God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 371

Chapter 371 – Dong Ling

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Ning Yuxin on the other hand, remained pale, as she stood there ashened, not saying anything. She was originally unwilling to serve Yue Zhong, and was sent here under Wei Ningguo’s orders. Although she had learnt some Taekwondo in the past, in the face of guns and knives and experts, it was practically useless.

Yue Zhong glanced at Ning Yuxin and Su Xueling and understood their mindset, as he smiled at Su Xueling and said: “Then you can stay!”

Yue Zhong then looked at Ning Yuxin and said: “As for you, Ning Yuxin. Don’t worry, after you leave the villa, I will get Wei Ningguo to assign you a job. As long as you work hard, you’ll be able to forge a life for yourself with your own efforts.”

Ning Yuxin bit her lips, and remained silent. Although she was unwilling to serve Yue Zhong, she knew that the outside world was much harsher, and the jobs outside were more menial. Without any actual skill set, she would find it hard to work to keep herself alive.

Right at this time, Ning Ruozi jumped down from her seat and pounced into Yue Zhong’s arms as she revealed a pleading face, her big eyes looking at Yue Zhong:” Big Brother!! Big Brother!! Don’t chase my sister away! Please don’t chase her away! Ruozi will listen to Brother’s words! Regardless of what you want me to do I will do. Please don’t chase Sister away! In this world, other than Big Brother, I only have Sister as family! Ruozi will treat Big Brother well, just don’t chase Sister away!”

“No!! I can’t leave here! If I leave! Who will protect Ruozi?”

Ning Yuxin saw Ning Ruozi pleading Yue Zhong profusely in his arms, and her heart trembled, as she walked up and lowered her head and pride, as her eyes turned red. She pleaded with gritted teeth: “Master! I’m willing to serve you!! Please let me stay!!”

Yue Zhong eyed the cute and loveable Ning Ruozi, as he pinched her cheeks, and the sensation of her skin felt extremely good in his fingers. He then eyed Ning Yuxin and said indifferently: “Sure, you can stay!”

Ning Ruozi then smiled sweetly at Yue Zhong, before pouncing into his arms, and pointed at a cake and smiled coyly at Yue Zhong: “I want that!!”

“Ok!!” Yue Zhong then brought the dessert over.

Ning Ruozi opened her mouth, putting on an expression of ‘feed me’.

Yue Zhong could not resist that adorable girl, and cut a piece of cake and fed her.

“Delicious!!” Ning Ruozi ate the cake and revealed an expression of bliss.

“So refreshing!” Yue Zhong was also blown away by her cute antics, and he fed her like a mother hen, cutting pieces and delivered them into her mouth. He watched her cute expressions, and felt the fatigue and stress from the constant battles and warfare wash away.

“Little vixen!!” Ming Jiajia watched Yue Zhong feed Ning Ruozi, and her eyes were filled with jealousy. She wanted to be spoiled like that by Yue Zhong as well.


“Seems like the leader likes lolis!”


The females present saw the scene, and their eyes flashed with a strange glint.

After dinner, Yue Zhong and the rest went to a sofa and sat down.

Yue Zhong pondered for awhile before asking Su Xueling: “Xueling! Both you and Bei Mingyang came from Nanning. What’s the situation there now? Do you know?”

Yue Zhong’s home was in Nanning. It had almost been a year since the apocalypse first set in, and he did not know if his family members were still alive or not. He was a little afraid of knowing what had happened there, but at the same time, he was desperate for some information.

Su Xueling hesitated awhile before replying with a slightly difficult expression: “Bei Mingyang and I had escaped from Nanning and had not had any communications with anyone there since. Unfortunately we’re not sure about the ongoings there as well. I’m sorry Master!”

“It’s ok!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with disappointment, and softly sighed. Jingxi City and Tianxin District had fallen into his hands, and regardless of any enemies now, he possessed some form of power. Yet, all he wanted to know was the current plight of his parents.

“I know!!” Right at this time, Ning Yuxin suddenly spoke out, as she gazed at Yue Zhong: “I know about the survivors at Nanning.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened in anxiety: “Oh!! Say it quickly!!”

Ning Yuxin gathered her thoughts, before saying solemnly: “I heard that after the world changed, a large number of the survivors in Nanning escaped towards Guilin City. The government of Nanning and the nearby army in Guilin gathered and captured Guilin, and has established a rather large survivor base camp there.”

