God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 364

Chapter 364 – Collapse

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, vaticious

[Book 3: The South]

Amidst the rain of bullets, those soldiers from the so-called “Death God Team” were shot rapidly, and many fell onto the ground, bleeding from various wounds. In just a few breaths, there were tens of them lying on the ground.

Seeing their comrades falling to the ground, the remaining warriors of the Death God Team split up and dove for cover, as they raised their guns and started firing in the direction of Jingxi Province.

As the leader, Gan Luowang activated his level 2 [High Speed Movement] that was enhanced 3 times, and with the skill and his equipment, he reached a speed that was 16 times that of a normal human, exceeding even Yue Zhong! A normal person would have no means of locking onto such a terrifying existence.

A huge amount of bullets landed around Gan Luowang, but they did not manage to even scratch him.

In just 10 seconds, Gan Luowang had run in a zigzag manner and crossed the distance of 600m to charge into Jingxi Province. In that entire distance, he wasn’t hit once by a bullet at all.

Gan Luowang had rushed past a fortification, and charged into the defence point, killing 4 of the soldiers inside easily like a spectre. The firing from that point ceased immediately.

After casually slaughtering 4 soldiers, Gan Luowang then swiftly ran out from the fortification, and in just a few blinks, appearing within another firing point. He waved his Dark Magic Blade again and killed those 4 soldiers.

Gan Luowang had already destroyed 2 firing points just like that, and he made his way towards another location, preparing to swing his blade at the door of the firing point.

All of a sudden, his face froze in horror, as he dove towards the side hastily.

With a huge bang, the door exploded outwards, and countless metal shards flew out in all directions. There were a few booby traps behind that door!

Gan Luowang’s reaction was truly amazing, but as the distance to the epicentre was too close, countless metal shards had landed on his body.

The majority of the shards were blocked by the Mutant Beast hide that he wore, while 2 small shards had shredded his face and 1 in particular had resulted in a hole in his ear.

Enhancers were not invincible after all, in a battle, with all sorts of means, they could be injured as well. Even if Gan Luowang was an Agility-based Evolver, and his abilities far surpassing normal humans, it would be hard to guarantee that he would be totally unscathed. If it wasn’t for the beast hide, in that earlier explosion, Gan Luowang might have suffered greatly.

“Fuck!!! All you fuckers wanna die!!!” After receiving injuries, Gan Luowang turned even more savage, and charged into the defence point.

“High Level Enhancer? You sure are capable! However, don’t look down on us normal people!” A soldier saw Gan Luowang charging in and laughed lightly, his eyes flashed with a hint of desolate determination, as he pressed down on a button.

Gan Luowang saw the actions of the soldier and a huge sense of crisis welled up in his heart, and he turned to retreat hastily.

With a huge hong!!

A terrifying explosion shook the entire fortification structure and swallowed it up, as dust rushed to the skies. The entire structure collapsed unto itself, and was destroyed immediately.

A small captain of the Death God Team charged out from his cover, and shouted: “The leader has destroyed their morale, it’s up to us now! Charge!!’

With the encouragement of the captain, all the warriors of the Death God Team charged out from their covers, and they made for the direction of the Jingxi Province.

Gan Luowang had become the sharp knife to fight against the defence points and experts, after which the Death God Team would follow suit and destroy the remaining the soldiers. This was the way the Death God Team had always fought, and with this method, they had conquered many smaller factions. Without the frontline defences, these factions would be powerless to stop the Death God Team.

Facing the assault of the Death God Team, the remaining defence point fired wildly at the Death God Team.

A huge number of them were immediately pierced by the bullets, as they fell to the ground.

However, the lone firing from this defence point was not enough to block the charge of so many soldiers, and many of these warriors still managed to overrun them.

After destroying the remaining defence point, the Death God Team continued onwards into Jingxi Province with a savage glint in their eyes. In their past battles, as long as they breached the first line of defence, they would start to enjoy success and could indulge in their desires and go wild.

As the lead of the reinforcements, Lao Hui took a look at the entry of the Death God Team from afar as he exclaimed brightly: “Gan Luowang really did it! He managed to breached Jingxi Province!! Brothers, let’s charge forwards!!! Once we enter, the women, resources and equipment will be yours!! Kill!!”





