God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 374

Chapter 374 – Heaven Sect!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes narrowed as well, as he jumped out of the figure, and shot forwards like an arrow. In just a space of 10 breaths, he managed to overtake Zheng Minghe and charged onto the battlefield.

Zheng Minghe was shocked in his heart as he rushed to Bai Xiaosheng’s side: “So fast! No wonder he was termed as Tianxin District’s number 1 expert!”

They discovered that there were currently 2 factions of people engaged in slaughter at a distance in the snow-white field. One of which were people dressed in all sorts of tattered clothing, the other dressed entirely in black, their heads wearing some strange hats.

The 1st faction with the assorted clothings were carrying various guns, while those in black were mainly wielding machetes and other weapons.

Both were fighting furiously, and the black-dresssed faction were being overwhelmed, as they retreated continuously, and a few of their women and kids were abandoned, before being taken by the militants in tattered clothes.

When those gun-wielding militants caught those women and kids, they would immediately laugh out cruelly, and tie them up, before continuing their assault on the other faction dressed in black.

Zheng Minghe gave an order to Bai Xiaosheng: “Stay here and observe! I’ll go notify the leader!”

“There’s no need! I alone will be more than enough for this bunch of thrash!” Bai Xiaosheng eyed the militants, the sides of his mouth curving in an arc, as he revealed a malevolent smile. He waved his hands, before a pair of green daggers appeared in his hands, and with just a step, he seemed to transform into a spectre as he shot forwards.

“Asshole!!” Zheng Minghe could not help but curse when Bai Xiaosheng blatantly ignored his orders. He despised those soldiers who did not give a hoot about military command on the battlefield.

“But! He’s really fast!” Zheng Minghe observed that within a few breaths of time, Bai Xiaosheng had actually already reached the midst of the group of fighting over 300m away, and his heart involuntarily trembled. Bai Xiaosheng’s speed was truly fearsome.

Having suddenly appeared in the midst of the gun-wielding militants, he slashed his daggers about in a mad frenzy.

The militants found either their throats slashed, or a nick at their chest, causing their hearts to bleed, and they fell to the ground in disbelief.

30 seconds!

In just 30 seconds, from appearing within the group of militants, Bai Xiaosheng had totally wiped out 16 members of the 19-strong group, leaving 3 alive. The remaining 3 immediately quailed in fear, as they threw their weapons down, raising their hands, afraid that their lives would be taken from them at any moment.

Zheng Minghe took all this in, his eyes flashing with a strange glint, as he thought silently: “Formidable!!”

Seeing that display of speed from Bai Xiaosheng, Zheng Minghe knew he wasn’t Bai Xiaosheng’s match, and there has to be at least a hundred + elite soldiers to fire a cover of bullets, otherwise, ordinary soldiers would not be able to even catch up with his speed.

Bai Xiaosheng was an Agility-based Evolver, and he had reached Level 46, the moment he fully activated his speed, it would far surpass Yue Zhong’s own. Based on this speed alone, he had been termed as the number 1 expert in Tianxin District.

Zheng Minghe looked at Bai Xiaosheng, and a thought passed in his mind: “Seems like Leader was worried that Wu Yin and the rest might not be able to handle this guy, that’s why he brought him along!”

Zheng Minghe was truly on the mark, Yue Zhong was not ok with leaving such an expert at Tianxin District or Jingxi City when things have not yet stabilized.

If Yue Zhong was not around, and Bei Mingyang instigated Bai Xiaosheng to start a revolt, should the moment be right, their chances of success would definitely not be small. Hence, in the operation this time round, Yue Zhong had specifically brought many of the experts that used to be under Bei Mingyang.

On one hand, it was to bring them away from the 2 bases, on the other, he wanted to see if he could subdue them totally and win over their loyalty.

These experts had surrendered to Yue Zhong due to the difference in strength, but had yet to follow him wholeheartedly.

Soon after, Yue Zhong arrived with the rest of the fleet.

When Yue Zhong came to the scene, he saw the ground littered with corpses, and he frowned as he barked: “Any survivors?”

“Leader! These are the ones left alive!” Bai Xiaosheng kicked the 3 captives as he brought them in front of Yue Zhong.

When Bai Xiaosheng stood straight, his eyes could not help but roam over to Ning Yuxin and Ming Jiajia dressed in military wear beside Yue Zhong, and he blurted out: “What a pair of beauties with such heroic auras!! Leader, why don’t you give me the loli? I’m willing to exchange 10 beauties for her.”

