God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 362

Chapter 362 – Raid!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Kong Mingzi and Zhang Zhi were old comrades that had not met and talked for some time, hence they naturally burst into an exchange. Yue Zhong did not disrupt them and left quietly, walking outside.

Yue Zhong had just exited the storehouse when he discovered intense gunshots from afar. His face fell and he instantly rushed towards the direction of the commotion.

At the entrance of the camp, there was a gunfight happening, as a group of militants dressed in an assortment of motley clothing were currently attacking the camp in a frenzy.

The militants however, did not make any move to charge into the camp, instead opting to hide behind cover whilst firing at the soldiers within the camp.

Countless bullets flew, yet the casualties on both sides were minimal.

“People inside, listen up!! We are from the government of Tianxin Province!! The weapons and equipment inside are properties of the country! Other than the government, no one else can use it! Quickly surrender and we can close an eye to all past transgressions!!”

Yue Zhong had arrived at the entrance by then and heard the mind games from the militants.

When the soldiers heard the cries of those militants, they started to hesitate. If it were zombies or the Vietnamese, they would not hesitate to take them out. However, if they were to act against government officials, they could not bring themselves to do it. After all, they were working for the government prior.

However, the majority of the soldiers were survivors that Yue Zhong had rescued in Vietnam, and they only acknowledged Yue Zhong and no one else. None of them had any reservations about firing at these militants!

Yue Zhong’s eyes turned cold and he called out loudly: “I’m Yue Zhong! I order you to immediately put down your weapons and kneel to receive your punishments! Otherwise, I’ll spare no one!”

The loud one amongst the militants immediately responded: “Yue Zhong, is it? The weapons inside belong to the country! As long as you hand them over to the government, we will compensate you with resources and medals!! If you want to continue resisting, then it’s tantamount to going against the country, the government and the people! You’ll be labelled as traitors! You’ll receive the admonishments of the people!!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and ordered White Bones: “Kill them!”

In this kind of situation, regardless if those militants were really from the government, Yue Zhong could not care less. As long as they were attacking him, they were enemies.

Upon receiving the command, White Bones’ demonic fiery eyes flashed, and in a single leap, it charged out towards the exterior like a bolt of lightning.

Ming Jiajia standing by Yue Zhong’s side also summoned her Shadow Wolf, as it melded into the shadows of White Bones, following its charge out.

When White Bones emerged from the camp, those militants turned their fire towards it, and the bullets only served to ricochet off its armor, not impeding its charge in the slightest manner.

White Bones possessed a speed that was 5 times that of a normal person, and in launching itself, it managed to charge through a point of cover, and chop down viciously. In that swing of its axe, a man immediately lost his head, as fresh blood splattered onto White Bones’ body.

After killing one of the militant men in a single swing, 4 sharp bone spikes emerged from White Bones’ shoulder. Suddenly, they shot towards 4 other vantage points, and pierced through 4 of the militants, before pulling them towards it in a single file of struggling bodies. White Bones then swung its axe and immediately sliced them in two, causing fresh blood to flow out from their bottomless bodies!! It was truly a terrifying scene.



The 4 militants did not die at the first instant, instead they rolled around screaming and moaning in agony. It had thoroughly shaken the morale of the other militants.

“That’s an Enhancer!!”

“A high-level Enhancer? Too fearsome!! It’s like a demon!!”


When they saw their comrades slaughtered so easily, the remaining militants felt their hearts tremble, as they lost all sense of their fighting will.

White Bones then charged towards the hiding place of the rest of the militants in a furious manner.

The militants immediately collapsed and tried to escape when they saw White Bones charging at them.

Yue Zhong’s gaze frost over, as he held up his .03 rifle, and fired a few bullets, instantly killing those escaping militants with headshots! As long as it was an enemy, Yue Zhong would not hesitate to wipe them out, regardless of their background.

“Beast! Don’t go overboard!! You think only you’re a high-level Enhancer?” Following a bellow of rage, 6 Enhancers decked in assorted clothings jumped out from nowhere.

One of them was a burly man, wielding a huge hammer and giant steel shield, he was obviously a Strength-based Enhancer. Another was wielding a 2m-long mace single-handedly. 2 others held daggers in their hands, and their speed was even higher than White Bones when they charged out, it could be seen that they were Agility-based Enhancers.

Strength and Agility-based Enhancers were the most commonly seen experts. Other than those 4, there was a scrawny man with his hands wide opened, and a transparent barrier blocking in front of them, preventing any stray bullets from hitting them.