The 200 soldiers that were led by Lao Hui heard his words, and their morale was also boosted. They took up their guns and blades, as they charged towards Jingxi Province in a frenzy. There were women, resources and equipment.

Bei Mingyang had only opened up a military camp, and obtained a battalion’s worth of equipment. These equipment were naturally given to his elite soldiers first. The rest of the faction could only gain some leftover training rifles or handguns.

Shang Lun saw Lao Hui charging towards Jingxi Province and frowned, as he kept silent and did not give the order to follow suit.

Lao Hui had only thought of the rewards, and did not think to consult Shang Lun before leading his troops towards Jingxi Province. Such rewards belonged to whoever had the strength to obtain them first, wanting them to cough the items up would be difficult.

One Enhancer who was standing beside Shang Lun called out urgently: “Boss!! Let us charge forwards too!! If not, we won’t even get a scrap afterwards!!”

“Yea!! Boss!! Let us charge forwards!!”


Shang Lun’s subordinates were all warriors as well, and were currently extremely attracted to the rewards and spoils of war. This was an entire city they were talking about, and there were bound to be countless good stuff within. If they could gain even a little of it, they could live a decent life.

Shang Lun frowned and replied in a low voice: “Let’s wait first!! Since Yue Zhong could conquer Jingxi Province, this is not the extent of his power. No one should think of making a rash move! Otherwise, I’ll be merciless!!”

Under the berating of Shang Lun, the restless soldiers stopped in their place.

Shang Lun went to a high vantage point on his own and held a binoculars, as he scoped out the happenings in Jingxi Province.

By this time, the Death God Team had breached the entrance, and without stopping, they were making their way towards the centre of the town.

Just when they managed to charge in for about 10m, from the surrounding buildings, a few defence positions were suddenly set up. Countless bullets covered the Death God Team, and the ruthless rain of metal caused the deaths of many more warriors.

The remaining Death God Team members were immediately scattered as they began to recover from their initial battlelust, while hiding behind cover, and started to return fire.

“Where’s the leader?? Where’s Leader Gan?”

“Where’s the leader??”


When the Death God Team were stopped in their tracks by the relentless defence, they started to seek for their core and leader Gan Luowang. If he was here, the enemy’s defence would have long been destroyed.

“Don’t tell me, the leader has already been done in??”

In the midst of searching for Gan Luowang to no avail, one of the Death God Team blurted out this thought, which could possibly destroy their morale.

“Impossible!! The leader would not die!!!” One of the warriors screamed back and fired in a frenzy at the surrounding buildings. If Gan Luowang had truly died, only the huge explosion earlier could have killed him.

The warrior from the Death God Team had followed Gan Luowang through countless battles, and while their weapons could not compare with Yue Zhong’s troops, their morale and team spirit was undoubtedly higher.

At this time, Lao Hui had also brought his 200 soldiers over, as they saw the numerous corpses of the Death God Team, they started to hesitate. He could feel the cruelty of this battle.

Lao Hui had followed Bei Mingyang for quite a while, and in most battles, they only saw a few dozens of deaths at most. However, in his journey here, the death count had reached over a hundred. The losses of the Death God Team were really huge.

“Where in the world is Gan Luowang?” Lao Hui pulled a Death God Team soldier over and questioned. Gan Luowang was after all a genius and Evolver, Lao Hui was naturally not a match for him. If Gan Luowang was still around, Lao Hui would then have confidence to attack Jingxi Province.

“The leader is dead!!!” Right at this time, an agonized moan came from afar. The captain of the small troop had finally discovered Gan Luowang’s flattened corpse under a huge rock, with a look of resentment and disbelief in his eyes.

“The leader is dead!!!”

“The leader is dead!!!”


The sound was like a plague that spread extremely quickly amongst the Death God Team. The originally high morale immediately collapse, and all the warriors started to retreat from their positions.

Gan Luowang was the beacon of strength among them, and was the undefeatable trump card. If he was still around, they would still possess the spirit to continue fighting. With his death, they had totally lost all will.

“What’s going on?? Gan Luowang had actually died??” When Lao Hui heard this news, his heart trembled, as he looked at the rapidly retreating Death God Team members, not knowing what to do.

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