God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 370

Chapter 370 – Beauty

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

When Yue Zhong had conquered Tianxin District, he had cleaned up the incumbent factions. He killed the leaders of the various factions that still stood against him, while the soldiers under them were thrown into the Scum Battalion as cannon fodder.

During the process, Yue Zhong had obtained a number of beautiful ladies, and these 12 maids were the final choices of a selection.

“Master, welcome home!” Right at this time, a top beauty appeared in front of Yue Zhong, dressed in a clean white dress, showing her long slender legs and fair skin. Her lips were lush and teeth perfect, while her long hair was straight and black. Her entire demeanor exuded a certain charm and she smiled as she greeted Yue Zhong.

With the appearance of this beauty, the other 12 ladies seemed to pale in comparison.

Yue Zhong eyed the beauty for awhile before asking directly: “Why do you look familiar?”

Hearing his words, the 12 maids revealed a strange expression on their faces.

Ming Jiajia eyed the beauty in white, her eyes filled with veneration and admiration: “Master!! She is Su Xueling! The main actress of countless films, she’s known to be the successor to the queen of films Liu Zixuan. She’s a well-known film and television star.”

Ming Jiajia was also an ordinary girl before the apocalypse, and had her idols and dreams as well. The Su Xueling happened to be one of her biggest idols.

Su Xueling revealed a bright and sweet smile, as she spoke in her melodious voice: “Master! I’m Su Xueling.”

Su Xueling had been a proud and slightly wilful celebrity prior to the apocalypse. If it was before the world changed, she wouldn’t even have any interaction with a common person like Yue Zhong, but now she had no choice but to lower her head, and to express her subservience to gain his favour.

Su Xueling had experienced first hand the problems of the current world. Her looks had attracted alot of dangerous attention, and if it were not for Bei Mingyang’s protection, she could have become the high-quality toy for the leaders of other factions, to be played with and thrown around.

Bei Mingyang had constantly protected Su Xueling. Of course, it was mainly because of the friendship between her and his own daughter. On the other hand, she could be used as a bargaining chip with another strong person. Heroes naturally went with beauties, and with a beauty on hand to control any male experts, it was a move that Bei Mingyang often used.

However, before Bei Mingyang had even got to use her, Yue Zhong had defeated him, and the various resources owned by him fell to Yue Zhong. Su Xueling hence became one of Yue Zhong’s spoils of war.

“Hi Big Brother! I’m Ning Ruozi!” Another girl with a head full of black hair and fair skin stepped out while greeting Yue Zhong. She had an exquisite look and was smiling brightly, looking as cute as an angel, and looked to be about only 11 or 12.

Yue Zhong had no woman beside him all along, and was seen bringing Ming Jiajia this loli everywhere he battled. His subordinates hence thought to offer Ning Ruozi this loli that was even more beautiful than Ming Jiajia to Yue Zhong. *

“Little vixen!” Ming Jiajia took one glance at Ning Ruozi, and her face turned grim, as she muttered under her breath. As a girl, she could also feel the charm and cuteness of Ning Ruozi. Although she herself was beautiful, when compared to this angel-like person, she was definitely not as eye-catching.

“I’m Ning Yuxin!” A tall woman with a short hairdo,voluptuous figure, fair skin and perfect face stepped out in front of Ning Ruozi, blocking her from Yue Zhong, as she stared apathetically at Yue Zhong.

Another bespectacled lady stepped forward. Her hair was tied up high, her face paddled with makeup, and she had an alluring figure, yet her defined features exuded a sternness, and she looked to be 27-28, giving off a mature charm as she was decked in a set of housekeeping apparel. She spoke out: “How do you do, Master Yue Zhong? I’m Zheng Yaqin, and was assigned by Wei Ningguo Mayor Wei to be your housekeeper.”

Su Xueling, Ning Ruozi, Ning Yuxin were selected by people at the behest of Wei Ningguo to serve Yue Zhong. As for Zheng Yaqin, she was specially selected to help look after the household for Yue Zhong.

“Hi everybody!” Yue Zhong smiled at these 4 beauties, before walking into his room.

In the room, there was a stove burning, and the outside cold could not affect the cosiness of the room. Only someone like Yue Zhong could get to enjoy the luxury of open heating. This was the benefit of being a leader. Yue Zhong fought valiantly and he would not decline such treatment hypocritically.

Yue Zhong began taking off his coats, and 2 of the maids came in, as they helped him out of it, before hanging it by the side.

Yue Zhong and Ming Jiajia then walked towards the dining area.