“Shut up!” Yue Zhong’s eyes turned cold, as he reached out for Bai Xiaosheng’s neck with lightning speed.

Bai Xiaosheng was an Agility-based Evolver after all, and he was fully equipped with Agility-enhancing items. The moment Yue Zhong moved, he also reacted, his body tensed and poised, as though he was ready to launch his own counterattack.

At this moment, Yue Zhong’s eyes retracted, and he activated the [Art of Fear], and the horrifying spiritual and illusionary attack blasted Bai Xiaosheng’s consciousness relentlessly.

In that instant, Bai Xiaosheng was sent through years of torment, through various means like back-breaking, dismembering, being lit on fire, his heart carved out, even beheading. It caused his mental faculties to collapse.

“Illusion!!” Although Bai Xiaosheng was frivolous, he was after all an expert that had gone through countless battles. Right before he lost his mind completely, he managed to regain a little clarity, and bit his lips viciously, causing it to bleed, and the pain shaking his head clear, pulling himself out of the illusion with great difficulty.

The moment he managed to extract himself out from the illusion, he discovered his neck was already held in the vice-like grip of Yue Zhong’s right hand. While Bai Xiaosheng’s body was slightly tougher than ordinary people, as long as Yue Zhong squeezed a little harder, Bai Xiaosheng’s neck would be crushed.

Yue Zhong’s eyes were like ice-cold daggers without a hint of warmth, as though he wanted to pierce Bai Xiaosheng’s heart as he said: “I don’t like that tone and the kind of jokes you’re making! If there is a next time, Bai Xiaosheng, don’t blame me for being harsh!”

Bai Xiaosheng felt like he was being stared at by a beast filled with killing intent, and he replied with difficulty: “Yes! I understand!”

Yue Zhong’s Spirit was reaching 165 points, and with a Spirit of more than 16 times that of a normal person, activating the [Art of Fear] on Bai Xiaosheng whose Spirit was much weaker took only 1 – 2 seconds. In a battle between experts, this 1 or 2 seconds could easily determine the victor.

Yue Zhong then released his grip, as he let go of Bai Xiaosheng’s neck, before patting him on the shoulder and said indifferently: “Great work nonetheless! Since you like women, as long as you have the capability, there are plenty of beauties in this world. However, I do not wish to see you impeding my plans because of your lust. If it’s like that, I’d rather send you to hell myself.”

Bai Xiaosheng’s neck immediately broke out in cold sweat, as he replied in an extremely honest and docile manner: “I got it!”

As an Evolver, Bai Xiaosheng possessed unparalleled combat power. He was full of himself as well, and disdained normal humans. He even looked down on Bei Mingyang, that was why for the majority of the time, he was involved more with women than assisting Bei Mingyang.

Bei Mingyang needed Bai Xiaosheng’s power, and hence could only tolerate his idiosyncrasies. However, he never expected that Bai Xiaosheng would be so unreliable at the moment of crisis, and caused Tianxin District to fall into someone else’s hands.

At first, Bai Xiaosheng could not care less that Tianxin District had switched leaders. He believed that with his power, even if the master had changed, they would not be able to do without him, and hence, he had not the slightest ounce of respect for Yue Zhong. However, now in just a single exchange, he had discovered the true might of this new leader, and he knew that if he did not get his act together, this new leader would easily cut off his head to be treated like a soccer ball.

Zheng Minghe saw Yue Zhong settling the issue of Bai Xiaosheng in one move, and his heart was filled with shock and awe: “Leader truly is unfathomable! He’s too strong!”

“Holy shit! Even Bai Xiaosheng could not last more than a move! Leader truly is too fearsome!”


Seeing the proud and obstinate Bai Xiaosheng yielding to Yue Zhong, those who had followed Yue Zhong out of Tianxin District were filled with shock. They knew Yue Zhong was strong, but to what extent, they weren’t sure. Seeing the top expert of Tianxin District being defeated at Yue Zhong’s hands, they had finally understood just a little of what Yue Zhong was truly capable of.

Yue Zhong then came to the 3 captives and interrogated: “Who are you people?”

“Pei!!” One of the captives looked at him with hatred, as he spat out.

