God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 373

Chapter 373 – Move Out!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

After a light kiss, Ning Yuxin was like a terrified little doe, her face flushed extremely red, as she looked at Yue Zhong whose eyes were wide open in shock, as she stammered out in embarrassment: “Like this….you should be satisfied!! Bro….ther! Time to get up!”

Yue Zhong stared at the once-cold Ning Yuxin who had just exhibited the characteristics of a 2D persona from manhwas, and did not look away. Her entire uncomfortable demeanor and the unease of her earlier actions, gave her an interesting sense of charm.

“If you still…don’t get up…you’re going….to…be late! Bro…..ther!” Ning Yuxin was feeling increasingly shy as she was stared at by Yue Zhong, stammering her words out with difficulty.

“Hahahaha!!!!” Ning Ruozi had just entered Yue Zhong’s chambers, and saw her sister’s embarrassed and awkward behaviour, and could not help but hug her belly and roared out in laughter!!

“This is bad!!!!” Ning Yuxin was laughed at by her sister, and feeling faint, she dashed out of the room, and escaped!

Ning Ruozi watched her sister run away, as she put on her angelic smile and jumped beside Yue Zhong, pecking him lightly on the cheeks, and said: “Good morning, Big Brother!”

Yue Zhong ruffled Ning Ruozi’s head and replied: “Morning! Go out first! I’m going to change!”

Ning Ruozi’s bright eyes sparkled, as she laughed sweetly: “I don’t mind! You can change in front of me, it’s ok~!”

Yue Zhong flicked her forehead: “It’s not ok with me!”

“Che!” Ning Ruozi hugged her head, as she glared at Yue Zhong adorably, before bolting out the room as well.

“Brother! This time, if you’re heading to Guilin City, please bring me along!” At the dining table, Ning Yuxin brought the matter up.

Ning Yuxin was an intelligent girl, and knew that there were no prior form of interaction between her and Yue Zhong. Only through constant interaction and the experience of situations together would their relationship improve. Now, she could only make use of her looks and coyness to earn his adoration, but not become an important person to him!

Ming Jiajia was the perfect example who had went through thick and thin with Yue Zhong, and had naturally become someone important to him.

Yue Zhong gazed at Ning Yuxin and asked slowly: “This time, the trip to Guilin City will be fraught with unknown dangers! In fact, there might be constant trouble along the way! I can’t guarantee your safety! Are you certain you want to go with me?”

Ning Yuxin looked at Yue Zhong with a resolute gaze and replied: “Yes! I want to go to Guilin City with you! I know English, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay and Japanese. I’m also trained in Karate and Taekwondo, small-time thugs aren’t my match. I’m capable of protecting myself!”

Ning Yuxin had been the daughter of a chairman of a multinational corporation, and their main clientele were Southeast Asian countries. Ning Yuxin had been groomed to take over the company, and hence, she had picked up 4 different languages, and learnt different forms of self-defence, and could be considered as an elite member of society.

Yue Zhong took a long glance at Ning Yuxin for a while, before saying: “Fine!! I’ll bring you along!”

Ning Yuxin heaved a sigh of relied: “Thanks Brother!”

Ning Ruozi also hugged Yue Zhong’s arm as she tried to ask him coyly: “Big Brother!! I want to go too!! Bring me along, will you?”

Yue Zhong looked at Ning Ruozi and his expression turned wooden: “No! You can’t go! No matter how much you try to beg! Continue this and I’ll spank your bottom!”

Ning Ruozi was still a delicate girl after all, and could be frozen to death if not careful. Yue Zhong was naturally not willing to bring her out.

Unless it was Yaoyao, or Ming Jiajia, who were Evolvers, Yue Zhong would not allow the other younger girls to endanger themselves!

Ning Ruozi scrunched her face again, as she pouted and retorted: “Petty miser! I shall not care about you!”

Su Xueling seemed like she wanted to speak, but she hesitated, and in the end, keeping silent. She was good-looking, but had never taken on any form of self defence lessons, and if she followed along, she would just be a burden. When she thought about the journey that was sure to span over a few hundred li, she could not say anything.

In this world, a few hundred li were still considered long, and there were bound to be Mutant Beasts along the way, as well as hordes of zombies. If they were to encounter any behemoths, their vehicle troops might be even wiped out.

In an office of Long Hai City.

Chi Yang was currently facing the officials that were seated around and said: “There’s news of Yue Zhong!! It came from Guangxi! Yue Zhong’s still alive!!”

“Leader Yue’s still alive! That’s great!”

“As expected!! Leader Yue is still alive! I knew he couldn’t be dead!”


The entire meeting hall erupted in joyous cheers, as the dampened mood and low spirits from Yue Zhong’s disappearance washed away. There were a few ambitious characters who also quelled the schemes in their hearts when they heard the news.

Lu Wen couldn’t help but ask: “Where’s Yue Zhong right now?”

