God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 367

[Book 3: The South]

The soldier’s eyes flashed with terror, as he continued: “It’s true!! I saw a Type 2 Mutant Beast and 100 of its little brothers surrounding Shang Lun and his troops with my own eyes!! It was due to that, that Shang Lun submitted! Furthermore, Shang Lun and Yue Zhong had a duel, but he was defeated in a single move!!”

Bei Mingyang’s face turned ashen, and he said pointedly: “Enough!!”

In that meeting hall, as the various leaders heard the report of the soldier, their expressions turned extremely ugly. If they truly wanted to contend with a freak who could control a Type 2 Mutant Beasts as well as an army of elites, it made their hearts nervous.

“Let’s talk to him! See what he wants to say.”

“En! Let’s make contact, and see what kind of person he is!”


The atmosphere of the meeting hall had changed, and no one dared speak of fighting Yue Zhong.

The main difference between the 2 sides was that Yue Zhong was truly powerful and commanded everyone under him through the display of his absolute power. Bei Mingyang made use of his tactics to gather a few factions together to form a stronghold of about 50,000 people. Within this faction, Bei Mingyang had the most strength, but it was still democratic and Bei Mingyang had to listen to the views of the rest. It could not compare to Yue Zhong where a single sentence of his could get things done.

Bei Mingyang furrowed his brows slightly as he spoke in a low voice: “Speaking with him is not an issue! However, we still have to fight a battle with him, and we must win. Only then will we have the qualifications to negotiate with him.”

The leader of another small faction lamented: “Gan Luowang and Shang Lun have already been defeated! Who else can we send to fight against him?”

Gan Luowang and Shang Lun were the strongest fighting forces amongst the factions, and they had actually been subdued entirely by Yue Zhong. The rest of their fighting forces could not compare to the 2, and thus the various leaders had no confidence of dealing with Yue Zhong.

Bei Mingyang replied: “This time, we have to send a joint force! We must win against him, and let him taste our strength!”

“A joint team! Good!! If we all join forces, we can deal with Yue Zhong!”

“Good! This time we must let Yue Zhong experience our strength!”


Upon hearing the term joint forces, all the leaders excitedly went into a buzz. The joint forces meant the cooperation of all the various elites, and even Bei Mingyang’s forces of 3 battalions would be sent out.

Right as Bei Mingyang had proposed the idea of a joint forces, was the moment when Tianxin District suddenly came under attack.

With a hong!!

Right as the various leaders were calling out in excitement, a terrifying explosion rang out, and the entire meeting hall was shaken by the shockwave. Countless dust and pieces were shaken loose as a result.

“What’s going on?” Bei Mingyang was shocked, and he had a bad premonition.

“Quickly escape!! It’s not safe here anymore!!” One of the leaders shouted loudly, and bolted out from the window.

The bad feeling continued to well up inside Bei Mingyang, as his body flashed, and he leapt out the other window.

The rest of the leaders also went into a panic, and some jumped out the windows, some hid under the meeting table.

It was 3-storey jump, and not everyone could jump out from 3 storeys and be totally fine.

With a huge hong! Just when Bei Mingyang had just jumped out from the building, a rocket landed explosively on the wall, causing it to be blasted, and the entire structure collapsed, debris falling everywhere and dust rising to the skies. Those people still within the building were instantly killed.

Bei Mingyang saw the state of the building and immediately felt horror, if he was just slightly slower, he would have joined the rest of the corpses within.

“What’s going on? Who dares attack us?” Bei Mingyang was racking his brain, and trying to determine which party was so vicious, and had actually used a rocket to blast them.

Sounds of gunfire and explosions rang out from afar, and even those leaders within the government area of the district could hear the wild firing.

“Boss Bei!! Boss Bei!! Yue Zhong had brought men and are attacking us right now!! They’re making use of heavy artillery, tanks and even powerful Enhancers to suddenly raid us. They have already broken through 6 main defences!! Boss Bei, quick think of something!!” A soldier covered entirely in blood ran up to Bei Mingyang’s side and reported agitatedly.

Bei Mingyang’s expression turned to one of incredulous disbelief, and immediately fired back: “What?! 6 defence lines already?! How is that possible? Those 6 defence lines have 2 companies of soldiers keeping guard! How can they be wiped out so quickly? How is this possible? How can their forces be so strong! What about the alarm? How come we didn’t receive any warning, until we were attacked??”

Bei Mingyang wasn’t a fool, and had set up countless sentries around Tianxin District, to prevent the ambush of enemies. However those sentries had long since been wiped out by Ming Jiajia and Zheng Minghe. Without any alerts from the sentries, Yue Zhong could bring his men and directly attack Tianxin District.

“Go notify the entire army, withstand the attack!! No one is to retreat even a single step! I’ll bring reinforcements right now!!” Bei Mingyang was after all passionate warrior, as his eyes flashed with a cold light and he hollered at the soldier.