With a peng, Yue Zhong fired a shot from the Stinger that he pulled out. The captive’s brain was blasted apart like a watermelon, and the red and white matter splattered onto the floor, as the headless corpse slumped to the ground lifelessly.

Seeing how ruthless Yue Zhong was, Bai Xiaosheng shuddered, and celebrated that he had not pushed this death god too far, otherwise his own brains might have been already blasted.

“Who are you people?” Yue Zhong aimed at the 2nd captive, his eyes cold as he drawled.

“I’ll speak!! I’ll speak!! Don’t kill me!! I’ll tell you everything!!” The captive was frightened to the point that he wet his pants, as he cried out and begged, before answering Yue Zhong’s question: “I’m Lu Ningshui, a disciple of the Heaven Sect!! This time, we are out here on orders from Zheng Qiu, also known as Altar Lord Zheng, to capture these seedlings to be sacrificed to the Sect Leader!!”

The other captive immediately burst out and cursed Lu Ningshui: “Lu Ningshui! You traitor! You dare to betray the Sect, you will not get away with it, I curse you to all 18 levels of Hell, never to be reincarnated!!”

Yue Zhong furrowed his brows, as he glanced at the other stubborn captive, and handed a Tang Replica Sword to Lu Ningshui: “Chop his head off! You can live after that!”

“Go die!!” Lu Ningshui received the Tang Replica Sword, and struggled for awhile, before coming to a decision. Swinging the blade, he bellowed out as he sliced his comrade’s head off. He then kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and proclaimed: “Lu Ningshui is willing to work for this Master, and plead that Master accepts this lowly one.”

Yue Zhong eyed Lu Ningshui and immediately gave a command: “I’m Yue Zhong. From today onwards, you’re part of my group. Tell me everything you know about the Heaven Sect!”

“Yes! Boss Yue Zhong!!” Lu Ningshui gritted his teeth, before revealing all that he knew to Yue Zhong, and was thorough with it.

Heaven Sect was founded by an expert called Linghu Xiangru. Lu Ningshui was unclear on his background, but knew that Linghu Xiangru possessed 3 strange abilities: a buddha light on his back, invulnerability as well as incantations.

With those 3 abilities, Linghu Xiangru had taken the teachings from Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism to found his own Heaven Sect, and proclaimed himself to be the Sect Leader. He called himself the Apostle of God and was sent here to walk amongst mortals and to save them. Those who believed in him would enter the Kingdom of God and have an immortal soul after death. As for his enemies, they would be banished to the 18 Levels of Hell, and would never reincarnate.

In such a world, this sort of religious influence had a huge attraction on those who had lost their faith. The moment the Heaven Sect was formed, it attracted many followers from all over the place, and it became an existence with over 8,000 followers. The scary thing was that, out of these 8,000 followers, 3,000 of them were true fanatics, and were willing to do anything for the Sect Leader, to the point of throwing their own lives for him.

In the post-apocalyptic world, the power of faith can be a fearsome strength indeed. Especially at the start of the apocalypse, there was the voice that claimed to be God, which proved the existence of God. This led to people with reasoning to lose their sense of rationality and joined the Heaven Sect.

Of the 19 people that came to capture the people from the other faction, 13 of them were fanatics. Lu Ningshui were one of the few that maintained his clarity. Although he knew that this Heaven Sect was unorthodox, for the sake of living, he continued to put on a farce of being a follower, and did their jobs for them.

Lu Ningshui’s eyes flashed with dread as he continued: “Other than the Sect Leader Linghu Xiangru who has unfathomable strength, there are 8 Great Elders, 72 Law Protectors and 108 Altar Lords. Everyone of them are high levelled Enhancers, and have great strength as well!”

Yue Zhong asked: “What kind of weapons does the Heaven Sect have? Heavy weaponry?”

Lu Ningshui pondered for awhile, then replied: “There aren’t many guns in the Heaven Sect, only about 200 to 300 old rifles. As for heavy weaponry, I have not seen any! There shouldn’t be any!”

Yue Zhong nodded slightly, then turned towards another middle-aged man that was brought to him as he asked: “What about you people?”

“I’m Wu Shanshi! The head of the Nine Holes Camp. These people have been under my protection. Those bastards had attacked us with no forewarning and stole our rations, as well as kidnapping the women and kids! Those bastards!!” Wu Shanshi looked at Lu Ningshui, his eyes filled with hatred as he shouted out.

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