On the round dinner table, there were various plates of seafood, wild vegetables, desserts as well as Type 2 Mutant Beast meat that had been prepared by chefs.It all looked extremely sumptuous.

Ming Jiajia, Su Xueling, Ning Ruozi and Ning Yuxin all sat down, as they started to dig in.

Zheng Yaqin stood by Yue Zhong side like a straight rod.

At the sides of the table, the maids stood in 2 rows, and the atmosphere gave Yue Zhong an uncomfortable sense of being like a mafia boss in the pre-apocalypse days.

Yue Zhong looked at the mature yet cold Zheng Yaqin and said: “Yaqin, join us and eat!”

Zheng Yaqin maintained her stern and cold demeanor as she rejected: “Master! This goes agaisnt the contract! I’m your housekeeper, and have no right to eat with you!”

Yue Zhong chuckled, and did not pursue the matter.

Yue Zhong had a copy of the documents pertaining to Zheng Yaqin. She was a graduate from Cambridge and was proficient in Russian, Japanese, English, French and German, and had received the most elite of training as a housekeeper. Before the apocalypse had set in, she had just been selected by a billionaire, and was ready to become a senior stewardess with annual income of 400,000. She had received the strictest of trainings and abided by a professional set of conduct, hence Yue Zhong did not force her against her rules.

“Who should I enjoy?” Yue Zhong turned his head as his eyes travelled across the table, taking in the 4 beauties around him.

Ever since he was sent to Vietnam by that Nether Beast, he had been kept busy by warfare, governance, to exert control and total dominion, without a single moment of rest.

With the winter about to set in, and snow having blocked off most of the paths, military affairs had been put on hold. The new government had also been established. Both Jingxi City and Tianxin District are under his control. With time to spare, he could now appreciate the beauties in front of him.

Yue Zhong’s gaze fell on Ming Jiajia, before he quickly turned his gaze to the other girls. Although his relationship with her was the closest, she was truly too young.

Yue Zhong’s gaze then fell to Ning Ruozi for all of 3 seconds, before moving to and fro between Ning Yuxin and Su Xueling.

Between Su Xueling and Ning Yuxin, one was a huge star, the other, a beloved daughter of a magnate. Both had the extreme qualities of beauties, and few men could withstand their attractiveness.

“My charms are truly attractive!!” Su Xueling had been someone who mixed around before the apocalypse, and was sensitive to Yue Zhong’s current passionate gaze, and could not help but feel proud of herself. However, she was reminded that if she was chosen, she had to sleep with Yue Zhong, and this led her to feel unsettled, and she felt complicated.

Ning Yuxin was also unsettled by Yue Zhong’s gaze. Prior to the apocalypse, she was an extremely proud woman. With her perfect looks and grades, coupled with exercise and an excellent family background, she was the object of affection of countless suitors. She had always been on the search for the Prince Charming of her life, and to fall in love truly dramatically. She was extremely unwilling to be with Yue Zhong.

“Seems like my charms are non-existent!” Yue Zhong was perceptive as well, and could detect the slight shudder from the 2 beauties, it was obvious that they were not willing to be with him, and it caused him to lose interest.

Yue Zhong then said indifferently: “Su Xueling, Ning Yuxin, the both of you can move out tomorrow!”

With hs words, it seemed like a bomb had went off in the hearts of Su Xueling and Ning Yuxin, causing them to turn pale.

“Wha…..why! Master…..did we….do something…wrong?” Su Xueling could not help but stammer, as her expression turned to one of tears, her eyes red as she looked pitifully at Yue Zhong.

Ning Yuxin also looked at Yue Zhong, her entire body having turned stiff.

Outside, it was extremely hard to get by, and both of them had seen the consequences of fighting for even a piece of bread. With their looks, if they were to land in a pervert’s hands, they would be played till they were broken, before being eaten. Compared to the outside, there was food and drinks here, and they were taken care off, it was almost paradise. Who knew how many vied to be in this position that Su Xueling and Ning Yuxin had, and how many wished they could exchange places with them.

Yue Zhong continued apathetically: “I know you guys don’t want to be with me! I don’t like to force upon others. Relax, after you leave the villa, I will get Wei Ningguo to arrange other jobs for you.”

Yue Zhong had the entire faction under his control, and was responsible for almost 60,000 survivors, there were no shortages of beauties! Even without Su Xueling or Ning Yuxin, he would definitely be able to find other beautiful girls to serve him.

Su Xueling could not help but reply hastily: “No!! No!! It’s not like that!! It’s not that I’m unwilling! I am willing! Master!! It was just that when you looked at me earlier, I became a little nervous.”

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