“If it’s like that, I have hope!!” Yue Zhong immediately stood up excitedly when he heard the news, and started to pace about. He had an expression of worry, as he muttered to himself: “I still have hope! No! It’s already been a year!!”

Ming Jiajia looked at Yue Zhong who had become agitated, and a look of shock appeared in her eyes. She had never seen Yue Zhong so lost before, even when facing Wuyan Hong, he had never shown fear or apprehension. Everytime he did something, he was swift and resolute.

Yue Zhong stopped pacing, as he called a maid over:” Is the hot water in the pool ready?”

The nearest pretty maid smiled gently and replied: “It’s already prepared Master!”

Zheng Yaqin, as Head Maid, expected the maids to always present a smile to their master. If they could not do it, they would be punished, even dismissed from their position.

Yue Zhong nodded slightly, then walked towards the bathhouse.

In this villa, there was a huge luxurious bath of about 30 sqm built, and the moment Yue Zhong entered the pool, he saw 2 beauties kneeling by the pool in maid attire.

The 2 ladies smiled at Yue Zhong and asked: “Master, would you like us to serve and bathe you?”

Yue Zhong waved: “You are all dismissed! I would like to be alone today!”

The 2 pretty maids thus dismissed themselves.

Yue Zhong took one step into the hot water, and submerged himself in it, as his blood started to heat up.

“Maybe they’re still alive! I want to go to them!! I must go to them!” The heat churned within Yue Zhong’s body, as he contemplated and was anxious to find his parents. He had left home for more than a year already, and in this new apocalyptic world, a year’s worth of time could be the difference between life and death, and he truly wanted to leave for Guilin City now, but was afraid that he might receive the news of their passing when he reached there. This sort of suspense was causing him turmoil, precisely because he held his parents in high regard.

Right at this time, a fair-skinned female with chestnut hair and a towel wrapped around her explosive figure stroded into the pool, bringing with her a fragrant scent as she came to Yue Zhong’s side.

Yue Zhong opened his eyes, as he saw the incoming girl, who was extremely beautiful, and his eyes flashed. He said a little gloomily: “Didn’t I order you guys to be dismissed? Why are you disobedient?”

Under the stormy gaze of Yue Zhong, the body of the girl with chestnut hair trembled uncontrollably, as she pondered a while, before loosening the towel, as it dropped into the pool, revealing a youthful and vibrant body. She was also endowed with a pair of incredibly fair and full breasts.

The girl hugged Yue Zhong, as she spoke in a slightly shaky voice: “Master! I can feel your anxiety. Please use my body to release your tension!!”

When the girl entered Yue Zhong’s embrace, he could smell a mix of body shower and her own fragrance, and he could feel her soft and delicate body with his own.

Something stirred in his loins, and coupled with the troubled mood that he was in, he immediately pushed the voluptuous girl to the side of the pool, and penetrated her in one swift motion.

“Oh!!” The girl let out a moan of agony, and at the place where the two of them joined together, blood could be seen dripping into the pool.

Yue Zhong seemed to turn into a beast, and was turned on by the atmosphere, as he thrusted furiously, grabbing onto the lamb-like girl, and pumped her with all his might.

The chestnut hair beauty kept hugging Yue Zhong, accepting his violence and restlessness with a soft embrace.

After they had finished, the girl collapsed in his arms, as though she was broken, and she gasped for breath.

Yue Zhong hugged the girl, his heart free of the tension he had felt earlier, as he asked her gently: “What’s your name? Why did you do that?”

“I’m called Dong Ling! Wang Dajun killed my entire family. I had sworn then, whoever killed him, I would dedicate my entire life to him. Master, you had killed Wang Dajun, and I, Dong Ling, am willing to serve as your slave for my whole life.” Dong Ling’s hands were wrapped around Yue Zhong, as she gazed into his eyes with extreme tenderness, and began kissing him deeply on the lips.

“Wang Dajun?” Yue Zhong thought back to the report on the person. Wang Dajun was truly a person of evil deeds, and when Yue Zhong had assaulted Tianxin District, he had executed the various leaders who had retaliated, he didn’t expect that his actions had actually gained him the gratitude and heart of a beauty. *

Right at this time, the beautiful loli Ning Ruozi also hopped into the pool wrapped in a towel as she grabbed onto Yue Zhong’s arms and flirted: “Big Brother!! I want it too! You must kiss me too!”

On another side, Ming Jiajia was apparently not willing to step back, as she grabbed onto Yue Zhong’s other hand, and looked at him silently and pitifully.**

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