the strength of his troops.

A military jeep then came to a stop beside Yue Zhong, as they all boarded and Zhang Zhi led them towards the direction of the camp.

Zhang Zhi had an apologetic face: “Leader! I apologize for my memory, and did not remember the place soon. Do forgive me!”

Zhang Zhi was after all a platoon commander, and was considered an army official. Most border troops would be stationed at their own posts and seldom rotate about. Zhang Zhi had come into the province city before for a meeting, but due to his nature, he had almost forgotten about it until after Yue Zhong had conquered the province.

Yue Zhong chuckled, as he reassured him: “No problem! It’s great that you remembered!”

Once he obtained those equipment, Yue Zhong intended to expand his army. Out of the 5,000 survivors under him, the army consisted of 1,000 of those people. If it were before the apocalypse, with such a huge force, governments would be strapped for cash.

However, this was the post-apocalyptic world, there were resources everywhere. As long as one could conquer a city, they could gain a lot of rewards. Furthermore, now that food could not be grown or farmed, only by constantly raiding other cities, could a power maintain its strength and existence. Otherwise, rations would run out.

As they travelled, Zhang Zhi brought a platoon of soldiers together with Yue Zhong as they stopped before a military camp on the outskirts of the city.

Yue Zhong walked directly towards the camp in huge strides.

The border military would at most have a thousand men, and based on Yue Zhong’s current strength, killing a 1,000 zombies was not a problem.

Yue Zhong walked into the camp, and immediately discovered a few zombies decked in military uniform lumbering around. When they heard the sounds of Yue Zhong’s footsteps, and smelled his scent, they lunged towards him in a frenzy.

“Take care of them!” Yue Zhong eyed the zombies coolly and ordered.

The platoon of soldiers stepped out, wielding their Tang Replica Swords, and under the lead of White Bones, they charged towards the group of zombies. They sliced through the zombies as easily as cutting cake, slaughtering them.

Another 2 platoons took up their arms, and started firing at another bunch of zombies in the distance. This was a good chance to train their Marksmanship skills.

Ming Jiajia also summoned out her Shadow Wolves, which pounced over and outo the zombies biting their heads off.

All of a sudden, from amidst the group of zombies, 10 S2s jumped out like spectres and immediately lunged for the platoon of soldiers with the Tang Replica Swords.

Yue Zhong had been sitting and observing the surroundings, so the moment those S2s appeared, he immediately waved his hands, and conjured 10 Devil Flame balls immediately which exploded on the heads of the S2s, incinerating them.

The L2 had also just made their appearance when they were immediately wiped out by Yue Zhong.

There were no Z-Type inside the group, hence they could not coordinate, and instead, acting on instinct and was easily slaughtered by the humans who had higher intellect.

After wiping out the zombie group, Yue Zhong casually opened up 4 treasure boxes, and received 2 Tang Replica Blades. He threw them to Ming Jiajia, as he ventured deeper into the camp.

“Ah! There seems to be living people here!!”

Yue Zhong walked for awhile, before he frowned and looked at the ground. He discovered that the ground was littered with a few zombie corpses, leading towards a storehouse in the distance. It was obvious that when the apocalypse happened, there was someone who managed to sneak in.

Yue Zhong came to the front of the warehouse, and ordered White Bones: “Slice it open!!”

White Bones waved its huge axe and swung it viciously on the door of the storehouse. With a huge grating sound of metal on metal following that vicious strike, an enormous hole was carved out in that door.

In just a few swings, the metal door of the storehouse was chopped apart by White Bones.

“Don’t move!! Otherwise, I’ll open fire!!” Right as White Bones pushed the door inwards, there was a weak voice that travelled out from within the storehouse.

Yue Zhong frowned slightly, and ordered White Bones: “Go disarm those inside! Take care not to injure them!”

White Bones’ fiery demonic eyes flashed in response, as it swiftly charged into the storehouse.

A few bellows of rage resounded from within the storehouse, followed by a few gunshots, after which, silence ensued.

