God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 363

Chapter 363 – Bei Mingyang

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and he stared at Jiang Ming coldly: “If you dare lie, I’ll kill you immediately!”

Jiang Ming’s body shuddered as he started to reveal everything to Yue Zhong.

The bunch of militants were the survivors of Tianxin Province. Just 3 days ago, there was a man called Bei Mingyang who brought some people to conquer it. Bei Mingyang was also a capable person, unifying the surrounding powers and commanding over 20,000 people as well as 3,000 soldiers under him. Amongst the 3,000 soldiers, there was a company of Border Guards, their overall combat prowess was strong.

After he conquered Tianxin Province, a few survivors told Bei Mingyang about the situation and information regarding the nearby military camps. This was when the militants were dispatched over here to reclaim it. There were indeed a few government officials amongst those people that Bei Mingyang had under him, but they were just puppets.

Hearing that the current Tianxin Province wasn’t governed by their previous employer, the border guard soldiers all heaved a sigh of relief.

“20,000 survivors and 3,000 soldiers?” When Yue Zhong heard Jiang Ming’s words, he frowned and contemplated silently.

Yue Zhong suddenly asked: “Jiang Ming, if I want Bei Mingyang to come and submit to me, how confident are you of convincing him?”

Jiang Ming’s eyes went wide, as he hesitated before replying with difficulty: “Leader Yue! These kind of words, I have no confidence at all.”

Yue Zhong continued: “What kind of armored division does Bei Mingyang have?”

Jiang Ming’s heart went cold, then he thought for awhile and responded: “I’ve seen a motorcycle group! A few gun-mounted vehicles, 8 IFVs, 20 cars with machine guns, 4 Red Arrows, and 4 Howitzers. Bei Mingyang had brought some men to open up a military camp before, and these were his spoils.”

Yue Zhong frowned more, as he thought to himself before finally saying: “Fine! Go back! Tell Bei Mingyang, I would like to speak to him!”

Jiang Ming had an incredulous look: “You’re letting me go?”

Yue Zhong glanced at him and replied: “Or would you like to stay here indefinitely? I can always send someone else!”

Jiang Ming hurriedly interjected:” No!! No!! I’ll leave now! I’ll leave now!!”

After which, Jiang Ming then swiftly turned and ran towards the distance, while he threw the fate of his fellow Enhancers to the back of his mind.

When Jiang Ming ran, Zhang Zhi and the rest reorganized the camp, and they transported the equipment into the heart of Jingxi Province.

In the lush office of the conference room in Tianxin Province.

A medium-built man, with energetic eyes, and an air of elegance between his brows looked at Jiang Ming. This man dressed in military wear was the current leader of Tianxin Province, Bei Mingyang.

“Yue Zhong wants to see me?” Bei Mingyang’s eyes flashed with a mischievous light, as his index finger tapped the armrest it was on. He continued: “Jiang Ming! Do you know why he wants to see me?”

Jiang Ming hesitated a while, before hardening his skin and said: “Boss Bei, Yue Zhong wants you to surrender to him!!”

Jiang Ming’s words instantly caused an uproar within the conference room.

One of the men within the room who looked tanned and short yet extremely muscular cursed out loud: “Damn it!! That Yue Zhong must have have knocked his head? He wants us to surrender to him? He should surrender to us that dumb shit!!”

“Boss Bei!! Send the troops to eliminate him!! Take his Jingxi Province!!”

“Boss Bei!! That Yue Zhong dared to kill our men, he sure is gutsy. Let me take some men to wipe him out!!”


In the meeting hall, almost everyone was calling for Yue Zhong’s blood. Only Jiang Ming remained silent, after facing Yue Zhong, he was extremely clear on Yue Zhong’s strength, and he felt that even if Bei Mingyang sent everyone, it would be impossible to win against a prepared Yue Zhong.

Bei Mingyang’s eyebrows arched, as his face turned gloomy: “Silence!!”

The meeting hall instantly went quiet. Bei Mingyang held authority within this Tianxin Province after all, and was the one who had conquered it with his troops.

Bei Mingyang just sat there and stared at the silent, middle-aged man with a knife-scar on his face and asked: “Shang Lun! What do you think?”

This man was the only man within the entire camp to wield power other than Bei Mingyang, and was his right-hand man. Within Tianxin Province, his words carried weight as well.

Shang Lun’s heart turned cold, as he looked around at the passionate people with the hall, as he hesitated for awhile, before saying softly: “I think there’s nothing wrong with having a discussion with Yue Zhong.”

While Shang Lun looked like a simpleton, he in fact, possessed high intelligence. Since Yue Zhong could conquer Jingxi Province, it meant that his power was not weak. He did not want to blindly call for his blood, only to be sent forth by Bei Mingyang, and in the end, expend his own force. In this post-apocalyptic world, only strength mattered, those without strength, would only suffer.