Guo Yu who was sitting beside Lu Wen also turned her gaze towards Chi Yang waiting for his answer.

Chi Yang continued without missing a beat: “Yue Zhong is currently at Tianxin District near the borders of China and Vietnam. He had already conquered it, and established a camp of more than 60,000 survivors!”

“Holy shit!! He really is our Leader Yue!! Too awesome!!” Da Gouzi sighed in awe.

“Yea!! He’s really the best!” Chen Yan had a look of excitement as he said.


The various officials in Long Hai City sighed.

In the city base, they had the ammunitions manufacturing line up and running, and while it could not produce the ammo for the heavy weapons like cannons and tanks, they had no shortage of ammunition for the majority of their weapons. With that, after Yue Zhong had disappeared, they could only regain 2 other major cities, and the total survivors they absorbed amounted to about 4,000 people. Compared to Yue Zhong’s progress, it was indeed a little miserable.

In truth, it had to do with the leadership style as well. Yue Zhong liked to advance constantly and conquer. Chi Yang, on the other hand, took comfort in stability and wasn’t aggressive.

While Chi Yang held the reins of Long Hai City, he wasn’t the true leader, and thus, whenever he wanted things to be done, there were minor obstructions along the way, hence, slowing the rate of progress. However, he was extremely sturdy and although Yue Zhong had been gone for some time, there were no major problems as a result of his leadership, and he didn’t give the more ambitious characters any opportunity to pounce on.

Chi Yang eyed the people in front of him and commanded: “I shall announce, from now on, our next target will be regaining SY City! After the weather turns warmer, we shall immediately set for the Southwest direction, and clear a route between Yue Zhong and us! Everyone will have to work towards this single objective!”

“Yes!” The entire top brass were unison this time round, as they answered with vigor. It was a matter that had weighed heavily on them, and now, with him back, they were revitalized.

After the meeting was concluded, Chi Yang went to a window looking towards the southwest direction and gazed out silently. In the direction, there were his parents, as well as his unforgettable first love. However, he could only stay here and not look for them.

“Yue Zhong! I’m leaving them to you!” Chi Yan looked out at the harsh cold winds as he thought to himself silently.

The snowstorm in Tianxin District lasted an entire 2 weeks before coming to a stop, and warm sunlight finally broke through the clouds.

The moment the skies cleared, a vehicle fleet comprising of 6 jeeps, 4 resources trucks, an IFV, and 2 trucks full of nothing but fuel left Tianxin District, making their way towards the horizon.

On the journey this time, Yue Zhong brought Ming Jiajia, Zheng Minghe, Ning Yuxin, Luo Chifeng, Bai Xiaosheng and a few other experts. Wu Yin, Wei Ningguo and a few other capable generals of his were stationed at Tianxin District and Jingxi City to continue the fortifying of the bases and training of the troops.

Yue Zhong had brought only a handful of people with him, totaling 37. Even if these 37 died, it wouldn’t impact Tianxin District or Jingxi City in any way.

Under the conditions where the weather was unpredictable, bringing a large number of troops was tantamount to suicide, as a snowstorm could easily wipe the entire troop out. A smaller team would find it easier to survive, furthermore, everyone that came with him was an expert, and their survival skills in the wild were naturally higher.

Bai Xiaosheng yawned out of boredom: “So boring!! Isn’t there something exciting?”

Zheng Minghe glared at Bai Xiaosheng coldly: “Platoon Commander Bai! Keep quiet. We are recon soldiers! Loud noises will reveal our positions!”

Zheng Minghe did not view Bai Xiaosheng favourably. When Yue Zhong had launched the assault on Tianxin District, Bai Xiaosheng was Bei Mingyang’s trump card and yet, he was useless. It was because he prioritized his lust over anything else, and when Yue Zhong had come knocking, Bai Xiaosheng was still lying in bed with his women and having a good sleep.

Bai Xiaosheng laughed conceitedly, as he patted Zheng Minghe’s shoulder: “Old Zheng!! Don’t worry!! Even if we reveal ourselves, it’ll be ok! I will be responsible for killing those poor fools who find us! Just relax!”

Zheng Minghe’s face darkened: “On the field, you’d better refer to me as Captain!!”

Bai Xiaosheng laughed nonchalantly: “Alright alright! Captain!! Captain, can you not be so rigid? Once we go back to Tianxin District, I’ll introduce a few ladies to you ok! Let’s engage in a 6p orgy! Hahaha!!”

Zheng Minghe’s face was thoroughly black by now, and he did not continue talking, as he continued observing the front.

“Old Zheng! The women I know are all guaranteed high quality! I promise that they’re the best of the best! Not a single one is below 70 points!” Bai Xiaosheng was like a piece of sticky candy that stuck on him and did not stop talking.

Just as Zheng Minghe was about to explode with anger, gunshots rang out from the distance!

“Shut up!” Zheng Minghe’s expression changed, as he shot forwards on his own like an arrow towards the disturbance.

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