Only then did Yue Zhong bring Ming Jiajia into the storehouse.

Inside the storehouse, there were 12 men decked in military uniform, their faces unkempt and bodies emitting a foul sour stench, as they stared at Yue Zhong and Ming Jiajia warily. There were piles of canned meat and biscuits as well as plain water at one corner of the storehouse. It was obvious that this group of soldiers had managed to survive with those rations.

One of the soldiers with a bearing of an officer eyed Yue Zhong and asked slowly: “Who’re you?”

“My name’s Yue Zhong, I’m the one saving you! Who’re you guys?” Yue Zhong replied.

The officer pondered silently for awhile, before becoming slightly red-eyed as he said: “I’m Kong Ziming! The Officer Commander of the Armored Company XX Regiment of the Border Guards! These are my men. What’s going on out there, what has happened?”

Kong Ziming had initially witnessed his comrades turning into abominations and biting one another, causing many of his friends and co-workers to be bitten till they lacked any resemblance of a human. Even then, those dead friends suddenly arose from the dead and it seemed something out of a horror movie. If it wasn’t for his quick thinking and bringing some men he could save into the storehouse, they would have died in the initial onset of the apocalypse.

Yue Zhong sighed and shook his head: “I’m unsure!! However, since you have survived, you must have heard that voice as well. This must be the mischief of a God!”

Kong Ziming gaped: “Is there really a god?”

Many people in the current society were considered atheists, but with such a huge shift in the world and its laws, everyone was clear that there was definitely a higher power.

Yue Zhong did not concern himself too much with that line of thought, instead he directly asked: “Kong Ziming! I have saved you guys! What are your plans from now on? Are you to join me, or will you leave?”

The problem of a divine being was too far for Yue Zhong to take into considerations, instead he was pragmatic and considered the current issue.

When Kong Ziming heard that, he regained his senses and directly responded with his own question: “Did you kill those zombies here?”

Yue Zhong replied with a direct statement: “Mm! They were killed by me! Oh right, Yanjing has been overrun, the military and central government do not exist anymore. It’s up to ourselves.”

If the central government and military were still around, many military personnel would definitely heed the call of the government. Wanting to integrate them into one’s own power would be tough.

Kong Ziming was bewildered: “Yanjing’s overrun?!”

Without the directions and orders of the military or central government, it was natural for Kong Ziming to feel lost.

Kong Ziming thought for awhile before saying: “I would like to take a look before making a decision, is that ok?”

Kong Ziming was not sure what the outside world had become. He was unwilling to bring his subordinates to serve an unknown guy like Yue Zhong without fully understanding what he was like.

Yue Zhong replied light-heartedly: “Of course! However, you guys will still have to help me train up a platoon of tank operators. As long as you guys do that, you’re free to leave whenever you want.”

Yue Zhong valued the technical expertise and experience of these seasoned soldiers, as long as they could train up a platoon of tank drivers, even if they left, he wouldn’t mind.

Kong Ziming heaved a sigh of relief and nodded: “Sure!”

Zhang Zhi had just rushed over, and called out excitedly to Yue Zhong: “Leader!! Leader! This time, we’ve struck gold! There’re tanks!! 12 tanks!! With these, we can establish our own tank platoon!!”

Tanks were considered the kings of the battlefield after all, with 12 tanks, if they could be driven then they could drive and crush their way through a zombie horde. They were simply killing machines. Zhang Zhi was naturally exhilarated! If the 1st Battalion could have an Armored Company, then its prowess would naturally be above the 2nd Battalion.

Kong Mingzi looked at the blubbering Zhang Zhi, as he hesitated and quipped: “You’re Zhang Zhi??”

Zhang Zhi faltered, taking a look at Kong Mingzi and asked: “Who’re you?”

“Kong Mingzi!!” Kong Mingzi responded.

Zhang Zhi was shocked: “Commander Kong!!”

TN: My name is Kong. King Kong.

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