After which, Bei Mingyang pulled out a walkie-talkie and fiddled with the switch before he shouted: “Zhao Zhigang! Go gather the troops. Within 30 minutes, they have to be assembled!”

Zhao Zhigang was the Battalion Commander of Bei Mingyang’s elite 1st Battalion. Every single one of them was equipped with border guards’ equipment, and there was even a company of veterans. Their combat power was truly strong. They were the right and left arms of Bei Mingyang as well.

“Boss Bei!! 30 minutes is too short!! Today was supposed to be a holiday, if you want the entire battalion to assemble, it would take at least 3 hours!!” Zhao Zhigang’s exasperated voice resounded from within the walkie-talkie.

Bei Mingyang bellowed out in rage: “I don’t care! I’m giving you only 30 minutes, after which you had better bring the troops to the frontlines! Otherwise I’ll execute you!!”

It was a moment of crisis now, and Bei Mingyang had no way of retraining his calm demeanor.

Zhao Zhigang gritted his teeth and replied in a low voice: “Understood! Boss Bei!!”

Zhao Zhigang had also surmised the critical situation from the sounds of fighting at the frontlines. Who knows, Tianxin District might really end up in Yue Zhong’s hands if they were careless.

Bei Mingyang recollected himself, before shouting into the walkie-talkie again: “Bai Xiaosheng!!! Bai Xiaosheng!!!”

However, regardless of how much Bei Mingyang shouted, there was no reply from the walkie-talkie.

Bei Mingyang’s face had turned steely as he cursed: “Damn bastard!! At this sort of critical juncture, he had actually disappeared!!”

Bai Xiaosheng was the commander of the expert battalion that Bei Mingyang had groomed, and he possessed decent strength. At the same time, he commanded 12 Level 30 Enhancers, 26 Level 20 Enhancers, and a 168 Level 10 Enhancers.

Bai Xiaosheng and his experts battalion was also part of Bei Mingyang’s arms, and they were truly strong!

It was precisely because Bei Mingyang had the experts battalion under Bai Xiaosheng and Zhao Zhigang’s elite battalion that he could control the entire faction at Tianxin District. However, Bai Xiaosheng was a free spirit, and he liked to play and fool around with women, and was often not found anywhere. Bei Mingyang could tolerate his disappearances often, but at this crucial time, he was still nowhere to be found, that led Bei Mingyang to be furious beyond belief.

At Tianxin District’s frontlines, Yue Zhong had brought his most elite forces from the 1st Battalion 1st Company, as well as Wu Yin, White Bones, Ming Jiajia and Zheng Minghe as they slaughtered their way through Tianxin District like a sharp knife.

Ming Jiajia had summoned her 5 Shadow Wolves, which melded into the shadows and would appear suddenly, biting the opposing soldiers in their necks, leaving them with no way to react.

On top of that, those Shadow Wolves could sniff out the location of humans, and Ming Jiajia would point out the hiding locations to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was wielding his .03 rifle. He clearly split his attention,on one hand, he took out any soldier within his line of sight. On the other, he continued commanding his troops in the course of battle.

White Bones was the sharpest and most dangerous vanguard he possessed. It could easily charge into the midst of the enemy and dance about with its bone blades, slaughtering the soldiers as easily as killing chickens. Its front was dyed full of blood, and those poor soldiers who got in its way would either be sliced in half or beheaded. The cruelty of their deaths shook their comrades greatly.

On the other side, Wu Yin wielded his Dark Magic Blade and weaved in and out of the enemy, following Yue Zhong’s instructions to route the enemy and attack them from behind.

Zheng Minghe was proficient with modern weaponry, and he used a grenade launcher, as he followed Yue Zhong’s instructions in firing at different important buildings, causing destruction everywhere.

These 5 experts of Yue Zhong co-ordinated and caused widespread destruction amongst the 1st company of soldiers they fought.

The 1st Company that followed Yue Zhong closely behind were also the elite of the elite, each of them decked in Type 3 Mutant Snake hide, as they pushed forward. They were adept at using grenades and mortars as they also blasted the enemies in front of them into pieces.

In a battle on the streets, the hardest thing was determining your enemies’ locations. In this aspect, Ming Jiajia and her Shadow Wolves were more of use compared to Yue Zhong in doing so. Due to the ease at which the wolves could detect the enemy, Yue Zhong’s soldiers could easily wipe them out. Without Ming Jiajia, the frontal assault would not have gone so smoothly.

Yue Zhong brought the 1st Company and continued their rapid advance in, breaking through 6 defence lines, and finally slaughtered the Border Guards of Bei Mingyang. He left the remaining few soldiers to escape in sobs towards the centre of the District, leaving their backs open to Yue Zhong. They were easily slaughtered.

With Yue Zhong leading the sneak attack on Tianxin District, they were practically unhindered as they sliced through Tianxin District like a hot knife through butter, and they made their way closer towards the weapons storage facility.

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