God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Stinger Model 2

Yue suddenly walked in front of the Dark Knight and asked: “Senior, may I ask if you have any advice for me? ”

The Dark Knight quietly looked at Yue, and coldly said: “Must be ruthless! Your heart is not ruthless, it will be very difficult to survive.”

After saying those words, the Dark Knight closed his mouth. As if he was a statue, standing still in the temple’s center, without a word.

Yue was silent, and courteously thank the Dark Knight while facing him. Then went back to the magical array.

With a flashed of light, Yue quickly disappeared from the temple.

The Dark Knight quietly stared at Yue as he disappeared, a different light flashing in his eyes, not saying anything.

After leaving the temple, Yue went directly to the equipment upgrade store.

In the equipment store was a bearded man holding a bottle. He was sitting there bare-chested, with traces of burnt mark on his body.

Seeing Yue come in, that weapon upgrade master lightly said one sentence: “Come to upgrade weapons?”

Yue nodded and asked: “How many Survival Coins do I need to upgrade 3rd Degree weapons?”

The weapon upgrade master lightly said: “$500 Survival Coins and a magic gem.”

After hearing this, Yue was slightly relieved. Not counting the $1000 Survival Coins from the quest bonus, he had only $600 Survival Coins after purchasing the Encompassing Body Armor skill.

Yue pulled out $500 Survival Coins, a magic gem, and the Stinger Pistol. Then handed them to the weapon upgrade master and said: “Help me to upgrade.”

“The Stinger Pistol, great item. Youngster, you have some skill and luck to get this kind of equipment nowadays.” The weapon upgrade master looked at the Stinger Pistol, then pointed at the air. The Stinger Pistol flew in front of him and suspended in the air. He casually pointed at the air and an enchantment spell burst out of thin air.

The magic gem flew into that enchantment spell, blooming into a dazzling light.

In the next moment, the Stinger pistol also flew into the enchantment spell, and instantly disintegrated. A thin ray of light began to sculpt out the Stinger Pistol in that enchantment spell, reconstructing the Stinger Pistol once again. Eventually forming a silver handle, six rounds 20 mm caliber revolver. [Translator Note: A pistol is just a handgun, while a revolver is a type of pistol with cylindrical chamber for the rounds. So in this case it is now a 6 chamber revolver.]

The silver revolver immediately fell into Yue’s hand.

“4th Degree Weapon: Stinger Model 2. This version has a higher destructive force. The revolver will never break unless destroyed by external force. It automatically generates two rounds a day. If ammunition is sufficient, you can use it to shoot tanks. Of course the condition is that your shooting skill must be adequate.”

Yue looked at the Stinger Model 2 in his hand, his eyes full of joy. After upgrading the Stinger to Model 2, not only is it more powerful, but it can also automatically generate two rounds per day. Which greatly increased the value of the Stinger revolver.

Yue said his thanks to the weapon upgrade master and left: “Thank you very much!”

After leaving the weapon upgrade store, Yue turned and went into the equipments store.

Seeing Yue enter, an attendant who looked quite pretty, smiled and said: “Welcome!”

Yue toward the pretty attendant said: “I want to see the equipment list.”


The attendant pointed at the air, and a list of the various types of equipments appeared.

Yue carefully viewed the equipment list. Contrary to his expectations, the equipment list was empty, meaning, there was not even a 1st Degree Protective Garment.

“Stinger 2 Special Bullet, Price: $50 Survival Coins per round.”

At the bottom of the equipment list, Yue saw equipment that he could use.

“So expensive!” Yue looked at the Stinger bullet with a wry smile. The Stinger bullet was so expensive that he could not afford it.

Yue turned to the next page, and immediately brightened up.

On the second page was a wide variety of medical drugs. One which allowed a person to regenerated limbs, another one which can quickly restored stamina, and another one that can cure various kinds of poisons. However, at the end of that last page was: “6th Degree Medicine: G Drug. Can treat viral infections that have infected the body. Price: $50,000 Survival Coins each.”

[Translator Note: Search for the G Virus on google.]

Yue looked at the G Drug enviously: “It’s too expensive. I’m really poor.”

If Yue had enough money, he would buy the G Drug as a backup. After all, who knows what enemies he would encounter in the future.

After a few pages, Yue found that besides the medicines, there were no powerful equipments on the list.

Yue closed the list, and asked the attendant: “These are the only equipments?”

The attendant politely said: “Yes! Besides the medicines, you can only buy equipments from the system when others have sold it to the system. ”

“Thank you!”

Yue nodded, then turned around and left.

After leaving the equipment store, Yue entered the mission building.

A very pretty attendant smiled and went up to Yue, then pointed at the air. A huge mission list appeared in front of Yue: “Welcome to the Mission Hall. You are welcome to accept a variety of missions posted here.”

“Recapture the Fallen City of Beijing! In order to complete the mission, you must clear up all the zombies within the 5th ring. Time limit of 1 year, time starts when mission is accepted. After the recapture of Beijing City, the faction leader will receive a 5th Degree Protective Garment, $50,000 Survival Coins, +5 levels, +2 skill points, Beijing Conqueror title. No penalty if mission failed.” [Translator Note: Beijing have these roads that encircle the city. Basically clear all the zombies within the 5th ring. Also the title is Beijing Recoverer but Conqueror sounds better.]

“Recapture the Fallen City of Nanjing … …”

The mission list was full of recapturing of major and minor cities in China.

Yue looked at the mission, eyes filled with shock: “Beijing has fallen? If that is so, then the Government chain of command is incapacitated?”

Like a dragon without a head, without the guidance of the Central Government, Yue could not imagine what the local governments would be like in this post apocalyptic world. He could see that in the future, warlords will fiercely compete for power and fighting over land in China.

Yue looked at the huge mission list, as if a large rock was pressing down on him: “This is terrible!”

“Recapture the Fallen City of Nanning! In order to complete the mission, you cleared up 100 zombie chiefs within the city. Time limit of 1 year, time starts when mission is accepted. After the recapture of Nanning City, the faction leader will receive a 4th Degree Protective Garment, $10,000 Survival Coins, +3 levels, +1 skill points, Nanning Conqueror title.” [Translator Note: I’m pretty sure it’s 100 zombies since it said 100 zombies head. But feel free to correct me. Note 2: He has been using that word to refer to zombie head, but maybe it means zombie chief instead.]

“Nanning City has fallen too?” Yue’s heart fell into a pit seeing that piece of news. His parents lived in Nanning City. Seeing the news that Nanning City has fallen, if only he could grow wings and fly back home immediately.

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