Finally, there was a young man with glasses as he stood amongst the rest and gazed at Yue Zhong coldly.

“The Heavenly Kings have made their move!!”

“This time, that Enhancer is dead meat!! The 6 Heavenly Kings are about to take action, he will definitely die!!”


When they saw the appearance of the 6 Enhancers, the remaining militants who had lost all their morale immediately regained some sense of confidence, as they shouted loudly.

Yue Zhong flipped his hand, and a PF98 appeared within his hands, as he aimed quickly and fired a shot at the 6 Enhancers.

With a flash, the rocket shot forwards and exploded on the transparent barrier with a loud boom! Under the flaming explosion, the barrier was shattered into pieces. The Enhancer with the [Barrier] skill suffered the backlash as he spat out a mouthful of blood and crumpled to the ground.

“He just used a rocket launcher!!” The young man in glasses immediately had a change in expression, as he shouted out in shock and dove for cover.

Losing the protection of the barrier, the remaining 4 Enhancers were immediately hit with the bullets as they tried to escape behind cover as well. Since they were wearing high-level Mutant Beasts hide, as long as they did not reveal their heads, it would be hard to take them out.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, as he stared at one of the Agility-based Enhancers and activated his [Art of Fear], as an oppressive spiritual blast that assaulted the mind of the targeted Enhancer. His eyes flashed with fear, as he was overcome by the horrendous images, and he fainted immediately.

“He’s difficult to handle!! We have to escape!!!” The young man in glasses said in a low voice. He had vastly underestimated this troop of soldiers as well as Yue Zhong. In their original plan, the 6 of them coupled with their 200 soldiers were enough to take down the camp, however, with the appearance of Yue Zhong, their plans had come to naught.

The Enhancer wielding the mace pointed to White Bones that was slaughtering the militants and said: “Jiang Ming!! Hurry and retreat! Our brothers will be killed by that freak soon!!”

Without anyone stopping it, White Bones could easily slaughter the 200 some militants. It had followed Yue Zhong from his very first battle, and possessed terrifying combat strength. Its bones were mostly impervious to guns and physical weapons, and normal people would find it impossible to even cause a wound.

Jiang Ming’s face fell: “Shen Zhe! If we stay here, we would be annihilated!!”

“Let’s scram!!” The other Agility-based Enhancer nodded and agreed. When the 1st Agility-based Enhancer had noiselessly slumped to the ground, his heart was filled with fear.

Without any hesitation, the remaining 4 Enhancers quickly turned and tried to escape towards the forest.

“Want to escape? Not that easy!” Yue Zhong laughed coldly when he saw the attempts of the 4 escaping Enhancers. Taking aim, he pulled out his Stinger, and swiftly fired 2 shots in the direction of the forest.

In that instant, the slower Strength-based Enhancers found their heads blasted apart, as their headless bodies slumped to the ground.

Yue Zhong then eyed the remaining Agility-based Enhancer and casted his [Art of Fear], causing the powerful Spiritual attack to overload the mind of that same Enhancer, as he fainted to the ground helplessly.

Within a few breaths, Yue Zhong had taken care of 3 of the Enhancers, and he shot forwards with his speed 11 times that of a normal person, reaching the remaining Enhancer Jiang Ming like an flying arrow!

In 4 seconds, Yue Zhong managed to chase up to Jiang Ming and had pulled out his Stinger, aiming at the latter.

Right as Yue Zhong had pulled out his gun, Jiang Ming raised his hands and kneeled immediately, shouting: “Don’t kill me!! I surrender!!!”

Yue Zhong gazed at him coldly while waiting for him to calm down.

Jiang Ming shuddered involuntarily on the floor, his back almost slick with his perspiration, he could feel the cold murderous gaze of Yue Zhong like a ferocious beast locked on him. The moment he made any strange moves, he would be dead.

Yue Zhong barked out an order coldly: “Move!”

Jiang Ming stood up docilely, as he walked out of the forest. When he walked past the corpses of his 2 Strength-based comrades, he shivered, as he had almost faced the same fate.

When they came out into the clearing, he saw that the militants he had brought had surrendered their weapons, their hands hugging their heads, and were being watched by the troops of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong then directly asked Jiang Ming: “Who are you people?”

The soldiers on Yue Zhong’s side also looked towards Jiang Ming, especially the soldiers from the Border Guards, they wanted to know the background of these defeated militants.

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