God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Accepting the Missions

Yue kept his worries under control, and asked the attendant: “If I do not accept the mission and take people to recover the city, will I still get the reward? ”

The attendant smiled towards Yue and explained: “You will not! If you don’t accept the mission, even if you complete any of the missions, you still will not receive the rewards.”

After hearing that, Yue continued to quietly thumb through the mission list looking for a good mission.

In the mission list, besides recapturing the major cities in China, there were also other missions to recapture major foreign cities. New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, and major cities in the US have completely fallen. Besides the recapturing of major cities, there were no other missions.

Yue asked: “After I accepted the task, will there be a penalty if I don’t complete it?”

This is something Yue must ask.

The attendant maintained a sweet smile and said: “No! Even if you accepted the mission and do not complete it, there will not be any penalty.”

Yue smiled and accepted all the missions on that mission list.

In this mysterious region, in addition to to job change temple, mission temple, equipment shop, and equipment upgrade shop, there were also other shops where you can purchase survival supplies. A Survival Coin can purchase a kilo of rice. There was also a strengthening temple, that strengthening temple will increase one stats for 1000 Survival Coins. In that strengthening temple, Yue increased 1 point of Agility.

Besides these 5 shops, the rest of the places were covered with a mysterious glow. As Yue got neared that mysterious glow, he immediately bounced off the glow and a statement appeared in his mind: “Your level is insufficient, you do not have permission to enter the area.”

Yue walked around in a circle and discovered that he could not entered anywhere covered with that mysterious glow. He then turned around and walked to the magical array in the square.

With a flashed of light, Yue soon appeared outside the red gate on Lei Jiang Bridge.

“Are you okay?” As soon as Yue appeared, Chi Yang came over and asked Yue with an anxious look.

Yue laughed and said: “Relax, it’s nothing!”

Lu Wen came running up and said: “Big brother Yue, where have you been? I’ve been worried sick. If you didn’t come out, I was going to go in and find you.”

Yue watched as the others came over, then smiled at Lu Wen and said: “I’m alright!”

Yue looked at the others and said: “This is the Novice Village. Inside you can change jobs, accept missions, purchase equipments, upgrade equipments, and buy survival supplies. After you change job, you can acquire additional skills by purchasing them. All of you should take a look inside!”

Ji Qing Wu’s eyes lit up, and then she walked toward the gate. However, as soon as she got neared the gate, she was sent flying back several meters.

Seeing Ji Qing Wu get pushed back several meters by the gate, Yue frowned and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Ji Qing Wu patted the dust off her clothes, looked at the gate, her eyes filled with disappointment: “My level is insufficient, I’m unable to enter the Novice Village.”

The rest of the team came over and tried it, and was sent flying back by the gate. Chi Yang was the only one who was able to entered.

Yue looked at the gate and said: “It seems like only those that are level 10 or above can enter this Novice Village.”

Clearing up the zombies on Xing Ning Road yesterday, Chi Yang was able to get to level 10, but Ji Qing Wu was only able to get to level 8. This was because all the L1 and S1 zombies were killed by Chi Yang and Yue. Evolved zombies are higher levels and will provided more experiences than ordinary zombies which are lower levels.

Chen Yao was excited and said: “With this, we just have to stay here a month and cleared up the zombies, then we will be able to go in. Then we will be able to change jobs.”

Chi Qing Wu have already given the Plant Manipulation skill book to Chen Yao. Chen Yao wanted to change jobs now so that she would be even stronger.

Wang Shuang was also excited about changing jobs and becoming stronger.

“No, we must leave Lei Jiang City today!” Yue’s words immediately extinguished everyone’s excitement.

Ji Qing Wu stared at Yue and asked: “Why?”

Yue in a serious voice said: “Novice Village have been found, 24 hours later, the restrictions on the zombies in Lei Jiang City will be lifted. Tens of thousands of zombies on the other side of the bridge will be released without any restrictions. The limit on zombie’s evolutions will also be lifted. The city will be more than 10 times as dangerous than in the past, we must leave the city immediately.”

Listening to Yue’s words, everyone fell silent. Standing before the gate, they were able to clearly see the dense swarm of zombies on the other side. Those tens of thousands of zombies, when released, will crushed everyone like they were ants.

Chen Yao looked at the Novice Village’s gate, her eyes flashing an unwillingness. She also wanted to change jobs and become stronger. She is not stupid, it was cleared to her that only by becoming strong can she live a better life in this post apocalyptic world.

After about an hour later, Chi Yang came out from the gate.

After Chi Yang came out from the gate, Chen Yao hurriedly stepped forward and asked: “Chi Yang? Lei Jiang’s zombie restrictions will be release. Is this for real?”

Chi Yang was also an extremely smart person. He stared at the Chen Yao with a cold gaze. Chen Yao was also embarrassed by his gaze.

“There was 21 hours left.” Chi Yang coldly said those words, then went to Yue’s side.

Chen Yao’s eyes slightly red, quietly muttered: “Why is he so fierce? I did not do anything wrong!”

Yue looked at the others, and in a deep voice said: “Let’s go! We’re running out of time. ”

After Yue finished talking, he turned and walked away.

Chi Yang, Lu Wen, and Wang Shuang followed behind.

Ji Qing Wu patted Chen Yao on the shoulder and said: “Let’s go!”

“Okay!” Chen Yao bit her lip and caught up to the others.

“Stop!” When the Dongfeng truck was before a supermarket on Xing Ning road, Yue told Wang Shuang to stop. Then quickly jumped off truck and went into the supermarket.

The zombies on Xing Ning Road was already cleared by Yue the day before. In the supermarket, besides some dark red blood and severe limbs, there was no trace of any zombies.

Yue quickly headed deep into the supermarket and wore his Storage Ring. Yue looked at the packet of instant noodles, immediately made a thought, and the packet of instant noodles was immediately stored in his Storage Ring.

“This is really convenient!” Yue made another thought, and the packet of instant noodles again appeared in his hand.

After the test is completed, Yue did not stop and immediately stored all the supplies he could fit into his Storage Ring. The Storage Ring was jammed with supplies.

“Let’s go home!” After the entire Storage ring was full, Yue carried a backpack from the supermarket and sat next to Wang Shuang.

Wang Shuang started the truck, and drove toward the Garden District.

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