With those words, Bei Mingyang’s brows arched even further, and his eyes flashed with unhappiness, but soon, it disappeared, and no one saw it.

A heavily-tattooed man with blond hair stood out and spoke out tauntingly: “Shang Lun! You must be frightened? If you’re scared just say so!! What a useless piece of trash!”

Shang Lun responded with an equally challenging gait: “Gan Luowang! Since you’re so good, why don’t you take care of this problem!! You’re just talking after all! If you have the balls, go bring some men to wipe Yue Zhong out! If you succeed, your father I will personally kowtow to you and admit my mistakes. If you don’t dare, shut that smelly trap of yours and admit that in front of everybody now!”

Gan Luowang was the third strongest person that Bei Mingyang had groomed, and he was a powerful Agility-based Evolver, having reached a level of 37. Other than that, he had over 300 subordinates, and they were all thugs who dared to risk their lives.

Gan Luowang looked back with contempt and challenged: “Shang Lun! If your father I brought people to take down Yue Zhong, you’d kneel in front of your father I, is that right?”

Shang Lun responded with a cold stare: “That’s right! If you don’t dare to take your troops out to wipe Yue Zhong out! Then you have to admit to everyone present here you’re a coward!!”

Gan Luowang immediately rose up to the challenge and jumped to his feet, shouting: “Good!! Your father I, will take my troops to go take Yue Zhong down now! Shang Lun, just wait to kneel in front of your father, I!!!”

Shang Lun laughed coldly: “Let’s wait till you actually accomplished it!!”

“Just you wait!!” Gan Luowang threw a look at Shang Lun and immediately rushed out without waiting for Bei Mingyang to say a single word. He was afraid that Bei Mingyang would stop him, so he swiftly left, and disappeared from the meeting hall.

Bei Mingyang watched the scene with furrowed brows. Gan Luowang was a naturally awakened Evolver, and possessed immense combat ability. He was a genius, but he was too hasty and liked to do things his way, and this led Bei Mingyang to be frustrated at times.

Bei Mingyang then glanced at Shang Lun and said indifferently: “Shang Lun, Lao Hui!! Both of you go take your men to reinforce Gan Luowang!”

“Yes! Boss Bei!!” Shang Lun lightly sighed in his heart, as he replied in a low voice. He was satisfied that he had escaped being today’s scapegoat. Bei Mingyang possessed the strongest hand in Tianxin Province, and as long as Shang Lun wasn’t forced into a corner, he wasn’t willing to disobey Bei Mingyang’s orders.

“Yes! Boss Bei!!” The leader of the other smaller faction Lao Hui replied respectfully.

Gan Luowang had quickly arrived near Jingxi Province.

“So that is Jingxi Province? Nothing special about it!!” Gan Luo Wang eyed the entrance as he chuckled coldly.

Behing Gan Luowang stood 300 warriors decked in black suits and they held rifles in their hands, while they hung Tang Replica Swords by their hips. These 300 warriors were all Enhancers, and while their levels were only around 6 or 7, there were a few who had reached above Level 10. Such a troop was personally led by Gan Luowang. They had killed over 2,000 zombies, and was termed as the Death God Team.

Gan Luowang took one more look at the entrance of Jingxi Province, before turning to his Death God Team and called out: “Brothers! See that? That is Jingxi Province!! There are huge amounts of resources, women and equipment! Once we kill our way in, everything will be ours!! As long as you follow me in, within 3 days, whatever you want to do, I’ll allow it! You can play or kill what you wish!”

“Hurray for Leader!!”

“Kill our way in!! Take their resources and women!!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!!”


Hearing Gan Luowang’s boiling speech, the eyes of those thugs from the Death God Team started to turn bloodshot, as they roarer out loudly, their morale reaching a peak.

Gan Luowang had always liked to use such tactics to raise the morale and fighting spirit of his troops. That was the reason why his troops were the most willing to fight and risk it all amongst Bei Mingyang’s faction.

“Kill!!” Gan Luowang bellowed in fury, as he pulled out his own Dark Magic Blade, and charged towards Jingxi Province. He only knew how to use a blade, and wasn’t proficient with guns.

With the leadership of Gan Luowang, the 300 warriors charged forwards with their battle cries.

“Enemy attack!!!”

The soldiers at the entrance of Jingxi Province discovered the 300 enemies and immediately raised the alarm, and the entire Jingxi Province resounded with the warning bells.

At the entrance, there were 4 firing points, and they immediately started firing. A dense reply to the attack, a rain of bullets, sprayed towards the charging soldiers of the Death God Team!

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