God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 372

Chapter 372 – Ning Ruozi!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

On the left was the bubbly Ning Ruozi, on the right was the silent yet capable Ming Jiajia with extraordinary skills, and in his embrace, was Dong Ling with her extremely hot figure. Yue Zhong was literally enveloped in bliss and the fragrance of the feminine scents. It was almost heaven for him.

“Be good!!” Yue Zhong ruffled both Ning Ruozi and Ming Jiajia on their little heads, and coaxed them.

Ning Ruozi broke into an angelic smile and said: “Hehe, I was praised by Big Brother!”

On the other side, Ming Jiajia was slightly upset that Yue Zhong still treated her like a kid, yet she continued to hug his hand tightly.

Right at this time, Su Xueling and Ning Yuxin also entered the pool with white bath towels wrapped around them.

“Ruozi! Come over here!” Ning Yuxin saw how close Ning Ruozi was sticking to Yue Zhong, and she turned sullen, pulling Ning Ruozi from Yue Zhong’s side. She knew her youinger sister was extremely adorable, and was worried that Yue Zhong would covet her.

Ning Ruozi put up some resistance against Ning Yuxin and struggled: “No!! Sister, I want to hear Big Brother and his stories!! Sister! Let go of me!!”

Ning Yuxin’s face turned wooden, as she mustered her big-sister voice and said sternly: “Ruozi, be obedient! Otherwise I will get angry!”

Ning Ruozi scrunched up her face, and said in a long voice: “Yeeeeeeeess~~!”

Su Xueling sat by the pool, and looked at Dong Ling in Yue Zhong’s embrace, her eyes flashing with a complicated gaze. She was a little jealous of Dong Ling gaining Yue Zhong’s affection, yet at the same time, a small part of her heaved a sigh of relief.

Ming Jiajia who was still on Yue Zhong’s right side suddenly asked: “Master, do you want to go to Guilin City?”

Ming Jiajia had followed Yue Zhong all the way from Vietnam to China, as they slaughtered their way through, and it was the first time she saw Yue Zhong so unsettled. Her strong perception allowed her to guess that there must be people important to Yue Zhong at Guilin City.

Yue Zhong was silent for a while, before replying slowly: “En! I must definitely make a trip there in the near future!”

If Yue Zhong was still at Long Hai City, there were over a million zombies blocking the way, coupled with the fact that there were various Mutant Beasts around, and he still did not know the way to Guilin City. Even if he had wanted to head back, it was next to impossible. However, with him being at Guangxi now, the location wasn’t too far off. He was decided on heading back, and if he could, he would try to fly there.

Ming Jiajia hugged Yue Zhong’s hand tightly, and she looked at Yue Zhong with those huge eyes and said: “I shall go with you!”

“En!” Yue Zhong tousled Ming Jiajia’s hair again as he smiled.

Ming Jiajia had already undergone tough training, and her body constitution was considered above the elite forces of before the apocalypse. She could operate various weapons as well, and could summon the Shadow Wolves. Wherever Yue Zhong went, he liked to take Ming Jiajia along, because her skills complemented him and covered his weaknesses.

Yue Zhong’s close-combat skills, survival abilities and destructive power were all tyrannical, however, in terms of scouting the enemy, he could not contend with Ming Jiajia and her Shadow Wolves.

When they had entered Tianxin District, without the help of Ming Jiajia, Yue Zhong had no way of quickly flushing out the soldiers that were hiding. That was to say, Ming Jiajia played the role of a biological radar, and could pinpoint the locations to Yue Zhong, allowing him to execute his abilities perfectly.

Ning Ruozi came back and hugged Yue Zhong, with her crystal clear eyes staring at him as she puted: “Brother!! Brother!! Bring Ruozi along as well!! Ruozi wants to follow Big Brother!!”

Yue Zhong looked at the adorable Ning Ruozi, and immediately turned her down: “No way!! You don’t have any special abilities. Bringing you would be too dangerous!”

Ning Ruozi looked at Yue Zhong with tearful eyes as she pleaded: “Big Brother!! Ruozi heard that Big Brother have methods to turn people into Evolvers. If Big Brother do that to Ruozi, won’t it be safe for Ruozi to tag along?”

Hearing those words from Ning Ruozi, other than Ming Jiajia, the gazes from the other girls immediately fell on Yue Zhong.

The fact that Yue Zhong had the ability to help a person become an Evolver, almost everyone from Jingxi City and Tianxin District knew about it. Yue Zhong did not stop the news from spreading, because with this knowledge, his subordinates would work harder and be loyal, so they could stand a chance to become an Evolver with great power.

Yue Zhong ruffled Ning Ruozi’s head and said mildly: “It’s true, I do have a treasure that does that. However, it’s too precious, and I can’t give it to you now.”

The juice from the Snake Birth Fruit was too valuable, every single vial could result in an Evolver. Yue Zhong would only bestow it upon those who were loyal and willing to die for him. Initially, he had no choice but to turn Ming Jiajia into an Evolver as the situation called for it due to the lack of trusted personnel.

Ning Ruozi crunched up her face, and pouted as she ran from Yue Zhong’s side: “Ruozi’s angry!! Big Brother is a bad person! Ruozi will ignore you!!”

Yue Zhong watched Ning Ruozi, as he chuckled and did not say much. He continued to soak himself for a while, before carrying Dong Ling and leaving.

Su Xueling also stood up not long after, and headed outside.

The moment Su Xueling left, Ning Yuxin’s face turned wooden, as she lectured Ning Ruozi: “Ruozi! What’s with you today? If you continue to be like that, what if he is overcome by lust?”

The cute smile on Ning Ruozi’s face vanished, as she revealed a look of indifference and maturity that did not fit her age, using that child-like voice of hers to reply: “Sister! We’re already in his hands, if he wants to do so, we can do nothing. Life here is pretty good! If it was outside, if we fell into some other perverts’ hands, then it would truly be a fate worse than death.”

Ning Ruozi thought back to a scene where she saw a few men crowding around a pot with kids inside, and she shuddered involuntarily, which had nothing to do with the cold. She gritted her teeth as a resolute look flashed across her face, saying: “If we want to live on in this apocalyptic world, then we need strength. I will definitely control Yue Zhong, and have him under my heel. That way, us sisters will get to live safely and securely.”

Ning Yuxin retorted in anger: “What if he violates you? Men are biologically wired to be unable to control themselves!! You’re playing with fire!!”

Ning Ruozi replied indifferently: “Then let him be! Ever since we came to this villa, I’ve already prepared myself. We weak women would be violated by others, even if it’s not by him.”

Ning Yuxin shuddered with rage, and slapped Ning Ruozi on her face furiously, as she felt indignant about her sister’s nonchalant attitude towards their plight.

The slap landed hard on Ning Ruozi’s face, causing a red palm print to appear on it.

Ning Yuxin saw the imprint on her sister’s face, and her heart ached, as she hugged her tightly, and cried out: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s my fault!! It’s my fault!!”

Ning Ruozi had tears in her eyes, as she hugged Ning Yuxin back and consoled her: “You were not wrong! I didn’t know my limits. Rest assured sister, Ruozi will definitely protect you! You’re after all the only family I’ve got left. Set your mind at ease sister, Ruozi is the cutest loli on earth,.Yue Zhong being a lolicon, would not be able to resist my charms.”

Ning Yuxin hugged Ning Ruozi tightly: “No! Ruozi! It should be me protecting you! Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to you!”

“Let me protect you!! Whatever the cost, I, as your sister, will protect you!” Ning Yuxin hugged her only family tightly, as a resolute look flashed in her eyes.

Ning Ruozi kept silent, and the 2 beauties hugged quietly for awhile, as warm feelings surged between the 2.

“Oh right! Ruozi, just now you called Yue Zhong Big Brother, wasn’t that too mushy!”

“Eh~! That’s not true! Guys like that oh! Sister!”

Ning Yuxin was puzzled: “En? Is that true?”

“You have been too caught up with studying, that’s why you haven’t been in love, what a bummer!!”

Ning Yuxin grabbed Ning Ruozi’s cheeks and squeezed: “Little brat, you’re too mature!!”

Ning Ruozi let out a hamster-like squeak: “No Sister!! Ruozi’s undefeatable face would be damaged!!”

“Where did you learn this type of nonsense?”

“Of course through manhwas~! Once we go back, I’ll introduce you to 2 of the romance type! That way you can also understand men better! Hehe!!”

Without Yue Zhong around, Ning Ruozi did not put on any pretense of her earlier cuteness, instead she was truly wearing a smile. She who had gone through so much, knew that being able to survive with your family in this world, was the greatest joy.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong was still in slumber, when a cute female’s voice resounded in his ear.

“Bro….ther! It’s time….to wake up, Brother!! If you’re still not up, I’m going to….take away the blanket!!”

The female voice that sounded in his ear was trembling and felt forced. Yue Zhong opened his eyes slowly, and saw Ning Yuxin dressed in white socks, white shirts and a white mini skirt, her face flushed red, as she stood there.

“Seems like….it seems like, if I don’t…do this…it won’t work!! Bro…ther, you pervert!” Ning Yuxin saw that Yue Zhong had opened his eyes, and forced down her sense of shame and fought against the urge to run, as she lowered her head to kiss him on the lips.*

*Jaw Drops*

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